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This weekly column features news stories and event announcements from around the American Redoubt region. (Idaho, Montana, eastern Oregon, eastern Washington, and Wyoming.) Much of the region is also more commonly known as The Inland Northwest. We also mention companies of interest to preppers and survivalists that are located in the American Redoubt region. Today, we focus on a problem cougar.  (See the Idaho section.)


Cougar killed by wildlife officials after being spotted twice near Priest River Junior High School

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US gives first-ever OK for small commercial nuclear reactor. The article’s opening paragraphs:

“The U.S. for the first time has approved a design for a small commercial nuclear reactor.

A Utah energy cooperative wants to build 12 of them in Idaho.

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission on Friday approved Portland-based NuScale Power’s application for the small modular reactor Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems plans to build at a U.S. Department of Energy site in eastern Idaho.”

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Man gets prison sentence after attacking woman


Montana Senate Race Could Decide The Second Amendment

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From a Bozeman newspaper: As Montana farmers and ranchers age, young people face challenges entering the industry

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Investors planning $20M film, television studio for major productions in Missoula

Eastern Oregon

Consumer Cellular opens up 150 jobs in Redmond

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No Vacancy: Local campsites full for summer’s last hurrah – and beyond

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Permit process changes for matsutake mushroom collectors. Here is a quote:

“The commercial harvest of matsutake mushrooms in much of Central Oregon this year will no longer require a paid permit. Foragers will instead need an authorization letter from the national forest where they plan to collect the mushrooms.

The authorization letter, which allows collection, transport, and sale of the mushrooms, carries no charge. Letters from the Deschutes, Fremont-Winema, and Willamette national forests will be available from Tuesday until Nov. 8, according to a news release from the U.S. Forest Service.

The temporary change to the permitting process is due to COVID-19, as the Forest Service seeks ways to maximize social-distancing measures.”

Eastern Washington

Spokane Mayor Woodward Questions Governor Inslee’s Washington Economy Claim. A snippet:

“Spokane Mayor Nadine Woodword is questioning Washington Governor Jay Inslee’s claim about the state’s strong economy due to a high minimum wage.

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Lawsuit says Spokane County juvenile detention staff broke handcuffed teen’s leg

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Hackers attempted to ‘Zoom bomb’ Pullman School District classes at least 5 times


Drought: USDA designates 6 counties as Primary Natural Disaster Areas including Washakie, Big Horn, Hot Springs

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Lander: A Microcosm Of Wyoming’s Growing Pains. Here is a pericope:

“Hundreds of citizens in this western town have risen up in protest because they believe their leaders have chosen the wrong path regulating growth.

Like so many cities and towns across Wyoming, Lander residents are choosing up sides when it comes to zoning changes proposed for their communities.

The city’s newest plans would allow smaller dwellings and more people packed onto the same amount of space than the rules currently in place.

City officials all over the Cowboy State are struggling with efforts to balance the need for affordable housing against protecting the highly-prized unique attributes of their individual communities.

In a nutshell, the Lander plan would involve allowing many new types of housing in different zones of the city, which opponents believe would clog parking and reduce property values.”

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Wyoming Weather: Get Ready For Snow

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K2 News reports: Off Duty Cheyenne Cop, Airman Detain Groping Suspect

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  1. re:
    mountain lion skulking around a Joe Biden ‘gun free zone’

    Reason Number 54,651 to home-school.


    I believe, in my deepest heart, any of the armed students are qualified to dispatch a quarrelsome mountain lion.
    In my day, this would be a ‘field’ trip for extra credit.

  2. On the Utah energy coop wanting to build nuclear reactors in Idaho: If it’s so important why not build them in Utah? The article does not make it clear where the power is to be distributed. If one of these 12 units go bad Idaho gets polluted not Utah. Sounds like a bad idea for Idaho. Just my 2¢.

    1. I agree, why are they looking to build in Idaho? It states eastern Idaho no actual location. I say build in Utah or Oregon since it is a Portland based company.

  3. RE: Lander’s “growing pains”
    There are more than a few things going on in Lander that the city council chooses to ignore by not looking beneath the surface. One is that we have two extremely different levels of education and income. There is a huge government presence in the employment market (city, county, state and federal) that adversely affects wages. If a person has a government job they are well-paid with generous benefit packages, if not, the wages are pitiful. Private employers seem to collude to keep wages down, and skilled professionals, whether they are concrete workers or nurses, rarely are paid at national market rates. People come to Lander for the outdoor recreational opportunities and wholesome environment to raise a family but they find that they sacrifice financial security to do so – and move away. A certain major employer is basically hostile to its own employees, another is hard-core leftist. The city appears to discourage chain restaurants, except for a few well-known chains, in order to encourage unique local establishments. It sounds good, except that the price of the predominantly shoddy 100+ year old real estate is far beyond what any local entrepreneur can afford to pay for mostly seasonal customers. Which brings up a final issue: it appears that there is collusion between real estate agents, the city tax assessor and lending institutions to pitch Lander as a “mini-Jackson Hole”. It is definitely not. Jackson has many options just outside of town to enjoy Wyoming’s natural beauty, Lander has a single access road into the Winds, anything else requires a significant drive.
    Prices are high, quality is low, young people can’t survive financially without a college degree and a government job. Many local kids move away for college and never return to live here.
    We all know the result of government-supported “affordable housing”, it always degrades the local area, and a city only a mile wide does not have room to get away from the subsequent blight. I see this move by the city council as a backdoor way to implement the socialist policies detailed in Agenda 2030, despite their public proclamations to support independence from global population relocation initiatives.

  4. A final note on parking in Lander. There is NONE aside from a single lane along Main Street. It’s just plain dangerous. This has been not-addressed by the city many times in the past. A “slight increase” in people parking off Main in the residential neighborhoods can’t happen because most homeowners have to park in front of their homes on the street regularly. The city has repeatedly been stymied by the cost of converting available lots to public parking, we can’t even manage to have the roads plowed in a timely manner after a snowstorm or to repair water and sewer infrastructure so it doesn’t freeze every January. Where does the tax revenue actually go?

  5. Hello SB Family and Friends,
    Oregon needs some prayers. One of the most pristine wilderness areas in Western Oregon is burning. The McKenzie River watershed, from the East side of Springfield up river 40 odd miles has been destroyed by a fast moving wildfire called the Holiday Farm Fire. We have already lost around 100 homes near Blue River, and stand to lose many more tonight- without a doubt there have been lives lost as even firefighters and emergency workers became trapped earlier today trying to evacuate those who were taken by surprise. This fire is driving to the West and is now turning to the North along the Mohawk Valley. Hundred if not thousands of homes are at risk tonight as this blaze continues to roll. Coincidentally (?)S, many other fires have popped up in nearly every area around the outskirts of Eugene (Hello Large Marge, I hope your are safe to my West). Our utility service providers are trying to shut down some substations at night to minimize the chance of additional fires due to downed lines. We are not winning this battle as of tonight. I am now home for a few hours, and back out to it tomorrow early morning to do my part to keep folks safe in our surrounding communities. If you have a moment, please pray. If you don’t have a moment, pray anyway.
    Thanks everyone.

  6. With regard to the article about the Montana senate race:
    Bullock is notoriously anti-gun. I get his advertisements in the mail all of the time. Guess what every advertisement has on it: Bullock with a gun. It is outright lying. Tester (our anti gun senator rated D by the NRA) did the same thing in the last election and won. Every pamphlet has him with a gun on it. Look up the real deal people! Their election propaganda is false.

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