Reader Poll: New SurvivalBlog Feature Topics

It has been several years since we’ve conducted an opinion poll of blog readers.

Because SurvivalBlog has been published for nearly 18 years, we’ve covered a lot of topics. But, obviously, we’ve missed a few, or we need to revisit a few, to get up-to-date and to cover them in greater depth. So, here is my question to readers:

What topics would you like to see covered in SurvivalBlog feature articles, in the coming months?

Here are a few topics that came to mind, when Avalanche Lily and I were brainstorming:

  • Herbs — Medicinal and Cooking
  • Wildcrafting with plants and trees
  • Foraging and recipes with wild edibles
  • Assembling a set of ham radio shack equipment
  • Ham radio antenna trimming
  • Home Gunsmithing
  • How to restore kerosene lamps
  • Basic DIY veterinary science
  • Horse hoof trimming
  • Basic home carpentry projects
  • Dry-pack canning

What are your ideas for feature article topics, to add to that list?  Please e-mail us your suggestions, and we will post a consolidated list, sometime next week. That list can then be used as a starting point, for anyone that wants to write a piece for the SurvivalBlog non-fiction writing contest.

We greatly appreciate it when our readers share their knowledge and experience. That tremendous depth of knowledge is one of the things that sets SurvivalBlog apart from other preparedness blogs.

Many Thanks! – JWR