The Next Kristallnacht, by J.J.

Violence perpetrated against conservatives, Republicans, and Trump supporters in recent years have escalated, while simultaneously being played down by the media and opposing political parties. The fact that influential Democrats and news personalities deny the trend serves to appease their leftist base, perhaps even emboldening others. If the course continues to increase, where will it lead? What are the consequences? Has history shown us the answer?


Starting on the night of November 9, 1938 and continuing until the early morning hours of November 10, Jews who lived in Germany suffered the “Night of Broken Glass”, or “Kristallnacht”. Nazis and German residents torched and vandalized Jewish schools, synagogues, and businesses. Streets littered with broken windows gave the night its moniker. This scene was simultaneously the culmination of anti-Semitism in pre-war Germany and the launch point of the Jewish Holocaust.

Not a Spontaneous Situation

Though many are aware of that tragic event and the events that followed, not all are aware of the drawn-out period that led up to it. It was not a spontaneous situation. A slow and gradual buildup of hate instilled in the German people preceded the crisis. This was the ultimate example of the “boiling frog” analogy.

Hitler Only Took Months To Become a Dictator

Once Hitler was sworn in as German Chancellor in 1933, it only took a couple months for him to gain the legal authority to become a dictator. President Paul von Hindenburg was convinced by Hitler and the Nazis to suspend all constitutional guarantees. This enabled the Nazis to freely search any house or person and to seize any weapons found. Due to previous laws after World War I, Germany had very few armed citizens as it was. Weapon licensing and registration provided all the info needed to find and remove firearms.

Boycott of Jewish Businesses

In April of the same year, Hitler called for the boycott of Jewish businesses. Furthermore, he prohibited them from working in government and civil service positions.

In 1935, Jews were no longer allowed in cinemas, theaters, swimming pools, or other public venues. Later that same year, the Nuremberg Race laws were passed. These laws prohibited Jews from marrying or even having sex with anyone who had “German or related blood”.

“Aryanization” of Jewish Businesses

The year 1938 saw the government-led “Aryanization” of Jewish businesses, which meant Jewish employees and managers were fired, and Jewish-owned businesses were sold to non-Jewish Germans at a nominal cost. October of ‘38 saw German passports of Jews marked with the letter J and Polish Jews forced to leave the country.

Nazi Party Took Over Newspapers and Radio

The Nazi party took over newspapers and radio stations almost immediately after Hitler gained power. This enabled the German media to spread the anti-Semitic propaganda as truth, which helped convince many German citizens that the actions against the Jews were necessary and patriotic.

Propaganda and Relentless Accusations Against Jews Catalyst for Violence

After all the propaganda and relentless accusations against the Jews, it only took one catalyst to set-off major violence. In 1938, a Polish Jew living in France was upset after learning his parents had been exiled from Germany. He lashed out and shot a German diplomat in France. Two days later, that man, Ernst vom Rath, died from his wounds. Joseph Goebbels used that assassination to stir up a frenzy of anti-Semitic hatred. This was the incitement needed to start Kristallnacht. Considering that the populace, including the Jewish citizenry, was unarmed, there was little resistance.

Current Climate in U.S. Vilifying Conservative or Republican Ideologies

The current climate in the U.S. seems to be one of vilifying any member of conservative or Republican based ideologies. Starting with media push back against the Tea Party in the initial years of Obama’s presidency to current denigration of NRA members, the ridicule of right-leaning citizens and politicians has become a mainstay on both cable news networks and late-night “comedy” programs.

Democrats Evolved Into Faction That Demands Total Ideological Subjugation

Ironically, liberalism used to represent pushing back against government overreach and protection of nonconformists. Today’s liberals demand toeing their politically correct lines, and attack those who stray “off the plantation”. Considering that Democrats were the primary supporters of slavery, is it any surprise that their party has evolved into a faction that now demands total ideological subjugation?

Independent Bloggers and Journalists Uncover Cooperation Between Government Officials and Media

Modern-day independent bloggers and journalists are starting to uncover alarming cooperation and coordination between “deep state” government officials and national media organizations. Although the First Amendment protects the free media, it does not prohibit that same media from becoming a willing partner when their objectives conform with the ideology of those entrenched in the government. The idea of a free press that holds government officials to account is in direct opposition to what is happening today. Collaboration between the two groups has become more of a threat to our Republic than a government takeover of the media, because it is a motivated and voluntary partnership by a trusted public institution.

Not Much Negative Coverage Against Acts of Terrorists Who Believe What They Hear From Media

When the majority of the media is blatantly biased, is it any wonder that there is not much negative coverage against the acts of both mere hooligans and outright terrorists who wholeheartedly believe what they are hearing from what they consider a supposed objective source. Most notedly, the Antifa movement, whose members hid behind the anonymity of their covered faces, frequently committed violent acts in the name of leftist ideology. There are few instances of condemnation by liberal politicians or the media.

Mere Mockery Actions Now Turning Increasingly Aggressive

It started with mere mockery by using terms like “tea baggers”. The next step was public assaults by Antifa and the shooting of conservative members of Congress. Now it is coordination between media and government to bring down a duly elected president. The evolution (devolution?) of today’s leftist movement is turning increasingly aggressive to those who don’t conform.

Democratic Party and Media Continue to Fail to Denounce Violence

If not exposed and defeated, where will this developing movement of anger and violence against conservatives take us? If the violence continues to occur and increase, will the Democratic party and media continue to fail to denounce it, thereby passively encouraging it? Is there a watershed movement that the left will seize upon to stir up even more hatred, like Goebbels did in 1938, not realizing what consequences may arise?

One Major Difference– Right to Keep and Bear Arms For Citizens

This time there in one major difference. A Constitution that expressly prohibits infringing upon the right to keep and bear arms for citizens. The United States was founded and cultivated by frontiersmen and their firearms. Their descendants used firearms to free us from British tyranny.

Guns are a part of America’s DNA. Some estimates state that there are 300 million firearms owned by 100 million citizens. There is purposefully no registration to show potential tyrants or mobs where those guns are located.

Why the Liberals Continuously Push for Gun Control?

Is this why the liberals continuously push for gun control, gun registration and gun restriction? They villainize and denounce owners of the most effective weapons in the civilian hands, the AR-15 and the AK-47. Instead of blaming mass shooters and their evil intent, leftists instead use the horrible instances to go after an inanimate object that is being misused. Removal of this weapon from the hands of Americans would certainly enable and encourage those who would move to make America a totalitarian state.

Another Kristallnach Attempt Will Be Stopped by Intended Victims Armed to the Teeth

I must offer this warning to my politically-polar opponents: If another Kristallnacht were to ever be tried, this time it will be stopped by the hands of the intended victims, who unlike the Jews of 1930’s Germany are armed to the teeth. Since free men have the ability to defend themselves and their families from persecution, any attempted instance of the “night of broken glass” may instead this time become the “night of the streets littered with unmoving traitors”.

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  1. I’m sorry, but I’m a firm believer in the Nazi Rule (the minute anyone compares their opponent in an argument to Hitler or the Nazis, they have immediately lost the argument). The fact of the matter is we conservatives give as good as we get (and I’m glad, we shouldn’t roll over). We boycott businesses (Yeti, United Airlines, etc). For every invective thrown at us (teabaggers), we throw one back (libtard, snowflake). For every Occupy Wherever there is a Malheur or Bundy Ranch. For every Rachel Maddow there is a Sean Hannity. Again, I am a Christian Conservative, and while I generally hold the Leftist Ideology in contempt, I’m not about to assert that we are innocent Angels oppressed by the Left and their Media Cohorts.

    1. I wrote it. I did not just throw the word “nazi” out there. I gave an in-depth review of the horrible events and compared it to current events.

      Do you really think the media today is NOT as biased to the left as it was after hitler took it over in Germany?

      The point of the story is that we, unlike the German Jews, have the weapons to defend ourselves, and they are (currently) protected by the 2A.

      1. Silkman

        I respect your opinion sir, but maintain that the Nazi Rule certainly applies here. You are stretching credibility here and linking a private organization(s) (leftist protestors and a bias media) to state sponsored organizations that practiced violence, oppression, and genocide. The two are not credibly linked, and to do so is an implicit attempt to appeal to irrational emotions and to unfairly link those who might disagree with you on any level to Nazis.

        I wish to state that I am not attempting to antagonize you or be disrespectful in any way. I know how difficult it can be to write. But I feel the concerns I voice are valid.

        1. Make no mistake, Jason. The media and the government (deep state) are currently working hand in hand against conservatism/Trumpism. (Anti-Trump media blitz, DOJ/FBI “investigations”, IRS scandal, Bundy Standoff, etc)>

          I appreciate what you are saying, but I think you are considering those entities as seperate. Factions in both are uniting them. This spying on a campaign /Hillary email scandal is only whats been exposed. It will get uglier before (if ) it gets better. Just my $.02…

          1. Anonymous

            This is a fair and measured argument that I may not entirely (probably partially, but not entirely) agree with. Your point is made without referring to opposition arguments as Nazism, this making any opponent defend an ad hominem. A fallacy is a fallacy, whether it’s used by the Left or the Right.

    2. Would the ‘Nazi rule’ apply if he had used the word Fascist? He uses the ‘N word’ because of the situation that happened. I fear it will not be just an overnight event, and it will be done ‘legally’ by big Govt, big Biz and Nationalized healthcare.

      1. The Germans weren’t Fascists,the Italians were. This is a invective used incorrectly due to lack of knowledge. See prevous article on failing public schools and Never Stop Learning!

  2. I find it interesting that I’m unable to post this article to my Facebook account even after 7 tries over a two hour period…is Facebook participating in the prohibition of sharing a free speech article on social media. A judge just ruled that President Trump cannot block dissenters on Twitter because it is a social media platform…

    1. Naaaww…haven’t you seen the new TV spot they’ve created?

      Sharing fresh-born puppies, bragging about grandkids, wiping away tears as long lost friends are reunited. Sure, they made some mistakes, and they’re sooo sorry.

      They promise they’re all going to work extra extra hard to bring Facebook back to the wonderful engine of connection and love it was always meant to be.

      “Dude, doant be ah hayterh, okayah?”

    2. That’s why we use Libtard and other names because Christians allow free speech. Libtards do not and operate along the lines of nazism. To our brother in the first comment spot.

  3. Kristallnacht was a test run, a proof of concept. They didn’t know what to expect. They hoped for exactly what they got but they didn’t know if it would evoke an uprising and counter violence. But it was a resounding success, the victims did not resist or fight back. Our Kristallnacht is gun control, and our Nazis are the left/Democrats/liberals/progressives/socialists. Do not make that mistake of allowing them to enjoy a success.

  4. ” There is purposefully no registration to show potential tyrants or mobs where those guns are located.” – Good article. I do think the quoted statement is false though. I think many states DO register the person, the gun, etc. etc….

    Thank you,
    Michael J.

  5. There are very few (if any) photos of the Kristallnacht arson attacks. The photo was just intended to illustrate organized, state-sanctioned arson.

  6. This was so over the top that I’m with Jason on this one. The real problem? The 100 million Americans who didn’t vote in the election. The second problem? The guy who said, maybe “protestors shouldn’t be in the country”…wait, that was the President!

    The British would have certainly agreed with that a couple hundred years ago. And I wouldn’t be sitting here writing this.

    Be careful what you wish for.

  7. One difference is that the minority is trying to control the majority in this case. Not by much anymore but the conservatives still have a slim majority in the general population. And we have most of the guns and most of the experience using them.

  8. Ladywest, the president was referring to the socialist/communist protestors who were saying how much they hate the United States. I agree, if they don’t like it here, they should leave the country.

    The article is well written and doesn’t call the liberals Nazi’s, it merely shows how their tactics resemble those of the Nazi’s. That can’t be denied. Liberals own Facebook, Twitter, the majority of MSM and NPR. It seems to me, the media used to be unbiased but that all changed with President Trump was elected. I used to listen to NPR daily because of their unbiased reporting. During President Trump’s campaign and after his election, the reports became blatantly biased. I even listened to a reporter verbally attacking a Trump supporter. She got

    1. NPR is the most biased radio program on the planet and has been theat way for three decades. Every year there’s 1000 stories on women issues, black issues of color, gay issues and never does a male in human society whom is heterosexual and white ever have an issue what so ever on the face of the planet. They are so blatenly biased Left it is unamerican.

  9. Those that become paralyzed by the mention of Hitler or Nazi’s and declare the argument lost because of that mention, sound a lot like the left who want all speech regulated by them. This stuff is as real as it gets, when it comes to the behavior that is seen. And none of it is about “winning” or “losing” any arguments. If one side, (the left) has no problem lying all the time, and twisting the facts to suit their aims., and the other side, us, is dedicated to nothing but the truth, who do you think will “win” the argument? The left will always win, because they do anything they want, before, during, and after any argument. Try getting it through your heads. You are in a battle of words with an enemy that will lie, cheat, murder and do anything else it takes to win. Stop playing by their rules and on their turf. Don’t engage them with words so much. Be prepared to do a lot more than just talk, and remember that the socialists eventually reach for that AK-47 to force you to agree with them, just before murdering you. The left will never “play fair”, and you need to recognize them as your deadly enemy. Abandon the circular firing squad of dissing everyone who mentions Hitler and Nazi’s. Just because a thing may be tiresome, doesn’t mean it is no longer true.

  10. Ladywest, his comments were not over the top.The article is well written and doesn’t call the liberals Nazi’s, it merely shows how Democrats and leftists are employing Nazism (extreme fascism) to get what they want. That can’t be denied. Democrats have openly supported the destruction of the Constitution. A majority of them are admitted communists/socialists.
    The one thing that will help Americans fight this attack on the constitution is the arms we bear.

  11. Good article. If you don’t realize that every one of your
    Constitutional rights have been and are in the process of being eroded than you have been asleep for the past couple of decades. The problem is not just the left wing democrats but it is independents and republicans too. Case in point the so-called patriot act, talk about irony. That was a republican concoction. Go on youtube and punch in William Binney and listen to this former top level CIA guy who was there in charge of surveillance programs for CIA. They are capturing every bit of meta data all the time on everybody. Yes that means you too. Yes they have Hillary Clintons 32,000 emails on file. You have no constitutional rights anymore and they know you have guns. Good luck in the coming fight, prepare yourself and your family.

  12. Good article. If you think that your constitutional rights have not been and are currently being violated and eroded than you have been asleep for the past couple of decades. the problem is not just democrats. but the problem is republicans and independents too. The so-called patriot act was a Bush II republican era concoction. They are coming after your 2nd amendment rights but you have already lost your privacy, illegal search and seizure, speech, etc etc. If you want an eye opener search William Binney, he was former top level CIA surveillance official. He is all over You Tube.

  13. When it happens here, it’ll rhyme with history, but it won’t be the same thing as the Nazi’s, or Krystalnacht.

    Here’s some quotes to think of:

    “When Fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag.” – Believed to have been stated by Huey Long, but open to conjecture.

    This one WAS attributed to Huey Long:

    “Sure, we’ll have fascism in this country, and we’ll call it anti-fascism.”

    “Every robber or oppressor in history has wrapped himself in a cloak of patriotism or religion, or both. I am not a patriot as defined in the lexicon of the house of Morgan. I’d not murder my fellow men of my own accord, and why should I do it at the behest of the master class?

    – Eugene Debs (One of the original thinkers opposed to U.S. Entry into WW I, and was eventually proven correct, based on the evidence.)

    Trump came into office on a wave of popularity from the forgotten people of the flyover states, and everyone else who didn’t want four more years of Bush/Clinton/Obama. Fatherland (Oops, I mean Homeland) Security is still in place, the heat has still not been taken off of Julian Assange or Edward Snowden. And trump now even wants military parades in D.C., just like other totalitarian regimes were known for in the 20th Century.

    I’m not necessarily saying that Trump is going to be the new Hitler or The Antichrist (When john wrote The Book of Revelations, he wrote of “many antichrists.” Although a lot of scholars believe that he was mainly writing about the Roman Caesar of that time). But there are a lot of precedents, as we watch The Empire crumble with petty infighting, investigations, blaming Russia for everything, etc.

  14. What happened to the Survival blog of ten or even five years ago? This place is becoming hostile. It is a shame my friends, a true shame. Please just stop.

    1. I wasn’t around until fairly recently. What’s changed? On the whole, I’ve found people arguing about ideas, not fighting personal fights; if that’s hostility, I’ll take it!

    2. RF asks: What happened to . . .

      Sometime more is less. The addition of the peanut gallery may draw more clicks here, but also more pests.

      As our society becomes more stratified we forget that Conservative and Liberal are on the same team. USA, USA, USA (1980 Winter Olympics). We have no problem with identifying with the political principles of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party, but can’t follow the teachings of Jesus about the treatment of our fellow man.

      1. Anon, thank you for the Neanderthal translation !

        That we as a country and not fighting strongly against a movement that saw 6,000,000 people die in concentration camps is surprising. That’s without the millions of soldiers who died trying to end it. US soldiers included.

        We have branded a group of folks as militant leftists, or occasionally far leftists and radical leftists. Antifa. . . Anti Fascists. People who are against fascism, “a form of radical authoritarian nationalism, characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition and control of industry and commerce, which came to prominence in early 20th-century Europe”.(1)

        Antifa was “our” side during World War l & ll. We fought against fascism and now we embrace it ?

        (1) Wikipedia

        1. That’s not true. Antifa isn’t fighting fascism they are fascist claiming to fight fascism but in fact fighting freedom and our constitutional rights.

          1. One of the Anon’s,

            So Antifa isn’t fighting Fa, they are actually Fa, going under the name of Antifa, because ?

            I’m an AntiCom, BTW.

  15. Re comment on registration and the Nazi Rule: Michael, sorry to be the bearer of bad news but there is a type of firearms registration everywhere in the United States. Every time a gun is sold [by a licensed dealer] in the United States the identification of the gun and purchaser is recorded; the law requires the seller to retain this information forever, to make it available to Federal agents when they want to see it, and to turn it over to federal agents should the seller be unable to retain the records. I know of only two exceptions to this. The first is when an heir inherits legal firearms at the death of the owner, which could leave a record of ownership change. The second is a “private sale” in which an individual who is not in the business of selling firearms, and is nit a licensed firearms dealer sells his own personal firearms to someone who is a resident of the same state as the seller. Those who oppose citizen ownership of firearms often call this the “gun show loophole”; they are trying to pass laws eliminating such private sales. Private sales are called the Gun Show Loophole because it is said to allow individuals without licenses to sell without requiring purchaser to have a back ground check or a waiting period and they say this happens frequently at gun shows.

    I’m told the Federal law prohibits an electronic record of the information from the required data forms but this is a small comfort. Unfortunately if you can’t break through a wall, and can’t go over it, often you can just go around the wall! There are many opportunities to collect data on who has a firearm. Someone who buys guns, bullets, hunting licenses or books about guns on line or with a credit card (or any electronic funds transfers) or who looks at web pages about gun topics or belongs to organizations of gun owners — they are probably gun owners. It is a connected world with few well kept

    If it looks like a Nazi, and it walks like (or marches like) a Nazi — then there is nothing wrong with calling it a Nazi ! True, a different choice of words might make a more effective argument but if you let the other side determine which words you are allowed to use you have lost before you start!

  16. Two main themes have been raised by the article and by the responses. The first, from the article, involves the likelihood of resistance to Statist takeover by Citizens yet armed, as were not present in sufficient number to effectively resist such takeovers elsewhere.

    In an age when, as Google so famously boasted, they (and therefore the FedGov) “know more about us, than we ourselves know,” it would be hard to believe that the necessary authorities are ignorant of most of the individually owned arms, and their owners. Probably the only truly “hidden” means of resistance, are those owned (and well-hidden) by those who have (a) never registered a firearm, (b) never purchased ammunition, parts, or accoutrements, online, or using a credit card, (c) never opined publicly on any of the electronic means available, including the telephone, and (d) never, since the early ’90s, at least, showed up at any public gathering to protest proposals to confiscate firearms. So, Big Bother (sp. intentional) at least knows who has physical means of effective resistance, if not necessarily where. Such intel puts him approximately on par with the legendary gun-grabbing regimes, except for the somewhat greater magnitude of the putative exercise.

    The second theme from responses, is that the atrocities committed by Hitler, Nazi Germany, and their European allies, were somehow, the all-time peak of possible atrocities, that nothing else could even come close, and that the murders, and starvation committed by other regimes were somehow, either lesser in viciousness, or importance (albeit numerically larger) perhaps, because of the “lower” value of their victims. Hogwash! Deliberate evil is deliberate evil, and cannot be tolerated.

    It’s hard for an “outsider,” an ordinary, everyday garden variety anti-statist, like me, to tell whether this dogma persists because of religious, or political prejudices. But if it manages to derail the natural, and as yet poorly organized, resistance to the worldwide Superstate, now in slow, patient, sporadic, formation for at least the last century, most of us, including the lesser statists themselves, will eventually regret it.

  17. I think that your article spelled it out pretty clearly. The left and the mass media are in this together. Just turn on any network channel and watch the leftists spouting hate and anger at our president. Can you imagine the uproar if the right had tried this with Obama? Yes, there was some, but nothing on the scale that is happening now. And, you are correct, there is no reasoning with any of them. All they want is the complete erasure of our constitution so they can fully implement their socialist goals. Really, free everything! Just give us the power and college will be free, the minimum wage will rise to $15.00 (if you can find a job), and free healthcare for all. Only a moron could believe that everything will be free. SOMEONE has to pay for all of it. Yet, the left repeatedly runs on a socialist platform and even runs socialist candidates (Bernie) among others. Yes, we have the guns, I just hope enough will have the necessary will to use them when needed. Keep writing! Great job. And, Thank You

    1. The school systems have been deliberately dumbed down over the past few decades, leaving us with millions of young voters who haven’t got a clue about the history of western civilization, the law of cause and effect, human nature in general, economics in particular, or the ability to analyze or run a scenario through to its logical conclusion. They have been emotionally abandoned by exhausted parents, and taught that excellence is unnecessary, that all they need to do is breathe and regular trophies will be awarded them. The storm of youthful angst combined with lack of any training in self discipline provides fertile ground for emotion-based reactiveness. What a soup we have brewed!

      They are nothing like the Democrats of the Kennedy era, who merely disagreed with those of us on the right. Oh no, they want to harm us, they wish us dead, they want to overthrow a duly elected government, they want to shred the Constitution, they want to usher in socialism as if it’s not a totally failed system, and they definitely do NOT want to hear any facts or logic. Their slightly older progressive brothers and sisters are even more vitriolic and fixed in their hatred. All of us have lost “friends” and relatives during the course of this past Presidential election. I have a nephew whose diapers I changed as a baby 50 years ago, and cherished and pampered him through the decades, who now, along with his wife, can barely find a safe topic of conversation with me. They were with “her”, you see. Family dinners are filled with sideways glances and barely concealed eyerolls. It’s a knife in my heart, and I know I’m not alone in this experience. This sheer hatred and division permeating our country is extremely intentional and a tool of the globalists. When there is this much disgust toward your loving Auntie, it’s easy to foresee how wrong this could all go. I certainly don’t expect to receive any consideration from the left. Anyone who thinks this is all somehow going to just “go away” is in a dangerous state of denial. Several people here have commented that the author’s viewpoint is over the top; I think it’s a very conservative appraisal of a dangerous situation.

  18. I get sick and tired of all those that bandy about with the terms ‘left’ and ‘right’ without understanding the political spectrum they refer to.

    The extreme left seek complete control by the state. This is the turf of the communists and socialists. The communists are identified as international socialists. The NAZIs are national socialists and are leftists NOT rightists as falsely decried by the MSM and the propagandists. Yes, that’s right, socialism’s dirty little secret is that Hitler was a socialist. Don’t believe it? Look it up! Mention it to your Bernie supporter acquaintances. Listen to the lyrics of John Lennon’s “Imagine” in this context.

    The extreme right is focused on complete removal of government; lawlessness and anarchy – the anarchists. They don’t like having to obey laws that restrict them from doing what they want.

    It should quickly become evident that moral, freedom loving Americans should be dead center. People that should know better align with ‘left’ or ‘right’ without really understanding what the terms truly represent. For most of this country’s history the electorate remained in the center as a single national bloc. The political class has long ago learned how to divide and conquer. Can this nation figure out that the old axiom “united we stand, divided we fall” still holds? I certainly hope so.

  19. For most people, at this point, its almost impossible not to leave a digital trail of your activities. I, as well as many others, have bought things on-line that no doubt will get me on some kind of list (books, “accessories,” gun parts, reloading supplies, etc,) If you don’t already have a file being compiled by some eager little deep state government contractor, like a Reality Winner (surely you remember that name), then, you will have all your “keywords” “or purchases recorded by an NSA “bot.” Every time you make a purchase at a Walmart, Home Depot, grocery store, etc., even if using cash, you are being recorded on a camera.
    Probably best you can do at this point, is to take that burden entirely upon yourself so your family or friends don’t get on any “lists.”
    YOU be the one, and the only one that makes the internet searches, or downloads the pdf files, or makes the on-line purchases. When the day comes that the “authorities” come knocking at your door with a list of newly prohibited items, hopefully those “items” will be safely cached somewhere your friends and family can retrieve them.

    Mr. Wagstaff we know you bought these items, we have records, where are they? I’m sorry Officer Fife, I lost them years ago, and just can’t recall where they went… dementia is a terrible thing. Ok buster, very funny, we are going to need to search your house. OK, but I’m warning you, don’t look in the cat box, whatever you do.

    Just be aware that, barring an intervention by God, the complete disintegration of the Civil Society is probably inevitable due to demographic changes in the next 30 to 50 years. The country is being flooded with foreigners who have no connection to the heritage of the country, and could not care less about the Constitution, rule of law, or the Judeo-Christian social/legal tradition, etc. The USA, as you understand it, will cease to exist. Prepare your children for that day, so they can prepare their children. Keep alive the memory that it was actually possible to have a prosperous and free society. I truly fear we may look back at this time as “the good old days.”

  20. I have to agree with the writer on this one, most of the comment’s I see are from older people so I will make a few points.
    First the very emblem used by ANTIFA is a variation of the Nazi socialist emblem . They are an socialist organization period. They and other groups are funded by George Sorros and God knows who else, the evidence is out there do your research !
    Next former Pres. Obummer has an organization of about 34000 members dedicated to interfere and disrupt with Pres. Trump’s leadership.
    Third if you do not think that the media and deep state sources work hand in hand just look at Netflicks and the deal the just made with the Obamma’s ,and guess what Valerie Jarrett is on the board and Sorros has a lot of share’s in Netflicks .

    We all know that the Clinton’s could put the meanest Mafia boss to shame , I won’t go there but everyday more and more corruption between Government angency’s come to light and it all leads back to Obamma, Clinton,The DoJ, FBI,media,Sorros,and many other unknown people And if you don’t think that this is designed to make us all good little Socialist I feel sorry for you.

    1. John I don’t disagree at all I just want people to understand what’s going on.
      I mean the fire department has devices that can look through walls what do you think the Government can do ?

  21. Every electronic thing you and I do is captured 24-7-365 and kept in massive cray computer banks in three locations in the US by NSA. It is called meta data and NSA captures and records everything all the time. This has been revealed by numerous inside people working on these programs and the information is readily available online. William Binney just one inside CIA top level official.
    As to your 2nd amend rights.
    “Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. … Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are ruined.”
    -Patrick Henry-
    “The supreme power in America cannot enforce unjust laws by the sword; because the whole body of the people are armed, and constitute a force superior to any band of regular troops that can be on any pretense raised in the United States.”
    -Noah Webster-
    “All power in the Peoples Republic of China belongs to the people”
    -Constitution of the People Republic of China-
    Only problem is the people of China are not allowed to keep and bear arms thereby negating the power of the people to put down tyranny of the communist party.

    “Germans who wish to use firearms should join the SS or the SA. Ordinary citizens don’t need guns, as their having guns doesn’t serve the state.”
    -Heinrich Himmler-
    “The most foolish mistake we could possibly make would be to allow the subject races to possess arms.”
    -Adolph Hitler-
    “The communist party must command all the guns, that way no guns can ever be used to command the party.”
    -Mao Tse Tung-
    “If the opposition disarms, well and good. If it refuses to disarm, we shall disarm it ourselves.”
    -Joseph Stalin-
    “IF I could have gotten 51 votes in the Senate of the United States, for an outright ban, picking up everyone of them, ‘Mr. and Mrs. America, turn them all in,’ I would done that.”
    -US Senator Dianne Feinstein-
    “Waiting periods are only a step. Registration is only a step. The prohibition of private firearms is the goal.”
    -Janet Reno US Attorney General under President Bill Clinton-

    “The measures adopted to restore public order are: First of all, the elimination of the so-called subversive elements. … On the morrow of each conflict I give the categorical order to confiscate the largest possible number of weapons of every sort and kind.”

    -Benito Mussolini-

    To those saying that we are to harsh. You, we, I are in a fight for are very Constitutional Liberties. If you do not realize that, you are sadly deluded into believing the liberal socialist propaganda swill. They hate the US Constitution.

  22. Seriously, is there any doubt anymore. How much evidence does a critical thinker need? They have stated their goals, they have built their surveillance state and their police state. Now all they need to do is put the boot to your throat.

    As to some of the earlier posts on using the Nazi term. We know the machine has paid trolls who do nothing but troll. They are alive here these days, that’s the difference from some years back. The program has expanded into our world heavily. It’s noticeable everywhere a conservative goes today……….. Lets not leave out the NDAA that legalized propagandizing US citizens in the US. Something illegal prior to making it legal…..hows that work? The globalists have stated their agenda. The globalists in our government work for the world order, not the US citizen. The flood, the invasion force sweeping the west is a prime example. It’s utterly insane, yet the politicians are the thrust behind it… the globalists that is. We are at war, and one of these days a return volly will be heard around the world. They can only push so far, unfortunately they can push a little red button and the nukes will fly. I believe they’d rather take the nation whole, but it will be sacrificed for their big picture goal of world domination. There’s plenty of nice real estate around the world, and they want to kill off ninety percent anyway. Best be prepared for it if possible, basically based on your proximity to urban targets……….. God bless his children, damn the terrorists no matter the stripes they wear. Push is coming to shove.

  23. Phil,
    Been busy past few days prepping for the coming disasters, such as tending my big garden. So I just noticed your reply. Well, I see you cherry picked one quote of Janet Renos quotes that Snopes says is bogus. I know that I haven’t got the best memory but, I distinctly remember various sources quoting her and it was never denied at that time. Snopes gets things wrong from time to time. As to your comment that was then and this is 2018, what does that have to do with anything what’s the point? It is obviously the lefts agenda they don’t hide the fact. The argument always goes to they aren’t attacking hunting when the framers obviously meant for Americans to be armed to foremost stand against tyranny from within and without against the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Which the left really hates the Constitution and the idea of personal rights and liberties and self rule. They want a nanny state and big government handling everything for everybody all the time. Given their way by taking my 7.62by39’s etc. they can do whatever they want. And ram their agenda down our collective throats. But until that happens (and it won’t), NO.

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