Gun Issues, by Survivormann99

I was in a Social Security office today that is located in a city that is regularly ranked by the FBI as being one of the “top five safest American cities” (with a population over 100,000). I do not believe that the city has ever fallen out of the top ten safest American cities in the last 20 years.

Social Security Office Security Guard Armed with 9mm Semi-Automatic Pistol

There to maintain order in the Social Security office and to keep a careful watch on the gray-haired, white-haired, and blue-haired sexagenarians, septuagenarians, and octogenarians was a security guard armed with a 9mm semi-automatic pistol. Of course, these Baby Boomers and this crowd from the Silent Generation are widely reported and well-known to be a boisterous, rambunctious, and unruly segment of the population, one that routinely poses a clear and present danger to public safety and the foundations of the Republic. This group is a composed of “sly and cunning creatures who bear watching closely”.

Children, Most Precious Resource, But Senior Citizens Get More Protection

I was surprised. I have been told by so many “talking heads”, since the shooting in Parkland, that our children were “our most precious resource”. Yet, this crowd of senior citizens gets more protection than local elementary schools and high schools? Seriously? If so, why aren’t they better protected? Judges and lawyers are protected by armed security in courthouses, even in the courthouses where no criminal courts are contained. I just dropped the missus off at the airport. I passed cops in front of the terminal, and, of course, there is always armed security at the metal detectors.

High School Resource Officer

Curious, I called the high school nearest me. I asked if there was any law enforcement presence there. They told me that a Sheriff’s Deputy sometimes came and made presentations. I said, “No, I mean full-time.” The person told me that a “school resource officer” would split his time going back and forth to another high school. I asked if he was armed. She said that she didn’t know.

Teachers With Firearms

I was engaged in a discussion with a long-time friend. He said something to the effect that he would not have trusted his teachers with firearms when he was in school. I responded that my American history teacher played football for Northwestern and that I am confident that he could have handled a gun. I expect that the football coach who died saving kids at Parkland could have used a gun, and that with his dying breath he probably wished that he had a gun that day.

Firearms Training, Schools No Longer Low Hanging Fruit

I agree that the average teacher can’t handle a gun safely. Too many of them are plainly and simply nurturer types (only) who find firearms abhorrent. I wouldn’t trust some teachers in many parts of the country with an electric carving knife. Yet, having three or four teachers who volunteer to undergo firearms training out of a staff of 30 at a school would greatly enhance school security and end the “gun free zone” assurance that crazy predator-types depend on. Schools could no longer be confidently depended on to be the low hanging fruit.

Leftists Not Willing to Admit Guns Useful

No. Leftists are not willing to admit that guns can be used for anything useful, whether it is for self defense or other things. They fear that it will weaken their position.

Their mentality is simply to “let the authorities handle it,” which is the classic nanny state solution by manhood-challenged Europeans. (Britain has just passed a law that bans the ordering of knives by mail. Yes, the descendants of those who could say, “The sun never sets on the British empire,” have turned into a nation of sheep, and sheep of the weakest breed, at that.)

Teachers and Concealed Firearms

In the last few weeks the Florida legislature approved the carrying of concealed firearms by teachers who underwent training. The Broward County School Board, however, has just voted to keep in place the ban on teachers carrying firearms. What? So much for the concern for our “most precious resource.”

Examples of Mentality That Pervades Education System

Here are a couple of examples of the effete mentality that pervades the education system today.


In the wake of the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, a school district in a suburb of the northwest Pennsylvania city of Erie is arming its 500 teachers with baseball bats, reports CBS Erie affiliate WSEE-TV. “It is the last resort,” said Millcreek Schools Superintendent William Hall, “but it is an option and something we want people to be aware of.” According to Hall, the 16-inch bats were distributed to each teacher following an in-service training day on how to respond to school shootings.


A rural school district in Pennsylvania is arming teachers and students with buckets of rocks as a last resort should an armed intruder burst in, the superintendent said Friday. Every classroom in the district about 90 miles northwest of Philadelphia has a 5-gallon bucket of river stones, said Blue Mountain School District Superintendent David Helsel.

As the old expression goes, “You really can’t make this ____ up!”

Trying to Take Your Guns Away

You probably can’t count how many times you have heard Leftists say in the past few weeks, “Nobody is trying to take your guns away.” These Leftists are liars, or they are uninformed ignoramuses. According to a Gallup Poll in 2016, 27% of Americans favored a ban on handguns.

Coming for the Second and the First Amendments

First, they’re coming for the Second Amendment. Second, they’re coming for the First Amendment. Think not?

Food for Thought

Here’s some food for thought about Leftists from a blog by thezman:

Their embrace of reason was always like their embrace of liberal democracy, socialism and social reform. It is as a means to an end. Free speech was a bus they rode from their position outside the academy, to a position atop the academy. Once they got to their destination, they got off the free speech bus. That’s certainly true of their embrace of science and reason. Once they gained power, they peeled the Darwin fish off the car.

As a wise person said, “It’s really not about gun control. It’s about population control.”

A Cultural War

We’re in a culture war. Your means to provide for the defense of yourself and your family in times of trouble are being threatened by efforts to reduce your right to own firearms. The Left plans to win the fight by taking an inch at a time, a slippery slope approach to their ultimate goal.

Fighting the Battle

If a person who owns and wants to keep firearms is not a member of the NRA or a similar association at the state level (or both), it is because he wants a free ride from those who are fighting the battle. Such individuals are like those freeloaders who wait for someone else to finish reading their newspaper each day but who would never think of purchasing a newspaper themselves. I hope that none of the readers of this blog are of that ilk. However, I doubt that this is the case.

Join the fight! Speak out! Make a difference!

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  1. I have many things to state and not in any particular order…
    1) They CAN make this sh___ up! and the LEFT does everyday on any of the 35 biased LEFT MSM. The right has 1 biased network. Go figure!
    2) Over the past 50 years they disarmed Europeans now they are imprisoned for Facebook posts, Tweets, Blog posts, and for other violations of Free Speech laws.
    3) There were Militias in this country from before the American Revolution and we still have them today… get involved in your local militia- you will need the added firepower with someone to have your back and you have theirs… SOON.
    4) Israel has always had armed school military guards at public schools and teachers can teach without incident and all the Israeli children are the safest in the world. Problem solved.
    5) There are more children killed in auto accidents per annual and no marches to make licenses to have an age increase to obtain one or even make it harder to obtain.
    I can go on and on… At this point “for me and my family – we will never give out guns up… never!”

  2. Survivormann99, Here in Northern , NY….there were TWO armed security guards in the SS office. I too was shocked at the level of security, signs everywhere, glass counter to ceiling and netting above the glass so nothing can be thrown over the walls and we had to speak through a mike built into the glass . Here in NY the laws allow for teachers to be armed on an individual basis by the school board of each District. I know that there are teachers armed up here near Canada where we live and yet N.Y. State lawmakers want to change the laws so that NO teachers or Districts have that option. They truly want people killed!

    1. Jeff, they needed to justify the billions of rounds of ammunition they have purchased over the past 5-10 years. AFAIK, they only purchase jacketed hollow point rounds. JHP rounds are illegal in warfare under the Geneva Convention…

      1. BobW. You are incorrect. No where in the Geneva Convention is there a mention of (any type) of ammunition. It is the Hague Convention where ammo was discussed and the United States did not sign the Hague Agreement. Therefor we (the US) can use any type of ammunition we want in warfare, and as far as I know, the United States government is not war with it’s citizens. Not yet anyway…

  3. I use to work for SSA, and what you don’t know is there are many individuals on disability benefits who are deemed mentally ill. Some of them are violent with extensive criminal histories. They are in every community. They office i worked in bad a pile bomb mailed to it. The bomb squad was called, and yes, it would have gone off had we opened it.

    1. Having worked in a building with a SS office in it, I can attest that the majority of the problems in the building were not from someone who had attained the age to receive social security or Medicare, but the unbelievable number of 20ish knot-heads who were looking for a lifetime handout. “IS THIS THE SSI BUILDING?” Those morons would show up with the most arrogant entitlement attitude. Then there were the mentally ill who were regulars, and often tossed out of the building by police escort. Avoid a Social Security office in a large city if possible, and do not go on the first of the month or after a holiday.

    2. SSA = VA. Both entities in the business of screwing people. Can’t be surprised when one of the many, many screwed individuals gets ‘too’ pissed.

  4. This article forgets to add the funniest part of denying guns in school: the teachers union. Having watched an interview with the PR rep for one of the largest unions in the country, her response to arming teachers was shocking. She claimed that it would be impossible for teachers to learn how to use a gun and we shouldn’t ask them to try. The PR rep for an organization whose sole job is helping others LEARN, claims it’s impossible for members of the organization to learn. I guess it’s true, you can’t fix stupid.

    1. That’s correct. The guards aren’t there to protect senior citizens or to protect government workers from senior citizens. They are there to protect the workers and the publiuc from the tweakers and crazies who represent most of those on SSI. They come into the office high or after not taking their psychotic medications and are unhappy because the SSI benefits per month are insufficient to buy a month’s worth of drugs of choice.

    2. Rowland, when is the last time you saw a conservative, bible-thumping, military vet teacher?

      When I was a few years younger, EVERYONE knew Mr. X was a Korea vet and Mr. S was a Viet Nam vet. Neither took snot from the kids, were firm disciplinarians, and commanded respect.

      I had Mr. S one year, and to this day, he is the single teacher that impacted my life the most. RIP Mr. S.

      As for all the others, the ones that were not WWII/Korea era teachers, all were slack ash liberal ex-hippie types. Few were memorable, and all were hard-core union members.

    1. I’ll be honest, the author started out pretty weak, but had a strong surge, and ended with a whimper.

      With the exceedingly vocal lunatic fringe commanding the MSM, it violates OPSEC to publicly out yourself as a vet, a NRA member, or any other non-liberal organization member.

      Think. If you adorn your auto with NRA, Patriot, III%, , college sports team, etc.. you tell everyone everything there is to know about you. (Of the liberals I know, none rep a college on their car.)

      You have also violated OPSEC, and made yourself a potential target.

      This is the dumbest, easiest piece of OPSEC that isn’t discussed anywhere. The grey man has either no stickers on their car, or applies a liberal (pun intended) dose of subterfuge by applying rainbows and unicorns to their car.

      Who is more noble? The III%’er who stands nobly in front of his/her excutor, defying them with their last breath, or the III%’er who lays down a thick coating of BS, salvages his life to fight another day? I’d rather be forced to answer for perceived cowardice and continue protecting my family than explain to Peter why I threw away my life, and the safety of my family, over words?

  5. The problem is the left can’t have firearms in school because it would show children that guns are not all bad and kill there narrative that no mater what GUNS ARE EVIL. This would then lead to the deprogramming of the children against guns and then to children accepting guns. And thats why the left cannot have guns in schools and they are willing to allow children to die rather than guns be in schools.

  6. Government offices like the social security admin have security to protect the employees not the citizens. Citizen protection is an added bonus but not the goal.

    1. The supremes already validated the notion that LEOs have no obligation to save lives. Case maybe 10-15 years ago in NYC (where else?) determined that police do not have an obligation to save lives, just enforce the law. Whether that happens before or after the murder is left to fate/destiny/etc..

      So the Parkland Deputy who declined to go into the school was a coward, but did nothing illegal. Is it right? No, but when faced with his own death, and retirement, he chose retirement. Most of us likely have never faced such a threat, and cannot honestly answer the question of “would you go in?”

  7. “to maintain order in the Social Security office and to keep a careful watch on the gray-haired, white-haired, and blue-haired sexagenarians, septuagenarians, and octogenarians ” – in the SSA office where I live, the folks you describe are in a very small minority – when I went into the SSA office recently, I was one of only three old, white guys – the rest of the herd were a collection of third-world blood suckers, assorted, disabled minorities of all colors and backgrounds, younger immigrants shepherding their disabled, chain-migrated parents through the benefits system, and a “Tower of Babel” set of languages that required interpreters and specialists to do business with the needy. It made me sick to my stomach, but it illustrated why our country is in such bad shape.

      1. Texas Yankee has it right!! At the local pain clinic, waiting for a guy I help by taking there, the security guard has a 45 Hipoint in a old time western six shooter holster. But at least he has that. Unknown to him, there are several others in there that are better armed.

  8. Let me start by saying I’m a strident opponent of ANY gun control whatsoever. I call my representatives, I vote, I boycott anti-second Amendment businesses and organizations. At its core, Indint disagree with anything you’ve written. That said, there are a number of things I respectfully take issue with in your article.

    First, have you ever been in the Social Security office when a freeloader is being told that there application for “disability” benefits because there little toe hurts is being denied? I have. Hell hath no fury like a con-artist being kicked off the gravy train. They become irate, belligerent and yes, violent. I’ve seen it. The armed security is to protect the workers and those elderly folk you speak of from people like that.
    As regards to the school resource officer, this has far less to do with gun control and far more to do with your local counties budget constraints and funding. There are no laws that I’m aware of preventing armed school resource officers anywhere. It’s a matter of priorities.
    Third, one of the things that infuriates me the most about liberal attacks on gun rights is when they trot out dead and wounded kids and adults to make emotional arguments that are not based on facts or legitimate stats. Your invocation of the Parkland coaches death, and your assumption of his dying thoughts are just that, an emotional argument not founded in facts or statistics. For all you know that coach was an anti-gun communist. It’s wrong when the left makes these arguments, it’s wrong when we do it too. It’s also completely unnecessary, as literally all the facts, research, and statistics are on our side.

    1. Good points. On Resource Officers. These are Police Officers/Deputies assigned to schools for general coverage/protection. And yes, its all a big trade-off. Resource Officers vs. misc government waste. It costs a lot more than people realize to employ an officer/deputy, but with the average municipality’s waste and corruption, there is room if they wanted, but instead, they will demand new funding (taxes) to pay for increased LEO presence at schools.

      Start a movement. Demand action, and a forensic accountant to audit the bs city/county accounts.

  9. It’s been a while, but I recall several of my teachers seemed more than capable and willing to carry concealed at school. I am reminded of Michael Ironside’s character Jean Rasczak as a teacher in the movie “Starship Troopers” as to how a schoolteacher ought to be. You just don’t see many of those these days. But hey, that’s public school for you. If you are going to raise a family now, you better factor in private school or home school, if you want to avoid having them indoctrinated.

    I’ve been in a few social security offices, and they are nothing like what this author describes. I would’ve been grateful for a little security in those places, especially since I wasn’t allowed to have my own. A lot of poor young folk receive social security benefits these days. I don’t know how exactly, but there’s always more of them where I’ve gone than the grey hairs.

    As for what happens to our rights, most of them are pretty much historical at this point. The issue is really a matter of enforcement. For now, the powers that be are content to just let us eschew the dead issues as if trying to reanimate a corpse, no matter the stink. But there are constant and increasing examples of individuals who’s rights are being violated wholesale and with no realistic recourse. Sure they get to address their grievances in court, someday, if they have enough money to buy representation, and those in power aren’t interested in making an example of them. The reality is they can spy on you without your knowledge, take anything/everything you own without due process, lock you up without habeas corpus or even without warrant, indefinitely, without even a charge against you, take you children away, take your firearms without any proof of crime, or even intent, search you, your car, your house, beat you, threaten to kill you, actually attempt to kill you, for any reason, for no reason, and there’s just not a lot you can do about it, and you certainly can’t stop them. Most of the time you can’t even prosecute them or seek civil recourse against them.

    You tell me, what rights do you really have? TPTB are going to do whatever they want to you, to the rest of us, anytime they choose, and there’s really nothing we can do to stop them because WE DON’T HAVE THAT KIND OF POWER anymore. Sure, we can go to the voting booth and exchange one scumbag for another. How’s that worked out for us in the past two or three decades? We may have the ability, but when it comes to the democratic process, we have been and continue to be our own worst enemy.

    300 million semi-automatic firearms are no match for jets, helicopters, tanks and artillery. You want to start a fight? They will mash us like potato bugs on the sidewalk, from 10 miles out, and we will never even see it coming. If they really decide they are going to take our guns, our voice, and our freedom, the best we can hope for is a quick death. I’ve read all sorts of survival fiction, and to think that they will limit their use of whatever means they have at their disposal to neutralize us once they decide it’s better for them to squash us than to continue to placate us is pure naivete. History is full of examples of such tyranny, and it always ends the same way.

    We started down this path long before any of us was alive. Our ancestors relinquished control of our lives to the government. It is nigh impossible to wrest such control/power back. It’s not the person so much as it is the system created. You have to ask yourself “in the last 150 years, has our government ever given back any power we’ve allowed them to take from us?” I challenge any of us to cite even one instance.

    It is inevitable that this thing of ours will hit rock bottom. None of us are willing to step up and cast the first stone, because that person(s) will be made an example of quick, fast and in a hurry. Nor are we capable of coming together en masse and taking a course of action as a whole; we saw what the results of that action were back in the 1860s, and that was when opposing forces were far more evenly matched. To attempt it now is a Patrick Henry defined suicide.

    We all talk a big talk, but are wholly incapable of changing what has happened/is happening in our society. We are as doomed as the Romans were. If we could’ve turned the tide, we would’ve done so years ago. This nation is more divided than it has ever been, and the more our side tries to steer the course back, the more resistance we get from the other half.

    There will be blood.

    1. I implore all of us to read the account of the American Revolution. A standing army without shoes, weapons, clothing, or order but just a passion to become free. This “ragtag band” birthed the greatest nation in world history – with God’s hand!

  10. During a recent visit to our local social security office I was impressed. At precisely 0900 a physically fit well armed guard (former military) opened the door and reminded all of us to leave our conceal carry weapons in our vehicles. Most of us had already read the postings.
    He was very respectful.

    He then proceeded to assist any wheel chair bound and other compromised customers with navigating the “take a number system” and helped them to the window.

    As a tax payer I have no problem with having this guard on my payroll.

    My points.
    Using clear headed young men and women who have recently rotated out of the military to work in school security would make sense to me.
    A good business model might be to start a business to provide school security, charging school districts or groups of school districts to provide armed guards.

    The liberals would scream that we are indocing future generations but so what. Hand them a John Wayne Kleenex.

  11. Oh, and if you think Prohibition is an example of the govt giving up power, consider how much tax was on a bottle of whiskey before and during prohibition, compared to how much is on a bottle nowadays. Did they really give up power? How well regulated is the manufacture/import and sale of liquor now?

  12. I won’t sit here and debate you on your article because I agree with you. However, your observation about armed security at a Social Security office might be true in a city so safe as yours but not so in Oakland where there are more than just octogenarians frequenting this office. There are plenty there for other reasons than just picking up their monthly check where anger and frustration lead to confrontations with the employees as well as others visiting. Those (armed) officers have to deal with a lot (often enough) that warrant their presence. Let’s not see this from eyes blinded by distrust of the government and for what it is. Protection for someone who may not be able to fend for themselves.

  13. Survivormann99: You’re spot on throughout your article, and I appreciate your passion. We’re coming to the tipping point, that’s for sure. Don’t push a quiet man too far. When he crosses that line, there’s no coming back.

    But don’t alienate your readers with broad brush pronouncements as you do in your summation Fighting the Battle.

    When you make sweeping IF > THEN proclamations they tend to negate the entire previous arguments you make for your point. I’m not a member of the NRA for the same reasons I’m not a member of organized religion or a union. I do, however, fight the battle every day.

  14. benjammin: Lordy how I love the character Resczak and his creator, Robert A. Heinlein.

    I’ve read Starship Troopers a dozen times throughout my life, from a 10 year old just discovering science fiction to about 5 years ago. It never gets old, and becomes more profound with every passing decade.

    “Everybody fights, nobody quits. If you don’t do your job I’ll kill you myself. Welcome to the Roughnecks.”

  15. Telling a man he is a freeloader because he won’t be a member of an organization that has cooperated with tyrants on such fiascos as the 1968 GCA ain’t a good way to draw ffolks to your side in the coming conflict, son. You will be needi all the friends you can get, and Wayne LaPierre won’t be sharing a foxhole with ya. That guy sitiing on amlifetime pile of guns, gear and ammo, trained up and pissed off to the max, would have shared it with you, if you hadn’t written him off for not being part of a national money pit that has overseen the erosion in steps of our Constitution. But you did, so he’ll probably be out there with some other “freeloaders” that value liberty enough to spend their money on tools and training rather than paying some fat cat to schmooze traitorous congressmen into not stealing all their supporters’ rights, at least not all at once. And you will be… where? Aghast at the cowardice of those you paid to do the heavy lifting of liberty for you, most likely.

    When I have something to say, I go to the state house and say it right to the congress critter’s face. And I support people I know who run for public office and will support liberty if they win. I am far from a freeloader, and you would do well to remember not to alienate your friends when you have plenty of enemies already.

  16. I’m going to disagree with the “join the nra or your a freeloader” comment….
    I will not add my name to another list for reasons of opsec. that is all

  17. Your final paragraph “Fighthing the Battle” in my opinion puts you in the same category of people your article was criticizing. I take great offense in you calling anyone who is not a member of the NRA a freeloader. The majority of gun owners in this country are not members of the NRA. I do not believe that for me to have my second amendment rights that it is a requirement that I become a member of the NRA. I have nothing against the organization. What’s happening in this country is everybody wants you to pick a side now, and if you are not on their side, then that automatically makes you wrong. We have become more divisive with every election and we seem to keep electing people who surely donot work for us anymore, heck they can’t even work with each other! There is no such thing as compromise, I don’t care if you’re a democrat or republican. We have lost so many rights in just my life time it scares me for my kids and grandkids. I have been a nurse for 30 yrs now 25 of those in critical care, I have voted in every election, never even missing a primary. I have never been on unemployment, or any type of gov. Assistance. I regularly contact the politicians in my state (monthly) on my views, I’m the furthest thing from a “freeloader”. Your generalization is exactly the type of problem we have now in this country. My 2nd amend. rights, which I firmly believe in, does not require me to be in a organization of your choosing. We ALL need to stop condemning each other and be able to see things reasonably.

    1. Women don’t have the issues men have such as on unemployment, homelessness, dying on the job, increased prison sentencing for the same crime of a woman, and the big one- women do not support “stay at home husbands- a family” with their equality of income retirement and benefits [according to the IRS]. As generations gone past, women, including me, were given everything by their husbands, despite what modern day feminists state men did serve their wives faithfully. Today’s generation women are given everything through their employers including security to stay employed– at the expense of stripping the Family Provider. This is a huge issue in the American culture and I ask every woman to put themselves into their husband’s shoes for five minutes.

      I ask the readers to do their own research…

  18. Benjamin. You should review Mr Rawles’ excellent math exercise on guns and gun owners.

    The idea this government will start using jets and attack helicopters to kill Americans is stuff of fiction.

    The left will use its form of the rule of law,( anti constitutional that is), to “try to disarm Americans.”

    It will not work since the cost to them will be to much for them.

    I agree the attack on the 2nd Amendment is ongoing but if it reaches the point of actual confiscation than the pendulum will swing back big time to gun owners,( after the brief but bloody civil war 2).

    Americans love their freedom and good luck to those who desire to steal it

  19. The author of this piece should check the history. The NRA has been a co-writer of every piece of gun control legislation passed by the US Congress. I wouldn’t join the NRA if you paid me a nice weekly salary. I belong to an EFFECTIVE gun rights organization, The GOA. I’m also a life member of JPFO, but I don’t contribute to them anymore since they were bought by Gottlieb, who is himself, a sellout. I continue to work for gun rights any way I can, within reason. Our would-be-masters are going to over reach as they usually do, and when they do, things will proceed apace. The commenter who recommended joining a militia hit on an idea whose time is come to encounter, once more into the breach.

  20. I agree any person interested in protecting their 2nd amendment rights should be a member of the NRA, HOWEVER there are also other organizations out there which should not be over looked. One such organization is, Gun Owners OF America (GOA).
    Look them up. While there is no glossy magazine, GOA spends it’s time and money in sponsoring and supporting legislation, putting lawyers in the field,lobbying , and very down to earth grass roots efforts. If a bill is coming up for a vote you can count on a message from GOA explaining the issue along with post cards to send to your congress critter. Also unlike the NRA which is willing to compromise on some issues , GOA will not compromise an any issue that I have yet seen.
    Of course I belong to the NRA , and would not consider dropping out BUT I also am proud to belong to GOA. The two organizations are fighting the same fight but using different strategies / tactics.
    The normal membership of GOA is $20.00 / year but in talking to a young lady at GOA in Virginia named Ellie, she stated that a first time membership of $15.00 would be acceptable. Contact them at or mail to
    8001 Forbes Place, suite 102, Springfield Virginia, 22151

  21. Modern warfare in domestic conflict is not the stuff of fiction, it is a matter of fact already, and precedent was set 150+ years ago. More recently, helicopters have been used to bomb buildings that were too well defended for ground assault. Armored breaching-tanks were used to take down the Branch Davidian complex. Up-armored MRAPS and Humvees have been distributed to law enforcement agencies all over the country.

    You get somebody like Hillary in office, get her backed into a corner, and see what happens. Nobody in the government who has used modern warfare methods domestically has yet to be prosecuted, let alone removed from office.

    They don’t even have to use our own armed forces. They can just hire foreigners, equip and train them, and promise them a piece of the action when the shooting’s done.

  22. When the shooting’s done, there wont be any piece of the action to get. Sure, they MIGHT be safe riding around in their up armored vehicle, but they have to get out of it to do anything, including sleep and eat. Those could become very unsafe activities if there is a war on. Helicopters have to be fueled and maintained, and crews have to rest and refit like anyone else. The birds are a lot of aluminum and burn readily under the application of a relatively easily made compound. Hire foreigners, and watch people flock to the side of the “rebels”. You don’t fight like they do. You fight like those who have put the hurt on them in times past. You meet an enemy on a level field and play into their strategy and tactics, and they will own you. Think outside the box. We don’t sacrifice ourselves for peanuts, or at all, if possible. We inflict the most pain and damage possible in the shortest time frame, and with the least expense and risk possible. Hit them where they live, not where they are ready to fight. While they sleep, eat and shower, or see a movie with their mistress. You get the idea. Forget open warfare. That plays to them. Think about how they are vulnerable, where they are exposed. And for God’s sake, stop talking yourself into surrender before the battle is even decided.

  23. Re armed guards in Social Security offices.

    A good many convicts get out of prison and are coached to present symptoms of mental illness to receive social security. When I went to the social security office I saw a fair number of sketchy people , including one talking with an imaginary friend. I was glad there was armed security there.

  24. The level of Security has to do mainly with the homeless and drug addicts that are trying to get on disability. Yes, in some cities there may not be much of that going on, but in some cities there is a lot of it. Sometimes these people get very irate and start causing all kinds of problems, to include pull knives, guns, or even syringes. The normal Social Security way of dealing with these people is to turn them down at least 3 times before approving them for any disability, which causes these people to go off the deep end. So, it is probably best to have an armed Security person there, then having to deal with it yourself.

  25. There are estimates of upwards of 450 million guns in this country, I agree with Old Grey Wolf, if they tried to disarm this country there would be nothing left. With all of our military might we did not win in Vietnam and we did not win in Afghanistan, and I don’t think how we left Iraq we could call that a win either. These 3 countries are/were not near as sophisticated as our military, and fought a very unconventional war with so much less artillery/arms/technology…….and they won. Then you need to factor in people in our own military/police, do we believe all of these men would go along with killing fellow Americans, do you think they would actually believe this would not affect their own families? I come from a family of military men and LEO’s. Most would not go along with this.

    As for our schools, as long as we keep them “killing Zones” our children and teachers will continue to die. We have upgraded all our government buildings, and state/county offices with good security, with our tax dollars, but we continue to leave our children unprotected. This is not just the left’s fault, this has become an agenda for both republicans and democrats. Nothing pulls at our heart strings like dead children! It is so disgusting it makes me want to vomit! I live in Texas, I don’t think I actually know anybody that does not own at least one gun, and we are all responsible citizens. My daughter and her husband are both teachers, and I have 3 grandchildren who in several years will start school. They are both ready to go through any training necessary to be part of an armed response at their schools. Now, I know everybody will respond with “homeschool” (they would love to be able to afford that), we all live in the country and there are no private schools in the area (again, way to expensive), most of us work to afford the best things for our family as we can. Living in the country was a conscious choice for them, and local schools are what we are left with. They already get good citizen training at home, even at their ages! My point is I really don’t care how much money it will take to up grade schools into being safe from cowards that we see who use these schools because they know they will not meet any resistance. Give them people at the school who will fight back and they will not come. This needs to be everybody’s agenda. Besides having an armed response at schools there are many other ways to harden schools. This is something I also talk to the politicians in my state about on a regular basis, lets spend some of our tax dollars on protecting our kids and teachers. We have to quit making this both sides agenda.

  26. The democrats sound like they are a bunch of commies calling for gun control, because what they are spewing is the same crap that all communist leaders have spoken give us your guns we will take care of you then they kill off who they want , and reeducate everyone else. Be prepared and ready. Keep your powder dry.

  27. A police officer, I know, said that when police go to a shooting, they will shoot anyone who has a gun. How do the police know who the good guys are and who the bad guys are?

  28. Odd, we talk about our gun rights, but then we see a security guard or police officer and suddenly they shouldn’t carry a certain firearm or be unarmed. I didn’t realize they lost their 2nd when they became a security guard or police officer for that fact!!!

  29. Your police officer acquaintance is either poorly trained, or talking from an orifice other than his designated speech generator. Police are not supposed to just show up and atart shooting at anyone who is armed, although in the current time, it could happen. Their job is to assess the situation and respond with the appropriate level of force, if any is required.

    As an armed citizen involved in a shooting, it is one’s responsibility to present a non-threatening posture when the police arrive, both as a matter of survival and to keep from complicating the dynamic on the scene any more than it slready is.

  30. Marie joy
    A lot of that can be taught to you through firearm training. I have taken many training classes over many years, and as a concealed carry person if I have to respond to an active shooter situation, most likely the police will not be on the scene, and by the time they are, either the shooting will be over, or I will stand down and not any longer be holding my firearm. If neither of those two options are not available I will hopefully be thinking on my feet and figure it out, but I will always take my chances to defend myself or my family. I believe in good firearm safety and training.

  31. I live in CA and your precious NRA has done nothing to help us in our 2A fight so they don’t get a dime from me anymore. They are also caving the left as we speak. We were first, you all will be next!

  32. Survivorman,
    You contradict yourself complaining of an armed guard at the SS office. Don’t you think they might have a legitimate threat concern given its a government office? Also have you seen WHO some of the nut jobs are who collect SSDI? I actually give them credit for having a guard.

    1. Greg,

      You really, really, really need to read that article more thoroughly. Who said that I was “complaining” about that?

      I merely pointed out that we protect Social Security offices, courthouses and airports with armed guards, yet let the vast majority of our schools filled with “our most precious resources” remain unguarded.

      Has anyone heard of a mass shooting at a Social Security office? Maybe it is because the crazies that sometimes show up there don’t mess with armed guards. Yet, a similar approach with schools is abhorrent to the Leftist anti-gun crowd.

  33. RE: SSA Armed guards
    It’s not just the crazies and drug addicts they have to worry about. Many perfectly sane, civil, productive individuals who have worked their whole lives, have been reduced to desperate, broke, and no where else to turn, except to the Government institution they paid into for most their lives… only to be rubber stamped DENIED.. As we boomers age, and the SS fund dries up, the sandbags and T-walls will start appearing

  34. I don’t think survivormann99 necessarily meant to insult those who refuse to join the NRA, who are a mixed bag of results over their history. He did encourage people to join them AND other national and local organizations, like GOA. If those organization suit your philosophy better, join them, but it is better to join an organization that does affect the discourse in a positive manner than to not do anything.
    Of course, you can write letter (emails, more like), make calls, etc. as a private citizen, and that helps, too. But having a block of membership standing up to the anti-2A folks who call for more and more restrictions has its own place of power a single citizen cannot occupy.
    If I was not already a life member of the NRA I probably would have stopped renewing my membership years ago and put more of that money towards the Second Amendment Foundation, GOA, CRPA, etc. As it is, I do support them and will continue to do so.
    The NRA just happens to be the biggest and most notorious of the groups, and yes, they have sold us down the road at times. Caveat Emptor.
    Regarding security guards at the Social Security office, the author has reiterated he has not qualms with having armed security there, just that it shows the mere lip service of those who call our children our most precious resource, yet the won’t provide that kind of security in schools and other venues where kids congregate; indeed they are doing their best to keep responsibly armed teachers from being able to protect the kids and other folks going about their business in these locales.
    Whether you want to break OPSEC by putting decals on your vehicles or not is a personal decision. I don’t find it to be productive to call people fools for having made decisions they are willing to live by, just because you have chosen to live your life differently. I prefer to be more of the Gray Man model, yet my name is already on numerous lists that put me in the crosshairs if/when the leftists make a move to disarm the public. Best to remember that data mining magazine subscription, voting records, tax records (donations), etc. have put us in the spotlight more than any of us would like.
    Make sure you have your Plan B ready. And Plans C and D are probably a good idea, too.

  35. “If I was not already a life member of the NRA I probably would have stopped renewing my membership years ago and put more of that money towards the Second Amendment Foundation, GOA, CRPA, etc. As it is, I do support them and will continue to do so.”

    “…do support them and will continue to do so.” – I mean the other organizations, not the NRA. The NRA will not get another penny from me.
    Sorry I was not more specific in my first post.

  36. The NRA today, is not your daddy’s NRA. Sad, but it’s compromised to a great degree.

    Don’t ever lose sight on the fact the school boards are made up of leftists, just as the entire realm of education. They further the lefts goal of world government, which mandates Americans being disarmed. School shootings benefit them. It’s a sad but true reality.

    Those in education should be doing some serious soul searching. The problem seems that they have swallowed the blue pill in totality….oblivious to being the useful idiots they have become. The fifth column in education.

    Bill Ayers – “Education is the motor force of revolution”. Need one know more to understand, given our history of failure within the sphere of education. It’s been going down hill, pushed frankly, for a reason. Evidence is everywhere. Disarming all civilians in mandated for their victory. They are commies thru n thru. Brainwashed within their fields.

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