Preparing for the Inevitable American Gun Ban- Part 1, by Rector

A full gun ban in the United States is inevitable. Any honest reading of the cultural, legal, and demographic trends in the United States will confirm this thesis– the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall be infringed, and we will lose our firearms.

Many of you are rightfully rejecting my premise and doing so on solid intellectual ground: the 2nd Amendment, the Heller decision, the rise of concealed carry, the election of Trump, and the power of the NRA. These are formidable weapons in the fight to retain our rights. Yet, ultimately, we will lose the fight because this isn’t your grandfather’s America anymore.

The ban will be gradually implemented, popularly supported, and “legal”. You will have a choice to make– obey the law or become a felon. That decision will change your relationship with the government permanently. If you comply, you risk exposure to crime and unlawful government force. If you resist, you will become an outlaw. This article seeks to prepare you for that fateful day.

The Culture is Changing, Permanently

The fountainhead of Western Civilization is the Judeo-Christian worldview. This ethical foundation of natural law, including the right of self-defense, recognizes inalienable rights bestowed upon men by God. The Judeo-Christian ethic was revealed to man through the Hebrew Bible and forms a belief system that acknowledges God’s authority over the state and the body of law. As long as the king is subordinate to God, the law will reflect His character and His principles, including the right to lawful self-defense.

Biblical Christianity No Longer Forms American World View

But Biblical Christianity no longer forms the world view of the American people. The State has assumed God’s rightful role as the source of truth, and as a result the law has become disconnected from its founding principles. The leftist political indoctrination that passes for education in our society confirms this secular world view in the minds of an ignorant populous. In short, there is no longer a consensus around the principles that support the rights of an armed populace; the foundations have been destroyed. We are already in the minority.

Secularization/Multiculturalism of Our Culture

The increasing secularization of our culture (or its evil twin– “multiculturalism”) are bringing our laws into alignment with the body of law seen across the rest of the world. Guns are heavily controlled or outright banned in every major civilization, from the Islamic world to the Far East and from South America to Europe and Australia. No society that has adopted a secular or non-Christian world view retains the right to bear arms. In these societies firearms are managed in the same manner as illegal narcotics. As our society adopts these secular ethics, our laws will go the same way.

The Post-Constitutional Legal Environment

The Second Amendment will provide diminishing protection as the judiciary and citizenry ignore the plain language of the Constitution. While the recent Heller decision was encouraging, we remain only one Supreme Court vote away from a reversal of that decision. Imagine if Hillary had won the last election, replaced Scalia with another Ginsburg, and then had had the opportunity to replace two more justices. That death blow was only avoided by the thinnest of margins in 2016. Can we depend on the Electoral College in 2020 or 2024 to protect the RKBA from an activist judiciary forever?

Constitutional Language Never Prevented Infringement

Sadly, the plain language of our Constitution has never fully prevented infringement, if the courts and society are willing to selectively ignore the Bill of Rights. To wit:

  1. The last declared war in accordance with Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution was World War II. Since then we have been involved in endless war across the globe.
  2. The powers of the U.S. Supreme Court are listed in Article III, Section 2. There is no mention of the courts judging the constitutionality of laws and regulations in Article III of the U.S. Constitution. This has been the gateway to “evolving interpretation” of the law, which allows for grossly unconstitutional provisions to be perpetuated in “case law” or precedent. The English language doesn’t require “interpretation”, and yet the entire judicial system has been corrupted by this insidious process. New constitutional “rights” (i.e. abortion, separation of church and state) are created, and enumerated rights are ignored or “reinterpreted”.
  3. The 4th Amendment clearly prohibits the warrantless, unreasonable seizure of property, and yet “civil asset forfeiture” is a widely accepted practice among police departments.
  4. During World War II, the U.S. government rounded up ethnic Japanese citizens of the United States en masse and interned them in prison camps without charges, trial, or justification.

Our constitutional “rights” are only as good as our willingness to insist upon their preeminence and enforcement. Clearly, Americans are comfortable with “unconstitutional” when it suits their purposes. This will only get worse.

Shall Not Be Infringed?

Despite the plain language of the 2nd Amendment, including “shall not be infringed”, we are buried in Federal gun laws and have been since the passage of the Gun Control Act of 1934. The years that followed have seen the passage of the Federal Firearms Act of 1938, The Gun Control Act of 1968, the Law Enforcement Officers Protection Act of 1986, the Undetectable Firearms Act of 1988, the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act of 1993, the Federal Assault Weapons Ban of 1994, among others. We now accept as part of “shall not be infringed” a mountain of non-statutory Federal regulations via the BATFE and other agencies of the Federal government. No other “constitutional right” is subject to so narrow an interpretation as the 2nd Amendment. By what future mechanism would this trend be reversed? What future Congress will repeal these laws?

The Unthinkable Premise

The primary purposes of the 2nd Amendment was as a bulwark against the establishment of tyrannical government, a citizen’s veto. Let us put it in the simplest terms: the founding fathers sought to guarantee American’s ability to fight a future government. This could only be accomplished by the armed citizenry (the militia) shooting those who would violate the inalienable rights of the citizens.

How does that premise sound rolling off the tongue in 2018? The majority of our citizens view such an idea as a relic of the past at best, or seditious, at worst. Do you think such a view is widely held among urban police forces? Suburban kindergarten moms? Government bureaucrats? Welfare state beneficiaries? It is safe to say that most Americans are not stockpiling weapons and ammunition just-in-case they are called upon to fight a revolution against tyranny. We have forgotten our heritage, and the inexorable march towards totalitarianism is well advanced. How many years until a campaign to repeal the 2nd Amendment is seriously proposed? If your plan to keep your guns relies on the 2nd Amendment, you need another plan.

Demographics Is Destiny

More than any other factor, the inevitable death of the RKBA is ensured by the changing demographics of the United States. Three demographic trends are permanently altering the political landscape: third world immigration, the passing of the Greatest Generation and Baby Boomers, and the political shift to the left.

Immigration Trends

America has always been a nation of immigrants. In the nineteenth century, most immigrants came from Europe and brought with them the Judeo-Christian ethic. More importantly, early immigrants to the United States assimilated into our distinct American culture and, for the most part, adopted the social morays and cultural affinities of their new homeland. Often these immigrants were escaping totalitarianism, religious oppression, or economic collapse and were eager to become Americans.

Beginning in the late 20th century immigration patterns and attitudes began to change. By design, the majority of immigrants were coming from Central and South America, East Asia, and the Middle East. The top 10 sending countries in 2014/2015 were: Mexico, China, India, Philippines, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Vietnam, Iraq, El Salvador, and Pakistan. To make matters worse, under the banner of multiculturalism, assimilation is now discouraged, or in the case of Muslim communities, opposed.

From Melting Pot to Salad Bowl

The “melting pot” has become a “salad bowl”. The overwhelming majority of these immigrants are politically aligned with the American left and leftist ideology opposed to individual liberty. Rather than being taught about the benefits of individual liberty, they are importing the ideologies that made their home countries such “fantastic” places to live.


Contributing to this demographic change is the passing of the Greatest Generation and the Baby Boomers, who are now aged 55 to 75. This voting block represented the margin of victory that delivered “conservative” majorities that we now enjoy. However, the next decade will replace half of these voters with a new crop of functional illiterates born around 2008. The resulting shift to the political left will be more than enough to change the balance of power in the U.S. A single statistic courtesy of the Pew Research Center tells the story in 2015: Americans ages 50+ were 76.5% non-Hispanic whites. In the same year children nine years old and under were 50.5% non-Hispanic whites. By 2025, 50% of eligible new voters will be non-Hispanic whites. If the voting patterns of the last 60 years continue into the future, the Democrats will control the Federal government for generations.

The Political Shift Left: Et Tu, Texas?

Much like the American Redoubt, my home state of Texas is a considerable conservative enclave within the United States. With 38 electoral votes, Texas is second only to California in the Electoral College. It is considered by most Americans as Deep Red country, with strong conservative majorities at the Federal and State level. But voting patterns in Texas are changing. Due to legal and illegal immigration, the graying of white America, and the increasing urbanization of the Texas population, it is projected that Texas will be a blue state in 2028. This single demographic shift is sufficient to permanently change the results of Presidential Elections past 2028. If Texas only has a decade remaining, how long until your state is blue?

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  1. I agree with the author’s concerns, but think there is a silent swelling of support for the 2nd Amendment. This may prove problematic (the silence), however a large portion of the people I meet and talk to feel strongly their right to gun ownership is important, and for the same reasons the founders of our country did too.
    The echo-chamber nature of media and politics makes one feel as though the entire world is forming against them, however in practice I think the population would register differently.
    Not to detract from the concerns and issues raised by the author, I think there is still hope for our countrymen.

  2. I fully agree with the author. I know people “ think” their rights are safe but…… I agree with the author. Hopefully you will get intelligent feedback about this article. Mine not included of course. I know nothing.

  3. I have for some time believed that it would come to this in America. I live in a very BLUE East Coast state, but have lived in West Virginia in the 90’s and even there I believe fewer people are “hunting”. However, if it comes to what has occurred in England or Australia, I believe that some will resist even unto death. The politicians may even ban the manufacture and import and sale of ALL Ammo. Leaving a very FEW to attempt to make gunpowder and reload and fight back. The Militarized Police will use Waco or Branch Davidian or anti-Bundy tactics to stop them, and MOST Americans will say NOTHING. They will be too afraid to speak, write, blog or protest about it. A few will retreat into very rural off grid areas to live, hunt with silencers, use crossbows, whatever to be “free”. Most will just go along with their electronic devices, trashy TV, and live in “1984” George Orwell America! Crime will increase, and people will live in fear of both criminals and the GOVERNMENT. I will be dead long before, and glad I grew up in a different America.

    1. I remember hearing once where someone said that should only the authorities have guns, with a knife you can get a pistol. With a pistol you can get a rifle. With a rifle you can kill your enemy and get your freedom back. Maybe. But is there the fortitude and determination remaining in this country to do that? I don’t know.

  4. Here we go again. I’m going to continue to beat this drum on this blog until the chronic denial and revisionism stop. As the author, you lament the passing of the Baby Boomer generation. Precisely who do you think reared and raised the children you’ve convinced yourself will destroy the 2nd Amendment? Baby Boomers! Who gave us the Great Society? Baby Boomers. Who gave us the War on Poverty? Baby Boomers. Who gave us Watergate and Nixon? Baby Boomers. Who gave us Jimmy Carter and that entire debacle? Baby Boomers. Who gave us the Immigration Reform and Control Act Of 1986? Baby Boomers. The Brady Bill? You guessed it. Bill Clinton? Yup. The Patriot Act? That was your parting gift. Thanks a lot. Even most of the conservatives you have sucked (I’m looking at you, John McCain). So many of you act as if Hillary Clinton abducted your children at broompoint from the Delivery Room and raised all of them in the basement of the Multicultural Studies building at UC Berkeley. News Flash: you raised your kids. They did not spring into being fully grown 18 year olds wearing Che Guevara t-shirts waving Gay Pride flags and volunteering for the Sanders Campaign. They, and the resulting erosion of our rights, are what you and your absentee, participation trophy giving, Ritalin dosing, Church skipping, affair having, credit card maxing, give-them-whatever-they-want-because-my-baby-is-fragile parenting hath wrought. Own it. It’s yours.

      1. Jason:

        1. HL: gotta agree, we are in our 70s, studying globalist agendas since the 1970s, and chose not to raise kids. Glad now we didn’t, because eventually the demographics will do the country in. There is no motivation (or real men) in Europe to stand up for freedom as Muslims invade 24/7, crime unabated and citizens live in fear with zero police protection. Soon it will fall into a caliphate if not already. As older ones die off more so, the younger brainwashed from colleges and gov. education will do anything they say. No one much younger than us has studied history or learned about our founders. I am amazed how many retirees I talked to are just plain stupid. Once this is enforced it will be too late to turn back.

          1. Laura Ann:
            Very true, and once they realize what they have done to themselves and their country and that now they are slaves of the STATE there may be nothing they can do any of. Very sad.
            Stay Frosty America!

    1. I hope your not talking to me. I was born in ’57. The highest birth rate in the US ever. It makes me 60 and right in the Boomers hot spot. My kids were raised shootin’ at the range since they were 8 or ten. Good education and good jobs. They don’t go for that lefty bullcrap. Most of the fellas I work with(firefighters) and their families are the same way and I am from the bluest? state there is, Massachusetts.We started it

      1. Jim

        Please don’t cite Wikipedia. Ever. Your credibility is shot when you do that. You may very well be the exception to the rule, and if so, I congratulate you. That said, I stand by every word I wrote. Your generation bears responsibility for the state of the nation and it’s youth today. Not liking it doesn’t make it untrue. I remain open to any factual based evidence or rebuttal you may present,.

    2. Jason, I agree with your assessment of the greatest generation for which I am a son. I am an old school died-in-the-wool Christian baby-boomer that loves His country (not government) and, yes, I too remember growing up in the last vestiges of an America that was still functioning under a Christian worldview, though in decline. Sadly, that time is now behind us. As the author of the article articulates so well, “But Biblical Christianity no longer forms the world view of the American people. The State has assumed God’s rightful role as the source of truth, and as a result the law has become disconnected from its founding principles.”

      In my reply that follows I am addressing all of us, myself included, though I ask questions primarily of the fellow baby-boomers of my generation, as we are the current generation that has the greatest financial resources and should have the greatest wisdom to fight the battle of faith we are now engaged in. More to the point, however, we baby-boomers can easily get stuck in the “normalcy bias” of days gone by when we enjoyed a measure of true freedom in a culture that was not openly opposed to it, where we went to school with deer rifles in the gun racks of our pickup trucks, when coins were still made of silver and could buy something, and when our elected officials reflected a Christian worldview to a limited extent. These questions address three elements that dominate our culture today: our public school system, our debt-based economy, and our voting habits, all of which play a huge part in our current downfall.

      1. How many of you baby-boomers still believe that our public school system is still basically good, even though state-based education is straight out of the Communist Manifesto? These schools have not failed, as some maintain, but have been a fabulous success in slowly turning our culture from God to the state, as was planned when they were brought online in the early 1900’s.

      2. How many of you baby-boomers that love freedom, nonetheless, have your investments, nest-eggs, and retirements invested in an economic system that has already enslaved your children under a colossal national debt that cannot be paid, a system specifically designed to enslave those nations that embrace it . . . which totally violates the very Law of the God they profess as Christians? Our debt-based, fiat currency, economic system which came into full power in 1913 is the very one that funded the decades long, communist (humanist/satanic) takeover we are experiencing today, which includes the takeover of the media, the arts (Hollywood), education, the family, government, the judiciary, and other critical elements of a society. This was all paid for by the very economic system so many baby-boomers are heavily invested in. You see, the mother’s milk of a godless, pagan culture is the pagan economic system that funded it.

      3. How many of you baby-boomers have voted for or vote for candidates that are not your brother in Christ, candidates that do not submit to or use God’s Word Law as the standard by which they both live and govern by, as the Scriptures command? Take the time and carefully see what Deuteronomy 17: 14-20 says about choosing rulers, what standards they are to use when governing, and what will happen if we elect lawless officials who deny God’s Law as their standard.

      As to the right to bear arms in self defense, it is indeed a right that comes from the Lord. What most Christians don’t realize, however, is that it is granted to those who fear Him and keep His commandments (1 John 5:3). It is not a guaranteed “entitlement” that is ours regardless of our behavior. The testimonies from Scripture and history have shown, without exception, that whenever the Lord’s people habitually break covenant with Him for multiple generations that He, in mercifully delivering them from the their idolatry, will bring them under captivity and judgment by their very enemies (read Leviticus 26, Deuteronomy 28). This judgment has included weapons confiscation, which Old Covenant Israel suffered numerous times, as was in the days of Samuel when Israel was living under captivity to the Philistines (1 Sam. 13:19).

      Ever wonder why George Washington — our first president under the Constitution, a devout Christian that fully understood God’s Providence both in national blessings and judgments — took his first oath of office on a Bible opened to Deuteronomy, chapter twenty-eight? He fully understood the direct biblical connection made between obedience to God and the civil freedom & national prosperity He bestows, and the converse which connects disobedience with the judgment and captivity that He also bestows, like we are experiencing today. All of these blessings and judgments are spelled out in detail in this important chapter Scripture. Washington’s public swearing of his oath with his hand upon this particular chapter was a public profession of faith and a commitment as an elected public servant to abide by the standards laid therein, knowing what national blessings and judgments would come depending upon the faithfulness or lack thereof of all elected rulers and the people that elected them.

      This leftist, pagan takeover of America is not happening apart from God’s will, as if He sits in Heaven wringing His hands and telling us to do the best we can. No, the Lord Jesus Christ — Who retains and exercises all authority in Heaven and on earth (Mat. 28:18) — has brought His rebellious American children under captivity to their enemies because they broke covenant with Him over the last several generations, including the “greatest.”

      The “greatest generation” claim does not hold up if one uses the Scriptures as the standard to judge generations by. My father and uncle both fought in WWII and I fully appreciate the sacrifices that generation made. Though all generations fall short of the glory of God, the greatest generation of America was the one that fought and won its freedom in the War of Independence. Since then we have slowly but surely disconnected with that generation and the lessons and warnings they gave us, to the point where we love to boast of our heritage of Christian freedom though we cast off long ago the worldview and way of life by which they gained it. Rev. R.L. Dabney—noted 19th century theologian, chaplain to the 18th Virginia regiment of the CSA, and chief of staff to Gen. T.J. Stonewall Jackson—made this profound statement and prediction concerning what comes when a nation’s people are ignorant of its own history and the worldview by which it was founded,  “The history of human rights is, that their intelligent assertors usually learn the true grounds of them “in the furnace of affliction;” that the posterity who inherit these rights hold them for awhile, in pride and ignorant prescription; that after a while, when the true logic of the rights has been forgotten, and when some plausible temptation presses them to do so, the next generation discards the precious rights bodily, and goes back to the practice of the old tyranny. . . . You may deem it a strange prophesy, but I predict that the time will come in this once free America when the battle for religious liberty will have to be fought over again, and will probably be lost, because the people are already ignorant of its true basis and conditions.”

      Do I believe that things are hopeless. Absolutely not, for I believe that the Lord is faithful to keep His promises with His people, which includes the solution to our current pagan captivity. “If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land. (2Chr 7:14, NKJV) Keep the faith my fellow Christian brothers and sisters.

    3. Your response was particularly well written – thank you. I agree in your criticism of the Baby Boomer Generation – although we may paint with too broad a brush. I must correct your assertion that I have “lamented” the passing of the BBG – I have not. I am simply asserting that when compared to their grandchildren – they are conservative. My point was simply that at their age – they provide a meaningful percentage of votes for Republicans. Once they are replaced by their hopelessly indoctrinated grandchildren – the math forever changes.

      1. Rector: Because the BBG sent their kids to gov. schools and the next generation also sent their kids, now these adults are liberals. Few parents instilled values and ethics to their kids. Yuup the math definitely changes!

    4. Jason,
      You are exercising the blame game, But hardly the first to do it.
      The blaming one generation for the shortcomings of the previous one is as old as time. Boomers blamed their parents for the depression. You think you have the market cornered on complaining about the state of the country that the previous Generation has left for you? Think again. Boomers were ready to wring the necks of their parents for the NFA of the 30’s.. and then exacerbated the problem with the gun laws of the 60’s.. Hypocrisy at it’s finest.

      So as a Boomer, let me ask you.. What is your generation going to different? I’ll tell you, Nothing or worse, advance the abuse you complain about.. and you are going to sit back, and let the same Governmental body do to you, that they have done to us, that they have done to our parents, that they have done to their parents and so on.. You will do nothing.. you will do what every other generation does, Blame the previous Generation.
      So try not to get all sanctimonious and self righteous and indignant, because it’s your turn brother, and from the looks of things, you will be too busy inventing safe places Alphabet sexuality, carbon taxes, race wars and trigger words that YOUR children will blame you for. and that’s just for starters..

      1. That’s a very nice straw man you’ve created there. No where did I ever say or indicate that the post-Boomer generations were somehow superior or that there are exonerated of their shortcomings based on the failures of their parents (but it makes for a nice deflection on your part). What I said was that Baby Boomers, given the litany of failures to their name, and the fact that they raised there children to be what they have become, should cease there complaining about what they have become and how they conduct themselves. It is one thing to lament the state of the world left to you, quite another to lament the state of the world you left.

        I don’t know what my generation will do sir. But I know what yours did, and I’m not impressed.

        1. No where did I imply superiority…Nor did I paint a straw man. I simply said the baton gets passed, and asked you what your generation is going to do. Your own words confirm what I said. You will do nothing. You will point fingers, wring your hands about the state of the Nation and complain how your parents have done you wrong.. But you will do nothing. Another generation of armchair quarter backs

          You may not be impressed, But you wont do a single thing to change it either.
          We have been where you are, But you haven’t been where we are. You simply are the voice of the inexperienced, and that sir, is unimpressive to both boomers,and the generation that precedes you.

          1. In the first place sir, I don’t know what my generation will do. Neither do you. That is not and has never been my argument, or the topic of it, so kindly stop setting up these straw men and address my original statements and assertions with a legitimate response or else quit the debate. I’ll simmarize and restate: The Baby Boomer generation raised the current generation of young adults that you now denigrate and complain about. My entire point, all along, is not whether this generation is in fact what they were raised to be (by your generation), but rather that the absolute last group that has any right to complain about what they are or are not, are the group of people who created them. If you are correct and my generation does nothing to improve the state of affairs, the blame should rightly fall on the members of my generation. But the last person who should be complaining about it are the Boomers who (1) handed there children this crock of Bravo Sierra that they cooked up and (2) raised them to not even realize it smelled like, well, Bravo Sierra.

    5. …and what?

      You’ve written so much, and said so little.

      Is it time to assign blame? Will that make someone feel bad? Will it make you feel good? Who freakin’ cares? We’re here now. There’s no going back and fixing the failures of the 70s and 80s.

      That being said, the author has the right of it. Rights will be stripped away in the name of some cause, one by one over the next 20 years.

      They will come for your weapons. What will you do? You can talk a big game, but are you willing to die for that last glimpse of liberty? They already know you have them. They have the receipt for the .416 Rigby ammo you purchased last year, yet deny goes in the rifle you purchased years ago.

      Now what? Are you really willing to die, thus depriving your family of their protector, spouse, father, provider? I’m going out on a whim and saying no, you won’t fight over your right to retain your firearms. Just like your neighbors.

      Want to hide them around your place? Good luck with that. There are hundreds of satellites circling the globe that show the slightest changes in the ground around your house. The holes we plowed when planting trees two years ago are visible on google maps and google earth. They aren’t stupid.

      Will it really happen? Yes and no. If somehow this mess holds itself together long enough, yes, it will happen, but I don’t see that as terribly likely. The fuse has already been lit, and is slowly ticking to the collapse.

      Tensions between political parties (and the media) has accelerated the timeline toward the end. Non-liberal people have grown tired of being preached blind trust in the liberal ideology. Its not democrat vs republican. Its progressive-liberal (quasi-socialist) vs conservative (judeo-christian) ideologies, and the liberals have controlled the school systems we, and our children attend(ed) for decades. While both parents are busy trying to make ends meet through work, they have been indoctrinating our kids into the liberal mentality on a daily basis.

      If you aren’t teaching your kids the “right” way of seeing the world, you are leaving your kids to the mercies of liberal “educators.”

      As it is now, most major city, and county councils have democratic majorities (that I’ve seen), and are more than willing to curtail the citizen’s ability to defend themselves. The Supremes have determined that it is NOT a police responsibility to actually save you, just “enforce the law,” not protect life. Many still do anyway, but its not their job.

      When the police cannot or will not protect the people, and the politicians come for peoples’ guns, it will either die a quick death, or violently overthrow.

      My Brother, you told it like it is!!!
      I was raised in MAssachusetts by conservative
      parents and couldn’t understand all the complaining. They were being ignored..that’s what it was about. I grew up and had enough and left that communist hellhole. Now, here in Az. I still see the ugly head of satanic liberalism growing.
      MAKES ME SICK!! so I shout it down whenever and wherever I encounter it..hence my moniker..gets me grief quite a lot.
      I count that grief as proof that I am
      having an effect, that I am HEARD!!

      1. Vocal Partol:
        NICE! I Love the attitude!
        Political Correctness is Tyranny with manners. Charlton Heston.
        Keep up the good work brother!
        Semper Fi!

  5. Mexico,formed in revolution, also has a 2nd amendment, a copy of ours. However, civilians are mostly prohibited from possessing firearms.
    Canada, doesn’t have a 2nd, but hunting firearms are available, much more than Mexico. It’s the people, not the paper.

    1. Inquire how difficult it would be for a 25 year old Citizen of the Commonwealth, living in any of the major urban areas, with no legal impairments (but not wearing a uniform for the Crown) with plenty of money to buy a semi-auto FAL (a historical Canadian Army weapon, the C-1!) or AR-15 with standard magazines in any Provence of Canada. There, you have your answer about Canadian gun “rights”, and rights in-general. Canadians have an enumerated list of Privileges, granted and allowed by the National Government.

      If you aren’t willing and able to fight for a thing, it’s not yours, up to and including your life.

  6. Nice to see the talk about immigration as a threat to the second amendment. Immigration is being pushed by billionaire open border globalists for profit, power, and punishment. there is a broad alliance of groups in favor of mass immigration that benefit and are glad to be tools of the globalists. Remember, immigrants are not the problem, they only want to take your jobs or country, the problem is your fellow citizens working to make that happen. we are one of the last countries to not have hate speech laws and are allowed to have weapons for self defense.
    Join numbersusa, read every day and vote ut all open border globalists in both parties every chance you get. Even Heaven has a border and an angel at the gate.

  7. After even one single day of wanton nationwide rioting and looting ….

    There’ll be no further discussion about gun control for at least 20 years – it takes at least a generation for the stupidity to leak back in ….

    1. Rooftop Koreans in Los Angeles make your point. 27 years is long enough for people not there (not yet born) to forget.

      I’ll never forget the smell of L A burning. A good simulation is to put a bunch of plastic trash in a burn barrel and fuel it with used motor oil.

  8. I feel the same way. The larger the governments(local, state and federal)make the huge cities such as NY City, Baltimore, and my state capitol of Tennesse, the more control of the “populace” they will have, thus making and enforcing more liberal laws. Most of the laws that are made in the big cities should not apply to the vast rural areas. My wife is from upper state NY. Being from the south, I have learned how beautiful the land up there is. I also have learned that most of the people that I run into up there are for the most part conservative in their views. But do to NY city being so large, it governs the rest of the state with laws and taxes that erroneous to the rural areas. As we continue to see GOD taken from the home, and our education system, the country will continue to plummet into a spiraling out of control government.
    As an old Russian once said, “America will fall from within itself” I truly believe that without our GOD, we will have no spiritual rules, spiritual morals, and spiritual ethics. It is sad, but did you know that our government once published the HOLY BIBLE to be taught in our schools! Check out Wall BUilders. But I do know that GOD always has a remnant left behind and takes care of HIS remnant. May the peace of GOD bless and keep you all. Stay strong, there are more of us out here than we think!

  9. I suspect that the demise of God-given Liberties will continue roughly following the frog-in-a-pot scenario until it doesn’t. What could dramatically influence the outcome is some event turning the heat all the way up overnight. War, disease, pestilence, financial collapse or whatever other calamity may befall us could change the game instantly and alter the outcome in favor of those patriots who are better prepared to weather the storm.
    Whatever comes our way, rest assured our Creator and Grantor of all Liberties is diligently doing what is necessary to turn the hearts of the people back to Him.

  10. You want to keep your gun rights? This can only be solved one new shooter at a time.

    That the NRA is going to help prevent gun control is patently absurd. The NRA was in favor of all the laws and regs mentioned in the “Shall not be infringed” section of this article. The NRA is the worlds largest gun control organization and it’s funded by the very people who think that it’s here to help. The NRA is a UN registered NGO for the purposes of globalization.

  11. it would be interesting to come back in a hundred years and see what kind of America was created by non white citizens. Fortunately I won’t be around. I have had the best of times, a child in the fifties, a teen in the sixties, a family and career in the seventies til the twenty-teens, and retired at the last of the affordable paid off home and good pension and SS times.

  12. In 2013 the Colorado legislature passed and the governor signed into law magazine capacity limits and universal background checks.
    Groups of citizens in precincts represented by some that voted for these worthless laws organized, held elections and recalled (kicked out) their representatives.
    This made national news and was viewed, somewhat, as a defeat of the Bloomberg gun control push. Many here and on other firearms forums congratulated Coloradans on voting the idiots out. It was a very worthwhile effort and the praise to those that participated is well deserved.
    Although I’m sure a message was sent; today, in Colorado, we have magazine capacity limits and universal background checks.

    1. All that has been done in Colorado is to drive gun and magazine sales away from honest businessmen who won’t sell to criminals, to high-mark-up underground sales by criminals to criminals. You can still get everything, and a sales channel for very-entertaining “Destructive Devices” has been opened up.

      Next: A “War On Dangerous Guns” that will make the “War On Drugs” and “The War on Terror” seem like peacetime inside the ConUS.

  13. I sincerely hope you are wrong. I grew up with the firm belief that it is better to die on your feet then live on your knees. And although I would love to die an old man asleep in my bed, I am willing to die defending my right to bear arms. As the last verse of the Battle Hymn of the Republic states: As Christ died to make men holy, let us die to make men free!
    That is the problem with socialists. They want to give up their freedom in exchange for a false sense of security. They don’t value individual liberty, or self determination.
    What they don’t realize is that in socialism, the good of the one can be sacrificed for the good of the whole. And sooner or later, they will be the one that is sacrificed.

    1. I sir feel the same.

      Lord, make me fast and accurate. Let my aim be true and my hand faster than those who would seek to destroy me. Grant me victory over my foes and those that wish to do harm to me and mine. Let not my last thought be “If only I had my gun”; and Lord if today is truly the day that You call me home, let me die in a pile of brass”

        1. If you want that Brother better make sure you are in a place that has that…By your comments I believe you are but if you’re not your more than welcome in my AO…

  14. There are times in the history of all free countries when all seems lost. What is “inevitable” is that the pendulum always swings back. It’s not the government, the Supreme Court, the globalists, the Democrats, or any other group that determines what will be. It is the People.

    You can’t go back too far in time, for too long. This Republic that we call home has lived 241 years now. If it is lost, it will live on in the memories of too many people. It was Progress, it was a dream that came true, it was an idea whose time had come. Nobody can wipe that out. It will spring up, again and again, from the ashes that everyone assumes were extinguished. They have not been, and never will be.

    1. M.Price: I have known many young folks who rebelled and grew up hating everything their parents stood for. They marched, they chanted, some rioted and they voted democratic. But when they had children of their own, they suddenly changed their politics, their voices went from rebellion to protection, from welfare for everyone to welfare for no one and their votes went from democratic to republican/libertarian. I know there are many who do not have the intelligence or ability to self govern, aka illegal immigrants, et al, but there are many American citizens who are changing with age. “When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.” 1 Corinthians 13:11 King James Version (KJV).

  15. A man named Michael Rosecliff had this to say about the idea of gun confiscation, and I tend to agree:
    “…the idea, the delusion, that they (the government) will confiscate guns is crazy…they know it won’t work…besides, there is an easier way to do it: pump as many guns into the system as you can, collapse the Dollar, and stand back…”
    While there are a number of people that prepare to fight the government in such a scenario, the majority of preppers visualize having to use their weapons to fight off starving and looting fellow citizens. That is the plan. Why would they attempt mass confiscation when, given the circumstances of a societal collapse, we will do the dirty work for them.

    1. You nailed it right on the head! I believe that will be the way it will work also. Economic collapse followed by WROL for a while, so that the depopulation agenda has every chance to run its course, then martial law declared, and possibly UN troops coming in to clean up the mess and face against and destroy the remaining remnants of Constitutional Americans that have survived.

    2. D.D.:
      I believe that most American Citizens who are prepping for the SHTF are a lot smarter than most folks give them credit and because of that I beleive that the next civil war that we have will not be between races but the politicians and there ilk.
      A friend of mine on this blog reminded me of something a few months ago you know him as ‘lineman’, he said “A Republic if we can keep it” I replied, I say we keep it!!!!
      Semper Fi!!!!

      1. Amen Brother…I hate the defeatest attitudes lately and have to wonder if it’s not just propaganda put out by the enemy to discourage us from hope that we will prevail…I hope your well Brother and God Bless You and Yours as well…I hope we get to f2f one of these days…

        1. Lineman:
          If you think that was something wait until you get o the 3rd instalment of this article. I get into it with of a MAJOR PESSIMISTIC MORAL CRUSHER named BobW. Yesterday when I read his downer comments I started thinking this sounds alot like a bonifide government spy! And every time I think about it my anti-trust meter gets closer and closer to maxing out. Good to hear from you again. Stay frosty!

  16. I dunno, I suspect that given the millions of people who now own hundreds of millions of firearms in this country, any sort of confiscation attempt will likely precipitate armed resistance to the point of widespread rebellion. Sure, there will be lots of folks who just roll over and what they are told, but from my experience, the vast majority of gun owners in this country will choose to become the “outlaws” you refer to, and will use those guns to defend their freedom to the death before any govt agent can take them away. “From my cold dead hands” will become a battle cry, and any attempt at disarmament won’t be easy or quick, and will leave a mark on this country far deeper than any conflict we’ve ever faced before.

    I don’t subscribe to this inevitability notion. They will try, of course, just as they have been all my life. But they will fail, and fail miserably.

    There will be blood.

    1. Ammunition shortage will make all your guns not useful. Combat burns unbelievable ammo, if you are trained in Uncle’s Tactics. There is no Huey with pallets of loaded magazines in a sling at the end of your radio. You have what you are carrying. Good luck!

      1. Unless your community has a stockpile of components and a way to manufacture them which mine does and I have offered time and time again to help people relocate and people are just to comfortable yet…

  17. Who would enforce such a law? How many of you have friends or neighbors that serve in the US military? Ask them how many of their fellow soldiers would execute an order to confiscate firearms. I’ll bet no one would. How many of your friends and neighbors are police officers? Ask any police officer if they would accept an order to go and confiscate firearms. None of them would either. Soldiers and police accept a higher calling. Their duty wouldn’t allow them to confiscate firearms. Now granted there are always a few idiots that make it through the hiring process. Even an idiot would no it would be a suicide mission to go up to a heavily armed house and demand that firearms be confiscated. A much more likely scenario would be new tougher environmental rules that ban lead in bullets or heavily tax gunpowder. Or the liberals could require a serial number be inscribed at incredible expense on all bullets (as has been proposed in CA). The liberal won’t take firearms – they will simply price us out of the market.

    1. Your absolutely right. I’ve worked side by side with the police for 35 years and to think they would go along with a gun confiscation program is not gonna happen. The majority are pro gun. Besides they also know it could end up as a suicide mission for a few. My neighbor is National Guard and would never fight against his fellow law abiding Americans. His oath is to his country and its citizens, not some power corrupt government.

    2. Annonymous:
      Come on now sir….Haven’t you heard?, Kommunist Korruptifornia is beyond broke and is the largest welfare state within the 50 states. They already priced themselves out of anything!

  18. Trump will extend 27 years of perpetual undeclared unconstitutional wars for another 4 years. During the campaign, Trump supporters refused to hear, ‘But what about governing by the Constitution?’ And they still don’t want to hear it. Rector is absolutely correct, “Americans are comfortable with “unconstitutional” when it suits their purposes.” Even here on SB, when was the last time someone cried out to end 27 years of perpetual unconstitutional wars in the Middle East?

    Trump is just another traitor to the Constitution, bowing at the altar of the industrial/military/congressional complex. War, war, war just like GW Bush and Obama.

  19. While the threat posed by immigration is very real, I think a bigger threat comes from the leftist indoctrination in the schools. Also, the Western European countries are are no longer Christian, and do not recognize the right of self defense.

    I will also add that not all immigrant groups are equal. People escaping from communist countries tend to strongly support the RKBA.
    To my wife’s family, having suffered horribly at the hands of Fidel Castro, “From my cold dead hands” is not just a slogan.

    1. Amen. I used to reside in the leftist regime of New England, and the culture has been changed in a way that guns are looked down upon and so is self defense.

      My wife is from Peru ( she came legally and is now a citizen)

      Through her, I have met many very patriotic Cuban Americans who are very passionate and outspoken about the 2nd Ammendment, due to where they came from.

      The culture is in fact being swung left by years of lying propaganda, which silly, distracted sheeple who don’t know how to think for themselves, simply believe whatever the pied piper of propaganda tells them

  20. Of course your 2nd amendment rights will be infringed. They already are of course but we agree that in this context we mean taken away from everyone except the police and the leaders. It will happen, it was always inevitable. It will begin slowly and then with a rush and a sudden irreversible decision/action and in a blink of the eye it will be gone never to return.

    Many will fight it, keep their guns, bury a few guns, etc. I suspect that there will be a very real and palpable phase where some of these people are rooted out and sent to prison as a lesson to those who they cannot find and punish. I think it will be ugly but in the end “they” will win and we all will lose.

    1. But, in the future, all who have called upon the name of the Lord Jesus and have been saved, will be the real victororious ones.

      This life is temporary and short, eternity is …well eternal.

      Please make sure you will spend it with Jesus in heaven, and seek him while there is still time.

    1. Pray and learn Bible prophecy, it tells us what is coming.

      Get right with the Lord Jesus Christ…..know him and be known by him so that your sins will be forgiven and you can have hope of heaven and the peace that surpasses all understanding, then you will be able to endure whatever tyranny is coming and look forward to the next, eternal life.

  21. The Bible promises (prophecies) a one world system is coming, the bill Of Rights and especially the 2nd Amendment is going to have to be diluted or destroyed for that to happen, and we are getting closer each year as the convergence increases.

    The bronze statue outside the UN showing the revolver with its barrel in a knot, along with much of the recent UN reports and agendas, makes it clear that disarmemant is the goal, and the USA is the rebel child with its 2nd Ammendment, that the globalists know if they destroy that they are closer than ever to instituting their NWO.
    I grew up in Mass and then moved to CT , and lived through the post sandy hoax fiasco of draconian gun laws before moving to a “free state”.

    Too many allow normalcy bias and apathy to get the best of them.

    Rest assured, the attempt of disarmament is coming, but it is going to come one little step at a time,(frog in boiling water analogy) so that eventually you wake up one day and the right to bear arms diluted or removed. Once freedom is taken it is very difficult or improbable of it being restored.

    Show me one state that changed their 10 round mag capacity law back to 30 round or “high capacity” magazines (as the socialists liberals call them)….also, show me one state that has lifted all of the “assault rifle” regulations and bans and allowed free men to purchase a “regular” AR or AK for example with normal capacity mags……

    Once you understand the big picture, you will know that disarming the population is the agenda… that the population can be controlled.

    “When the government fears the people, there is Liberty…when the people fear the Government, there is tyranny”
    Attributed to Thomas Jefferson

    1. Go to the Brady Campaign website and look up their “grade” system for the states. Most of the “F” or “D” states are the ones who (after the 1994 ban sunset in 2004) went back to non-restricted AR’s and other semiautos, with “normal” capacity magazines. Recently, several passed the Firearms Freedom bills and Constitutional Carry, like AZ.

  22. While hard to imagine, we can see trends moving towards an outright ban. However, I believe that a period of gun registration will come first. A gun registration would help the govt know who has what guns. Then, when a ban happens, they can check the list of guns turned in, to the registration list. In other countries where guns are banned, my guess is that they had a period of registration first.

  23. For those of us who are discouraged, I recommend two books by Thomas A. Watson, available on Amazon in various formats. Very uplifting! Let me just say: think “Death Wish”, “Gran Torino” John Wayne, Dirty Harry.
    “Bonner Incident” Book l, and “The Bonner Incident: Joshua’s War” Book 2. Another of my favorites: “Term Limits” by Vince Flynn.
    Let us hope that there exists among REAL men and women the “3 Percenters”!

  24. I am going to upset some of you, but it’s only intended to make a point. To those of you who think the cops & military won’t confiscate guns, I’d ask where the heck are you during Katrina?

    The National Guard went door to door, kicking doors in some cases. The police and the military confiscated guns and people went along……fools.

    The police are largely not “gun people” although the ones in smaller towns are more likely to be. They are far more concerned about keeping their pensions than defending YOUR rights. Remember, as cops, they are exempted from most of those gun control laws.

    As for any sense of moral duty, I’d ask “is it moral to steal from someone for not wearing a seat belt”. When someone says they are a “good” cop, I’d ask if they ever ticketed or arrested someone for a victimless “crime” that was simply a violation of some code. If the answer is yes, they are not good. Just following orders didn’t work in Nuremberg, and they don’t apply now.

    1. Comparing Mass Murder with enforcement of laws you believe to be victimless as equal in judging the goodness of someone is wrong!! You truly have a warped sense of right and wrong.

        1. Lineman:
          I would agree with you. Most people would rather walk through life with their head in the sand and not get involved at any level. It is our Civic Duty to make sure things like this do not come to fruition

  25. While I believe it is inevitable that they will try to ban guns, I don’t think they will be successful.
    Whether the attempt leads to civil war or not is another question.

    1. Not surrendering. Just a realistic appraisal of the future – we will need a clear eyed view of the facts to prepare ourselves well in advance of the ban. If we are to be effective in the future – we don’t want to get blindsided by how things “ought to be”.


  26. In WW2 the Japanese would not invade because the “was a rifle behind every blade of grass” There is no telling how many M4forgery’s and AK’s have been added. I foresee the day when firearm’s are banned AND bootie, is unlocked,is dug up, loaded up.. Ready on the left, ready on the right. The triggers will be pulled by the police, military, active reserve, and NG, soldiers laid up in Vet hospitals, hunters, taxpayers, and blue collar workers. These folks will be pissed abut the deep state, and being crapped on for the last 60 years. No amount of blue helmets, contractors, antifa, SJW, will be able to stop this turnaround. I am sure that the drone operators, the Robotic weapons operator’s and the UAV ops care more about their families than they care for the allformenoneforyou, greedy, self serving Congress. I see the biggest gathering of rifles, pistols revolvers, black powder firesticks, Indian hatchets, bows, air rifles crossbows, bb guns, hatchets, axes, spears, Molotov cocktails, punji pits, 480 voltage traps, and anti-drone drones in history… add a few cut brake hoses and mogas bombs,etc. I will not mention NBC treats.

    1. Sheepdog:
      ….all ready on the firing line, you may commence firing when your wolf targets are in range!
      And brother when that time comes to go down range it is my hope that all Citizen Patriots are standing side by side.
      Semper Fi!

  27. @G3ken.

    As a cop I’ve arrested hundreds of drunk drivers. A few have had victims , maimed or dead . Most didn’t have a victim I could point to .

    I guess that makes me a bad cop.

    Frankly I’ve heard this sovereign crap of no victim – no crime stuff for a long time . It’s illogical and appeals to people like the Bundys. Most people are a little smarter then that.

    1. @Frank L.
      I find it strange that you ignored the examples that I gave and used drunk driving instead.
      In fact, you ignored the rest of the argument, as well. That’s being dishonest.

      Sure, there are some who are way out there who believe if a drunk driver doesnt hurt anyone, they should be left alone. I never condoned intoxicated driving of any kind. It’s like saying it wouldnt be OK to stop someone from using a gun or knife irresponsibly until the hurt someone.

      “Sovereign crap” of no victim? Really? So you’re just enforcing the law, right? You are unable to decide right from wrong and just enforce the dictates of politicians? This country was great because we were a moral people who could understand that true freedom means letting people live their lives free from being harassed. If putting on a uniform and a badge makes you exempt from the laws of morality, then yes, you are a bad cop. I hope you’re better than that.

  28. The baby boomers were raised by the greatest generation that bled and died to keep the world free. They wanted their kids to have a better life, and indulged them, giving any and every thing they wanted that they could afford to give them. In so doing spoiled their children to the point that they raised a generation of selfish children that felt entitled to any and everything they wanted without working for it. They in turn compounded the problem by raising even more selfish me first children. In the mean time parent stopped going to church, honoring God, and believing they, themselves were gods. All mention of God, or patriotism were removed from the school curriculum, and most of the teachers were closet communist until the college level where they openly taught communism and disparaged the very values that allowed them to spout this crap. And the young minds of the me first students bought it. Now we are where we would have been if we lost WWII. There is no pride in country or any spiritual direction. All of us are guilty. We stood by and let it happen.

  29. Good thought provoking article. Thank you.

    It reminds me of how the IRA, with less than 200 guns were able to stave off the British Army for years.

    God Bless

    1. That is how precisely how it will evolve sheepdog.
      Its going to be more like “the Troubles” than red dawn.
      better to study up from the master of 4th gen warfare “Michael Collins”.

      The Left thinks they are going to get their Socialist Utopia , but in reality what they are going to get is Belfast circa 1970.
      The deep state cant even disarm the urban areas that are all ready today in a state of low intensity conflict.
      This will not end well.

    2. The Irish Republican Army beat the British. Republicans were a nasty bunch, with the home field advantage. They won, not by head-on beating the British Army (who would have mopped up in a stand-up fight), but by making the fight too expensive for London to continue and offering a reasonable price for peace (with the option to dig up the guns if London wants the Island back).

  30. Some of you are delusional. Patton and MacArthur put the Bonus Army down, they did as they were told.
    They already have us. I can’t grow food, know nothing about medicine and NEED electricity, clean water, and a car that works (I cannot make gasoline).
    We have been sucked into a dependency world.

    1. Maybe you ought to learn a few of those things while you still have time. Why else are you here? That’s what this site is all about. You still have access to the internet, and when that goes, there are still plenty of books on every subject you could want. If you’re “dependent”, it’s only because you want to be. Learn at least the basics, and maybe get good at one or two things – then you’ll be an asset to your community when the time comes and can trade your skill(s) for what you need. You still have time.

  31. Well written, rector. The piece about Texas going blue was intriguing, but I can see the evidence to support your premise. I wish our nations’s trajectory wasn’t what it is, but that’s why we prepare.

    1. Thank you for the kind words.

      The blueing of Texas may come as early as 2028 or as late as 2040 – but either way the demographic trends are what they are. Well before Texas turns – “battleground” states will turn and the die will be cast.

  32. Unfortunately we are at a cross roads half the country are libtards and half conservative. There are thousand of trained combat hardened vets who are well prepared for battle. It is only a question of when this war is going to happen and how. Something has happen and soon or America will go the way of Rome. Trump slowed it but has not stopped it. I truly believe it is time for a divorce. When the Dems are back in power their is no doubt in my mine the shooting war will start. They have already started (Congressional shooting, Vegas, etc, but the other side has shown restraint. ) Please pray for our country the last hope of freedom.

  33. For what it is worth, there was a posting on face book recently, that said ” the young people who are doing the ” Tide Pod challenge ” today are the new voters of the next election.

  34. So a rouge government in the future decides to collapse the dollar and than waits for the carnage to be over. So rule by chaos is the plan. Bad plan.

    There are over 200 million guns in US and 535 people in DC. Do the math. Politicians that crave power want to be alive to use it.

    Good luck if they try to take personal property from 100 million Americans.

  35. We all got letters last week telling us to surrender our bump stocks and trigger cranks ?
    ( whatever the hell those are ) in the next 90 days or become felons

    No Grandfather Clause, no form of compensation , just confiscation !

    Now I could care less about these silly range toys and the waste of ammo they produce. However a very liberal friend and gun owner ( oddly enough ) was upset about this.

    He claimed it was very unamerican and I believe he’s right. This is the beginning of confiscation. We have no choice here in Massachusetts . All firearms must be registered. The authorities will know exactly what we have and what must be surrendered .

    If you’re else were in the country where Freedom still exist then please buy firearms and put them away for the bad times ahead.

    May God have mercy on us all and save us from these evil globalists.

    1. Is whatever job/material comforts you retain from living in that state worth your birthright as an American? Leave, else you become part of the problem rather than the solution.

    2. Oh there is so much wrong with this comment I don’t even know where to start…I just want to say to you stay right where you are because your mindset is poison and I don’t want you to kill off any hearts and minds that still might have a yearning for freedom…

  36. Well it likely does not help much. That the American people are slowly being indoctrinated into believing that the constitution that is written in very plain language. That interpretation of it by the supreme court is legitimate, and that it shall hold sway over the law of the land.

    For further contemplation on this I would refer all readers to a book by Mark Levin. The name of this book is Men in black. A very informative read to be sure.

  37. Conservatives and especially gun owners have just about had enough of government interference in their lives and if the day comes when gun confiscation is attempted there won’t be a bunch of gun owners setting back ready and armed waiting to repel the inevitable attack but instead said gun owners will take the fight to the enemy and the enemy will be the one who will be fighting for their lives from an overwhelming onslaught of hundreds of thousands of pissed off patriots. We all witnessed that mindset from our current day patriots about four years ago at the Bundy ranch when hundreds of heavily armed good ole boys and gals showed up from all across America and stood with the Bundy family. I believe that warrior spirit is alive and well here in the U.S.A. and it will be that spirit that will keep us free.

  38. Not all will do as they are told in fact I bet few will since the defense at nazi trials,” I was just following orders” got you hung.

    And it seems people think this civil war will be long, it will not.
    James Rawels wrote an excellent article on why it will be brutal, bloody and short.

    Just 19 men with box cutters turned our nation upside down, now imagine just one million per state with 20 million in DC

    1. 7 of those men are still alive.
      (((Somebody))) stole their identity.
      Building 7 fell straight into its basement
      in the afternoon, after an asymmetrical fire.
      The word box cutter Barb Olson cell call never
      happened. It was 5 years later that cell to
      ground was put in place….. see picocell.
      Fast-moving cell attempts have always been
      blocked to avoid cascading the system.
      What nation in the middle east benefited
      from the war on terra?

  39. An excellent article… I agree with all the major points.

    I’d like to point out something that’s almost never discussed. They won’t bother to take your guns, but some future wannabe Barry Soetoro could very easily use his “pen and a phone” to cut off your supply of ammo. There are very few manufacturers that produce powder and primers and they are basically all owned by the government (or foreign governments). This is a bottle neck very easily closed off. For years they’ve been talking about limits on ammo ownership. Far easier than trying to confiscate all those guns. They can threaten and control a small handful of companies far easier than millions of pissed off citizens.

    I leave you with this:

    In April, 2016, Gavin Newsom, Lt. Governor of California, and former Mayor of San Francisco, said, “It seems to me the most dangerous part of the weapon is not the weapon itself, it’s the ammunition.”
    “I think we are having a very important debate in this country about background checks on guns, but a gun has never killed anybody, unless it’s used as a blunt instrument,” Newsom said. “A gun needs a component — and that’s the ammunition — to be deadly. And the reality is today anyone can buy ammunition anywhere. There’s no licensing requirements to buy ammunition. … Any local grocery store, liquor store, can legally sell unlimited rounds of ammunition. You can get truckloads of ammunition sent to your doorstep online. There’s no background checks for the people selling them and there’s no background checks for the people purchasing them.”
    Daniel Patrick Moynihan, the late Democratic senator from New York said, “We don’t need to ban guns; we need to ban ammunition, because in 25 years, if you can’t buy ammunition, it goes bad.”

    Don’t underestimate the power of the dark side. The Left isn’t stupid. At least, the activist-lawyer types driving this stuff aren’t stupid. They don’t actually need elections, they can accomplish most of what they want with Left leaning judges and the Administrative State.

    BTW, very early in her presidential run, Hillary was pushing “reasonable” Australian style gun control (look it up). I assume her handlers thought that would scare all the rural white democrats, so they nixed that stuff very quickly.

  40. Montana 64th Legislature, SB0122

    Section 2. Legislative findings. (1) In recognition that the people of Montana have reserved to
    themselves the individual right to bear arms in Article II, section 12, of the Montana constitution, the legislature
    finds that both this right and the firearms that the people possess are at serious risk if the people cannot obtain
    ammunition for firearms. An adequate source of ammunition is an indivisible and essential part of the right to bear
    arms. The people of Montana are totally dependent upon a very few manufacturers of smokeless propellant, small
    arms primers, and cartridge cases located in other states for small arms ammunition used in Montana.
    (2) The legislature intends to encourage the manufacture of smokeless propellant, small arms primers,
    and cartridge cases within the borders of Montana to ensure availability of small arms ammunition for the people
    of Montana and to fully implement the right to bear arms that the people have reserved to themselves.

  41. i wouldn’t worry about it. This is a typical case of a generation gripeing about the one that comes after it… “I had snow and had to go up hill.. both ways from the bus stop.. and we loved it!!…” mentality

  42. I understand your concerns, though I don’t agree with them.
    First, please, please stop using blue and red states as that is nothing but media programming of the general population into their way of thinking. Traditionally, red was the unofficial color of the Democrats, and blue was the unofficial color of the Republicans. The media changed that in the 2000 elections because they did not like the way conservatives associated the Democrat red with the Red of communism. Please don’t play into this mind-warping of the media on the general public.
    I think you will find that with Trump being in office that the Left will to implode and expose themselves for what they really are…unpatriotic socialist (communist) minions. A lot of what BOBS put into affect during his reign of terror is already falling apart. I do not want to be overly optimistic, as anything can happen at any time, but I also don’t want to be sounded the gloom and doom bell either.
    Yes, we still face and may always face those that are trying to destroy our Republic and the Bill of Rights, which strengthens the Foundation of our Constitution. Yet, I think the results of the 2016 elections shows that there is a multitude of people out there that will not allow this country to go any further down the toilet than it already has due to the efforts of those on the Left.
    The coming year will show that much of what the Left had put into place, and thought would be solidified by her galactic majesty Hillary, will come crumbling down like a house of cards.
    Never take anything for granted.
    Yes, we need to remain ever vigilant! In doing so, we thwart in the long run all attempts to take from us those cherished Bill of Rights.

  43. One could as easily conclude that gun control is dead. Liberals are buying guns in droves.

    The reason we are armed is not because of the 2nd Amendment, or the Constitution which apparently limits nothing, or our “right” which is pure nonsense. We are armed because we find it in our interest to be armed, and because of our determination to remain so. And we are armed because the ruling class, which clearly would love to disarm us (it’s in their interest, after all) fear either to lose the next election, or to end up hanging from a lamp post.

    I’m not saying a confiscation order is impossible; indeed it may be fairly likely. But if it is tried it will be a desperation measure, a move from weakness, not from strength. And it will fail.

  44. Thomas Wooler outlined the problem in the “Black Dwarf” back in January 1917.

    “The people ought to have remembered that they were the guardians of the Constitution. Instead of that the simpletons expected protection from the constitution; which is in fact nothing but the recorded merits of our ancestors…. Their freedom was in their power and their will”

  45. The US is a police state now. Americans should be out in the streets with pitchforks and torches, but instead they would rather shut up, cover their ears, and put their heads in the sand.


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