Letter Re: Montague Folding Paratrooper Mountain Bikes

Mr. Rawles,
In December as a Christmas present I bought two of Montague’s folding Paratrooper bikes, one for myself and one for my wife. I bought them for a few reasons, some of them are: a “G.O.O..D.” bike, to take along when we go camping, and for the anticipated NYC Subway strike that I was a part of. Temporally my wife can’t use hers since she’s pregnant with our first child 🙂 . Lately I just use mine for running errands around town and for dropping off and picking up my car from the mechanic. For that extra compactness I recently bought, from Montague, a set of folding pedals for each bicycle.
Keep up the good work, Dave F. in NYC

JWR Replies: Montague Folding Paratrooper bikes are available from one of our loyal advertisers, Safecastle. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) is is $695. The minimum advertised price (MAP) is $645. Safecastle is offering a much lower price for a very limited time. Anyone interested should e-mail Safecastle and identify themselves as a SurvivalBlog reader to get the special price: jcrefuge@safecastle.net.The group buy will run through the end of June.