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Here are the latest items and commentary on current economics news, market trends, stocks, investing opportunities, and the precious metals markets. We also cover hedges, derivatives, and obscura. And it bears mention that most of these items are from the “tangibles heavy” contrarian perspective of JWR. (SurvivalBlog’s Founder and Senior Editor.) Today’s focus is on classic cars as an investment. (See the Tangibles Investing section.)

Precious Metals:

First off, at Sharps-Pixley: Silver Price Volatility at 2001 Lows as Rally Outpaces Gold, SLV Grows But GLD Shrinks

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Is Silver (SI) on the Verge of a Breakout or Breakdown?


Commodity Corner: Crude oil prices continue to show strength

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This Week in Petroleum: Rising crude oil prices are contributing to higher gasoline prices heading into Memorial Day weekend


Economy & Finance:

US Congress rolls back parts of post-crisis bank rules

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Signs Of The Next Recession


CFTC Issues Guidance for Firms Offering Cryptocurrency Derivatives

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Currency derivative markets signal further weakness for euro


Tangibles Investing (Classic Cars):

I recently attended the annual “Lost on the ’50s” festival in Sandpoint, Idaho. It included a simultaneoustwo-lane vintage car parade that lasted 40 minutes!  It was great seeing those hundreds of great cars and trucks. There was a huge enthusiastic crowd. It reminded me how America’s love affair with classic cars is almost universal. Recently, there has been a slight dip at the high end of the market, and a leveling of prices at the low end. But I still highly recommend investing in pre-1973 classic cars and trucks, if you have any extra garage space. And if you lack garage space, then you might consider buying or better yet building a hard-top Rat Rod of some sort. (With those, fading paint a bit of expanding rust is not detrimental. Rather, it is desirable “genuine patina”.)

It also bears mention that classic cars and trucks are essentially EMP proof. That is, if their traditional points-rotor-condenser ignition system is left “as is.”

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These two classic cars will soar in value over the next decade

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This app allows anyone to invest in classic cars



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  1. I’m having a ’51 Ford F3 pick up restored at the moment. It’s been a long and expensive way. I hope if I ever sell it I can break even!

  2. re:
    “…might consider buying a rat rod…”

    Or consider designing and engineering your concept into reality. This way, you know every part, every fastener… and you can fix it.

    Often with a can-opener or a crusty spoon and a coat-hanger.

  3. Old Tractors
    I only have two. One diesel and one gas. No computers. Gas is a 1951 Farmall.

    I know someone who has restored 19 tractors. Worth a lot more now than when they were new. Value goes up every day.

    You need to have some implements too.

    You can’t grow food with that old muscle car. Ha Ha

    1. Garage door is over nine feet high.
      Wife parks in the garage too. She laughs and says the only thing she can see when see looks out her driver side window is one big tire.

  4. I have this idea that small motors that are started with a pull rope are EMP proof, along with generators that start that way. My generator is pull-start, and has a board where AC power is available as plug in power. Is that panel still vulnerable to EMP/CME problems, or is the system so simple it is not vulnerable?

    1. Sean, the Effects of EMP are not Known with any accuracy.. As there is so little testing…BUT If you GenSet has a point less ignition , that Can Be potentially Damaged, as well as the Rectifying Ckt in an EMP Event. Both Units are able to be purchased as Back ups and stored in Gauss Bags and Boxes.

  5. Cars and trucks from before the mid to late 90’s are virtually EMP proof as the systems aren’t complicated enough to be damaged. Aftermarket upgrade electronic ignitions are a very good upgrade to older breaker type ignitions. 15 year old “chicken” car to double in cost in 10 years?only if we have hyperinflation they were junk when new and got worse. Would really like to build a rat rod but please don’t cut up a good car,find a pile of scrap a build up,rattle can black primer rocks!

  6. Trucks 1979 and older continue to go up in price. I pay pretty close attention to this market and you can still find decent values as some are in good shape but need some cosmetic work. Interestingly the 1990’s box body style Ford pickups are also in demand. Easy to find the F150 and F250 trucks with under 100k miles for $5-$8k in really nice condition (gas engines). Great utility trucks too. Diesel obviously commands a steep premium, about double the price.

  7. My first car was an orange colored 1973 Camaro LT. Dated my first serious love in that car. Was blessed to marry her. Still have both, what a blessing.

  8. I had a ’53 cranbrook for the al-can and used it for 4 years on Kodiak. I couldn’t find window weather stripping, or it’s version of u-joints to keep it in better condition. That was frustrating. Defroster made steam due to a leak in the weatherstripping. Not good with a ocean cliff on my left on my way to work. I sold it to a salvation army guy when I had to move away. So if I did this again it would be with something with a fan base, Ford not Plymouth again (don’t give me any grief I’m an expert on my preference); so there would be some nos or repro parts market.

    The tractor alternative has a lot of merit to my mind, but my property could support mules, and I’d rather log firewood and work soil with mules than a tractor. Heck of a learning curve but they heal and reproduce. Nifty capabilities for when things go sideways.

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