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I told you so… Is America ready for a brown nickel? Note that if there is a distinct color change, then Gresham’s Law will kick in even more quickly, driving the old cupronickel Nickels out of circulation in less than two years. I should mention that one statement in the article is incorrect: “In 1965, rising silver prices forced the Mint to switch the nickel, dime and quarter to a mostly copper composition.” The nickel DID NOT change composition starting in 1965. It has been 75% copper and 25% nickel ever since 1945. (The nickels minted with some silver were a wartime expedient, because nickel was desperately for armament production.)

G.G. suggested: Laurence Kotlikoff on Debt, Default, and the Federal Government’s Finances

Kevin P. wrote: “I saw this animated map of the rise of Wal-Mart and I immediately thought that the end result [map] is probably a good indication of the clusters of population.  It might be wise to pick a retreat in an area with relatively few Wal-Marts if you can.” JWR’s Comment: Note at the very wide distribution of Wal-Marts in The American Redoubt region and in the Dakotas.

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Discounts Slam U.S. Retailers’ Holiday Season Profits

Jobs Number Shock

Big Banks Set for Best Year Since Crisis

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