Letter Re: Are Your Neighbors Prepared? by Doc

Mr. Rawles:
One point to note with Doc’s observations as a home repairman. I had my hot water heater short last week. If a repairman had come to my home, he would have walked past my garden and wood pile, had to go down the stairs past one ammo cache and rifle, 12 cases of Mason jars, around bags of old clothes waiting to be used for quilts, past various toolboxes, a chest freezer, lanterns, a grain mill and workbench, et cetera. But, instead, I went to the hardware store, bought a thermostat, and made the repair myself. I would wager that the 2% of the population that still farms (and those that grew up on farms) and a portion of the population that works in plumbing/electrical/contracting work don’t call repairmen. [That is a] lot better odds than 1/1000. Still…his observations show that there’s little hope for the McMansion dwellers and moochers. – Al in Durham