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Freeze Dry Guy is running a 25% Off Special All Mountain House #10 Cans. The sale ends on July 1st, so order soon!

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Top 10 Tools for Centerfire Rifle Disassembly. (Thanks to F.G. for the link.)

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G.G. flagged this: ‘Hell to pay:’ Residents angry as RCMP seize guns from High River homes

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P.D. liked this piece at Wired about the NSA’s capabilities: The Secret War.

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J. McC. sent news of another scandal that echoes the recent IRS revelations: New EPA Leak Farmers’ Info Given To Environmental Groups – Malkin, Megyn Kelly. JWR’s Comment: So what will we hear next? That the BATF and FBI have leaked personally-identifying information on law-abiding citizens (such as FFL, SOT, and Class 3 registrants) to NGO “intelligence gathering” groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC)? I suspect that they may have already have done so.

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Yes, hackers could wireless attack the brake and accelerator controls of many new cars.

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F.G. recommended: Pre-Assault Indicators, what to look for: Body Language.

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