Letter Re: Five Things Women Need, by J.W.

JWR, Another great article, thank you. One of the things I would like to comment on, that unfortunately must be strongly considered when working with our youth, is “prohibited places”. Volunteering and picking up the kids at my children’s school, I am constantly un-holstering and securing my weapon (at home … Continue reading

Sarah Latimer: Inspiring Family Unity and Heroic Identity- Part 1

We’re preparing to see lots of green, and I don’t mean money. Irish Americans and actually Irish everywhere, as well as many who aren’t Irish but enjoy the celebrations, are gearing up for the annual festivities of St. Patrick’s Day, so “green” items are in all of the stores and … Continue reading

Letter: A Filing Methods For Digital Libraries

Dear Editor: This e-mail is offered as an addition to other discussions in SurvivalBlog of this subject, such as, Preserving a Digital Library. Having messed around with computers since the early 1970s and, having lived through multiple computers on multiple versions of operating systems, I settled on a simple filing … Continue reading

Our Founding Fathers Were Right, by a Florida Mom

Our Founding Fathers were right, about education, too. Have you ever wondered how a generation with one-roomed schoolhouses produced so many great thinkers? Have you wondered what types of books were available when Abraham Lincoln studied on his own? Unlike many instructional books today, the educational books our founding fathers … Continue reading

Letter Re: Surviving Homeschool, by M.

I am always excited to read about others Home-Schooling or “home educating” their children. I am a veteran of home-schooling our four children through high-school (or secondary school, for our international friends). They are all now married with small children of their own, and each have become competent adults with … Continue reading

Letter Re: Caring for Babies in a Post-Collapse World

Mr. Hugh, I would like to add to the article on caring for babies. My mother-in-love told me that when her daughter was born, she contracted a stomach virus within hours after birth. She survived the virus, but her intestinal tract was very sensitive. The pediatrician put her on a … Continue reading

Letter Re: Early Literacy for Children

Dear Mr. Latimer, I would like to reply to SRG’s letter of response to my article, Early Literacy for Children. I wholeheartedly agree with SRG. Neither of my parents went to college, and my stepdad did not finish high school. He proudly served our country in the military, then supported … Continue reading