Letter Re: I’m Not In The Position To Right Now


The last section of this article had me in stitches; the writer really knows his stuff. I could picture his ex-wife, the same as many people I know going through what he described. I myself am not as self sufficient as I should be, but I have a good start and understand the sacrifice and learning one must make to get there. Because I do know people who have made snarky remarks about my “life style” and because I do have many people that think because I now live on 14 acres, I can provide for all, I have decided that the next time I hear that infernal statement of “I’ll just go to your place when it hits the fan”, I will simply thank them profusely and give them a pre-prepared list of things that they must bring when they are on their way to my place, a list not unlike James Wesley, Rawles “How to Survive the End of the World As We Know It”, maybe not as long as the book but a lengthy list none the less. I have a friend who stated to me that if it did hit the fan and things got so bad that she and her boyfriend/living partner would prefer to die than go through it. I should get that in writing to show her when they try to come on over. Honestly folks, God has given us life. It is up to us to fight for it with whatever He has given us. For me, I know that I can not do it alone. God has always provided for me, and I also know people that I can partner up with. Together we can hopefully survive it. As they say, God helps those who help themselves, and what blesses one blesses all. Thank you for my daily read, CN