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Reader Mendy P. sent: Study: 70 Percent of Americans on Prescription Drugs. JWR’s Comment: If one considers a pharmaceutical supply chain failure in the event of a power grid collapse, then the implications of this study are staggering. What will life in American be like when 27 million Americans are forced to suddenly come down off of antidepressants? There will be no “gradual tapering”–just “cold turkey” withdrawal. My advice: If the grids go down then be prepared to stay off the streets for a few months. There will be a lot of crazy behavior manifested.

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File Under “No Good Deed Goes Unpunished”: Homeowners Digging Fence Make Startling Discovery and Get Stuck with $5,000 Bill

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NASA Announces Asteroid Grand Challenge

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PBS continues to aim low, now embracing Hoodie Culture: Sesame Street introduces first Muppet to have a parent in jail

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Feds: Men made X-ray weapon to sicken enemies. OBTW, this news reminds me of something that I recently wrote.

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