Economics and Investing:

War on Poverty 50 years on, victory nowhere in sight.

Snyder: “There Is Intense Competition For Virtually All Kinds Of Jobs”

Congresswoman Urges Welfare Name Change: “Transitional Living Fund”. [JWR’s Comment: As I see it, so long as charity is coerced and bureaucratized, the “transition” she describes is from my wallet to someone else’s wallet, without my consent. State-sponsored Robin Hoodism cannot to be found in the Constitution. It is a modern socialist construct, and little more than organized theft. Charity should be entirely voluntary and a function of church, not state.]

Items from The Economatrix:

Forecast 2014: Economic Trends

If You Are Waiting For An “Economic Collapse”, Just Look At What Is Happening To Europe

Say Hello To My Little Friend, Inflation: Shrinking Packages, Higher Tuition, Rising Healthcare Costs, Real Estate Values Jumping All The While Household Incomes Remain Stagnant.

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