Nootropics and Mushrooms for Survival, by Robert R.

I’m writing about the benefits of nootropics and how they can be used to enhance health, reduce the effects of stress, and even help to mitigate and treat anxiety, depression and PTSD.  A nootropic is a substance, natural or synthetic, which enhances memory and cognitive functions.  Some of this article also assumes that the government has collapsed and there is no longer any legal system or laws.  I have tried a number of things to help with my own PTSD and ADD issues and learned about many nootropics and supplements that can help in a variety of circumstances.

Imagine for a moment that you’re in the freezing cold, marching hours to go help protect your community from some threat, or maybe you’re out in frigid temperatures hunting to put food on the table.  You’re exhausted, your cognitive performance is reduced, you feel chilled to the bone, and your morale is suffering.  This is when 200mg of Phenylpiracetam would really help.


Phenylpiracetam was created by the Soviets for their astronauts to use on long spacewalks where endurance, focus, and clarity were vital.  Wiki says that “Research on animals has indicated that phenylpiracetam may have anti-amnesicantidepressantanticonvulsantanxiolytic, and memory enhancement effects”

Consider that the situation you find yourself in is not really as bad if your brain is given a boost to compensate for elevated levels of stress chemicals signaling to your brain.

If used wisely and in limited situations, a nootropic can give you an edge that might save your life, prevent a stressful situation from reaching the level of being PTSD inducing, and keep you going another day.  I have tested this particular nootropic on myself and noticed a very marked boost in mood, clarity, memory, and physical stamina.  I could work out three times longer than normal and felt immune to cold effects.  I felt incredible.

Amazingly this legal nootropic was banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency because it was considered to be cheating in competition to use it.  Should we be cheating when it comes to our survival?  Absolutely.  I want to have an ace up my sleeve for when I’ve gotta put the pedal to the metal.  Obviously, you need to do your diligence and read about any possible side effects or drug interactions with any nootropic or supplement, but I consider this audience to be mature enough to handle a nootropic, as they’re mature enough to train themselves on the proper use of firearms.


The next amazing nootropic is N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) is a semi-essential amino acid, and one of the precursors for creating Glutathione, the body’s antioxidant.  Oxidative stress occurs in everything from anxiety/depression to lung diseases and covid.  NAC can help to keep your brain sharp and there was even a study that showed taking NAC could help mitigate hearing damage like tinnitus after exposure to gunshots, help to reduce the odds of PTSD symptoms, and lesson blast-induced traumatic brain injury.

On that subject, consider that stress, especially extreme stress, actually causes adaptive reactions from the brain.  You could say that PTSD is almost like a form of brain damage.  The Amygdala gets enlarged, your reactivity to stress is heightened, your neurons “prune” themselves to weaken unnecessary things like empathy, compassion, self-connection, and prevent you from feeling the fullness of the horror you might otherwise be exposed to.

There are many legal nootropics and supplements that can help to deal with the shock that traumatic situations can cause to the nervous system, or to repair and regrow the synapses that will help you process and heal physically and emotionally.

One of these neuron-repairing supplements is Bacopa (Monnieri) which is an ancient Ayurvedic medicine.  It boosts levels of glutathione, our magic molecule to fight oxidative stress, and also causes the synapses of neurons to grow back, enhancing connectivity in your brain.  It has so many uses I can’t list them all, but to combat stress and enhance cognition it is incredible.  I knew someone who dealt with crippling depression for a year and the same day they took Bacopa they felt their symptoms drastically reduced.

Others to Consider

Just to mention a quick list of others worth looking into.  St Johns Wort, Rhodiola Rosea, Ginko Biloba, L-Carnitine, Lion’s Mane, B-vitamins, L-theanine, Glycine, the list could go on and on.

Some references:

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Mushrooms – Another of Natures Magical Medicines.

Mushrooms also have incredible healing qualities, boosting immune function, enhancing cognition, and even now under study to treat PTSD for veterans.  Yes even the State of Texas is going to likely legalize Magic Mushrooms for treating veterans with PTSD.  The clinical trials are proving that without a doubt these little fellows that grow on cow pies can perform miraculous healing.

Lion’s Mane for example, as Google explains, “Research has found that lion’s mane may protect against dementia, reduce mild symptoms of anxiety and depression and help repair nerve damage. It also has strong anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and immune-boosting abilities and has been shown to lower the risk of heart disease, cancer, ulcers and diabetes in animals.” If you want to grow Lion’s Mane, Turkey Tail, or whatever type of mushroom you want, the process is basically the same.

Growing Your Own Mushrooms

In order to grow mushrooms, you’ll need to do a few things.  Obtain spores syringes, obtain materials to sterilize and grow, and follow proper procedures.  There are three basic steps to growing your own endless supply of immune-boosting mushrooms.

It would be much easier to provide links to demonstrate each step, so I will be giving you links and also the materials list so that you know what you need to order and then you can simply follow along.  I also suggest buying a book on how to properly grow mushrooms, so if the internet is down, or you failed to download these videos, you have a physical hard copy available.

Step 1 is to make your spawning jars.  Spawn Jars are where the mushroom spores colonize, growing strong mycelium.  The process to create, and inoculate the spawn jars are in this video.

The EASY Way To Make Mushroom Grain Spawn For Growing Mushrooms At Home – YouTube

Step 2.   After the spawn jars are fully colonized (after you inoculate them with spores) is to prepare your substrate and growing tub.   This video says to mix coco coir and vermiculite, but a substrate of 100% coco coir will work fine.

How to Make EASY Bulk Substrate for Mushroom Growing – Bucket Tek (Coco Coir, CVG) – YouTube

Step 3.  Once you’ve pasteurized your Substrate and your Spawn jars are ready, you mix them into your grow tub.  Mushroom Monotub Instructional Video – YouTube

There are some more steps that are much easier, like initiating fruiting conditions, and rehydrating your cake for additional “flushes” of mushrooms, but if you made it to Step 3 you are over the hump.

Needed materials

This is a materials list that will get you on the right track.

2x  IMPERIAL 6-in dia Crimped Galvanized Steel Flexible Duct Connector in the Flexible Duct Connectors department at 6 Inch 152mm Bi-Metal Heavy Duty Hole Saw, 30mm Depth Steel Hole Cutter & Hex Shank Drill Bit Adapter Drilling Cutter For Smooth and Fast Cutting: Home Improvement SUCOHANS 100 peices Mushrooms Self Healing Injection Ports, 20mm Rubber Bottle Stoppers, For 13 mm (0.51in) diameter opening Mason Jar Lids: Kitchen & Dining

ThxToms Heavy Duty Latex Gloves, Resist Strong Acid, Alkali and Oil, 14″, 1 Pair – –  (make sure you order the longest ones available, the 14″ are too short, you have to switch the options to the longest ones) 3M Micropore Paper Tape – White, 1″ x 10yds (Box of 12): Health & Personal Care

12 Synthetic Filter Discs for” Wide Mouth” 87mm jar lids Used for Mushroom Cultivation: Industrial & Scientific

Available locally, at Big Box stores and hardware stores:

1x 5 gallon bucket with lid.
12x Mason Jars  (1 Quart, Wide Mouth.)
1 Bottle Honey
Digital Food Scale in (grams)
Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol 70%  (not 90%)
Small spray bottle (empty) for putting rubbing alcohol in.
Pressure Canner (that holds 7x 1 Quart mason jars)
Aluminum foil
Bag of Bird Seed   25lbs
The largest plastic tub you can find.  This will be your “still air box”   Must be clear to look through it.  Still Air Box step-by-step – YouTube
2 x 50+ quart clear plastic tubs that have a seal/gasket to be air-tight.
You will need a drill with a drill bit, and for use with the hole saw.

Between a supply of nootropics and a never-ending ability to grow mushrooms, you can keep your mind healthy and sharp, and even treat PTSD.  If you don’t have a healthy brain then you don’t have a healthy mind, and you will need to be performing at 100% in any emergency situation.  Not only that, but you’ll need to recover to 100% for the one after that.