Letter Re: Relocating and Transport of Firearms and Ammo

I have a question that maybe you or the readers and contributors of Survivalblog can help on:

Relocation of residence from one State to another (for example in my case – from New Hampshire to South Carolina) – and transport of ammunition and smokeless reloading powder and primers.

The commercial Moving Companies, or using the “PODS” self-packed units all seem to prohibit their transporting any “Hazardous” materials such as reloading powder and primers, and Ammunition.

My Question is in regards to the best way to get a somewhat substantial collection and accumulation  of Ammunition moved InterState ?  We’re probably talking several thousand pounds, such as multiple cases of “spam cans” of 7.62×45 and other calibers.

I originally thought I could rent a “PODS” transport/storage unit, get it delivered to my house, and pack it myself, so that no one but I know the POD contents. However, reading the rules of the PODS agreement, this type of material does not appear to be allowed.

What is the Solution to get a large quantity of Ammo moved to the new residence. Selling it and purchasing new replacement after the move is out of the question in these days and times, as the lack of availability and price or replacement is out of the question.

Rent a U-Haul truck or Trailer and pack it myself and  transport myself ?  
Invest in a Truck that can haul a trailer and haul it myself this way , in probably multiple trips ?

Are there any laws to be concerned with driving a vehicle through States like New York and New Jersey with a load of this type ?

Any thoughts you may have on this problem will be appreciated ! Thanks, – “HikerLT”

JWR Replies: I’m sure that some readers will want to chime in, but in essence the only safe and secure way to transport your ammo is to transport it yourself, with a rental truck.When transport valuables, if the distance requires an overnight stay, I always pick a small “mom and pop” one -storey motel and ask for a room where I can back the truck up directly outside the motel room’s window. Also, see the SurvivalBlog archives about the merits of high security “hockey puck”padlocks.