Readying Your Family: Count The Costs

As I’ve mentioned in previous essays, I believe that We Are Living In The Age of Deception and Betrayal (WALITAODAB). Looking back on the trauma and drama of 2020 and 2021, please consider some of the questions that you must ask yourself and the choices that you may have to make in the next few years:

1.) First and foremost, are you right with God? If not, then repent and commit your life to Christ Jesus. (Yeshua, the Messiah.) Salvation in Christ is there for the asking, but you must be saved.

2.) Are you living in a truly safe place? We must decide what is more important: Our cushy suburban comforts and “stability” — or our personal freedom and a higher chance of surviving a disaster. Many of the 50 States have enacted laws or begun enforcing gubernatorial decrees that are severely restricting our ability to carry out free commerce and to have freedom of association.  Meanwhile, there is a stark dichotomy in gun laws. The “Blue” states are enacting more restrictions, while the “Red” states are rolling back restrictions–most notably for Constitutional Carry. Vote with your feet!

3.) Are you financially prepared for what is coming? We have been enjoying a Fantasyland Economy for about the past 20 years. Since soon after the Bubble market crash of 2000, the U.S. Treasury and the Federal Reserve private banking cartel began conspiring to keep interest rates artificially low, and they created Quantitative Easing (QE). More recently, they began handing  “stimulus” money. Most of that was created out of thin air. While those steps artificially stimulated the economy, forestalled or shortened recessions, and drove higher equity share prices, they have essentially destroyed the value of the U.S. Dollar. How much longer will Americans and foreign investors continue playing along with this charade? What will happen when the monetary and financial systems inevitably collapse in mass inflation?  What will you do, to prepare yourself to survive this collapse? How will you position yourself, with physical preparations, your choice of locale, and how you’ve structured your investment portfolio? Have you closely examined what portions of your investments are tangible versus those that are mostly intangible or even just conceptual?

4.) Have you divided/dispersed/hidden your stored food, weapons, precious metals, and barter goods? Keep in mind that there are two types of looters. The second and worst sort wear or carry badges.

5.) Are you in good physical condition and are you maintaining proper body weight?

6. Have you teamed up with trustworthy and like-minded friends? Do you train together?

7.) Have you kept current with your firearms, first aid, and communications training?

8.) You probably have a good assortment of guns, ammunition, and magazines, but do you have an intrusion detection system, night vision equipment, body armor, plate carriers, holsters, and magazine pouches?

9.) Have you done your best to become self-sufficient?

10.) Can you rightly discern between fact and fiction when evaluating what comes to you from both the mainstream media and alternative media?

11.) Have you formulated a plan for if and when your “vaccination” status might affect your ability to work, travel, or buy fuel or groceries?

12.) Have you formulated a plan for if and when cash is replaced by an “e-Dollar” sovereign cryptocurrency and how that might affect your ability to buy fuel or groceries, or pay your property taxes?

13.) Have you secured free press credentials?

14.) If there is a more virulent pandemic  — either a new strain of coronavirus, or something entirely new — are you prepared to hunker down in place for several months, and avoid all contact for your immediate family and perhaps also one or two contiguous neighbors that are also self-isolating?

15.) Do you place an emphasis on financially supporting your local economy (Parallel Economy Groups) and virtuous, independent, like-minded journalists?

16.) What level of risk are willing to take, and have you made contingency plans to protect and provide for your family if you perish, in perilous times?

Consider all of the foregoing points some food for thought, and an impetus for concerted prayer.

I wish you and yours God’s blessings, in 2022. – JWR

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