Letter Re: Massive Non-Compliance on Rifle and Hi-Cap Mag Registration in Connecticut

Dear Sir;

Regarding the news article linked in the January 23rd blog relating to the massive non-compliance with Connecticut’s “Assault Weapon” and “Large Capacity Magazine” registration mandate, I know from first hand experience that many of the firearms are being removed from the state in lieu of registration. They are being removed to friends homes, BOL’s, and other places of refuge. I expect that when the thaw comes even more will be buried (the merits of such action notwithstanding). The primary reason that I was given by people resorting to such action was for their families safety- they feel that when the government raids their homes that their wives and children will be targeted.

The type of people I know who are personally affected by this law are typical gun owners- hard working, law abiding, family centered men of above average moral character and patriotic feelings. I only hope that non-compliance does not destroy their lives and families, and that their resistance is not futile. – Willard