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Some cogent observations by Bob Owens: Where is all the rimfire ammo?

The new modest-budget indie movie “Alongside Night” is now in early release. The film is based on Agorist-Libertarian activist J. Neil Schulman’s novel of the same name. It seems that some gold and silver coins deserve “best supporting” awards.

G.E.C. suggested: All the Gold in Fort What’s-Its-Name

Michael Pento: Market Calls Fed’s Bluff

Jim W. liked this piece by Alasdair MacLeod: Gold is being supplied by western governments. Here is a key quote: “From the point of view of the western central banks, as well as the bullion banks with short positions on Comex, in March the alarm bells must have been ringing loudly. Chinese demand was accelerating and there was an increasing likelihood that ETF liquidation would cease if the gold price stabilised. If that happened, as the table above clearly shows, an epic bear-squeeze would likely develop, fuelling a rush into gold and potentially bankrupting many of the bullion banks short in the futures markets and/or offering unallocated accounts on a fractional reserve basis. Therefore, investors had to be dissuaded from buying gold, otherwise the ensuing crisis would not only cause a market failure that could spread to other derivatives (particularly silver), but it would come at the worst possible time, given the coincidental programme of monetary expansion currently being undertaken by all the major central banks.”

Items from The Economatrix:

Taper Tipoff?  Bernanke Hinting Easing End Is Nearing

Fed Sets Roadmap For End Of Stimulus

Dr. Doom:  Buy Gold And These Two Things

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