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I missed this article at Realtor.com, when it was posted last May: Prepping for Doomsday: Bunkers, Panic Rooms, and Going Off the Grid – JWR

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I have a consulting client from Florida who has moved offshore. He is seeking a Federally-licensed gun dealer in central Florida who can handle selling two shotguns, four handguns, and some ammunition from his collection for him on consignment with a commission paid on the sales. If you have an FFL and are on the gun show circuit or have a gun shop with a large base of customers, please let me know if you are interested. Thanks, – JWR

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Obama’s last fingerpuppet: Obama Official Issues Ammunition Ban for Federal Lands on Last Day in Office – D.S.

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Video: An interesting take on Trump, NATO and Russia: Why Trump Will Easily Bring NATO to Heel – T.J.

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Here Are 17 Pictures From Inside The ‘Peaceful’ Protest On Inauguration Day – DSV

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