Preparedness Principles – Part 2, by Old Bobbert

(Continued from Part 1. This concludes the article.)

Bobbert’s Principle #5 – Principles are never my personal possession

I try daily to practice the principles regularly promoted on Sundays as being the right way to conduct my life, and as to how I should treat others, and what to teach my family, But I am also fully aware that these fundamental principles are not owned by any belief system.

We can confidently look to any, and every, good and worthy example for enlightenment and information. Additionally, as preppers / leaders, we must never forget that “Being Wrong Does Not Make Them Bad“ and that “Being Right Does Not Make Us Good.” It’s a principle to consider when you are ready to condemn the opposition.

Yes, I have tried to put my personal experiences into our dire topic of finding and adopting principles, in the sincere hope that you might be more likely to develop your personal principles, and be better able to survive the highly-probable financial and societal collapse. A collapse that very soon may well be generated by a failure of the global fiat currency financial systems, and then will surely be quickly followed by the cascading failures of power, communications, food distribution, travel infrastructure, fire protection, and police systems. Historically, all of them have fallen in the past!

Towards this enablement effort, I am simply documenting for you what we have already done in our home for ourselves, our family, friends, and our small 600-resident rural community. I do a free monthly prepper article for our newsletter. What you are reading here is simply Bobbert talking with you about us, and about what we have done for ourselves.

As an experienced and principled prepper family, we highly value the basic concept of “Proper Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.”


A Prepper Video Training Library

I have created a computer folder titled Prepper Training Videos. These are the types of groups I have chosen to download. I did buy an inexpensive 4TB external hard drive for prepper videos and data items. Your video group choices should reflect your current concerns and knowledge / ability levels, as does ours. Your choices will be guided by your principles and family / group experiences and needs.

  1. Your small town / group security
  2. Decide in advance – When & why to kill”
  3. 2021 Financials / Do It Now
  4. Success after The Collapse
  5. Grid Down Communications Plus
  6. Guerilla Warfare Principles & Tactics
  7. Used Correctly – Herbs Are Medicined 
  8. Preppers Proven Principles of Leadership
  9. Preppers Reacting To Civil Disturbances 

We have in that folder 160+ varying length youtube free videos downloaded from the internet. And to answer your obvious immediate question, no, I have not yet viewed the full length of all of them. That delightful chore comes later when I have time and feel a specific topic video is needed right now. When I am viewing a “training video” I always have a pad of paper and multiple pencils at hand. I use pencils, not pens, due to their mistake correction ability created by the ever-ready erasers. The expected next questions are: #1 How did I choose these specific videos? #2 How did I download them? #3 Was it easy?

Bobbert’s Answer #1. I used the simple parameters of a minimum length of   13+ minutes and my gut responses to the titles. Learn to trust your hunches / inspirations. I entered the topic names in the search section of the free YouTube website and modified that topic name repeatedly as I progressed through the hugely too many websites available.

Bobbert’s Answer 2. I installed one of the many free applications enabling free download / conversion ability for my specific computer system parameters. My current choice is “CLIPGRAB FOR MAC”, and it is available for both PCs and Macs. And yes it is free.

Bobbert’s Answer 3, Easy?- Yes, sorta! I slowly found this methodology to be easy after about 8+ years of frustrating experiences. Good luck! It is important that you choose a free download app that will download multiple videos at the same time easily, and that will function without constant oversight. Read the app’s specific data in advance so as to not waste your time needlessly.

I found that the best / fastest time to let the computer (not me personally) do the actual work is often during the very late night hours when fewer area net users are slowing down the time needed to download. My usual practice to locate and “copy the URL links to a separate folder as a large group when I have time, and then wait until the end of a day, and only at that time do I actually start the process, and see the previous night’s computer effort results in the morning. This process has been tempered by the long-proven principle of prioritizing my tasks according to my needs and my assets and my timing, and sometimes others’ needs.

I prefer to use DUCKDUCKGO.COM for a search engine due to my concerns about privacy matters and the possible selling of my inquiry data to advertisers by big tech. It seems to be just as good as any of the others, many of which I have looked into. A possible search phrase you can use to search for an app you like it is: “freeware youtube download app”, One downloader app website (there are many) that I have used is:

Copy the video titles you have chosen to save onto the search box of the YouTube,Com website. Go to that website and then copy the site’s URL link onto your downloader application and check “save to the desktop” for later usage and retention. Remember that these early choices are preliminary and may not turn out to be worthwhile. Make those decisions much later, Be quick to go slow.

Bobbert’s Group #1 contents – Small Town Security – 8 videos

  1. Building a Community Security Team
  2. Building a Strategic Plan for Your Security Awareness Program
  3. Citizen and Community Security – Catherine L Kelly
  4. Community-6×6 Basic Email Security-Group Reaction
  5. Social Collapse Best Practices Dmitry Orlov
  6. Supply Chains in a Post-COVID World Jody Aked
  7. The Future of American Democracy
  8. WROL Rules What to Do in Societal Collapse


Bobbert’s Group #2 contents – ADVANCE DECISION – WHEN TO KILL- 8 VIDEOS

  1. Daniel Suarez Talks Kill Decision
  2. Daniel Suarez A kill decision can’t belong to a robot
  3. Is Killing Sometimes Justified by Prof M J Sandel
  4. Jay Tuck AI – Humanity’s Most Serious Challeng
  5. Moving with a Rifle S12 Nashville 2019
  6. No-Kill a phrase that inspired change yet continues to divide
  7. Overwatch Who You SHOULD Target – Advanced Guide
  8. Should You Kill a Burglar – Debate with Twitter User


Bobbert’s Group # 3 contents – 2021 FINANCIALS – 30 videos

  1. China Power and Prosperity
  2. We’re about to suffer worse than I thought.
  3. How to Survive – Imminent Economic Collapse / Depression
  4. COVID-19 and The Acceleration of Secular Deflation
  5. Prepare for Bank Runs Bank Failures in 2021
  6. U.S. Companies secretly owned by China
  7. Who Rules America – How Money Dominates Politics
  8. Preppercon Expo 2017 Prepper Bartering Presentation
  9. How I’m Preparing For Economic Collapse
  10. 10 Things to Do Before the Economy Collapses
  11. The Worst Economic Collapse In History Is Starting Now
  12. Preparing for an Economic Crash
  13. Prepping Life After An Economic Collapse
  14. Coming Economic Crash Will be Worse Than Great Depression
  15. What Happens to Your Debt After a Monetary Reset
  16. Jim Rickards Prepare For The New Great Depression
  17. Will Chinas Economy Collapse with Ann Lee
  18. How Does the Power Grid Work
  19. How to Prepare for the Economic Collapse
  20. 10 things that happen when an economy collapses
  21. Coronavirus / Capitalism is literally collapsing
  22. The Collapse of American Cities Has Started.
  23. Economist who predicted last financial crisis warns of coming Greater Depression
  24. The U.S. economic crisis is worse than it appears.
  25. Preparing Financially for 2021 and Beyond
  26. Preppers for the pandemic the next catastrophe
  27. Financial planning basics course for MBA students
  28. 4 things to do to prepare plan for 2021
  29. Before A Great Depression 5 Decisions You To Make
  30. Hyperinflation 2021


Bobbert’s Group # 4 contents – After The Collapse – 8 Videos

  1. 10 Books To Get While You Can
  2. 10 things that happens when an economy collapses
  3. 21 Items The CDC Wants You to Keep In Your Home
  4. Being Ready for the End of 2020
  5. Collapse of America What to do
  6. Second Wave Shutdown Is Happening Now
  7. The Fall Of America – Get Ready For Hard Times
  8. US Presidential Election 5 Probable Scenarios


Bobbert’s Group # 5 contents – Grid Down Commo – 17 videos

  1. Off Grid Communications
  2. 8 Ways to Use a Smart Phone Post Grid Goes Down
  3. All About GMRS Radio, General Mobile Radio service
  4. An Introduction To Shortwave Radio
  5. Blackout Understanding the U.S. Grids Vulnerability
  6. Can cyber-hackers shut down the power grid
  7. Communication Options For Preppers
  8. Everything About CB Radio, A Complete Guide
  9. Grid Down After Action Report
  10. Grid Down Collapse of Critical Infrastructure (#1)
  11. Grid Down Emergency Communications – Disaster
  12. Ham Radio EMP No Grid Disasters How to prepare
  13. How to Survive A Power Grid Failure
  14. Mike Glover Talks Ham Radio and Preparedness
  15. Off-grid Solar Comps Efficiency Bottlenecks / losses
  16. Prepare Now to Thrive During a Power Outage
  17. SW Radio for the Beginner series part 1


Bobbert’s Group # 6 contents – Guerrilla Warfare – 4 videos

  1. Battle-plan 13 of 18 Guerrilla Warfare Ac3 Mvgroup Org
  2. DIRTY SECRETS of VIETNAM: The Ambush Scenario
  3. The History and Future of Guerrilla Warfare
  4. Urban tactics


Bobbert’s Group # 7 contents – Herbs Can Be Our Medicines – 11 videos

  1. Five Herbs to Boost Your Immune System and Kill Viruses Naturally
  2. Nine Herbs You Can Grow In Water Over & Over Again
  3. 15 Herbs to Plant This Year
  4. Thirty medicinal plants the Native Americans used on a daily basis
  5. Complete Herb Farming Guide for OSRS
  6. Herbs for Health
  7. Secrets to Drying Herbs for Stronger Medicinal Properties
  8. The Power Of Herbs – BBC Herbal Medicine Documentary
  9. The Secrets Of Herbal Medicine Best Documentary Of All Time
  10. Top 10 Herbs for Lungs, Clearing Mucus, COPD, & Killing Viruses
  11. Top 100 Best Healing Medicinal Herbs, Spices And Plants Names


Bobbert’s Group # 8 contents – Preparedness Leadership – 10 videos

  1. A FEMA Pro Talks Emergency Communications Final – podcast
  2. FEMA and Emergency Preparedness / Disability Community
  3. Group Survival After the Grid Goes Down
  4. How to Conduct a Tabletop Exercise
  5. Militarism and Survival after SHTF Who Will Lead
  6. The 5 types of people prepper groups should avoid
  7. Top 10 Prepper Group Rules For Survival After SHTF
  8. Urban Survival Defense Tactics SHTF
  9. How Americas State Police Got Military Weapons
  10. School for Danger SOE French Fight the German Occupation
  11. Impossible Peace Timeline

Bobbert’s Group # 9 contents -Preppers / Civil Disturbances – 13 videos

  1. A Second Civil War – Ep 112
  2. Could There Be Another Civil War in America (Three liberals discuss it)
  3. How to Form a Prepper Group
  4. How To Keep Riots Out Of Your Area During Civil Unrest
  5. Surviving Civil Unrest – Ep 104
  6. Jonathan Roth – Civil War Coming to America
  7. Preppers Getting ready for the end of the world – BBC
  8. Preppers Home Perimeter Defense Analysis
  9. Warning Challenging Times are Ahead – Stock Up
  10. IF A Civil War Starts 4 Choices You Must Make
  11. Who Would Win Civil War 2 – In Depth Analysis
  12. WWIII – How To Prepare For WW3
Interpersonal Communications Challenges

From Old Bobbert’s personal & professional experience, here are some interpersonal communications challenges for you to consider:

  1. “Whoever talks the most usually pays the most – gets the least.”
  2. “Sometimes the best response is just silence.”
  3. “Asking questions usually controls the direction of a conversation.”
  4. “How do I do the this?* is much better than asking “Can I do this?“
  5. “Are you allowed to tell me who is authorized to help me do this?”
  6. Why are the “gray men” safer in public than are most of us preppers and patriots?
  7. “Are there any questions that I forgot to ask that you feel are important?”

Note that the last question on that list shows respect and often gets immediate and very positive results.


( Positioned here so as to give you a small immediate prepper research success – sorta like making your bed in the morning)


Why are our prescription meds marked ** should be** and not **must be** ?

Go to the internet and search “USAF 1985 prescription expiration dating”

We just gotta love these quiet huge money deals.

Parting Words

And now finally – a word of wisdom from the sage, Rudyard Kipling: I Keep Six Honest Serving-Men – Great Expectations

I keep six honest serving-men (They taught me all I knew)

Their names are What and Why and When And Who and Where and How