Economics and Investing:

Big Dang Bubble, The Next Generation: New York Stock Exchange Margin Debt Hits A New Record, Surpasses 2007 Figures

Ambrose-Evans Pritchard: No saviour in sight as world credit cycle rolls over. (Thanks to J.B.G. for the link.)

Matt The Teacher sent: Why is Progressive Insurance Lying About their Spy Devices?

Basel III: How The Bank For International Settlements Is Going To Help Bring Down The Global Economy

Items from The Economatrix:

Impending Financial Collapse–The Grand Finale:  Here Is What’s About To Happen To You

Jim Willie:  Coming To A Climax With Gold At $7,000/Oz.

US May Auto Sales Seen Shaking Off Disappointing April

Wall Street Drops In Late Slide, But Ends May With Gains

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