Letter Re: Prepper Axioms

Dear Editor,

I have to comment on the recent article on prepper axioms. The author suggested oats were not part of his daily diet due to the preparation time. I was introduced to cold oats with fruit and nuts by an old girlfriend over 25 years ago. I have been eating cold oats for breakfast every day since then primarily to the taste but also for the quickness of the preparation.

I make a large pot of oats. I boil 4 cups of water, then add 2 cups of oats with some ground flax seed and cinnamon. I stir the oats, turn off the stove, and my oat preparation time is DONE! I now have five or five days of oats. After it cools, I add it to the refrigerator and every morning scoop out my daily portion and add powdered milk or apple juice or almond milk and fruits and seeds, raisins, nuts, and shredded coconut. It is a delicious cold breakfast and super quick to make and a meal I have never gotten tired of.

Furthermore, I can’t think of any cereal grain that is as easy and quick to cook. In fact, I have known people to have actually chewed up the raw oats when no cooking was available for a day or two with no harmful side effects. I consider oats to be one of my top food storage items. I recently thought about how happy I have been eating oats for so many years that I have decided to come up with similar food items I can enjoy for lunch and dinner for long periods of time that would be as easy to cook and as nutritious as the oats. I have been working on a food storage chili recipe that I think will work out great. I can have it with rice or noodles or add the beans to a burrito. All the chili ingredients are from dried food storage and the soy meat ingredients make it taste like a meat chili. I am thinking I can eat it for lunch for a very long time. I will be posting a video of it to youtube and will send you the link after I post it. – R.M.