The Next Two Years, by A.E.

The following is my conjecture about the turmoil ahead in the next two years.

I have this waking nightmare that we are living on a knifes edge and the next two to five years may be the time we slip on that edge.  I started writing this to try and get my head around where we are and where we’re going. It spiraled out from there. I have tried to rewrite it so it isn’t so negative, but that hasn’t worked, it keeps veering in the following direction.

China had the Cultural Revolution and the Red guards; we have the Cancel culture movement and BLM-Antifa. They want to destroy our history, the lessons both good and bad that it taught, and rewrite what our country is. They draw the line at nothing and the rioting and destruction will continue. Defund the police, and they have free rein for all the burning, looting and murder they want. This is true democracy in action, otherwise known as rule by the thug and the mob. This is what the Europeans at the beginning of our country expected of the US of A.

From the very beginning of this run-up to the election, our two major political groups have both made every effort to see that the probable presidential candidates are lame ducks: Biden is mentally wobbly(easily manipulated) and Trump is a reviled outsider(he stole the election). I think this is on purpose, each group hoping the other ‘wins’ and can therefore be held responsible for the upcoming financial and social disaster.

Turmoil Ahead

Regardless of which is elected, there will be lots of turmoil.  In turmoil, there is an opportunity for the politicians to drive their political agendas forward. They will bemoan the damage, but it won’t stop them from gleefully profiting by it. They will probably steal a page from Hitler’s book and blame somebody for all the ills of the country. Hitler used the Jews; currently the cops or Trump are the scapegoat du jour. When they run out of the current target, possibly it’ll be “the evil, greedy preppers” who are responsible for all the shortages and who don’t want to share. If not them, they’ll find someone. A liberal here, a conservative there. There is always someone to pick out and vilify. They are willing to eat their own.

With the economy in tatters and the future economy no better(the thousands of brick and mortar business are the economy and many are closing permanently), racial accusations being thrown about, Covid (whether you believe in it or not), supply system problems (empty grocery stores will be the least of it if the trucks don’t run) and political upsets, we will see a level of turmoil and national angst of incredible levels. Just think of all those people that are suddenly out of work, out of cash, out of hope and probably hungry. There is nothing more dangerous than people that are scared, angry, hungry and hopeless. If they can be motivated, say rather rabble roused, it will be mass riots with little or no holds barred.

The police are deliberately being hamstrung into uselessness by their own political masters. The ‘Defund the Police’ meme, while idiotic, serves the purposes of the so-called progressives, not to mention the out and out crooks. Seattle and Portland are the prototypes of what is to come, trial runs so to speak. The turmoil and troubles will give them the opportunity to mandate a national police force to bring order and control. To save the nation of course. It will be done with the best of intentions. The road to Hell is paved with what? Oh, yeah..good intentions. And can you say secret police without a sneer?

When agitators, riots, and rumor mills instigate further distrust and civil disorder, It is guaranteed that all those millions of guns and ammo in the hands of mostly untrained civilians will finally lead to gunfire. If the cops can’t protect you, Samuel Colt’s solution will be called on. This chaos will be a good excuse to declare martial law. You can say “ martial law is not constitutional,” you can say “the rank and file in the military would never…”, but the fact is, they would follow orders. Just like the police departments are doing right now. Unfortunately, politicians probably don’t really understand the difference between police and the army or maybe they just don’t care. After all, they both have guns and wear uniforms. It would be a traumatic experience for the country. More turmoil, more anger and probably a high body count. I’m sure that at a later date after the dust settles, the politician that emerges at the top of the heap will be very regretful about all the damage and death. By then, we’ll have a good idea of who the scapegoat is.

Add to the above concerns, there are the international problems: China is living up to its namesake the Dragon, ramping, snorting, throwing fumes and flame all about while trying to eat its neighbors. Then there is Russia, its neighbors, and NATO engaged in a shoving match and somebody will get hurt. Africa is a mess and will be a mess into the future as starvation, greed, corruption and rampant racism runs wild.  And let’s not forget the Arabian peninsula and their ability to create trouble across the globe. It will take just one flashpoint in the wrong place and time and the international situation can go up in flames and splash on the US. A flashpoint like the stock markets imploding, or some idiot setting off a bomb. Maybe another more deadly pandemic. Nothing like a good war for survival to stimulate the economy and focus attention away from the internal upsets.

In spite of our internal problems, many people in the world will still view the USA as a safe haven, a lifeboat if you will. They will come pushing, shoving, pleading and demanding to be taken in, overloading the social and economic systems. Many of them will be upset that the streets are not lined with gold, but they’ll take what they can get. It’s usually better than what they left behind. Many of these people are good, hard-working types. Many won’t change their lifestyle to fit in; they will bring the troubles that caused them to leave their country, with them.

I read tracts claiming all our problems are caused by the elitists or the Globalists who have delusions of being 007 villains. Truthfully, I don’t think they are smart enough to have a viable and far-reaching plan. Make no mistake, they are deadly dangerous, but I think it is more likely a case of people screwing up by the numbers. They are so arrogant and so engrossed in their own idea of reality, that they don’t realize that while they are unleashing the lightning, they can’t ride it without getting badly burned. Not much solace to those of us unlucky enough to get caught in the backblast. The world and specifically the US is at a tipping point. Hang on folks, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Then of course, there are the innocents, the people who’s mantra is “when things get back to normal,” never realizing that normal keeps changing, and sometimes for the worse. Right there with them, are the people that just hunch their shoulders and try muddle through. They don’t look left or right, they just want to be left alone to live their life. There are a lot of good and decent people like that and they will most likely be hurt. Picture if you will, a scarecrow in the middle of a flock crows and the farmer engrossed in shooting the crows. That scarecrow is going to get peppered with buckshot and probably crapped on by the birds.

Some Options

What can be done? First and foremost, choose who you vote for carefully.   You aren’t going to change what is coming. Maybe it can be slowed but I don’t offer much hope. Stay away from crowds, and prep to the best of your ability. Avoid sticking out like a sore thumb( if your house looks like a bunker, it’s a target; if it looks like a mansion, it’s a target; if you are a known prepper, you’re a target; if you’re too vocal, you’re a target; wrong place, wrong time, you’re a target )

A little paranoia is a good thing. Pick your fights carefully, not emotionally. Have a plan A, B or even C. Realize that if they come to your house, it’s time to make an orderly retreat with you and yours, preferably to a preplanned secondary location (he who runs away, lives to fight another day.) Make it painful for them.   Maybe caltrops or bear spray. An ornamental cactus bed, or pyracantha would be nice, but try starting some now if you haven’t already. A friend with night time sneak thief problems rolled out a roll of tar paper, liberally coated it with blue paint adulterated with used crankcase oil. Then he unrolled loops of nylon filament fish line to trip, tangle and drop them into the mess. Inventiveness can be quite messy, but fun. Just make sure your activity is somewhat deniable and anything left behind is useless to them. Police your brass if you have time.

Be Skeptical

Most of all, don’t believe all you hear or see without getting firm corroboration. A healthy level of skepticism is called for, keeping in mind that if you feel you are being played for a fool, you might be right. If it feels wrong, don’t be pressured into it. Do try to remember the ten Commandments. When you start to feel panicky, take a deep, slow breath or two and pray! Stay away from crowds. You don’t want to be in a group that is “Incited to riot” and then held up (posthumously) as an example of why the extra-judicial national police and the military are necessary.

I had a nightmare once: I was in a long hallway, something nasty was waiting at the end of the hall and I couldn’t go back. The doors to either side brought me right back into the hall. I feel like I’m in that hall, right now, and I can’t wake up. I hope it’s just a bad dream.


  1. It’s not a bad dream, sorry it’s the current reality. I have often wondered in the past what it would look like just before SHTF. Well I think we are there! I’m grateful that my retreat is 45 miles from any town!! Over the years I have had ‘city dwellers’ ask me “Aren’t you afraid of being so far from (fill in the blank).” I guess now we can in reality ask them, “Aren’t you afraid of living in the city?”

    We have had the ‘enemies’ playbook for years and have chosen to ignore it. Our folly is now coming home to roost. May the Almighty have mercy because the Marxists won’t!!

    It’s kind of late in the game but if you really don’t understand what and why things are happening as they are, read ‘The Naked Communist’ , ‘The democratic revolutionary handbook’ ‘The Communist Manifesto’ , like I said, “We’ve had their playbook for years.

    1. This is actually a reply to all who have commented. A long time reader, without commenting.
      Many years ago, a great uncle of mine made life choices, because of experiences during the depression and WW2, completely unconventional at the time. I remember things he said, which basically was “you will see things worse than I ever have if you live to be old”. Surely, I believe it. It may have influenced my vocation in gov as the “prepper” for my jurisdiction, which gives me added insight.
      This is what I see. Those of us who understand “things” will be, for lack of a better description, “The Ark”. Much of what is happening has been methodically planned over a long period. Studying history, not what is taught in schools, will devolve links to what is happening now. We can attempt to rebel against, push to institute our status quo, but the reality is this push for “change” is much older than us. This is the battle of Good vs Evil. As the scripture describes it will get worse before better and the powers that be are using the Good Book as their playbook.
      Prepare with your wares, but mostly with knowledge, faith and provisions of comfort. Become an ‘expert’ in being “Grey”. Pray for peace of mind and wisdom to see what others do not, cannot. Those of us who make it through, physically or through our offspring, will exit the other side.

      1. Wise words. I am newer to this site…but feel like I am at home. Lots of folks in my rural town in PA are brushing things off, “can’t happen here”, “not in my town”, etc. Even my sweet hubby. Or they are parroting the liberal propaganda…what is wrong with them? I feel it coming and so do you. I have been prepping for over a year and am as ready as I can manage. God bless you all.

      2. EM,

        “This is the battle of Good vs Evil. As the scripture describes it will get worse before better and the powers that be are using the Good Book as their playbook.”

        Sadly, I agree with you in this statement. I think you are seeing what I am seeing. Scriptures that have already been fullfilled by Jesus Christ From Nazareth are being touted deceptively, as yet still needing to be fullfilled by a future Messiah.

        “They”, want to create their own world Utopia and are orchestrating it now. “They” call everyone racist, and yet they’re the ones who are the hateful racists and are fomenting the racial strife through their control of the media. “They, the Elites, are purposely causing chaos so that they can bring their own solutions to the problems, Hegelian Dialectic.

        In their polluted belief system they believe that they must tell the world before hand what they are going to do, as a prophetic act and as a form of their “Redemption”, through the media/movies, TV series (predictive programming) what they are going to do in the world.

        They are instruments of the evil one and may or may not know it.

        They will mimic everything that God the Father has done in this World even as far as to make their messiah look like our Jesus.

        They will deceive almost, the whole world into believing that “their” messiah is really the true one, but He is the Anti-Christ and in the name of God the Father, those who refuse him as the messiah, will persecute those who believe in the true Messiah Jesus. All who will not bow down to him and will not accept his Mark.

        The depths of evil that they are promoting makes me so sick to my stomach. I mourn, groan and weep because of it.

        BUT those that know Jesus Word, His teachings and beg God the Father for discernment will NOT be deceived by it all. Those who know their God will do exploits for Him in the days that are coming. And then we will see Him Part the heavens and roll them back like a scroll and will descend from the heavens in a great cloud and the whole world will see Him. At His appearance, those of us who love Him will rejoice and those of the World who hate Him will weep and gnash their teeth and will STILL fight against Him. Woe to them!

        Come quickly Lord Jesus.

        1. First I would like to express my honor at any replies to my post, but to receive the honor of yours Mrs Lily is truly comforting.
          I too believe we are connected in our insights. I have always been curious as to how the US would be destroyed from the inside, without a shot from the outside. In studying how schools and families were influenced during the 60s and 70s I discovered the writings of Edward Bernays. Fascinating how simple the mind can work. Ever since, I have been able to see through much of the BS we are spoon fed every day.
          I also remember from somewhere the bearers of evil had to disclose their plans in plain sight, but could use deception to surround the truth. Oddly, Lucifer is known as the Bearer of Light, and Dems, even Biden has referred to themselves as “Bearers of Light”. Hiding in plain sight.

          Seek truth. Pray for internal knowledge and peace.

          1. Dear EM1,

            Thank You for your kind words. But, I am just an ambassador for the Lord Jesus. I am trying to show people what is really coming at us and what to expect so that when it comes they know for sure that the Last Days are here and that they have prepared for them and know what side of the line they will stand on, either for Jesus Christ and His Father the Creator God or for Satan. The Great Cosmic Battle between good and evil at the End of the Age.

            My antennae are always up looking for those who really see what is happening and the root of our current issues.

            I hate to break it to you, but Trump is on their team. He is the controlled opposition and their Fall guy. They revel in their open fights and “hatred” of each other. It’s a terrible game they are playing with our hearts and minds. Trump was purposely given the job to bring down Christianity in this Country. Pull the ones you hate the most closest to you, promise them what they want to hear and then do token gestures to keep them appeased. Trump is on the board of the LGBTQ in the UN. He and Netanyahu both. Netanyahu broke my heart when I finally realized that he was truly a globalist and part of the NWO Elite. They are not true conservatives. They are sheep in Wolves clothing. Trump lied to us about Vaccines. He said that he was not for them during his pre-election days. Now look at him! He is promoting a Covid Vaccine at “Warp Speed” to inoculate 300 million American People by the end of January. He has even gotten the military involved to help do the job!!!! Biden and Trump are of the same Tribe. I cannot vote for the lesser evil because both of them have the same globalist goal. Neither of them represent me. They are moving us towards the One World Government and the One World religion and Economic system. Trump is not for us. He is the almost greatest Deception American Christianity will ever see.

            I will look up Edward Bernays.

            We really need to prepare to live outside of the digital monetary system that is coming, Mark of the Beast, and prepare our hearts to give up our lives for Jesus, if it comes to that.

            Jesus is Lord!

          2. Mrs Lily, I was not implying the Trump team was any better, just describing what I have seen lately. I have cautioned those around me of what has been noted in his past about him, his statements, as well as what is not reflected in the mainstream about all their connections.
            Both sides hold evil in their agendas.

          3. Mrs Lily and EM1 – I understand your concerns about Trump (frankly, any politician/leader needs to be watched carefully because power always seems to corrupt) but he seems different than others…so far. I know that his manner is abrasive ( not sure I could live with the man) but his love of country and concern about working folks seems genuine. All humans are self centered and self serving….that is how we survive. Maybe he has ulterior motives, but his motives seem to be aligned with constitutionalists and he is giving us opportunity to claw back our republic. As of now, I still stand with him. Respectfully AJ

  2. I do agree with you very much. This is right now the time to be putting your emergency planting into the ground in both seeds and other preps.

    It’s hard to know when to start your emergency plans for sure.

    If this was a sudden event like a war, or real plague I suspect we would have all been at a b.o.l. or started our gardens , grouped up etc…

    But this has been a longer slower more incremental slide.

    Kind of like the analogy of the frog in the pot.

    Some people think that the analogy is that slow change can be deadly and unnoticed until you die from it.

    I’ve always been prepared. The lesson I’ve gotten from it is….

    When you’re the frog and you’re in a pot, then jump!

    As soon as this “pandemic” hit lockdown stages, everyone was so stressed (with alot more added on quickly) that they just sat down. They worried about rent, food, jobs, riots, antifa, leaders socialist agendas, the election, fires, tornados, earthquakes, hurricanes, Epstein’s girlfriend, q anon,… Everything except the fact….

    “Wow look at this I’m in a pot… How odd…. It’s warm…”

  3. I hear you. I’m really concerned though by the lack of critical thinking ability and awareness of what is going on. Even people who are supposedly intelligent and well educated seem to be oblivious. A friend who has a graduate degree and is otherwise intelligent has never heard of ANTIFA! She thinks Biden is a “good man” and doesn’t understand why I wouldn’t support him and think he’s clearly not up to the job in any event. And of course all guns are bad and rifles are “attack guns” and why would I want one? And she and her husband are hunkered down at home(they are self-employed at home) afraid of the virus and won’t even eat anything prepared by someone else and think they will get the virus if they touch something. Add to this the tremendous number of stupid people, those who get all of their info from TV “news”, those who don’t vote, those who vote by adherence to a party, no matter what, and it’s a mess. And yes, when people are scared they will do most anything to feel “safe”.

    1. Ani, Just because a person is “supposedly intelligent and well educated” does not mean they smarter than anyone else. Having 3 advanced degrees does not make me more intelligent; it means I am more persistent. Being college educated just gives a person options; how they apply it is very different.

      1. @ Animal House

        Oh yes, I do know that. It’s just frustrating that even among those that have the intellect to be capable of critical thinking, they have given that a pass. Add to that those who just aren’t capable of that and it adds up to far too many……..

          1. And then there is this, re: truth vs falsity. From the article:

            They will bemoan the damage, but it won’t stop them from gleefully profiting by it. They will probably steal a page from Hitler’s book and blame somebody for all the ills of the country. Hitler used the Jews; currently the cops or Trump are the scapegoat du jour. When they run out of the current target, possibly it’ll be “the evil, greedy preppers” who are responsible for all the shortages and who don’t want to share. If not them, they’ll find someone. A liberal here, a conservative there. There is always someone to pick out and vilify. They are willing to eat their own.

            When those who the MSM cover choose to lie, many people follow along, like sheep. Hm-m-m, is there a possible clever wordplay in there somewhere?

      2. Animal House… Agreed, and I would add to your thoughts. Many of the people who don’t know what ANTIFA is and can’t understand lack of support for Joe Biden are simply unaware of the facts. They live in an echo-chamber that fails to provide the facts, and instead bathes them in misinformation and disinformation.

        There is a psychological diagnosis that essentially means this: “you don’t know what you don’t know”. What Ani is describing is a person who is suffering from exactly this!

        The challenge is how to get the truth and the facts to these people, and it is a challenge. We’re fighting a cacophony of sound, and censorship at the same time. It’s a tough battle. We can — at least to some degree — overcome the obstacles, but the work is hard, and it is going to take the efforts of every one among us. We are in an ALL HANDS ON DECK moment in history.

      3. The apostle Peter (and Paul) write about “ignorance.” Peter mentions a willful ignorance. Their focus is ignorance of the Lord and His things, but there are all kinds of willful ignorance. I am seeing all kinds of willful ignorance. It is sad. I pray for the wisdom to talk with those who may benefit and keep my mouth shut otherwise.

  4. I’m that guy ~ believing there are always more solutions than problems.
    Unfortunately none of the solutions are pretty… as the couple who led me to the Lord so eloquently echo after my inquiries on future events – “the Bible is not going to be rewritten.”
    The solution is simple yet seemingly impossible; Spiritual not earthly (read: fleshly).
    Placing one’s trust and faith in an eternal Creator from a finite prospective is not what anyone learns from our benevolent worldly masters.

  5. things are really bad !!!
    I am a baby boomer being born in 1950. Growing up in those years was most probably the best we will have ever seen.
    Today is much different. I never thought this type of situation would ever happen in our country. People rioting and looting, ripping down statues and trying to rewrite or make history go away. the changing of state flags just to pacify the cry babies. Presidential candidates not talking about the real issues but bad-mouthing one another. Have you noticed that all your new TV ads are made up of African Americans as is news field correspondents .who are we trying to make happy? I know that there are black people around and don’t need to have it constantly shoved in front of me. I don’t see rioting and burning when a white person is accidentally mortally wounded by the police. What’s wrong with that picture?
    there is so much more that can be said, but it just makes me want to cry. I never imagined a day like this would come.

    1. Vincent S Pensak… From your post: “there is so much more that can be said, but it just makes me want to cry.”

      Take hope in this… You are surrounded in the SB community (and elsewhere) by like minded people who are both heartbroken for the troubles of these times, and battling against those with great determination — that we would save (recover and restore) our Constitutional Republic. I believe our numbers are greater than any the MSM would have us believe, and these numbers are growing. As Christians and Constitutionalists, we are together on a great journey — one filled with trial and tribulation, and one also that will deliver victory if we remain steadfast and forward moving, undeterred.

    2. Vincent S Pensak… From your post: “there is so much more that can be said, but it just makes me want to cry.”

      I pray for you to find people you trust who will hear your pain. You are not alone.

      Carry on in grace

  6. Pyracantha is a remarkable living fence…No one I mean no one, can get through a mature pyracantha hedgerow. I am living testament! Have a hedgerow on my property, and quickly propagating more plants…

      1. According to “Tips for growing Pyracantha” found on, Yukon Belle Pyracantha grows in Zones 5 to 8. Good height for a privacy hedge. Fast up to 10 feet and 8 feet wide.

  7. The Creature From Jekyll Island [book] changed my mind. In the past I thought it was the sinful, depraved mind of individuals working to screw this deal up. Now, while I still know that to be true, I have recognized the effort the globalists have been making since Keynes. From Roosevelt to Kennedy to Reagan to today and everyone in between — a new world order has been in plan, and they’re succeeding. God save us.

  8. History says that you are correct: the rank and file will simply follow orders, no matter how vile. Their generals are all Obama men. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs has already indicated that he does not intend to stop the carnage.
    There will become a national police force with national standards and they will morph into a destructive secret police.
    The left seems intent on killing off the older populace as we are the ones who believe in freedom. If indeed they are taking orders from Soros and CCP, then those who survive may see a huge influx of “Chinese colonists” as the former USA becomes a puppet state.
    So, is there a way to stop this?

  9. My acquaintance ‘Lynn’ dreamed her fingers were not strong enough to pull the trigger.
    After a while with all her fingers squeezing, she managed to get it to fire… then the slug fell out of the muzzle at her toes.

    The next morning, we headed up to the forest for some ‘bang’ time.
    Problem solved!

    The psych crowd tell us dreams have secret messages.
    My dreams tell me ‘time for more training with my chums’.

  10. Most of all PRAY!

    2 Chron 7:14
    If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray, and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.

    Sodom and Gomorrah would have been spared for 10 righteous people. (Gen 18:32) Josiah’s righteous kingship spared his country for his generation (even though it was actually too late for his country). (2 Kings 22)

    We are in the birth pangs of the last days. Gods people (judgment begins in the house of the Lord (2 Peter4:17)) need to do as 2 Chron 7:14 says. And we need to pray for revival. And we need to share Christ with a devastated world.

    I am praying for revival for my family, county, state, nation, continent, hemisphere world. Especialy for the leaders and pastors in the Christian church. Any Christian reading this, please join me.

    1. On September 26 2020 spiritual leaders will be in our nations capitol to pray for our nation, Our church doors will be opened that day to join in prayer too.

    2. Prickly Cactus, I agree that we need to pray for revival according to 2 Chron. 7:14 – first and foremost in the church, and as we can, into this devastated world.

      As a minister of 70 years of age, though not on a church staff, I have shared with a number of others that I believe we are entered into an “age of the prophets”, as opposed to the age of the teachers (the maintainers of the complete foundation of biblical knowledge and instruction). The time has come for the challenging voices of witness both to those who claim the Name of Jesus Christ, and to the world around us. The ‘prophet’ type can pointedly and accurately apply Scripture to the immediate day’s challenge (spiritually and physically)– and that’s needed today.

      What I can’t yet determine in my own mind is whether we are in a time like that of Isaiah and King Hezekiah, where a great revival and a great deliverance against Assyria’s army at Jerusalem gave the people of God more generations and decades; or whether we’re in a time like Jeremiah’s and King Josiah’s, giving them just Josiah’s generation followed by the final crumbling of the last few kings in a dozen years, into the destruction by Babylon. Whichever it may be, however, BOTH prophets and all of their fellow ‘remnant’ members of the people of God were promised that God was still over-ruling for THEIR good, regardless of their culture’s following situation. There’s ALWAYS a place of blessing for those who are humbly committed to God — like Ezekiel, Daniel, and the other exiles to Babylon to whom Jeremiah sent his letter (Jer. 29:7 – “And seek the peace of the city whither I have caused you to be carried away captives, and pray unto the LORD for it: for in the peace thereof shall ye have peace.”)

      Just remember, WHATEVER happens, it’s still in our Father’s hands and control, and His people are safe. Don’t ever forget the most important ‘prep”: Death is still a guarantee, still one per person (absent the final appearance of Jesus) and if you are ‘prepped’ for that by salvation and faith in Him, anything else that may happen is just ‘on the way’. Once THAT is covered, then join us in prayer for repentance, revival, and manifesting what’s been worked into our lives by His grace. (And for those who didn’t know, that can include as many ‘preps’ as you can accomplish. Even Ezekiel was told to act out one of his prophecies by putting together a ‘bug-out bag — see Ezekiel 12:1-4.)

      I believe that the September 26 prayer gathering in Washington, D.C. is part of this — and I’m already hearing rumblings that it will be accompanied by prayer gatherings throughout the U.S. Find and join one. May I also suggest meditating on the three verses of Psalm 131? Like little children, we’re not responsible for the outcomes – the ‘great matters’ are in the Father’s hands — that’s ‘above our pay grade’. Verse three says it all: Let Israel [and His church] hope in the LORD, from henceforth and forever.”

  11. I cant help but factor in the enormous consumer and student debt that Americans carry. Debt fuels the anger, it fuels hopelessness, and it fuels the desire to focus on something else besides a persons personal problems. I scrolled thru zillow this weekend… the average price of a house in my region sits around 300k.. Not too promising for the average person who just wants a place of their own to live. Couple that with the aforementioned debt, and you can see the hopelessness. People outside of the boomer generation feel trapped.

    1. @ Anon

      Plenty of people inside the boomer gen feel trapped too. It’s a large generation with a wide age spread and the prospects of the older boomers is different than the younger ones. And lots of people who get branded as boomers really aren’t as they are older than that, eg; Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders etc. There’s still a generation alive today that are older than the boomers but no one seems to take note of them,preferring to just blame everything on the boomers.

    2. Anon, Sorry, I don’t go for the poor person in debt excuse. I’ve been in debt and I knew when I signed on the line I was going into debt. The lender loaned me the money and I agreed to pay it back with interest. No one forced me to make a loan to get a refrigerator, a car, a house, a college education; I knew I had to pay the money back. Those who are whining now are hurting, some because they gambled on a job always being there for them; they lost the gamble. Others just wanting to live beyond their means, they lost the gamble. Yes, they are hurting, but they brought in on themselves.

    3. Thoughts for both Anon and Animal House… Believe you are both making important points about the problems with a culture that promotes debt, and the individual responsibility that comes with debt (also the hopelessness that comes with debt). Long term (sometimes intractable) problems are created for people that are not easily resolved, and in severe or extreme situations simply cannot be resolved without legal intervention.

      For those who are in debt, working toward clearing that debt from the financial table remains an important endeavor.

      For those who are not in debt, stay clear.

      For those who are teaching children, there is a better path in life and we should instruct children starting very early life.

      For those who are looking for alternatives to life in debt, there are possibilities — these might seem unusual, or present some curious challenges, or be discovered along the “path less traveled”, but there are possibilities.

      Whatever you do… Do not succumb to hopelessness. Remain focused on finding solutions to the very best of your abilities!

    4. Anon., I disagree with some of your sentiments.

      “Debt fuels the anger, it fuels hopelessness, and it fuels the desire to focus on something else” by anon.

      Anger at themselves? Not. But that is where their anger and solution should be placed.

      Consumer debt is all about freedom to make personal choices, for good or bad.

      School debt is also about the freedom to make personal choices, for good or bad.

      My daughter, for example, secretly got a credit card during college, and racked up over $3,000 in clothes shopping one year. When she confided to one of her younger
      brothers, he scolded her something fierce. She felt dually rebuked, canceled her card, and made a plan to pay off what she owed.

      As the story was told to me years later, she took responsibility for what she had done, and learned her lesson.

      When she got engaged, she felt she had to confess her school loan debt. Her Fiance’, a business major, was not upset in the least. They made a plan to live off of only one of their incomes, while using the other income to pay off her college loans in full.
      Badda boom, badda bing. In about two years, the loans were paid off.

      Where there is a will, there is a way.

      Ask Dave Ramsey for examples. He knows a bazillion people who were deep in debt and paid it all off… Themselves… Through hard work and self denial…

      Warmly, Krissy

  12. @A.E “I read tracts claiming all our problems are caused by the elitists or the Globalists who have delusions of being 007 villains. Truthfully, I don’t think they are smart enough to have a viable and far-reaching plan. Make no mistake, they are deadly dangerous, but I think it is more likely a case of people screwing up by the numbers. They are so arrogant and so engrossed in their own idea of reality, that they don’t realize that while they are unleashing the lightning, they can’t ride it without getting badly burned”


    I don’t think these billionaires are dumping up to $90 MILLION into this election just to do what’s right for the Little People. Hedge funder Tom Steyer was sending out emails calling for Trump to be impeached and removed early in Trump’s admin and has been pounding that message ever since.

    Jeff Bezos didn’t pay $250 Million for the Washington Post just so the Post could have a reasoned debate on what’s best for the American People. As anyone who has looked at the Post in the past 4 years could tell.

    Anyone see anyone in the News Media looking at those billionaires, at where their interests lie , what their goals are and what they are doing to achieve them? Me neither.

    Silicon Valley billionaire Democrats have been throwing resumes from American blacks and women into the trash for decades in order to bring in cheap foreign labor from Asia. Obama and Joe Biden CHOSE to dump 8 years of high unemployment onto the black community and onto women of all races. Seen the “activists” leading the Black Live Matter and MeToo protests complaining about that? Or the News Media?

    Wake Up People. Start by asking why Libertarians like Rand Paul never mention the danger wealth concentration into a few billionaires poses to the rest of us. Why they think “government” is the danger and not the people who are trying to OWN the government.

    1. Don, what a provocative and insightful statement: ” Why they think “government” is the danger and not the people who are trying to OWN the government.”

      You make so much sense in your posts. I will sometimes disagree with you. C’est la vie.

      Most important is the open discourse.

      Carry on

      1. @ Once a Marine

        Feel free to disagree with me at any time — I appreciate it. It is how I learn new things or discover viewpoints/ideas that had not occurred to me. Or discover mistakes in my thinking. It is why I comment.

        Did your drill sergeants ever disagree with you? Did you benefit from their .. polite suggestions?

          1. No snark intended. My point is that I think people who argue with me are doing me a favor — just as a boxing coach who teaches you to defend yourself is doing you a favor. Or a sergeant who teaches one how to survive in combat. Or a boss who helps you learn your new job.

            Similarly, if I argue with someone it is not a sign of disrespect. If I didn’t respect them I wouldn’t bother talking with them.

  13. Given Biden’s mental condition from the start, it could be that they knew from the beginning they could not win a fair race. That even if it is a massive landslide for Trump, their intention was to contest it to an extreme, and attempt to remove Trump physically, and slide Pelosi in. And if that does not work, then they will destroy the economy and dollar with it. Total war. CW2 will be on, and millions of useful idiots will swell their ranks. Zillionar Globalists and the Chinese are stoking the fire with funds. Burn, Loot, Murder (BLM), and Antifa are organized thugs controlled by possibly Brennan’s rogue CIA. From their point of view, they must destroy the U.S. now before we can take it back.

    Whatever the case, I believe it is safest to assume the worst, and pray for the best. Even with only a meager income, I am topping off my supplies. If the economy crashes, I can get by on only 50 bucks a month, or less, no problem. Cut the over head, and tighten the belt hard. Become self sufficient A.S.A.P., and breathe easier.

    1. Tunnel Rabbit…
      From your post: “Given Biden’s mental condition from the start, it could be that they knew from the beginning they could not win a fair race. That even if it is a massive landslide for Trump, their intention was to contest it to an extreme, and attempt to remove Trump physically, and slide Pelosi in.”

      Agreed. We have often thought the same thing over the last many weeks… Biden’s most recent gaffes which include reading the teleprompter cues are more evidence of his cognitive decline. Over the Labor Day weekend there was one of these in which he could not even respond to a voter’s question without the aid of the teleprompter. The fact that he would be “put up” by the Democrats as a candidate is — in my view — a criminal act in and of itself.

        1. William… I do so agree. There is simply no way they don’t know the cognitive status of Joe Biden. There isn’t even a shred of plausible deniability on this one. It is, in fact, a bizarre form of elder abuse. These people have no conscience, and no shame.

      1. Duane Donovan! We’re with you, and we surely hope not… If Republicans regain the House, we will gain even more momentum in the best direction. Having said that, we do not put past the Democrats extraordinary efforts to steal the election.

        1. T of A, I agree. Dems will work to steal the election all up and down the ticket, in almost every race in every State. After all, 80 million unaccounted for mail in ballots fixes a lot of races.

      2. They may attempt before the election, and after. If after, then they put Biden in. They are attacking from every direction they can, and they will not stop until they win. Bottomline, Trump will not be allowed be President. They expect the military will remove him. And even if he physically stays in the White House, they will set up their own White House. They are telegraphing all this. I am not guessing, but interpreting what they are saying in broad daylight.

    2. Tunnel Rabbit, I do believe that the scenario that you describe could very well be the one that happens. I pray not, but I am afraid so. We must pray without ceasing, that God will deliver us in one piece through this turmoil. May God bless you and thank you for all of your helpful comments.

  14. Throughout history civilizations have been at war; religious wars, tribal wars, land wars, water wars, ideological/political wars; mortals are competitive, controlling and many times savage. The strong(er) control and conquered are controlled. Very few people are content with what they have; they always want more.

    American colonists fought against England because they were taxed and governed without representation. Now Americans are taxed and governed WITH representation; has the system been corrupted or did we corrupt the system? What happened on our watch?

    Circle the wagons, we will be under attack for the next four years. May the Lord have mercy on us.

    1. I have zero college degrees or credentials of any kind, but I know that the people (we), became decadent, refused to repent and lapped up the easy life whilst willfully ignoring the infiltration, and corruption. And the government further intoxicated the willing masses with handouts. Others of us did not ignore the signs that where evident to myself as a child. For many reasons, the masses are blind, and belatedly awakening to the harsh reality. I believe the cause is in essence, a spiritual blindness as well as a cognitive impairment induced first began with what what my mother called the ”boob tube” (T.V.). What followed were other high tech means of social engineering. Returning from Europe, I warned the family, and in the 1980’s I knew the plan was to sift the financial center of the world to Asia. About 1990 I bought my first rifle in anticipating of civil war. It is still in the arsenal. It is not a simple matter of a lack of common sense, education, or IQ. Even when young and dumb I knew.

      Somewhere in my genetics, on one side is a Prussian general, and on the other, an extreme. Perhaps I am related to the infamous Captain Bloody Bill Andersen of the first Civil War, a character in Clint Eastwood’s movie, Joesy Wales. Although I believe that predominately, I inherited the more placid personality of my father’s side, all of us need not look back too far in their lineage to be able to see that somewhere, we have the God given ability to defend ourselves. I hasten to add that it is not simply a genetic, but also a spiritual inheritance that can guild us if we choose to repent, and seek it out.

      The war that is imminent has in actuality being in progress for decades, or in perpetuity. The Bible only recounts history in a digestible way. It is actually far deeper and more complex. Our is a story is one of good verse evil in the truest sense. The ‘Commies’, or Communism in general, is merely a tool and face to conceal of the sinister, and satanic elite who ‘own’ this planet. Remember Paul Harvey’s, If I Were The Devil? It debuted sometime in 1965. I was old enough to have heard it’s message growing up, and did.

  15. @ Vincent, I too am a product of the 50[s ,and 60’s ( although a few yrs older than Vincent ) and I agree with most of what the said. I live in an upper midwest city and I never thought we would have rioting and looting here and yes we have had some protests, but not like all the other cities have had. As far as who I vote for, I guess I’ll be voting for the same guy as before. Why, because there isn’t anybody else to vote for, and no he wasn’t my first choice then. I don’t agree with everything he says or does, but he is the president of the U.S.A. I have property 60 to 75 miles away, but isn’t developed, so bugging out isn’t a choice because of under laying issues. And my son , well when I say something to him about the stuff that is happening, his answer is always ” yeah, dad, no problem ” ( hmm, same answer as his mother , god rest her soul )

    1. Alfie!
      Just keep talking. Our children are listening even when they don’t appear to hear us… Their awakening can be a very slow process. Take heart. Do not give up. Remember that God does not give up on us… We should endeavor to parent our children as God parents us. Do not give up.

      1. Tiny homes are a worthwhile exploration, Once a Marine. This is a very good suggestion, and these can be affordably accomplished (on a foundation, or on a trailer). My thinking is that one relatively affordable starter strategy is to place the tiny home on land with the equivalent of RV hook-ups, waste disposal, etc. Keep it simple, affordable, accessible, and functional. I wonder if this could really turn out to help some folks make the leap to their bug-out locations. As with any idea, it probably works better for some and not as well for others! Even so, it’s a great spring board from which to customize solutions that can work.

        1. Many tiny houses are designed to be independent of RV hookups, Telesilla. Onew can go full convenience to off-grid. Check out some of the sites. Great imaginations at work.

          Carry on in grace

          1. I’ve seen that too (you’re right — so many great ideas), but then wondered about the RV hook-up option as a quick-start to a more permanent homestead that might work for anyone trying to make a transition with relative speed.

  16. @ Prickly Cactus….. Amen! Yes, praying every minute that we can….Asking God to not let the mind wander onto anything superfluous — pray without ceasing. I agree that God would spare Sodom and Gomorrah for 10 righteous. Pray that we have the equivalent of 10 righteous left. Pastor David Coverstone’s message is similar — God will move in and among us, no matter what turmoil is sent our way. Pray to be one of the one’s with Christ’s witness. A.E. thank you for this timely article.

  17. Take Heart, AE and All… We are traveling through dark and difficult times, but better days are coming. We’re not there yet, but we’re on the road — and the light will shine on all of us now and again, even in the tougher times — reminding us that goodness remains, and is also part of our shared journey. Most important is that we stay the course — and continue to move forward in all our good endeavors, undeterred.

    Remain steady. It seems likely that conditions will continue — at least for now — to deteriorate. Greg Hunter at USAWatchdog interviewed Kevin Shipp (former CIA officer and counter-terrorism expert) who believes what we are seeing is desperation from the radical leftists who do not have a legitimate candidate to offer in this election cycle. They are doing all they can do drive America into a modern Civil War.

    Michael Anton at The American Mind posted an article titled “The Coming Coup?” This article is also thought provoking, and confirms what many of us have observed recently.

    What we can do, as voters, is deliver an overwhelming victory to President Donald J. Trump. He is standing between all those of us who seek the restoration and recovery of our Constitutional Republic, and those who seek to irrevocably destroy it. I am not naive, nor do I believe Trump can single handedly solve all the problems we face. What I do believe is that he is helping this country to course correct in ways we have not seen since the presidency of Ronald Reagan. In fact, I believe he has accomplished even more — and that’s quite a statement in and of itself. I have seen proof positive of this progress with my own eyes and in my own life — both personally and professionally.

    I would also ask every SB reader to beware of propaganda. Be discerning. Challenge what you are told, and seek real evidence and proof for all arguments. There are many lies, and these are being told and retold — some by those who propagate untruths, and some by those who retell these untruths (often unwittingly or unknowingly). The lies are meant to destroy you — and all the rest of us too. These are neither innocent nor benign.

    From AE’s article: I read tracts claiming all our problems are caused by the elitists or the Globalists who have delusions of being 007 villains. Truthfully, I don’t think they are smart enough to have a viable and far-reaching plan. Make no mistake, they are deadly dangerous, but I think it is more likely a case of people screwing up by the numbers.”

    I would tend to agree with this statement. Real conspiratorial endeavors are rare, and the numbers of people involved a usually small. A conspiracy is, after all, much more difficult to pull off than most people might imagine — to great degree because people tend to act in their own self-interest above all else (an interesting subject for another conversation). This is not to say that there aren’t small numbers of people working in earnest against the interests of the rest of us, but most of the conspiracy theories floating about are impractical and unlikely — even in the most generous or forgiving assessment.

    Don’t get me wrong. The people who foster tyrannical ideology are extremely dangerous. The evidence is irrefutable. They walk among us, and are working in earnest to dismantle what remains of our Constitutional Republic — and all the individual protections that are part of it. I am simply suggesting that while there are some coordinated efforts (including the individuals or small groups who are funding violent rioters), what we are seeing is not a conspiracy with a broad based organized structure. Understanding what “it” truly is, and how “it” actually operates is key to defeating “it” — before “it” defeats and destroys all of us.

    There is a lot to think about and consider, and little time remaining in which to do just that.

    1. We are also looking for dark days ahead. While I no longer “follow faux news”, I do scan their headlines:

      Also, (I think it was mentioned a day or two ago in the comments) but bares repeating:

      Folks, I can’t shake the feeling that the next 4 months are going to be like nothing we have ever seen. Our only saving grace is the True Saving Grace of our Lord!

      Continue to prep, continue to stay alert, but above all, continue to Pray!

      May the Lord be with us all during these wild times!

      1. Lisa in TX!
        You are wise to seek the truth… It’s a shared quest among us at the SB forum. The faux news really does try to conceal it from us, but we will not be deterred in our endeavor to catch up with the facts!

        Definitely agree with you! Unrest is here and I expect we’ll see surges continue through to and beyond election day. The Fox article is a timely reminder of what’s in store for the country.

        Some of this unrest is going to be very dangerous, and may be deadly. There has been a lot of news coverage of the murder of the Trump supporter in Portland, but not everyone may have seen the video linked here. A coordinated group and a plan to kill? A serious investigation of these events by law enforcement is warranted without question.

        Or go to YouTube. Search for this phrase: AARON JAY DANIELSON VICTIM SHOT IN PORTLAND

        The EMP warning is also important, and may be especially so given the warnings of both Gordon Chang and Michael Pillsbury. Both Chang and Pillsbury talk often of the very real dangers of China.

        Here’s an excellent program by Peter Schweizer called “Riding the Dragon” which discusses in detail the Biden’s China connections.

        Remain steady. Be safe. Stay well everyone!

  18. God’s grace is sufficient for us. We must have faith. The things of this world are trivial, we need to remain focused on what is important. We know what the end outcome of this world will be. We must be diligent, and we must do what He put us here for. Jesus told us what was important. 1. Love the Lord with all you are. 2. Love your neighbor as you love yourself. The wicked and the evil will pursue their worldly interests to their doom. We will continue to stand for what is right and each other. Consider what one man was able to do with virtually no possessions save the clothes on his back, and the love of his friends and family. The world beat him down regardless, but in the end he won anyways. He won for all of us.

    When the time comes, heed the call, no matter what the odds against it look like. Be prepared, but mostly in your hearts and minds. In the end, possessions will not make any difference in the outcome.

    If you know what is right, and you pursue it and encourage those who will listen, then we can’t be beat. It is love that unifies. It is time to take a stand.

  19. I always enjoy reading the comments to any of articles. I echo the sentiment of comments referring to spirituality and spiritual strength. My wife and I were discussing yesterday that in the face of all this turmoil, strife, and unrest, we are happy, joyful, and at peace, more so than at any other time in our lives. That is because of the spiritual growth and strength that started years ago and has been solidified recently. Part of that peace has been due to our preparations that began years ago. With all that being said, things are going to get much worse. My circle of friends has grown tired of me saying it, but things will get worse. No matter who wins the election, there will be an increase in unrest. Either Super-Bowl-style celebrations of vandalism and violence, or violence due to anger over the outcome. Be ready. Spiritual readiness and preparation is at least equal in importance to temporal readiness.

    1. Skeptic… I think many readers will relate to this from your post: “My circle of friends has grown tired of me saying it, but things will get worse.”

      I think people have great difficulty accepting the idea that conditions are tough, and are likely to get tougher before they improve again. There will be bright spots, but the terrain in front of us will make for a very rough journey.

      Something that helps in my communications with people who fatigue for the thought of all this is to focus in on the happy nature of preparedness. Preppers are not blind to the dangers and difficulties, but they tend to have joyful spirits even in the face of these — and I believe this is because we confront the tougher news much more directly.

    2. Skeptic, may you and your wife continue in joy. Even in the face of pain, we can be joyful. And, we can follow the Word.

      “Brethren, if a man be overtaken in a fault, ye which are spiritual, restore such an one in the spirit of meekness; considering thyself, lest thou also be tempted.

      Bear ye one another’s burdens, and so fulfil the law of Christ.

      For if a man think himself to be something, when he is nothing, he deceiveth himself.

      But let every man prove his own work, and then shall he have rejoicing in himself alone, and not in another.

      For every man shall bear his own burden.

      Let him that is taught in the word communicate unto him that teacheth in all good things.

      Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

      For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption; but he that soweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting.

      And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.

      As we have therefore opportunity, let us do good unto all men, especially unto them who are of the household of faith.” – Galatians 6:1-10 (KJV)

      So, “let us do good unto all men”, no matter what happens tomorrow or in the next years.

      Carry on in grace

  20. In the middle of the turmoil and troubles upcoming, wouldn’t it be a wonderful time for some foreign actor to start a cyber-attack, whether on the election or the power grid. After all, it doesn’t cost much and is easily deniable. Can’t you just see North Korea or Iran dancing with glee over the extra problems?

    1. Iran just stated and showed with a test that they have the ability to put war heads (nuclear ones ) into space

      And have threatening to do a high altitude emp blast.

      Not to mention that 2 asteroids are closer to earth than the moon…

      — enjoy–

    2. Yes… Hope you’ll get to view Peter Schweizer’s “Riding the Dragon” as there is a reference there to the Chinese theft of US nuclear technology (which relates to EMP and other nuclear weapons) as it was facilitated by the Biden family connections. If Biden is elected, the U.S. will be OWNED by China. Let that sink in for just a bit.

      Peter Schweizer was also the author of Clinton Cash, another damning investigative report.

  21. Telesilla of Argos,
    Read the ‘play book’, it is not hard to understand once you see how true Marxist are to the fundamental goals of Communism. Now I’m not saying that there may be others pulling the strings BUT the current turmoil has been used by the left to destroy The Constitutional Republic and the Capitalist system.

    Dig into the historical basis of Socialism, it’s all there in black and white.

  22. I agree with most of what you’re saying, BUT recall that most prior major revolutionary upheavals (Russian, China, Cambodia, etc) have involved massive LAND CONFISCATION and related FARM CROP CONFISCATION to feed the golden horde. Also, the horde knows where food is grown. Thus there are dangers, depending upon where one is now, to bugging out to a rural area where food is grown or can be grown. I think that is often overlooked. O/w your thoughts are on target and useful.

  23. Many of us knew this day would come. Some folks hoped they wouldn’t be here to see it but I feel the opposite. I want to assist America for the sake of my children and grandchildren. I owe a debt of gratitude to this country.

    Both my maternal and paternal grandparents were immigrants and they constantly drummed into our heads how wonderful it was to live in the United States of America.

    I had four Uncles fight in World War Two (Germany and France) and my beloved Father-in-Law fought at D-Day. (One Uncle was a paratrooper at D-Day.)

    We owe it to ourselves and forbearers to carry on.

    I hate to think that the sick perpetrators pushing this horrendous agenda will be able to sit back in comfort and manipulate others to carry out their deeds. The solution will be to take the misery they process and deliver it to their doorstep.

  24. I was born in 1952 (on Easter Sunday, no less!) and thus share many of the thoughts expressed herein. Thanks to all of you who have expressed what is in in my heart. Your ability to put it into writing, often exceeds my poor efforts.

    @ vincent s pensak: I agree that our childhood years may have been the pinnacle of America’s greatness, spiritually and otherwise. And while I am grateful for that, there also are times that I grieve that it is probably true.

  25. I’m a latecomer to prepping. Our focus now is on building a solid food and water supply. We live in the suburbs and are preparing to exit (more in a later article) if necessary. I say if necessary because it may not.

    As far as the military goes, think in terms of a 40 year career. Bush and Obama had time (over 16 years) to pick the Generals and Admirals, many will follow orders. Remember, in the 1930s, both those Heroes, Patton and MacArthur were involved in leading American troops in pushing the Bonus Army out of Washington. They followed orders and believe me the Army senior leaders who are nothing compared to them will also follow orders.

    Mankind had always been in turmoil, it’s our turn. I believe we will have turmoil, financial failure (the dollar will become worthless).

    Unfortunately I’m a late prepper but we are going as fast as we can.

    You are all looking at the end of the American Empire, we are no more important than Empires of yesteryear.

    1. Francis,

      Late or not, at least you are putting forth the effort to ensure that you and your family will have something! Everyone starts somewhere and I compliment you on getting started. Every little bit helps!

      Have a Rockin great day

    2. Francis, such perspective: “You are all looking at the end of the American Empire, we are no more important than Empires of yesteryear.”

      Each of us, like people through time, want to think our country is and was the best.

      As I have noted many times here, our country, while being magnificent has committed many atrocities. In the name of patriotism. Disguising the goals of empire.

      We live in a both/and world.

      Carry on in grace

    3. Francis! One step at a time. Always forward. You and your family will remain in the prayers of ours — for every success in your preparedness journey. There are many here at the SB who have ideas to share and help if we can assist along the way.

  26. I was not going to post but when I saw this just down the page I had to post.

    The Editors’ Quote of the Day:
    “Be extremely subtle, even to the point of formlessness. Be extremely mysterious, even to the point of soundlessness. Thereby you can be the director of the opponent’s fate.” – Sun Tzu

    Read it, read it again! Cryptic but much here for dealing with chaos and civil war.

    Matthew 10:15-17 Sheep among Wolves
    15Truly I tell you, it will be more bearable for Sodom and Gomorrah on the day of judgment than for that town. 16Behold, I am sending you out like sheep among wolves; therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves. 17But beware of men; for they will hand you over to their councils and flog you in their synagogues.…

    We sowed the wind with sin and “me first” cultures and now we reap the whirlwind. Indeed we have almost driven God from the public places and given way to lawlessness and “Alternative lifestyles” to be “inclusive”.

    Indeed THEY Will Flog You, DOX you, Cancel You. Because you believe in the Word of God aka the Bible. It’s HATE Speech you know.

    A similar message friends. To bend like the willow BUT be Rooted In the Truth is not shameful.

    Time to ponder WHAT exactly folks KNOW about your preps. Time to decide if your family is willing to DIE IN PLACE over it or a “meek surrender” of a part of what you have and well hidden the rest until later….

    Time to get real to who you REALLY TRUST with your and your families lives.

    As Ecclesiastes 4:12 says Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.

    As the Nazi secret police, the Chinese Red Guard and the Soviet Secret police has shown any large group has weak members or Plants inside waiting to betray you.

    As old Remus used to say “Stay away from crowds” that includes folks that say the right things but for what do you trust them with you and your families lives?

    I am happy with two I trust and knowing WHO in my own family I cannot trust. It is what it is. Family is those that will back you up in bad times.

    Please read the lyrics of Mike and the Mechanics “Silent Running” a lot of wisdom in it.

    And to those that will get offended by hide as needed tactics, look who got 2nd place in the South East Asia War Games (aka Vietnam) they got STOMPED when they stood up “Bravely” it was the sneaky serpent tactics that they won.

    They had no shame at hiding their weapons and acting friendly to the overwhelming Military, until later when it got quiet….

    1. “Be extremely subtle, even to the point of formlessness. Be extremely mysterious, even to the point of soundlessness. Thereby you can be the director of the opponent’s fate.” – Sun Tzu

      A good description of being the gray man or woman. I’ve probably taken it to the extreme, but I feel it’s necessary in these times.

  27. I’m ashamed to admit it, but I never saw this at the bottom of the page:
    A $3/month subscription. That’s only $0.10/day for some of the finest Survival/Prepping content around!

    I’ve purchased JWR’s books and flash drives and tried to use the Amazon links where appropriate, but I never saw this subscription button and I’ve been a reader since the blog’s inception. Shame on me.

    Making a pitch here for the blog, won’t you donate $3 a month today? I’ve noticed web hosting costs have gone up. In fact, I just cancelled several websites I developed as part of my going gray strategy. It’s a small thing to do, but if we all do it, it will greatly help the Rawles family who so graciously moderate our posts and provide great user inspired content.
    Hugs y’all.

  28. nothing is gonna get better at best we can only slow it down a little. For the Lord to return it must get very evil near the end we are seeing that now. the Lord also said it would come like birth pangs to a mother quicker and quicker which is what we are seeing right now. we on top of that should be praying for his return, which means we have to go through the nitty gritty to get there,,.

  29. Now for my thoughts on today’s article. Thank you so much, first off, for sharing how you really feel in this time and place. I think most of us have gone through a roller coaster of emotions that we can’t seem to get off except for short reprieves. I keep myself on a “productivity schedule” so I don’t waste my time stressing and freezing in place – so easy to do.

    I have no idea what the future holds. Part of me is hopeful. Part of me is preparing for a protracted civil war or worse. I’m so thankful and grateful that the Lord put it on my heart to move to the mountains of Idaho, leaving my family behind. Because NOW, I’m the Bugout location and my family members have taken turns visiting. My place gave them all hope that they had a place to flee to if needed. I felt silly spending the kind of money I did on food and supplies, getting a wood burning stove installed, stocking up on the firewood, etc., prepping for TEOTWAWKI. NOW, I am so grateful I followed my heart. If none of this is needed, then praise the Lord! But, if it is, then Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition.

    I think in the end, the most important thing is to know Jesus Christ and accept His salvation, because this earth is going to pass away eventually. May God be with us all.

  30. Hi A.E., interesting comments. IMO you are being way too optimistic.

    All the old guard are on their knees praying while all the revolutionaries are on their feet acting. They’re going to win, no question about it. The largely European Christian people who settled this country, who were in the majority for a couple of centuries, have sold their birthright for a mess of pottage and they’re never going to get it back. My last grandchild was born a minority, white babies are less than 50% of the births in this country. That says it all. We’ve brought this all upon ourselves.

    I’ll spare everyone the other 1,500 words of my rant, you’ve heard it all before.

    Prepare for the worst. There’s no turning back and things will never be the same again, and absolutely no return to “the good old days.” IMO anyone who thinks it’s possible is delusional. It’s never been done in the history of Mankind and I don’t think we’re going to be the first ones to pull it off.

    Once upon a time there was a tavern
    Where we used to raise a glass or two
    Remember how we laughed away the hours
    And dreamed of all the great things we would do

    Those were the days my friend
    We thought they’d never end
    We’d sing and dance forever and a day
    We’d live the life we choose
    We’d fight and never lose
    For we were young and sure to have our way.

    1. You are correct. What voting the right way does is to buy us some extra time. If the bad guys are unable to swing the election their way, their confusion and regrouping is what will give us the extra time we all need. That being said, after the leftists regroup, our President is probably a dead man. Pence is on the chopping block as well. A true coup d’etat.

  31. Hmm… “defund the police”… Perhaps not idiotic. The cops here in NJ have become very militarized. They pose for publicity photos with M4’s and body armor. One showed up at my front door in full battle rattle at 2 AM. A little scary. Any they average over $90K annual salary, more than my wife and I combined. Hmmm.. Plus they get a great pension and health insurance for life in retirement. And my property taxes are triple what they were when I bought the place. Most of that for the schools but just saying… I write this as a father of two sons who wear a gun and a badge to work every day. Time to bug out of this mess.

  32. Michael,
    I take exception to your statement, “They got stomped”. I have a saying, “Warriors don’t loose wars, politicians do!” Militarily there is no question we could have ‘won’ in Viet Nam. The Communist, ‘played us’ just as we are being ‘played’ now. The TET offensive was a decisive defeat for the VC and NVA but they were not seeking a true military victory. They were using PSYOPS (psychological warfare). They got to the hippy population back home and broke our will to ‘support’ our fighting warriors in the field. It was our politicians that caved in, not our fighting men on the ground. I have more respect for the VC trying to kill me than the politicians back home.

    Viet Nam Veteran Da Nang 1968

    1. eam not to be rude but WHO WON? Maybe perhaps you should have read the message more carefully. When the VC tried to go toe to toe to the US Military THEY GOT STOMPED. Look at the Tet offensive as a big PR event but a pyrrhic victory at best for them.

      Same playbook will grant Americans who resist the coming darkness of Socialist-Democrat-Deep State takeover. First you evade and survive. Then you subvert those that support BUT are troubled by the New Bosses as bad as the old bosses. Then you shrink their Green Zones of “Safety”.

      The American revolution took 7 years of hardship. Many risked and LOST their Lives, their families, their homes but hopefully kept their sacred honor. Even George Washington as a respected British Citizen had to sponsor social tea events at his Home for the British Governors even while writing those “Letters of Correspondence” and sending trusted men to deliver them to other future rebellion’s leaders.

      After reading my original post I can see where you might have thought the US got stomped BUT Maybe the sneaky hide your weapons successes MIGHT have clued you in that the VC got stomped in open warfare?

      I’m a retired soldier-medic not a writer.

  33. All these things being considered and said, here is the test for myself that I use:

    “Lo, though He slay me, yet will trust in Him, and I will reprove my ways in His sight.” Job 13:15

    My final shipment of ammo arrived today. Now if I only had a functioning greenhouse, chicken coop, and rabbitry.

    God Bless you all, and may you support your conservative candidates. Give them funds to fight for you.

    1. Good to see you, Wheatley Fisher, in the conversation! Hope you are doing well, and that all the news for your family is also the best. Look forward to news of your campaign successes at every level — know you must be working very hard!

  34. Michael, so sorry, you’re not being rude, you just caught me in an error. I misread! We are on the same page. Thanks so much, medics, corpsmen, doctors, nurses, love them all.

    You do have a grasp of what is taking place, you have done your homework, good boy, you get an A…..(:

  35. To vote for the least of evils is important, for a possible ally, or for a little more time.

    Material prepping for the family, even taking on significant hardship to position in a safer location is more than desirable, I’d say obligatory.

    And equally vital is the spiritual element. But everyone here knows He gave us hands as well as hearts and souls…and He expects us to use them.

    I have said this here before. We must not give up on saving the civilization we built on God’s Law with such toil and blood. We must not acquiesce in the slow death of hiding in the woods while our preps are slowly consumed and the New Order methodically mops up the scattered, drying droplets of freedom.

    There is a plan and organization that even now may pull us back from the brink; if it is too late for that, it will be a network and structure for restoring the Republic rather than praying for it to re-evolve after another thousand years of bloody devil-worship and feudalism.

    Tactical Civics. Look us up. Worth your time..maybe your life.

  36. Another piece of some good news, and an article well worth reading…

    From the report:
    “One of the reasons that the globalist New World Order hates President Donald Trump so much is because he continues to fight the brainwashing of American children by waging war against the “un-American interpretations of history.” His Sunday morning tweet this week noted that the “US Department of Education would investigate whether California schools are using the New York Times’ ‘1619 Project’ in public school curriculum.” if so, they better knock it off now.”

  37. ToA,

    I saw a post from a California father where his daughter was being taught BLM straight on the school computer, 4 days straight. I don’t do social media, to much to do otherwise. But this man was begging for assistance from any conservative political leader, including the President. Scott Baio had a post on YouTube from the conservative perspective. I read the articles here, but I want the comments too, I learn from them. YouTube, I paid attention to the comments over Baio’s video. A lot of conservatives and people professing to leave the Democrat party.

    My preps aren’t where they should be and trying to convince others is not easy. Some are slowly hearing, but that slowness may cost a life. I do as much as I can and pray for the Lord to watch over me and mine the rest of the way.

    May we all pray for the lost in this country and witness when and where we are lead.

    In Christ,

    1. Susan Riddle! Thank you for sharing the story of the father who was crying out for help on behalf of his daughter. Even as I know this sort of thing is ongoing, it breaks my heart every time I hear about another example. My prayers continue in earnest, and I am working alongside everyone committed to the cause of recovering and restoring our Constitutional Republic — and that includes, importantly, how we are educating our kids and with what information. My own kids are adults, and long since beyond this part of their lives, but I remember struggles in those years — and know that conditions have gotten so much worse. Eventually our kids were removed from public school and homeschooled with outstanding results, although I know this is not necessarily an option for all families.

      Thank you also for sharing the news of your own preparedness journey — and it really is a journey so much more than it is a destination. We’re all traveling the path, walking it together. Take heart in knowing that you are surrounded by a community of generous teachers and guides who have a wealth of information and a great willingness to help in any ways possible.

      You are right. Some people are slow to awaken, and others never will. Lives will be lost. For those of us who value life so profoundly, this is just about the hardest thing ever to accept. Just knowing this is gut-wrenching really. The best we can do is to continue to try to bring others to awareness while we advance our own preparedness efforts. Every step forward is a step forward.

      Your thoughts are appreciated very much — thank you again for sharing these with me — and with all of us who gather at the SB. Our editors, JWR and Avalanche Lily, have created and continue to provide a most outstanding forum.

  38. The book the 4th turning by Howe and Strauss may offer some insight, 80 year cycles of history, history may not repeat but rhymes. We are half way through this and it will peak between 2021 and 2023. These turnings always end in war and economic problems. There is a national general feeling of uneasiness, 12.5 million background checks for gun purchases ammo in short supply, canning supplies cleaned out here. Yes people who are awoke can see the storm clouds coming. Have your medications stock piled. Pray and Hope and prepare, do the best you can do and place the rest in God’s hands.

  39. Focus on what you can control.

    OPSEC, back up plans, cash, medicine, water filtration, food, guns/ammo, light, heat, power, comms, heirloom seeds, medical supplies, etc.

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