Letter: A Good Word About One of SurvivalBlog Writing Contest Sponsors

Mr. Rawles,

Recently I was pleased to hear that I had won second place in round 75 of your writing contest for my Inevitable American Gun Ban article. As part of that prize, Emergency Essentials promised to provide a 3 day deluxe emergency kit. Thought grateful for the prize, I didn’t really want the kit because I have multiples of every item in that kit already. What to do?

Hesitantly, I contacted them and asked if I might order something else from the website and pay the cost difference between the items I chose and the 3 day kit. I didn’t expect that they would honor my request and I fully understood that the actual cost of the kit was their financial liability – not the MSRP of the kit. I expected and offered to pay any difference and selected a rocket stove and a grain mill – both of which I needed. Together the items were $220 plus shipping and I expected to pay AT LEAST $150 but left the amount up to them entirely. Truly, any amount would have been fine with me.

To my great pleasure Andy Geslison and Julianna Richardson generously offered the two items without any additional charges and are shipping them to my home! Going above and beyond for someone who isn’t even a paying customer is on a whole different level of customer service. I will definitely go out of my way to order my next load of long term food from their company and will encourage my group here in Texas to do the same. Emergency Essentials is a first class outfit and I will be doing business with them again. I thought you should know. Sincerely, Rector


  1. Have been a customer of that company off and on for years. Great people to deal with. About the lowest shipping of any company in this line of business. Great products. I add a hearty “amen!” to Rector’s post.

  2. Great to hear positive comments about a vendor on the internet. Kudo’s to Survival Blog and it’s loyal advertisers. I know I’ll continue to come here looking for a reputable place to do business with.

  3. Thank you for sharing your positive experience and nice job Emergency Essentials. That is the type of business where I want to spend my money. I look forward to shopping with you.

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