Preparedness Notes for Thursday – January 25, 2018

On January 25th, 1995, the world was minutes from nuclear annihilation. Russia’s early-warning defense radar detected an unexpected missile launch near Norway and calculated that they only had minutes before impact on Moscow. Russian President Boris Yeltsin, the defense minister, and the chief of staff were informed of the missile launch and the nuclear command systems were switched to combat mode and the nuclear suitcases were activated for the first time in the history of the Soviet-made system.

Five minutes after launch Russian command determined that the missile’s impact point would be outside Russia’s borders and three minutes after that the determination was made that the missile launch was most likely not part of a surprise nuclear strike by Western nuclear submarines (only minutes before a counter-launch decision had to be reached). Later, it was revealed that the missile was carrying scientific instruments and Norway had notified 35 countries, including Russia, of the exact details of the launch, nine days before. The Russian Defense Ministry had neglected to inform the on-duty personnel at the early-warning center of the launch.

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  1. In this case the technical systems worked better than the human ones. In a previous case (Able Archer 83) when Soviet technical systems reported five ICBMs launched from the US, and LTC Stanislav Petrov, the missile warning officer on duty, decided it was a false alarm based on the number of launches being too small. Two cases where nuclear war could have started based on faulty information. Doesn’t make you sleep better at night, does it?

  2. Actually the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists has moved the Domesday Clock to 2 minutes to midnight — reflecting the most dangerous status since 1953 — when we and the Soviets first exploded hydrogen bombs.

    Obama’s coup in Ukraine makes sense only if US elites are planning on putting NATO bases –and stealth drones carrying nuclear warheads — within 300 miles of Moscow and Russia’s ICBM sites. A prelude to a First Strike and seizure of Russia’s immense natural resources.

    Because Bill Clinton’s globalization will collapse without a global government –with immense loss of wealth by our elites. Ukraine was a lethal threat to nuclear armed Russia.

  3. That was an interesting article. Looks like they need to update it and add #21. I wonder if those who stayed calm, analyzing the whole picture to verify what was really happening were recognized vs. those who panicked.

  4. When we studied Root Cause Analysis, the instructor stated that in 90% (if not more) of events, Poor Communication Techniques and Lack of Management Oversight were the major causes.

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