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Here is SurvivalBlog’s News From The American Redoubt. This weekly column features news stories and event announcements from around the American Redoubt region. We also mention companies of interest to preppers that are located in the region. We’ve written a lot about holsters in SurvivalBlog, over the years.  But today, I’d like to mention makers of holsters and scabbards in the American Redoubt.


Reader Bart S. sent us a link to a piece in the New York Times: A Lighter Matthew Barney Goes Back to School, and Back Home. “The artist dances with wolves, and hunters, in his new film ‘Redoubt,’ shot in his native Idaho. It’s the most emancipated work of his career.” JWR’s Comments: It seems that the American Redoubt movement now qualifies as “iconic”, in even the hoity-toity world of art and dance films. It is noteworthy that the film-maker convinced competitive high power shooter Anette Wachter (aka “30CalGal“) to act in the film.

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Tedder Industries is several pistol holster and pistol belt companies in one.  They operate the very popular Alien Gear Holsters, Old Faithful Holsters, and Bigfoot Gun Belts. I wear a steel core Bigfoot gun belt several days a week. I highly recommend them. Tedder is located in Post Falls, Idaho.

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Here is a gent who deserves a repeat mention:  There is custom leatherworker from Bayview, Idaho who does excellent work at very reasonable prices. His name is Clay Ensley. Along with his wife Shelley, he operates C&S Saddlery. Clay has 30 years of experience as a commercial leatherworker. In addition to custom-order saddles, his main line is traditional Old West style revolver holsters, gun belts, chinks, and cuffs. He also makes tooled smart phone cases, semi-auto pistol holsters, and pistol magazine pouches. For instance, he makes a nifty 3-magazine Glock 21 magazine pouch that is about the same size as the Classic Milt Sparks Six Pack.

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How this local woman ended up on the dollar gold coin. Here is a snippet:

“Teton is a Fort Hall native and is featured on the US Sacagawea dollar gold coin. She is the only living person to currently appear on a United States coin.”


Talon Retention is an up-and-coming Kydex holster maker, located in Kalispell, Montana.

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Another gent who is worthy of a second blog mention: Montana Holster.

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Oh, and another repeat mention:  Dale Fricke Holsters. You may remember that I mentioned that they make the Zaccheaus–“the wee little holster.” I consider these a must  for safe carry of Glocks, most SIGs in the P2XX and P320 series, and other pistols that lack an external safety lever. They are great for minimalist conceeaed carry in a coat pocket, Mexican Carry, or even for a pistol that you simply keep in a vehicle glove compartment.

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Lynx ruling delays new timber projects on the Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest

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One of Montana’s best custom knifemakers: Todd Orr (Skyblade Knives)

Eastern Oregon

Windhill Holsters in LaGrande, Oregon makes top quality Kydex holsters is a huge variety of colors.

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Eastern Oregon Leather is well-known for their shoulder holsters and slings, but more folks have heard of their leather pants.They are located in the little town of Imbler, Oregon–a bit north of LaGrande.

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US plans to lift protections for gray wolves


Eastern Washington

Gunfighters Inc. has a reputation for making  some of the very best Kydex holsters. They specialize in a chest holster that is great or backpacking.They are located in Leavenworth Washingtpn, at the western edge of the Redoubt.

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Are you looking for a basic, fairly inexpensive leather holster? Then check out Barbed Wire Leather Company, in Spokane.


Ringler Custom Leather is located in Powell, Wyoming. They make all sorts of holsters and slings. They recently added a Marlin Leather package to their line, specifically for the owners of Marlin .45-70 lever actions.

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Wylie Leather makes some great holsters, and they market them through Etsy.


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  1. I am glad to see the variety of leather workers in the Redoubt. Having worked with a team of draft mules in logging and various farming endeavors, perhaps the SurvivalBlog’s News from The American Redoubt should do an article on tack producers in the Redoubt, not to mention suppliers of draft horses and mules. There is a time coming when these amazing forms of God’s creative technology will be in much demand, especially for producing lumber and food on a small farm scale.

  2. My Alien IWB holster is my EDC. I really like it after 2 years use.

    Their Cloak Slide hybrid is comfortable but poor design on the back side makes it very hard to holster.

  3. I’d like to see more articles on the other American redoubt regions. That would be the Appalachians, particularly that area around Eastern Tennessee, Eastern Kentucky, Southwest Virginia, and the mountain region of Western North Carolina, possibly also Southern West Virginia. The other area would be Northern Michigan, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and maybe Northern Wisconsin and also maybe Northern Minnesota, that is if you can handle the COLD. I really can’t think of other areas that would qualify. Some of your other readers may have additions to the list.

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