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  1. Had the opportunity to talk to a gentleman from South Africa last month. He is in the states attached to a university teaching and researching for about a year now. I asked him point blank if genocide of the white farmers was happening in SA. He said; “Yes, it’s bad, very bad.” I asked him if he thought it would spread to generally white genocide, he said; “It’s bad, very bad.” That’s all he could say. He couldn’t even bring himself to characterize or describe it in detail. Clearly, he was upset.

  2. My wife and I and a hunting buddy have spent 3 months over several trips hunting in South Africa, in the last 10 years.

    The stories of what is happening to white So. Africans in the rural areas of the country are scary. We’ve traveled throughout the country and our outfitter was always acutely aware of the security situation. Before we left camp we discussed various security scenarios and our intended responses. They were always armed.

    Our outfitter travels extensively in the US visiting prospective clients and arranging bookings. He was/is very outspoken about the political and racial tensions he sees in the US and how the mirror similar trends in recent South African history. He has a very dire warning and caution for all of his US clients.

  3. “Destruction by debt”? Another title might be “Alas,Babylon,” but that’s already been taken. However, isn’t this a setup for Revelation 18?

  4. RE: South African Farm Murders

    From a historical perspective of what can happen, (Warning: Some Graphic Content)

    The Stanleyville Massacre

    “Fifty years ago, Stanleyville in the Congo was the scene of one of the most savage crimes of the last century, the cold-blooded massacre of hostages by the Simba rebels.

    Mercenary soldiers from 5 Commando under the leadership of Lt Colonel Mike Hoare, probably the most famous merc officer since World War 2, had been unable to prevent the tragedy. But in the days to come, they saved hundreds of hostages from a tortured death, and helped restore peace to that troubled land … “.

    In a nutshell, initially 5 Commando came into the Congo and things settled down, then the UN forces “replaced” 5 Commando and FUBAR, then 5 Commando had to come back to fix matters. Unfortunately, many were not rescued.

    Also, for a glimpse into that time, see,
    “Katanga The Untold Story (Of U.N. Betrayal)”, movie.

    “Africa Addio” is a mixed bag 1966 Italian documentary about the end of the colonial era in Africa.

    And, on how to handle a situation, “The Battle of Algiers” movie.

  5. I would like to see a debate on national TV comparing the Democrats ideas versus Republicans.I wish Libertarians could be included. I just don’t see what everyone likes about the Democrats.I find their thinking strange and Anti-American. Any site I go to where Democrats post they are very angry and post hate.

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