Letter: Road Maps


On two recent trips this summer, one two week trip to eastern Pennsylvania and one to Las Vegas, I tried to find the old style folding road maps.

In Pennsylvania’s Allentown, Harrisburg, and Philadelphia, and both Pocono’s and New Jersey shore area, at every gas station I stopped at, I asked about folding paper road maps. At some of the more modern stations I was met with a quizzical stare. I finally settled on a Rand McNally book. Fortunately, having grown up in that area, I knew my way around. I did find a paper map of the Las Vegas and Nevada area. My point is we should get these maps now because people are now depending on Google maps, GPS, and other electronic means of navigation.

Places to look now for these maps would be out of the way (older) gas stations or by contacting some of your local auctioneers to ask them to keep a look out for these maps when they do estates of older persons. An old map is better than none, and roads aren’t moved that often. Another good source are the “Gazetteer” State maps. While they are bulky books, they also have back dirt roads and trails in them. C B


  1. Just came back from a conference in Orlando, where the wife and I drove both ways. We stopped at the border of each state at the Welcome Center, and each one had free copies of the state’s road map. Not a lot of detail, but sufficient to navigate with in the absence of GPS. We drove down on the Interstates, but returned on back roads for a change of pace.

  2. When I was still working at Wally World, I left in Oct 2016, you could find the fold up maps in the magazine sections. Might not be a lot of them, but they were there for state wide use.

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