Economics and Investing:

G.G sent this in: The Taxman Driveth: In the future, Your Car May Rat You Out to the Tax Collector.

Santelli Slams Central Bank Policies – P.M.

B.B sent in this link about just how badly the American People are messed over by their elected officials.

Record One-day Withdrawal of Gold from JP Morgan

G.C. sent a link to his video about the HSBC debacle

Standing out in the video is this quote: “As this was not a change to the Terms and Conditions of your bank account, we had no need to pre-notify customers of the change,”

And the price to mail a letter just jumped again.

Items from The Economatrix:

Maguire – “Stunning” Physical Gold Buying Terrifies Shorts

Hathaway – “If I’m Short Gold Here, I’m Getting Really Nervous

Traders watching for signs to see if this selloff is the big one

Meanwhile, The US Public Is Distracted By This…

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