Phase Three of the Internet Censorship War

Back in October of 2017, I wrote this article: Internet Censorship is Now Rampant — It is High Time to Bookmark Your Alternatives.  That was back in what I now refer to as Phase One of the Internet censorship war. I didn’t know it then, but that was back when the censorship campaign was still fairly mild and relatively subtle. Then, in early August of 2018, Alex Jones was systematically banned by more than 10 social media services and sites. Eventually, even Twitter jumped on the “Ban Alex” Band Wagon. When the Alex Jones mass banning was reported in the mainstream press, they made it sound like it was an independent decision made by Apple, and that the various social media then merely followed suit. But I suspect there was a meeting of many of those corporate leaders that took place in advance. (That meeting was probably in cyberspace, but it might have looked a lot like this one.)

In my estimation, the blacklisting of Alex Jones was just a trial balloon. Once they saw that Jones was banned without too much of a fuss, it was the turning point. Thus began Phase Two: Overt Censorship. As Phase Two got underway, at least 10 other outspoken conservatives were similarly given “strikes”, or blacklisted, or outright banned. They included:  Kris Paronto, Laura Loomer, Jesse Kelly, Candace Owens, actor James Woods, Gavin McInnes, Libertarian comedian Owen Benjamin, and street artist “Sabo”. Even left-wing feminist Meghan Murphy was banned, ostensibly for the quasi-conservative “crime” of “misgendering”. Meanwhile, in the United Kingdom, the same has been done to Paul Joseph Watson, Carl Benjamin (aka Sargon of Akkad), Milo Yiannopoulos, Tommy Robinson (aka Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon), and several others. These censorship campaigns became so overt that a partial list of Twitter bans was documented at the ultra-leftist Wikipedia. Despite repeated attempts, the cabals couldn’t make that wiki page go away.

In Recent News

Most recently, we read: Facebook Now Automatically Blocks articles.  But then, just two days later: Facebook Reverses Zero Hedge Ban, Says It Made A “Mistake”.  Hmmm… A mistake? I think that Facebook just got called out for censoring a little too hard, and a little too fast.  Also in March of 2019, the left is again attempting to blacklist Tucker Carlson. (This smear campaign began in late 2018.) And following the recent massacre at a mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand. The Dissenter web page commenting plug-in has been banned in New Zealand. And just in the past few days: Twitter Bans User For Laughing At Rachel Maddow’s Tears Of Despair Over Mueller Report.

I’ll venture to make a prediction: As we get closer to November of 2020, the Internet’s censorious overlords will become less apologetic. Feeling secure in their near-monopolistic ivory towers, the Tech Left will redouble their campaign to silence dissenters. They will attempt to blacklist not just “fringe” journalists, but move up the chain to attack more mainstream reporters who hold conservative views. Tucker Carlson was just one of their first targets.

It has also been reported that Internet payments giant PayPal has become an overt censor. Take a few minutes to read this: PayPal’s corporate censorship. Also in the past year, JPMorgan Chasebank began closing accounts of gun makers and sellers, as well as a few outspoken conservatives. A similar anti-gun strategy is reportedly in operation at CitiBank. And at least a half dozen banks have cut any ties to the National Rife Association (NRA).  And even the nominally “neutral” Patreon has taken sides and cancelled the account of Sargon of Akkad for something he said at a third party site.

And of course we’ve already documented the insidious censorship that now infests YouTube.

Censorship is the New Normal

Outright censorship of the Internet–particularly in the social media sphere, in Wikipedia, and on YouTube–has become the new normal. That is an irrefutable fact. I believe that this is all part of a calculated, coordinated, and comprehensive plan by tech moguls, in coordination with mass media executives. The tech platforms are using Artificial Intelligence and carefully crafted algorithms for censorship. It is now clear that their intent is to systematically discredit, de-monetize, de-rank, disrupt, de-platform, demonize, and delete content from anyone with views that don’t match their own.

Who are their targets? Here is just a sampling:

  • Christians
  • Conservatives
  • Libertarians
  • Gun Ownership Advocates
  • Police Accountability Advocates
  • Privacy Advocates
  • Anti-Globalists
  • Anti-Statists
  • Constitutionalists
  • Investigative Reporters
  • Wikileakers
  • Anti-Immigration Advocates
  • Traditionalists
  • Anti-Vaccination Advocates
Coming Soon: Phase Three

I fully expect the Internet censorship campaign to go into high gear in the run-up to the 2020 U.S. Presidential election. That will likely be the beginning of Phase Three, or what should be called: “By Whatever Means Necessary” Censorship. I predict that in this phase, the leftist cabals will use every conceivable arrow in their quivers, to include (but not limited to):

    • Even more overt censorship/banning/blacklisting
    • Even more overt de-platforming and demonetizing
    • Doxxing
    • Orchestrated street protests
    • A tidal wave of lawsuits
    • SWATing. (Beware: This can get ugly.)
    • Contrived congressional committee investigations, with umpteen subpoenas
    • Malicious Red Flag/ERPO Reports — “Red Flagging” of gun owners
    • Banks and credit card processors cancelling accounts
    • Cyber Attacks (DDOS attacks, viruses, worms, and Trojan horses)
    • Litigation at various court levels
    • Faked, spoofed, or over-reported “Hate Crimes”
    • Various contrivances and provocations
    • Faked or skewed polls
    • Denigration of independent media and citizen journalists
    • Planned public humiliation incidents
    • Studio buildings occupied by various protestors and “student activists”

All in all, these tactics will make life a living hell for their political opponents.

And Phase Four?

And what if the Democrats eventually gain control of the White House and both the U.S. House and Senate? At that point we may witness Phase Four, or Scorched Earth Censorship. Thankfully, we are not there, yet. But I can foresee that this could include:

  • Planting fake evidence of crimes on cell phones and computers
  • Arson or other physical attacks on servers or studio buildings.
  • Summary seizure of smartphones and their contents, without a court order
  • Murders made to look like natural causes (the Andrew Breibart treatment)
  • Murders made to look like street crimes (the Seth Rich treatment)
  • Murders made to look like suicides (the Vince Foster treatment)
  • Murders made to look like traffic accidents (the Oswaldo Payá treatment)
  • False flag mass shootings, terrorism, or other attacks
  • Rendition (extradition) of outspoken Americans for prosecution overseas for “hate crimes”
  • Rendition (extradition) of outspoken expatriate Americans back to the U.S.
  • Outspoken critics being labelled “mentally ill’, and confined to mental institutions.
  • A Chinese-style personal Social Credit Score system
  • Selective prosecution and incarceration of political opponents.

Beware, folks! Mainstream social media is now doing their best to twist reality. So please seek alternatives like FreeZoxeeFriends, Dissenter, and

Do not expect support for righteous people to come from the Republican Party. It has been co-opted by the RINOs. And there are now just a handful of conservatives left in the Democrat Party. Pray for good government.

Bloggers in Their Crosshairs

I can foresee that bloggers video bloggers (vloggers) will be at particular risk. We are small, vulnerable targets. I say “vulnerable” because we don’t have deep pockets. Nor do we have attorneys on annual retainers, like the big media. Even independent blog sites–with independent domain names, some proprietary posting tools, and dedicated offshore servers–are at risk of censorship. My fellow bloggers have already suffered numerous DDOS attacks, manipulated Google ranking algorithms, and shadow banning. It is safe to assume that as the Tech Left’s censorship war continues to escalate, a cut-off of funding via PayPal and/or Amazon Associates account may be next. Pray hard.

Oh, and get a VPN service. – JWR

Note:  Permission to re-post this article is granted, but only if it is re-posted in full, with all links intact.


  1. And also beware that a short voice sample coupled with computer generated images can fabricate a very convincing video of anyone doing something illegal.

    1. Firstly I would like to thank Mr Rawles , on all the pertinent info he has shared with us ( also to mention love all of the books , and unfortunately i made numerous notes and quotes for my benefit on pages ) secondly in regards to the Phase 4 outlook , I would mention right now in my country Canada , the total thought process of China and the social credit score I believe is already taken place here in the shape of the refusaL of all CANOLA OIL sales …… it almost has a wee bit of a shadow of one of his books … and what is missing is the UN involvement first ….. times are changing are they not ? thank you sir ,

      from a Canadian who’s eyes you have opened

  2. here in the leftist dominated sewer of aus, our major telco “telstra” has blocked access to such dangerous sites as probably for the good of the children and the chronically stupid. I havent bothered to look for what else may be blocked, but theres bound to be other sites. access is still available on other networks or with vpn’s.

  3. Mr. Rawles,

    Thank you for another excellent treatise covering the current situation. I hope all Sblog readers absorb this thoroughly and “brace for heavy seas”. Additionally, your May15, 2018 article “The Mathematics of Counter Tyranny” linked herein is a must read.

  4. At that time many will fall away and will betray one another and hate one another. Many false prophets will arise and will mislead many. Because lawlessness is increased, most people’s love will grow cold. But the one who endures to the end, he will be saved.

  5. I cannot do much, but having lived 7 decades plus, and always been a “maverick”, and LOVE history, I have long seen the writing on the wall! I was so PROUD to vote for Senator Barry Goldwater, and it has been downhill ever since, as the candidates, left and right were NOT up to my standards. At times I voted Libertarian, but knew in my heart it would never work. Alas, someday, as my Dad would say “we will come a cropper”, when it is too late, the FLAME of FREEDOM will live in the hearts and minds of a few Americans. They will have to “fly under the radar” of many of those around them and live in a George Orwell world. However, low the flame flickers, it will survive. Long ago I read all of Ayn Rand and her novel “Anthem” provides hope. Somewhere in nowhere jungle, swamp, mountain hideaway, a few patriots will sit around the fire and tell the TRUTH to their children. Mankind is controlling, BUT also clever and always thinking. In my lifetime I have lived how the Russians fought the Nazis in winter, how the few fought Castro, and on and on. Advanced technology, especially IT is wonderful and can do so much good, but it will be OUR worst enemy, much more so than primitive weapons or guns and bombs. They are now able – almost – to control our thoughts. Perhaps someday people will be wearing aluminum helmets. Who knows. But, as I argued when my Dad when I was age 10 that “someday man will go to the moon”, and he said “never happen”, I was correct. Mankind will always find a way, and RESISTANCE will always find a way. I have to believe that, though I will not be here to see it. All we like minded folks can do is try and educate the youngsters, public education is totally corrupted, and hope that someday, they will see the “light”.

  6. And then there is the outright attitude among elected Socialists (D) as todays published statement by Gael Tarleton ( I hate that last name anyway..see the American Revolution annals), who is chair of the House Finance Committee in the WA state legislature:

    “Wealth continues to concentrate in the hands of fewer and fewer individuals who pay less and less into critical public investments as a proportion of their accumulated wealth”, she said.

    “This wealth is not generating the revenue we need to serve the interests and needs of 7 1/2 million Washingtonians.”

    The WA House Democrats have a plan to find $1,200,000,000 MORE in additional taxes for their spending plans.

    For things like increasing the spending for our Gov. Jay “I’m the Tax Man” Inslee to increase his personal protection budget to $4,000,000 this year to cover him while he runs for President.

    The forces of slavery grow ever stronger.

    1. That must be the place that the State of Washington is getting the funds to buy back all the bumpstocks at the rate of $150 per each…as I was reading today that they intended to do.

      1. AFAIK the rebells fired on Tarlton after they agreed to a truce and so forfeited any Right of quarter.
        AFAIK of the rules of war in this time, Tarlton had all legal authority to lawfully execute them on the spot for this crime.

  7. Why anyone is on Facebook or Twitter,( the root word Twit), or any other like platforms is pure insanity.

    And if people need these sites to get their news, than stupid has even more depth now.

    I cannot stand FOX except it’s financial shows but many times they are way off target. Mr. Covuto is defending the left to much for me.

    Anyway, if anyone thinks society is going to improve and get its morals back are going to be disappointed.

    The Bible tells us that mankind’s sin will grow and become more evil. And that has happened this year with Democrats have decided babies born after an unsuccessful abortion can be killed. That is pure evil folks

    1. One of the few reasons I’m still on Facebook is that a prayer request can be sent around the world for an emergency in seconds to hundreds to thousands, like I sent last week.

  8. re:
    New Zealand ‘Massacre 2019’

    On FeralIrishman, he and his cohorts dissect the video frame-by-frame, and make a convincing case it was filmed in a studio against a green-screen.

    And poorly.

    Along the quality of ‘1950s giant spiders and zombies’ or the questionable genius of PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE.

    1. When we embrace kook conspiracy theories like this, we delegitimize every other argument we make. A psychopath murdered 50 Muslims at a Mosque in New Zealand. Hundreds upon hundreds of witnesses and onlookers were present. But certain people want to latch on to some “expert” on the internet (a veritable contradiction in terms), to say otherwise because…..?

      1. You’re right. I don’t like crazy conspiracy theories. I watched the videos on that site mostly to prove to myself it was kook conspiracy theories. But, dammit they brass does indeed disappear in midair. And the “deaths” by AR15 look fake. and so much else looked faked. I don’t want to believe kook conspiracy theories and I do not believe for a second that this horrible incident was faked. But something is very wrong with the videos. And why would New Zealand insist that even reading or possessing the nutcase shooters manifesto should get you 10 years in jail??? Why? Are they covering something up? I realize New Zealand is run by far left doofuses but why would they do this, it makes no sense. I don’t know what is wrong with the who story, I don’t want to believe in kook conspiracy theories but the elite and the media are hiding something and it makes no sense.

        1. Yes, and the Las Vegas shooting made no logical sense either. (in fact we still don’t know the motivation) …demonic evil makes no sense to a Christian person , but it exists.

        2. Perhaps the vid wasn´t wellmade or changed by some conspiracy theorists.
          OTOH locking down the vid is the decent Thing to do, because it protects the dignity of the victims

          1. Maybe the video was altered… Well the errors or problems aren’t something easy to alter.

            “locking down the vid is the decent Thing to do” That is never true. If this is a terrible crime it would make more sense to put the video on the 6:00 news. Everyone should be outraged. As for locking down the manifesto that makes even less sense. Except that it doesn’t really implicate the right but in fact shows sympathy to the left and states his real purpose is to force gun control on the West. He succeeded.

            “it protects the dignity of the victims” Indeed, that is why I didn’t want to look at the video even though it was available. I only first looked at the one where there was no deaths but clear problems with the believeability of the video. Then looking at the actual shooting it was surprisingly vanilla, more like a poor quality game video than an actual shooting.

            I do not know what is wrong AND I hope time exposes the truth. I do know that now since I viewed the video I am no longer ignorant of the issues surrounding the suspicion. I admit that I would have been like you and a non-believer in my ignorance prior to viewing the video.

          2. You´re a professional in that Technology, that you can guarantee that?

            Iz is the decent Thing to do, because it protects the dignity of the victims is one message – not two.

            <<Then looking at the actual shooting it was surprisingly vanilla, more like a poor quality game video than an actual shooting.<< It´s a decade or 2 Maybe longer ago a high ranking Police officer in Germany discribed this behaviour as usual for an then modern Amok Shooting, they did it like they were in an Computer game

          3. “You´re a professional in that Technology”

            A classic put down intended to stop any discussion. It is simply not true that only “experts” understand anything or should form opinions. It is true that even children, babies and toddlers can read human expressions and human actions, it is innate in humans to be able to read and understand human interactions and physical actions. You don’t need to be an expert to watch this and say something is wrong. Your choice it to decide from ignorance or watch it and decide from knowledge. I have no problem if you watch it and disagree but it is really odd that you would refuse to watch it and then declare that someone else’s interpretation is wrong.

          4. Excuse me, that wasn´t my Intention.

            I wanted only to know if you could give us a professional judgement that the Errors in the movie are easy to manipulate

          5. Fair enough. I a 75 years old. I have been to every state and many foreign countries, I have a BS and MBA degree. I spent 20 years in the military. I have driven over 2 million miles and about 200,000 of those on a motorcycle. My life and world experience does indeed qualify me to recognize when something is wrong with things that I can see. I do admit that I do not know if the videos I saw were altered by those who placed them online Or if they were altered at all. What I do know is that there are unexplained anomalies in these videos and things that do not agree with the official story.

            Having said that, I am reluctant to buy into conspiracy theories and I do not believe that either the officials or law enforcement in New Zealand are lying about the pertinent facts. But something is not quite right and I think it is a mistake to ignore the tells and signals. I simply want to know the truth regardless of what the truth is.

  9. Regarding “The Mathematics of Counter Tyranny” – I don’t think they plan to use human door kickers. They will use robots, drones, and artificial intelligence (AI) who do as they are told when they are told.

  10. On the up side, in a war where we are battling AI, cybernetics and digital data the weapons will not be million$ of dollars worth of hardware. The soldiers will not be millions of poorly trained young men, just a comparatively few highly skilled programmers and propagandists.

  11. I KNOW very little, I BELIEVE many things, I ASSUME nearly everything! Getting the FACTS and TRUTH takes diligence and hard work. Take a moment and just think, “What do I REALLY KNOW?” How many comments and assumed truths do we just take for granted? There are so many facets and so little time…. I love the comments on this site, so many helpful articles, keep up the good work!

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