Letter: Colin Wilson and the Dominant Man Theory

Hi Hugh,

A long time ago I came across a book called The Outsider. It was written by a man from England whose name was Colin Wilson. He joined the RAF at a young age, did some manual labor; and set about writing books. This was his first book published when he was only 24. He wrote the book sleeping on hills near his local library, where he researched.. The book became a New York Times bestseller. He later bought a house, and wrote about another 200 books that were published. He Raised a family; and led a respectable life in my opinion.

He has some exciting titles like The Criminal History of Mankind and Religion and the Rebel. The book, The Outsider was about how the major writers and artists of his time were so full of pessimism. He noticed a pattern that for the most part ,”crushed the human spirit.”

Great Novels

Later on he wrote a book called The Craft of the Novel, in which he declared that great novels had the same pattern. The same message, that great works of art, whether it be paintings or books; or music say the same thing: The uplifting of the human spirit. The dust jacket of book said: “art” is a mirror in which a man can see into his own soul.

Sometimes I see it when I read articles written by people on our site. I get a sense of who they truly are, in their written words. At sometime he poised the dominant man theory supported by fellow respected writer A.E. Van Voght. To put it simply 1 in 20 is a leader. It was supported by research that said that during the Korean War, captured U.S.A. Prisoners of war were under surveillance. If they were deemed “a leader” they were removed. According to the research: once the leaders were gone, there were very few problems in dealing with insurrection within those brutal conditions. Once the leaders were gone, the rest were helpless.

It reminds me of our true times, when those with clear voices have been banned from telling the truth, from those in power. There are many individuals that have been banned from Facebook and Twitter. Hopefully they can find other avenues, to bring about positive change.

I really feel , that that the Bible, was one of the great works in human history that Wilson spoke about. Perhaps the very greatest of all.

Happy Easter to my fellow preppers, – M.S.

“Out of every hundred men, ten should not be there, eighty are just targets. Nine are the real fighters, and we should be lucky to have them; For they make the battle. Ah but the one, one is a Warrior, and he will bring the others back.” – Heraclitus


  1. Great Novels
    ” The uplifting of the human spirit. ”
    This is also seen in Ayn Rand’s opus magnum “Atlas Shrugged”.
    It is not stated explicitly, but read “between the lines” in Dagny Taggart’s description of the modern music, dissonant, chaotic, repetitious – vs – Richard Halley’s “Fifth Symphony”.

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