Letter: Gun Violence

There is unacceptable gun violence in our country. Pro gun versus anti gun citizens and groups go head to head and fight over gun control. I believe we should all be working together to figure out what the real causes of this violence is, working as a team to erase mass shootings and gun crime.

These occurrences make all Americans look bad. We are all to blame– gun owners as well as those who are fighting to end the right for citizens to protect themselves and exercise their constitutional rights.

Maybe there should be a nationwide policy through which the names and details of these shooters lives are erased and the reward of becoming a household name or a name immortalized in the history of our nation is removed from the equation. Furthermore, they should be condemned by all leaders of our society, political or not, as the most disgusting subhuman cowards to ever have existed.

I believe, as a gun owner, there are many reasons why this is happening in our society and gun control alone is not the only answer. Kids can 3D print weapons in their homes. People are fabricating fully automatic weapons in their garages. The technology for firearms is over 600 years old and cannot be kept from evil doers. Removing it from law abiding citizens is unconstitutional. These tools are available in large numbers, due to the cold war and other military ventures, and this very old technology is impossible to keep away from people.

These mass shootings seem to serve as ammunition for the anti-second amendment factions that exist in our country. It seems that the cause is serving the effect. It seems there is a possibility that those who are pushing for gun control are those perpetrating these crimes. – E.V.

HJL’s Response:

I would agree that any level of gun related crime is too high, but the reality is quite different than what the mainstream media would have you believe. You have to remember that America is the third most populated country in the world. (China is number one, India is number two.) As a result, if you just look at crime as a straight number, rather than a number divided by population, you will see levels much higher than other countries. Take a look at some of these charts, which normalize the number by the population, and you will see that the U.S. is actually quite good when compared to other countries around the world.

Add to that the realization that America’s Gun violence is mostly contained within a few Democrat controlled cities. If you were to remove just five of these cities from America’s statistics, it would rank nearly at the lowest in gun-related crime statistics in the world. No, America doesn’t really have a violent, gun-related crime problem at all. Only the Democrat controlled cities do. It’s worth noting that legally owning firearms in all of these cities is practically impossible.


  1. For a long time I have been wondering about these horrible school shootings that are getting too common these days. They are all so similar: A wacko enters a school, starts shooting and, as soon as any resistance shows up-the police or somebody else with a weapon-the wacko kills himself. It seemed to me that somehow these fiends must have been programmed just like certain other things can be programmed. I didn’t know for sure if it was possible or not. But, I have thought for years that somebody must be putting these killers up to their evil deeds. Then I happened to come across THIS:


    “The government encouraged the manufacture and importation of firearms for the criminals to use. This is intended to foster a feeling of insecurity, which would lead the American people to voluntarily disarm themselves by passing laws against firearms. Using drugs and hypnosis on mental patients in a process called Orion, the CIA inculcated the desire in these people to open fire on schoolyards and thus inflame the anti-gun lobby. This plan is well under way, and so far is working perfectly. The middle class is begging the government to do away with the 2nd Amendment.”

    This quote is from the book titled: Behold a Pale Horse. This book is subtitled: “Exposing the New World Order.” This book is available today. I have seen it on both Amazon and e-Bay. This book was written in 1991 (23 years ago) by William Cooper. The author, former U.S. Naval Intelligence Briefing Team Member, reveals information kept secret by our government since the 1940s, including UFOs, the J.F.K.. assassination, the Secret Government, the war on drugs and more. At one time, Cooper was considered to be one of the world’s leading experts on UFOs.

    This type of thing has happened before. On February 27, 1933, Adolph Hitler had some of his goons burn the Reichstag. Using that event, he blamed his political enemies and was able to suspend all law and make himself the supreme ruler of Germany. As the old saying goes: “There’s nothing new under the sun.”

    This book by Mr. Cooper could have been written Today! It foretells that the government may be involved in these school shootings in order to disarm the people. The government later murdered Mr. Cooper. They probably felt like he knew too much. “Dead men tell no tales.”

    And, if the government can program people to shoot up schools, they could also furnish a man with machine guns that he can’t get legally, program him to commit some horrible act and then kill himself just like this latest killer did! Is this a government plot?

    And, incidentally, the government passed the “Gun-Free Zone” act about the same time that this book came out. Coincidence?

    Milton William Cooper (58) was shot and killed by deputies of the Apache County (Arizona) Sheriff’s Office while they were attempting to serve an arrest warrant for aggravated assault and endangerment on Nov. 5, 2001. His death on “unrelated” charges is most interesting. Were those charges just a way to shut him up and discredit him at the same time? Did the sheriff’s office go to his home that evening with the intent of getting their man dead and not alive? While there is no proof of this, it does make one wonder.

    1. Are children being programmed? You bet cha! In fact our children are only doing what they’re taught.

      Darwin’s Natural Selection is drummed into their young minds from day 1. All references to God are expunged, by court order and automatic weapon wielding body armored personnel, from inside the public schools and inside their minds.

      They are taught that “The Strong Shall Kill The Weak.” That is what is happening when they murder fellow students.

      Why the take their own lives:
      The kids only understand that we evolved from nothing [pond scum] and travel 75 trips around the sun to be laid to rest into nothingness as if they never existed. That’s why they want a name for themselves, so they’re be remembered for eons without ever contributing to society as great/noble people do. A mass shooting gives notoriety.

  2. By (I admit) a stretch of the imagination these anti-gun people could be considered racist.
    (lol – sounds dumb don’t it?)
    In the past these people were screaming “INDIAN LOVER!” and “BLACK LOVER!”
    – now they are screaming “GUN LOVER!”

    Why is it that when some people hate something and someone else does not then the non haters are automatically a “lover” of the hated thing?

  3. Gun control is not about crime, it is about control ! We now have a president who understands this. How close did we just come to electing a Hugo Chavez (Bernie Sanders) as president ?

  4. There cannot, nor should there be any compromise, middle ground, regarding our second amendment. Liberalism is a mental disorder that can only be cured one way.

  5. Truth in these times, certainly stranger than fiction. Many “Manchurian Candidates” walk among us. We’re only scratching the surface of this discussion. Power and control is the name of their game. How or if you play into this is up to your ability to perceive. There are no rules, only deception.

  6. That last sentence should be restated as “It’s worth noting that LEGALLY owning firearms in all of these cities is practically impossible.” Clearly it’s not much of an issue to own firearms in those cities if one is not concerned with legalities.

  7. The main purpose of the second amendment is for the citizens to have the means to remove a corrupt government from power when peaceable means are no longer available. The progressives understand this which is why they despise it as they do.
    With the second amendment we are citizens, without it, serfs.

  8. It is relatively easy, and quite pointless, to remove a stick from a man’s hand who is intent on causing harm. He will simply find another stick, or a rock, or a leg bone, or just use his hands to finish what he started.

    Violence is part of our heritage. It is not part of any inanimate object. If you want to reduce violence, change the heart of a man; don’t just try and slap the stick out of his hand and say no. That will only make you the focus of his rage.

    As England, and Australia, and all those other socialist countries have found out (the hard way), people are innovative, and will find a way to do harm to one another no matter how many “weapons” you try to take out of their grasp. Baghdad in 2004/05 was under de-facto martial law in most places, and yet every time I went to a bazaar, there were more natives walking around carrying AK-47s etc than not. In fact, some of the calmest and most secure areas outside of the Green zone were also the most heavily armed. Go figure.

  9. If we enact a policy in “which the names and details of these shooters lives are erased” how will we refer to the government? The largest and most systematic use of arms to kill people have been by the police and military of the government.

  10. 1000 people die every day by infections they got at the hospital.

    A close family member went to the hospital to get a simple operation and got an infection and died.
    Why doesn’t everyone get upset over the half a million people who die every year from these infection?

    Gun deaths are bad, but nothing like infections and super-bugs.
    Look at the numbers, stop with emotions.

  11. Ultimately, it all comes down to sin in this world. We Christians are not of this world, but are in it. Truly, only salvation through Jesus Christ can change this. We Christians have a big job ahead of us proclaiming the gospel.

  12. “…..we are all to blame.”

    Sounds like a collectivist socialist spread-the-blame meme. Which leads to, “since we’re ALL to blame, then YOU’RE to blame, so YOUR gunz need to be taken away – even though you haven’t done anything wrong.”

    So, no, we are are NOT ALL to blame.

    I have never shot and/or killed anyone. I have never even threatened or flashed my weapon at anyone, even though I carry everywhere, every day. I do not make the laws. I do not (selectively) enforce the laws through the police and courts. I am a responsible gun owner, and yes, I have guns here and there throughout my house, I keep them out of the reach of the young, ignorant, and irresponsible. (btw, there is nothing wrong with ignorance……it can be cured with proper education)

  13. “These occurrences make all Americans look bad, we are all to blame. ”


    I can’t control how someone thinks I look, but I bear no guilt for the blood of the innocent.

    And speaking of that, a country that allows and even pays for the murder of almost a million innocent babies in their mother’s womb – and has let it go on for over 40 years – should make Americans look bad, and there is a lot more blame to go around, but the same people who worry about guns either endorse Abortion or won’t use their guns or even their pens or votes to “protect innocent life”.

    If there is any blame, it is that most of us operationally don’t care about the mass slaughter – on Mao, Stalin, Hitler levels – of innocent life within our own borders. Maybe if we again respected life, the gun “problem” would go away. Maybe if we raised vituous children, the gun problem would go away, and there would be rifles in the gun racks of pickups in the school parking lot and no one would think twice, as was the case before we discarded our Traditions.

  14. Slightly off-topic. I find it odd that the states that comprise the Redoubt do not have State Guard or Self Defense Forces with the exception of Washington, and the Washington State Guard appears to be concentrated around Camp Murray in the Puget Sound area, not the Eastern edge of the State. From many months of reading on this site, I would think that a state sanctioned Unorganized Militia would flourish in the Redoubt states if the Governor and State Legislature would authorize one. For example, Title 46 of the Idaho Code recognizes an Unorganized Militia for the State, but doesn’t specify a standing State Guard organization. I think the best thing preppers could do for their communities would be to push the Legislature to create a State Guard. In Idaho that would be State Senator Rice, who has already introduced a bill in 2014 to do so.

      1. True, but what is a better “Well Regulated Militia”, one that has an organized core of members, structured into units with geographical responsibility, with regular training and exercises, contingency plans, and official recognition, or one put together after a disaster strikes?

  15. Years back JWR stated his Precepts of Rawlesian Survivalist Philosophy, that ‘Civilization is Just a Thin Veneer’. He made specific recommendations toward that end. The veneer is hanging by a thread. Short of divine intervention, fixing Washington is false hope.

    My advice to young families in particular, relocate to a safe area and live there year-round NOW!

    Ref: https://survivalblog.com/retreatareas/

  16. You say ” We are all to blame.” Sorry, I’ll have to correct you on your PC-induced dissonance: The ones who KILL are to blame. I also might lay some blame on legislators too stupid and stubborn to acknowledge how badly prohibition worked the last time we tried it. A HUGE proportion of violent crime in the US (and Mexico) lies with legislators who have CREATED a black market for very expensive commodities, i.e. drugs, thus creating an environment where increased violence is inevitable. Furthermore, under that scenario, the violence problem is very substantially one of bad guys shooting bad guys (as it was among gangsters in prohibition days) — Bad guys shooting bad guys is a social net positive by my reckoning.

    1. I just feel like all of us as Americans are to blame for a society where people cowardly kill others in mass shootings. Anti gun people say pro 2a people are to blame. But all I’m trying to say is as an American I own America and I own American problems. I will actively try to find a solution to these mass shootings and the like which are stripping my second amendment rights. So I will correct myself. Not everyone is to blame, but I will make sure I’m raising my family right and doing everything I can do to make a positive impact on my culture and society. A large portion of my letter which details the extreme aspects of our society was not published here. I feel like our society is producing role models that have questionable morality and exhibit a crazy lifestyle where instant gratification is the norm.

      I will take blame for not trying to fight against that corrupted culture.

  17. I agree with you, HJL. But I can sum up our problem with one word. But first, Malcolm is onto something here:

    “I’ll say this:
    While you [modern liberals] were, over the last half-century, systematically destroying, displacing, denouncing, and dismantling the historic American nation and its civil society — all moral norms, every basis of public commonality, all respect for our history and heritage, public expression of religion, the nuclear family, sexual restraint, and every natural structure and category and hierarchy that held civilization together and gave young people a framework within which to learn dignity and duty and gratitude and belonging and meaning and self-control — while you were doing all that, what did you think was going to happen? And now you want to “fix” the moral and social wreckage you’ve created by disarming us against your future predations upon our rights, our culture, and upon the society we still hope, against hope, to restore and preserve?”

    My goodness. And that one word I mentioned: Sin.

    And as a bonus I’ll even tell you the cure: Repent and “That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.” If the gospel of Christ Jesus was being preached in America, evil would be receding back into the shadows.

    It’s that simple.

  18. Every school shooting is on the government. They occur strictly because the government has failed miserably. Their systems fail. They refuse to act even when they know an event is about to happen. Worse, they blame law abiding firearm owners who didn’t do it and weren’t there.

    It may be time to replace the government with something that works.

  19. I keep hearing, from supposed gun owners and believers in the 2A, that we as gun owners must be ” reasonable” and work together with the Liberals to effect ” reasonable gun laws” that will stop these mass shootings; that we are all to blame because of our beliefs .
    Bullpucky!!! I am sick and tired of giving up my rights. I have watched this anti-gun movement steamroll IRS way into our lives since the GCA of 1968 and personally, I am unwilling to give any more.
    The statement that we need” common sense and reasonable” gun laws enacted to curb this violence is garbage. There are over 40,000 gun laws now on the books in the USA and none have worked or are not enforced. It is not up to me to give up any more of my 2A rights. It is time for the Left to give up their rights and wants. Every time there is a shooting, the Left comes to the door of the law-abiding, tax paying, good citizen for a bit more of their rights. The Left never goes after the gangs,illegal migrants,and other scum that actually commit these crimes.
    It is time to stand up to this tyranny in a vocal, legal, and forceful way. The laws are there; use them!

  20. Why didn’t these school shootings happen in the 1950s? Remember, before the Gun Control Act of 1968, juveniles could buy guns. You could buy guns through the mail. No forms to fill out, no background checks. So guns were more available to kids back then, but they didn’t use them to kill their classmates.

    I would like to see this fact stated far and wide.

    Something else is going on, maybe the psych meds, or the general breakdown of the family or morals. But it’s not guns.

  21. School shootings, mass murder, active shooters certainly make headlines, as they should and for every one of them the result is the same- more legislation is called for, more laws to seemingly prevent the next one- NONE WORK! The liberals and most of the press just don’t get it or don’t want to “get it”. It’s not the guns, bombs etc, it’s the lack of values, morals, ethics and GOD.

    Most of the colleges and universities (religion based being the exception) have been stripping our youth of any semblance of the a-fore mentioned for decades. The basic family frequently no longer teaches these values and certainly the schools do not. Without these values and with the advent of drugs it creates a potent formula for problems.

  22. Amen! and the “Federal Education” that is pushed down our citizens throat. When the elite pulled GOD from school, so went prayer, so enters in sin in abundance. Only the Lord is what keeps men from continuing down a road of grief, doom, and fear. Keep the faith brothers and sisters. GOD always has a remnant!

  23. Hjl,

    Thanks for posting a portion of that letter. The point I was trying to make was that we need to fix our culture and our nation, not make more gun laws. These mass shootings are driving us further apart as countrymen when we all need to be working together as a nation to better our society. I’m clearly aware of gun violence dropping over the years, and am disturbed by the media portrayal. However we are all being divided and conquered.

  24. Gun control is about people control. The gun control movements in England and Australia started after the communist took control in Russia. They were afraid the same would happen in their countries. It’s never been about crime control, that’s what prisons are for!!!


    E.V. is way off and has fallen for the lefts propaganda!! Your response was a good and educated one!!!

    1. You’re completely missing the point of the letter. And you’re falling for the left vs right sideshow. Now you’re in favor of dividing the 2 a community even further. Sitting on your computer making pro gun arguments to pro2a people online won’t do anything to further the rights of gun owners.

      1. While you may have had the best of intentions, your message has the alarming overtones of what has been categorized as the battle cry of the “FUDD”.
        To wit: “Provincialism in applying the Second Amendment. By the estimation of a FUDD, the Second Amendment exists to let him hunt deer, shoot quail, play trap, and punch targets. They will likely talk about how nobody needs an “assault weapon” or anything like that. FUDD type sentiment is what brought about the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban, as well as many other ultimately pointless laws. The FUDD does not care so long as they can keep their M1903a3 Springfield and their custom Beretta double-barreled shotgun. They are willing to sacrifice other sections of the gun community to save themselves.”

        1. That’s nonsense, people are taking this thing in the entirely wrong way. The spirit of the letter can be summed up with this; whenever there is a newsworthy gun crime the left cries for more gun control. Gun owners fight that gun control. None of this is going to stop these mass shootings. We have to get to the heart of the matter which is our culture is very messed up in this country. We need to fix our communities.

          As a 2a community we are losing. “Assault weapons” are being banned.

  25. We all know the mantra of “common sense gun control” is a lie. If you just ask them to tell you what their common sense law is so we can debate it they call you a racist and change the subject. They do this because they know the only idea they have is gun confiscation. That is the plan and they know for right now that it is not going to happen, but a few more years, a few more liberal election wins, few more indoctrinated voters and it might happen.

    They can’t admit that guns are just tools and the real evil is in the person in how they use that tool to harm others. They recognize that with knives, bats, cars and other tools but not guns. Beat someone with a hammer and you get charged with using a deadly weapon yet we don’t see any hammer control laws. A common sense criminal gun control law would be to charge people for the wrongful use of the tool. A simple add on punishment, commit a crime with a gun and 5 years is added to your sentence. Simple and to the point, doesn’t effect law abiding citizens at all. No waiting periods added on, no more super duper background vetting checks, nothing that interfers with a law abiding citizen.

    Next of course you have the high capacity magazine (clips for idiot liberals) hysteria. Easy another add on, add 1 year to the sentence for every bullet in the gun or on the criminals person while committing the crime. So the criminal uses a revolver, +5 years and has 6 rounds +6 years, so 5+6=11 more years added to sentence. Now try with a Glock, as an example look up the grandpa in Columbus OH who tripped up a fleeing criminal who had a Glock with extended magazine. So his Glock gets him 5 years and the 29 rounds gives him a total of 34+ years off the streets harming law abiding citizens.

    Not very many criminals will have to be convicted with this before they do the math and figure out using a gun will lead to a very long prison stay. Throw in some RICO convictions and charge fellow gang members along with the actual perps and now you have nervous criminals while law abiding citizens can defend themselves however they choose. If criminals go the route of using knives then people have the upper hand of self defense with their firearms.

    No bans, no stupid thumb hole stock or any of the other crazy rhetoric about the fantasy assault weapons. Just holding criminals responsible for the tool they used in their crime instead of blaming the gun and the NRA.

  26. Prevention is best medicine….stop prescribing anti depressants. It is the common denominator in mass shootings. Leftists(Marxists) don’t care about the truth, only their agenda.

  27. Here is a more legible version of the above post. Thick fingers are a blessing and a curse. (If the editor would be so kind as to delete the mutilated original post, it would be appreciated.)

    Oh, I forgot about this line- “People are fabricating fully automatic weapons in their garages”. Definitely a quisling. Does anyone here know someone fabricating fully automatic weapons in their garage? (Without the requisite license, of course.) I don’t. That lime smacks of leftist disinformation, and the poster will probably break out talk of the “gun show lophole” in their next installment. I can hardly wait…

    1. The point is that it is impossible to keep guns away from people especially criminals. There was a story of guys building tech9’s in their homes. The technology is too widely available for the government to control firearms. And gun control isn’t a way to fix the problem.

      I purchased a pistol at a gun show over 15 years ago and had to wait 24 hours to take it home. But there are private sales taking place which felons or murderers could buy weapons without any background check. Which is completely legal.

      1. Every bit of your verbage is laced with the talking points of the liberal position on gun control. You stated in your post, “gun control alone is not the only answer”. Lets break that down. This one sentence implies that there is a multi-component solution to your presented problem, “gun vioence”, and that gun control is a component of that solution. Additinally, you state in your response to me that private sales offer murderers and felons a place to get guns. That may be true, but it changes nothing and is a liberal talking point when attempting to “close the gun show loophole”. Again, you claim people are fabricating fully automatic weapons in their garages. When called on that your reference a “story where guys were building Tec9’s in their homes”. The Tec9 was a favored target of the gun banners in times past, so mention of that in combination with a completely unsourced reference to a story where these were fabricated by “some guys” in their homes stinks to high heaven. You place blame on gun owners and try to soften the blow by sayimg we are all to blame. You talk about how we all need to work together to fix this “problem”. It is a proven fact that the left does not really care about the violence, indeed, they need it. They care very much about gettimg and keeping control, and that requires disarmament of the population. How nice it would be for them if we gun owners felt guilty and cooperated in our own disarmament! Well, too bad. It isnt going to happen. An awful lot of your post is liberal talking points. Either you need remedial education on the use of the English language, or you are attempting to advance a liberal position in a place that it is not accepted or tolerated. Either way, English class would be a better expensiture of your energies. You are right about one thing. It is impossible to keep guns away from anyone who really wishes to have one. In light of that, I will be keeping mine as a deterrent force against the baddies with guns. Including gun grabbing government types and quislings who work with them.

  28. The authors point that gun owners are at fault as much as the actual criminals is ridiculous. I resent the accusation. The point fails any test for logic and critical thinking. HJL, you should have pointed that clearly.

    1. Go read the letter again. He didn’t say equally at fault, just at fault. Let me show you how legal gun owners are enabling the violence and committing a minor portion of it. For example, have you ever wondered how so many poor criminals have guns? Go research gun thefts. The FBI estimates something over 150,000 guns are stolen every year from individual owners. That wouldn’t be easy at my house, but apparently many gun owners don’t secure their guns very well. Now imagine the US has no guns, there would be no gun owners, no guns would be stolen, and no one would be killed by a gun. Without gun owners there can’t be gun deaths. I could name other ways too. In terms of contributing look up violence against women. Think road rage, fights, arguments, active shooters, etc. With 100M gun owners at least some of them are losing control and using a gun for an illegal purpose. As a group gun owners contribute to the violence. Are you part of the problem or part of the solution?

      1. Hi Gregg,

        I did as you suggested. Here is what I read: “We are all to blame– gun owners as well as those who are fighting to end the right for citizens to protect themselves and exercise their constitutional rights.”

        The author did in fact use the word “All”, which includes me. I am offended at the unsupported generalization, and take exception to it. Also, the fact that there is such huge volumes of debate on the topic is a testament to the power of the Constitution – free speech in action. The author is free to have his opinion. Just am I’m free to remind him and others about the use of logic in creating an argument.

        Your point about “if there were no guns…” is also illogical. No, I don’t mean dumb or stupid, I mean illogical in the construct of how to craft an argument. Using an “if” then based on something that is impossible is illogical. Using the same logic, I could argue “if there were no criminals…”, or “if there no mean people…” or even “if there were no bullies at the playground…”.

        Here is a great free web site that might help you and the author understand my point. If you are willing to even consider that I might have a point. That requires an open mind. https://courses.lumenlearning.com/vccs-cst100-17fa/chapter/chapter-6-logic-and-the-role-of-arguments/

        You are correct about the high number of gun thefts annually, except that in the most recent data reported from the ATF, it is actually over 190k.

        With respect to gun violence, there has been several well written replies here about the super majority of gun violence occurring the cities and states with the strictest gun control in the nation. Here is yet another interesting point that ruins the authors original point:

        “the worst mass public shootings collected cases where at least 15 were killed has been updated through January 15, 2017. Since 1970, all of the 20 worst mass public shootings occurred outside the US. Muslims also committed 18 of the worst 20 mass public shootings in the world. All 20 of the worst mass public shootings occurred outside the US, and that was also true for 40 of the worst 44. It is possible that we are still missing even some of these large mass public shootings prior to 2000, but any of the ones being missed are outside of the US, Canada, the Commonwealth countries, and Europe.

        The FBI definition of mass public shootings excludes “shootings that resulted from gang or drug violence” or that were part of some other crime. The FBI also defines “public” places as “includ[ing] commercial areas (divided into malls, businesses open to pedestrian traffic, and businesses closed to pedestrian traffic), educational environments (divided into schools [pre-kindergarten through 12th grade] and IHEs), open spaces, government properties (divided into military and other government properties), houses of worship, and health care facilities.” A report by the New York Police Department has a very similar definition. The 33 worst mass public shootings all have at least 15 people who were shot to death.” (https://crimeresearch.org/2018/02/with-39-killed-in-tunisia-attack-the-top-three-mass-public-shootings-are-outside-the-united-states/).

        I hope you guys take care to read a bit about the facts that undermine the emotional points of view. And, I enjoy the debate – I hope you guys do as well, and take it in the spirit offered.

  29. Ladies and Gentlemen:
    “-That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, – That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”
    The Declaration of Independence.
    Most of our Employees ( elected politicians ) have spent a life time exploited us and our Beloved U.S. Constitution to the point that we have a divided nation and they do not care about us except were there comfort is concerned, at our expense of course.
    Our Employees completely ignored the fact that the U.S. Constitution Does Not tell us what we have as rights, but HOW OUR EMPLOYEES DUTIES AND POWERS ARE LIMITED, VERY LIMITED!!!!
    They are playing the ‘Long Game’ when it comes to taking away our guns and with it our Freedom, Liberty, and Independence.
    We DO NOT heed history, just ask the 12 million+ Jewish folk how they feel about being disarmed, …. oh wait …. we can’t because they’re dead! “To conquer a nation you must first disarm that nation” Adolf Hitler 1938.
    The ‘so called’ 1968 anti gun laws, and even laws enacted before, are almost verbatim of the Nazi anti gun laws.
    There are some who say that “The 2nd Amendment is not needed and that no politician would ever try to enslave the American Populace in any way shape or form and that it should be abolished.” My step father R.R.S. diehard Democrat.
    I PROMISE ya’ll this, if you abolish ANY part of the of the U.S. Constitution the United States of America will cease to exist.
    ‘A Republic If You Can Keep It, I Say We Keep It!

  30. Almost all mass shootings of the last 40 years(starting with the Laurie Dan incident) was by people either already criminally insane or on psychiatric drugs that admittedly cause suicidal/homicidal thoughts and urges(the blackbox warnings included are clear on this).
    The next time you try to debate a anti-2nd amendment person ask if the NRA and its founding reason should be revoked,when they answer affirmatively thank them for supporting the immediate disarming of all blacks and immediately label them racists(loudly)

  31. Hugh, The most telling point in your response is about the cities. I’ve read quite a bit, seen my share of charts, and even dug around in FBI data published online. What the US really has is a bunch of different problems with gun violence, a bigger problem in a small number of places (gangs, no jobs, poor family life, culture) and a whole bunch of lower frequency causes (ex-spouses, ex-boyfriends, arguments, accidents, active shooters) widely dispersed across the country. This distorts much of the analysis comparing state violence because the causes of gun violence can vary by city. Then ponder that something like 2/3 of intentional homicides are gang related. Gangs are everywhere but their violence isn’t evenly dispersed. I live in MD. There are areas down in Baltimore that no one should be living in due to the violence. In my county we had 11 murders in 2017. One angry worker (active shooter), a couple men shot after arguments, a hammer at mom, a couple knifings, and a couple asphyxiations. My state risk is deemed higher by the numbers, but is actually lower if I avoid specific dangerous areas. CC is hard to obtain in MD but even if I was in an easy to carry state I wouldn’t carry. Like you said, gun violence really isn’t that frequent and even less so in my neighborhood. I’m always cognizant of my surroundings, avoid and defuse confrontations, and avoid areas that might contain more risk. Traveling and rural areas are the problem. I don’t know the risks away from home territory and law enforcement can be far to away to assist.

  32. How many drug ads warn “may cause thoughts of suicide”? Guess what, they may just as easily cause thoughts of homicide too.
    Research “serotonin reuptake inhibitors” + mass killings. Not something Big Pharma wants dealt with.

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