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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “HJL”. Jeff Bezos has reached truly scary proportions in his wealth and influence.


This auction caught my eye: 1986 Chevrolet D30 4×4 Pickup. I’ve never seen a CUCV configured as a Dually before… – JWR


Reader G.P. sent in this article on how Emergency Rooms are struggling to keep up with the load caused by the current flu onslaught. There are so many checking into the emergency department over flu symptoms that the hospitals are having to confiscate space to house the patients in waiting rooms and are restricting visitors to make room. Elective surgeries are also being routinely postponed as there are no beds available.

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Flu shots are big business. The evidence on the effectiveness of flu shots is questionable, yet the industry keeps pumping them out. The CDC is playing into this with their new campaign. Not satisfied with the number of shots being given, the CDC is embarking on a campaign of “creating concern, anxiety and worry” among the American Public to convince them to get the shot. We used to call this tactic FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt). This is always a shady practice, preying on uneducated people. A much better solution is to educate people and honesty is always the best policy. Thanks to H.L. for the link.


There is apparently another virus, similar to influenza, that causes many of the same symptoms, but doctors do not test for it. Reader R.K. sent in this article on how the adenovirus can act like the flu, but it’s not. The virus is so risky that the U.S. military vaccinates recruits against two major strains of it, but the vaccine is not available to the general public. There are 52 different known strains of adenovirus and an outbreak of it in 2007 killed 10 people. Most do not get severe symptoms, but it can be serious.

Jeff Bezos

Capitalism is good, but I’m starting to wonder about the influence some have on our society. Jeff Bezos personal net worth has now surpassed the 12-figure mark and he has passed Bill Gates as the world’s richest man. This infographic put together by Visual Capitalist outlines Bezos’ personal empire showing the extent of his acquisitions, holdings and investments along with the names of the companies that he controls. It’s a bit scary when one person has that much influence in your life. Thanks to G.M. for the link.

Los Angeles

The inverse of the golden horde is in progress. Los Angeles is now home to more than 55,000 people who don’t have a home. The homeless population has exploded with a 75% increase in six years. Three out of four homeless people live in cars, campers, tents and lean-tos. Not all of these are the result of drug addiction or other self-inflicted problems either. Many are victims of the economic depression and recovery. There are 222 encampments that have been identified with many of them having more than 30 people living in them. Sanitary conditions are nonexistent and disease is easily spread here. This is where liberal, progressive policies take cities. Thanks to G.P. for the link.

Police Corruption

Baltimore cops have admitted to planting guns and using GPS locators to rob drug dealers. Members of the Baltimore Police Departments Gun Trace Task Force have been charged with racketeering and other corruption, robbing citizens, making illegal arrests and filing for thousands of dollars in overtime they never worked. In other words, some members of the Baltimore Police Department were actually one of the most dangerous gangs in the city. It’s good that the corruption has been exposed so they can clean it out, but this sort of behavior from those who are supposed to have impeccable integrity is a sure symptom of the decay of our society. Thanks to B.T. for the link.


In a spat of irony, Hamas’ co-founder has died of a self-inflicted gun wound to the face. Apparently Imad al-Alami was “examining his personal weapon in his home” on January 9th when the gun discharged and the bullet struck him in the face. Of course, Hamas initially announced that he had died of natural causes to dispel rumors that he had committed suicide or was murdered. They later admitted it was an accident. Perhaps the initial “natural causes” isn’t so far from the truth when you are a terrorist?

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  1. Re Bezps: The US has been running away from Capitalism since FDR. We’re far closer to Mussolini’s ‘Corporatocracy”, the marriage of government and corporations.

    Probably the closest to true Capitalism we now have is found at flea markets. 🙂 And “System D”, of course.

  2. the effectiveness of flu shots is NOT questionable. The simple fact it is NOT perfect. There is no “question” the science and medical knowledge of what a flu shot can and will do is not “questionable it is in fact known exactly. Each year the flu mutates and each year as the flu(s) that become epidemic are identified the effectiveness of the current flu shot is known with reasonable and certainly NOT questionable precision. BUT,(there is always a ‘but’) this lack of perfection is a rich source of confusion to be used and profited by to peddle various forms of quackery. In fact the flu shot is an excellent opportunity to separate those who know and understand science from those who do not and who prefer quackery. Everyone is free to make that choice.

    1. 1) There is also confusion over Individual health versus PUBLIC health.

      This year’s flu seems particularly dangerous — and even if the vaccine is not 100% effective it can still INDIRECTLY protect people if it reduces the number of people expelling the flu viruses until the flu dies out for lack of hosts.

      Although the use of the term “Herd immunity” is maybe not the best choice of words:

    1. I thought it was just our Chevy truck! We had trouble with the tail lights too. Finally got rid of it. Tho it was emotionally hard – it had been my dad’s truck & son ended up with if for a while & gave it a great Star Wars-inspired paint job. 🙂

  3. Some CUCVs were modified in the late 80s to accommodate the TRC-170 shelter. The shelter was top heavy and tended to roll the truck, so local motor pools were authorized to buy Chevy dually rear axles and re-configure them. You stumbled upon a real rare ex-military vehicle there. Past member of the 3rd Combat Communications Group, Tinker AFB.

  4. I’m with those who recognize the efficacy of flu shots and all the arrows in the PUBLIC HEALTH quiver. Vaccines are the number one, most effective protection against disease. And yet how often have I heard preppers decry illegal
    aliens coming into the country with measles, mumps and other illnesses which are then passed on to children in the schools who were not vaccinated because the parents believed the quackery that it was harmful to you.

    Are there risks? Sure, but life is risky. The greater good, especially PUBLIC HEALTH, is served by getting your information from good medical sites and government sites from specialists whose calling is to serve the greatest number of people without political beliefs getting in the way.

    I don’t know why prepper sites have more of this drivel on it than others but it does a great disservice to your children and country. Is it at all possible to leave all the conspiracy theories in the political arena and not the medical arena?

    And that’s why childhood diseases are making a comeback threatening those around them. If you think this years seasonal flu is bad think about the next pandemic and multiply it ten times.

    The saddest part of the 1918 pandemic? The number of people who starved because they were quarantined to prevent spread of the flu but no one wanted to deliver them food because they were afraid to even approach the house.

    I think we’ll be sorely tested when the time comes.

    1. “The greater good”

      “I don’t know why prepper sites have more of this drivel on it than others but it does a great disservice to your children and country.”

      “government sites from specialists whose calling is to serve the greatest number of people without political beliefs getting in the way.”

      You sound eerily like “Ordinary Men.”

      What is your core motivation?

      Are you a real human being?

      Who are you?

  5. Los Angeles

    Clearly these are not the people to whom the redistribution went, therefor they must be the people from whom the redistribution came. I don’t see a problem here, they all look equal to me.

  6. BOV

    Dually version was the M1028A2 & A3 factory built as a commo shelter carrier.

    M1028 Truck, Cargo, Tactical, 1 1/4 Ton, 4×4 Chevrolet CUCV

    The M1028 cargo truck is a model of the M10xx Chevy Commercial Utility Cargo Vehicles (CUCV) series of trucks. The linked page provides more information on the general characteristics of the Chevrolet CUCV trucks, varaints and kits, and a directory of links to pages for other models of the series.

    The M1028 CUCV and its variants are light commercial trucks with a pick-up body, with military modifications, designed to provide standard tactical mobility and to carry the S-250 electronics/communications shelter. The M1028 and its variants are derived from the M1008 Truck, Cargo, Tactical, 1 1/4 Ton, 4×4 pick-up truck but with upgrades including a heavier rear suspension with an overload leaf spring. There is no visual distinction between the M1008 and the M1028 series trucks, except for dual wheel models.

    The nomenclature and features of the M1028 variants are:

    M1028 Truck, Shelter Carrier, Tactical, 1 1/4 Ton, 4×4 (S250 commo shelter, communications kit and 24v/100 amp electrical) (NSN 2320-01-127-5077)
    M1028A1 Truck, Shelter Carrier w/PTO, Tactical, 1 1/4 Ton, 4×4 (Same as M1028 with NP205 transfer case for PTO) (NSN 2320-01-158-0820)
    M1028A2 Truck, Shelter Carrier w/PTO, Tactical, 1 1/4 Ton, 4×4 (Same as M1028A1 plus dual rear wheels) (NSN 2320-01-295-0822)
    M1028A3 Truck, Shelter Carrier, Tactical, 1 1/4 Ton, 4×4 (Same as M1028A2 with NP208 plus dual rear wheels) (NSN 2320-01-325-1937)

    M1028A2 and M1028A3: 1) Flared Rear Fender, 2) Rear Fender Side Markar, 3) Offset Front Wheel Hub, 4) Dual Rear Wheels. Image from TM 9-2320-289-10 Change 5

  7. Los Angeles Homeless, My youngest son worked for 2 years in the LA area. He didn’t earn enough to rent an apartment so his excess items went into storage and he lived in the back of his pickup truck. He parked in quiet out of the way areas and joined a gym for showering. He said many people were doing the same thing as he was.

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