SurvivalBlog’s News From The American Redoubt

Here is SurvivalBlog’s News From The American Redoubt. This weekly column features news stories and event announcements from around the American Redoubt region. We also mention companies of interest to preppers that are located in the region. The emphasis this week is on pro-gun Wyoming.


In recent data from The Tax Foundation, most of the American Redoubt States rank well, as usual: 2018 State Business Tax Climate Index

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Likewise, in safety rankings, most of the American Redoubt States rank very well: 2017’s Safest States in America. Note that Montana and Wyoming were dinged for road safety in part because they have so many long stretches of highway with 80-mile per hour speed limits, some severe winter weather at the higher elevations, and so many deer and elk collisions. Otherwise, they’d be near the top of the list.


Wolf Trapper Certification Classes Scheduled in Coeur d’Alene

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Some video shot west of Coeur d’Alene: Air 4: Post Falls Dam. (Thanks to D.B. for the link.)

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Reader T.Z. sent news about a company headquartered in Ketchum, Idaho: Clothing Company Founder Finds Out it’s Not a Great Idea to Call His Fox Viewing Customers ‘Idiots’. JWR’s Comment: Something tells me that this company won’t be “getting rich off” many SurvivalBlog readers.


Montana becomes first state to implement net neutrality after FCC repeal. JWR’s Comment:  Any bets on whether or not the FCC will extra-jurisdictionally attempt to assert Federal supremacy, on this?

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Reader B.K. sent us a link to a beautiful collection of photos taken in northwestern Montana. It is titled: Montana, Our Heaven On Earth. I noticed that the same photographer also posted this: Montana’s Cabinet Mountain Beauty. And then that led me to his web page.

Eastern Oregon

I missed this announcement, back in November: Firearms Company Radian Weapons Moves to Redmond. They make some amazing ARs with exacting quality control.  The Radian web site still lists a mailing address in Salem (Left Coast) Oregon, because their winter weather move to central Oregon is still in progress.   I spoke with a company representative yesterday, and was told that the company management, sales, and marketing departments have already moved to Redmond. Their main manufacturing shop floor equipment is expected to be moved in February or perhaps March of 2018. (Note: Not to be confused with Redmond, Washington, Redmond, Oregon is just north of the growing city of Bend. The Bend-Redmond-Madras region is largely peopled by ex-Californians. But it is fairly conservative and pro-gun–since a lot of the recent immigrants were fleeing California’s absurd gun laws.)

Eastern Washington

Here is a pathetic band wagon that several states have jumped on: Washington Senate passes bump stock ban. If you live in Washington, please do your best to get this stopped in the House before it  reaches the desk of the liberal Democrat Governor. Contact your representative in Olympia!

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Suspect arrested after Fred Meyer fire in Richland.


Wyoming (Pro-Gun Wyoming)

Here is some recent news from pro-gun Wyoming. It is another case of “voting with their feet”: Firearms manufacturer Weatherby moving to Wyoming.  (From Paso Robles, California, to Sheridan, Wyoming.) As HJL first noted in SurvivalBlog last Thursday, Weatherby’s move is being widely heralded.  On Friday, I spotted this video from the recent SHOT Show, on YouTube: Interview with Gov. Mead of Wyoming on Weatherby Move.  It is so refreshing to a see a state –and a Governor–like that is so genuinely pro-gun.

Compare Governor Mead’s attitude with that of New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy. Life-long Democrat Murphy waited only a week after being sworn in to announce that he is reverting his predecessor Chris Christie’s slight loosening of concealed carry permit application reviews! It now once again very difficult for all but a few political insiders to be approved for “justifiable need” for a permit. But in Wyoming, you can carry concealed anywhere in the state with no permit whatsoever. It has been that way since July, 2011.  And guess what? There hasn’t been blood in the streets. Heinlein was right: “An armed society is a polite society.”

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This recent article highlights the American Redoubt movement: Prepper Paranoia or Pragmatism? Inside Wyoming’s underground survivalist movement


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  1. On the Scottevest article. I have owned one for over 8 years and loved it until now. I went to the company website and a pop up prompted me for a chat session. I began writing a note to ‘Dom’ about how disappointed I was and the chat window suddenly closed, when I tried to reopen another chat it informed me that there were not chat sessions available. That tells me the rot in this company goes way deeper than the CEO!! Guess my vest stays in the closet from this point on.

  2. South Carolina will soon be discussing & voting on a bill that would allow citizens to carry without permit. Call your local state Senators & Representatives and ask them to support this bill. Giving them a few reasons why wouldn’t hurt either.

  3. In WA we’re working on pressures today through Feb 1st at Olympia. Contact Rick Halle through Facebook, check out the FB page for Gun Rights Coalition. We need you!

  4. Montana:
    First off James, no bet! Mama didn’t raise no fool. But very funny.
    Second, I,m on the fence on the internet neutrality, so I’am still a work in progress on that note. However when you click onto the link to The Hill to read the news on the Net there is a article on The U.S. Supreme Court on how they blocked The Trump admin. on repealing Obahma’s exec. order and/or law on the protection of water in the U.S., this is the same exec. order and/or law that supposedly gave the EPA Power over all water to include mud puddles here in the U.S. So, now the fight is on over our water rights as citizens. This is and/or would be Bruce Babbitt,s dream come true. For those of you who do not know who Bruce Babbitt is, he a former secretary of (property rights/land theft) the interior. I give you a excerpt from RANGE magazine winter 2017/2018 issue page 79, “The West is watching to see if the new secretaries will get a handle on the long-term bureaucrats of the administrative state, some of whom have been there since President Carter. Bruce Babbitt told a 1993 law conference that “ranchers and private property owners are headed for extinction and that water problems of the West are going to be solved by moving water in regulated manner.” In other words, use the federal bureaucracy to steal private property rights. Will the Trump administration allow Babbitts war on the West to continue? The Primary Article is about two Idaho Ranchers who took on the weaponized BLM and WON!!!! Read the article it’s awesome!
    We The People need be vigilant and keep our “employees” in line and maker they do OUR bidding and not put forward there underhanded, illegal, globalization agenda.

  5. James, HJL, and Co. and fellow Blog-sters:
    I’am looking for many ideas on where to buy, look up, and generally hunt down Winter/Snow Camo. The last time I needed Winter/Snow Camo was in ’86 in Adak Alaska for cold weather combat training. You might say things have changed a little. So any suggestions would be great.

      1. Lineman:
        Nice. Thanx. I will check them out.
        I want to go and do cold weather training at Thunder Mountain. They had last year and if i did not know any better I would swear it sold out faster than any of there courses I’ve ever seen. I took care of that problem and I have everything else I need for this course except….ya you got it, no winter/snow camo once that’s taken care of I’ll be good to go. Thanx again for the tip, keep’em coming.

  6. ScottE-Di-Vest.

    As to MT Net Neutrality, did they insure Facebook, Twitter, Google (youtube) would have to treat conservatives the same as liberals and not ban or shadowban them?

  7. My email to:

    I am a concerned citizen who lives a prepared life. As I get older I have had to change how I conceal carry; I had been seriously considering your vest as a very good option. Now that I know I am a Blanking Idiot, I must have been wrong. Saying your founder and CEO is not part of the everyday operation of the business does not work. I will assume he still owns a good portion of the company so I will not be one of the idiots making him richer.

    Yes I watch Fox News as well as others to see opposing views but I should probably not worry about opposing views as I am a Blanking Idiot.

    No response necessary unless it is to tell me that Scott will not make on cent off of any purchase I make.

  8. I tried watching MSNBC since I changed my programming.The hate and anti-American views just don’t cut it with me.I don’t get Fox, But I think it is the only somewhat pro American news channel.The rest seem like they share programming and hatred.

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