Letter Re: A Inexpensive Source for Israeli Battle Dressings

Good morning!
Yesterday I received an order for Israeli bandages, ordered direct [from Israel], from: IsraeliFirstAid.com.

I placed the order on 12/6/13 and received it 1/3/13. Not bad considering it was in international order/shipment.

The bandages are well packaged, dated, vacuum sealed. I applied my own labels to them as these packages are in Hebrew and English, and would be a little hard to quickly decipher, particularly in a stressful situation. The prices are good and shipping was only $4 (see below).
I ordered the following:

4″ Israeli Bandage with Pressure Bar
1    $5.79 USD    $5.79 USD

6″ Israeli Bandage with Pressure Bar
1    $5.99 USD    $5.99 USD

Burnfree 4″x4″ Burn Relief Dressing
2     $4.99 USD    $9 98 USD

Personal Green IDF Dressing
2    $2.99 USD    $5.9 8 USD

Personal Green IDF Dressing – Larger
2     $3 .99 USD    $7.98 USD

Subtotal:    $35.72 USD
Shipping:    $4.03 USD
Grand Total:   $39.75 USD

Thanks, E.B.

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