Notes for Tuesday – July 12, 2016


On July 12, 1865, George Washington Carver, the African-American scientist whose numerous discoveries helped to improve agriculture in the South, was born. He died on Jan. 5, 1943.

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Yesterday’s mentioned press reports–attributed to a Dallas Police Department spokesman–incorrectly identified Micah X. Johnson’s rifle as an SKS. (My apologies for repeating that bad intel.) If these photos are to believed, then the rifle was actually a more modern Saiga (a Russian-made AK variant.) Take a close look. What strikes me as quite odd is the presence of the factory gray rubber protective shipping cap on the rifle’s charging handle. How on Earth did that stay in place though all of his training, then a protracted run-and-gun firefight, and then a bomb blast? That seems pretty fishy to me. – JWR

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All of the angst in the media and the protests in the streets about overbearing police officers seem to be missing a key point: Most of the confrontations with police are in states where they do not allow “vehicular carry” of a loaded gun. The mere sight of a gun puts police on high alert, in these states. (In contrast, where I live in the Northern Rockies, nearly every one carries one or more loaded guns in their cars and trucks, and the police don’t seem blink an eye.) For example, the shooting death of Philando Castile in Minnesota would probably have not have occurred if it were not for Minnesota Statutes, section 97B.045, which bans carrying an uncased loaded gun (other than for CCW permit holders). Fully recognizing the Second Amendment by legalizing Open Carry, Constitutional Carry (permitless concealed carry), and Vehicular Carry, both Federally, and in all 50 States would go a long way toward de-escalating these encounters with peace officers. Encouraging that legislation should be part of the Republican party platform. If you know a party delegate or anyone involved with Donald Trump’s campaign, then please contact them, and insist on it! – JWR

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Camping Survival is in the middle of a three day sale on Survival Straws. Now is a good time to pick them up if you’ve been thinking about it.

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For those looking for a little more than just survival, Safecastle has current production freeze-dried Salmon Fillets available – by the can or the case: Farm-raised Atlantic salmon

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