A North American Holocaust? – Part 2, by SaraSue

(Continued from Part 1. This concludes the article.)

There are so many more survivor testimonies, that I couldn’t write about all of them. You can find them on YouTube, and there are documentaries and books that have been written. You might think it terribly maudlin to spend the time to listen to the survivor testimonies. I allowed myself to mentally and emotionally descend into the horror of each testimony. My goal? I wanted to understand how a “normal society” could possibly be convinced to demonize a whole group of people.

How could neighbors, friends, and family turn against one another to the point of death? I assume being disarmed early on was one of the keys to the Nazi’s success. But, the other keys are found in the pervasive propaganda programs that started early and reached down to the youth. We are seeing that kind of propaganda now through the government, media, education, and corporations who hired “Equity and Diversity Managers”. These managers are almost always haters of anyone they consider to be different than what they were taught in Higher Education to be acceptable – very biased, often calling themselves “Progressives”. That’s a broad stroke, so apologies to anyone in that role who seeks to ferret out true inequalities. I’ve taken a broad stroke against “Christians” in this article too, so please forgive.

If you teach a small child that certain things, especially certain people, are diseased, filthy, unfit, not human, and deserve what they get, I can see how the brainwashing could be effective. I can’t quite comprehend the propaganda having an affect on adults though. But, it did, and it was very successful. Those people were threatened, on pain of death, at the end of a rifle barrel, to comply. A small part of me understands, but not the whole part of me.

When I was little, I remember being taught that Jesus Loves all the Little Children, no matter what they looked like or where they came from. Yes, I could see the small remains of prejudice in my own parents, which they would quickly call themselves out on. The lessons from the World Wars were fresh in their minds because their parents had impressed it upon them. They in turn, impressed it upon us.

I recall being shown holocaust movies in the 4th Grade and getting sick to my stomach and having nightmares. Those movies were my only exposure to filth and degradation and depravity. I had to ask myself, do they still teach it properly in the public school system? Because the lessons of the past don’t seem to be taught to today’s youth. Otherwise, they would never demonize whole groups of people the way they are doing. They would never adopt Communist or Socialist or Fascist theories. Many don’t even understand the differences and similarities between the three. Many young people even speak positively about Socialism, including some I know personally. It’s a complete shock to my system to witness it. I was even told, “It’s not that kind of Socialism.” Seriously?

Observation: Teaching our children is our own individual and moral responsibility, and should never be relinquished to any other entity.

Observation: Our media is an obvious propaganda arm of something or someone. They no more report factual truth, than they think they’re relevant. They are to be shunned.

I think I’m done watching testimonies for now, but the question remains because I cannot comprehend turning against friends, and family members, over politics, or religion, or creed. What I can understand is being wary of those same people. Not in the way that I would persecute them. No. In the way of being aware that throughout history, man’s inhumanity towards man is well documented. And even though the slight that I felt was small in comparison (who cares what she thinks of me?), I still ask myself the question. If I became, or am in, a class of persons to be despised, would this person in my life “turn me in” to the “authorities”? I think she would. And I think she would in all piousness and feigned ignorance. I think she would do it under the guise of “public health”, under the misinformed guise of “dangerous” people. After all, I am a gun owner. I’ve always excused her behavior as “weak-minded”, but now I just factually face the reality that some people are easily pushed, cajoled, convinced, or punished into betrayal. And they won’t risk dying to protect you. And they won’t self-reflect on what is truly required as a follower of Jesus Christ – which does require giving your own life to save another.

Observation: I must be ready to follow Christ’s teachings even unto death. I must prepare for Persecution. I must be willing to give my life to save others.

And then my last question I needed answered. Why would God allow this, and especially to His Chosen People? I have come to the conclusion that the gift of Free Will is a two-edged sword and a great responsibility. We can use our God given freedoms to do good or to do evil. Deep self-reflection is required, in advance of a crisis. What do we believe? What do we stand for? Are we willing to be persecuted for righteousness sake? True righteousness – not trumped up moral causes. I have seen in these past two years, many people fold in compliance with unholy government mandates. I have seen in these past few years, people in our country demonize and persecute others who don’t agree with them. I have witnessed people in our own government do this publicly – even people who professed to be “on our side”. I have witnessed an enormous divide occur in real time over “politics” and “public health”. I have witnessed families divided.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention: Most of the survivors characterized the women prison guards as the most vicious, not the men. Apologies to everyone with the name “Karen”, but our modern-day acknowledgment of that possibility is to identify someone as a “Karen”. I have run into a few. A sad fact. Let me quickly characterize a “Karen” so there’s no confusion. She is someone who feels free to very publicly chastise you for not complying. She will scream in your face. Call the Manager! She will talk behind your back and do a character assassination of you. She thrives on the attention and holier-than-thou attitude. She is self-righteous in her condemnation of you and your choices. She will get so far into your personal business that you might have to physically extract her or get a restraining order. She will use Anonymous Tip Hotlines to report anyone she thinks might have committed an infraction of some law, even if no such law exists. This is why “Red Flag” laws are so dangerous. She will be all over Social Media calling people out. She definitely thinks she’s better than you. She likes to be on Committees and Boards so she can steer outcomes. She talks about herself and her “work” to change society incessantly. She will prod you to see if you agree with her on any number of topics, and then call you out loudly with the more people listening the better, if you disagree. It’s a wonder she cannot see her true self in the mirror.

Observation: It is important to identify to the best of one’s ability the people in our inner circle of friends, neighbors, and even family, who would betray us. Many, of whom, cannot be reasoned with as their reasoning faculties have been corrupted.

I do not know if we are in the End Times. What I do know is the Spirit of the Anti-Christ is here and he is like a prowling lion seeking whom he can destroy. He delights in the fear, in the division, in the death toll. He wants to destroy us. He wants us to hate one another. Back then, during the World Wars, Satan was on the prowl. It feels as if there are times, and maybe it’s not just a feeling but a fact of history, when evil seems to have free reign more at certain times than others. And it seems to me that the freedom to destroy is tolerated by society at some times more than others. We do have the power to stop it. We can turn the tide. But, how?

Observation: World War II ended during my parent’s generation before I was born, and I now have grandchildren – 4 generations. Does history repeat when the last generation to have experienced the horrors dies?

We need to continue to stand, en masse. I don’t have all the answers for the times we are in. I am aware that our society is extremely divided, one side demonizing the other. At the time of this writing, our government, and organizations that suck at the government teat, as well as media and institutions, are intent upon demonizing what I call “Middle America”: People who believe in self-direction, independence, freedom to defend one’s life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. Yes, we regular folks who just want to be left alone have been targeted, and continue to be targeted, by a very evil spirit sweeping the nation. We can blame any number of people and institutions.

The fact remains that we are in perilous times and we must fight back. At this time, our primary method is to fight back with noncompliance and noncooperation, forming our own underground in which to buy and sell. A stout refusal to go along to get along is required. I know the day is coming when we will have to take up arms and we must be ready in our hearts and minds, as well as in our preparations. We’ve got to face facts, as they show themselves, and not fantasize about how we think things will be. This type of evil doesn’t simply blow over – living in denial means death. It must be confronted. We cannot save our own hides by collaborating with the evil because collaborators eventually suffer the same fate as the targets.

Maybe at another time, I will write out the direct correlations to what happened then and what is happening now. It is very clear to me that we are on the same path. I pray I am wrong.

May the Lord bless you and keep you in His will.

Ephesians 6:13″ “Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand.”