Letter Re: Licensing Requirements for FRS Versus GMRS Radio Transmission

Dear Jim:
I recently purchased a Motorola SX 700 Radio. Inside the package is a notice regarding [U.S.] Federal Communications Commission (FCC) licensing. It states that if you operate on GMRS frequencies you need a license from the FCC. Channels 1-7 and 15-22 are GMRS. What about channels 8-14? Do I need this license? Or can I use Channels 8-14? Thanks. – J.H.

JWR Replies: Your assumption was correct. No license is required in the U.S. for transmitting on Family Radio Service (FRS) channels. (Channels 8 to 14). But you must have a GMRS license issued by the FCC to legally transmit on GMRS channels, except in an emergency. For licensing information and application forms, see the FCC web site or call the FCC hotline at: 1(800)418-3676. Overseas SurvivalBlog readers: consult your national and regional laws. Military service members: consult your COMSEC office and/or spectrum allocation coordinator before utilizing FRS or GMRS bands for unencrypted tactical communications. These bands are some of the least secure from interception!