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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “HJL”. it’s that time of year again. The pink hats are out in force for the Women’s March.

Relocation of Illegal Aliens

Reader B.B. sent in this article on how the government is relocating illegal aliens within the borders of the U.S. by using Homeland Security officials in plan clothes as escorts and commercial flights to avoid drawing attention to the program. At least two flights are known (originating from Harlingen, TX and Tucson, AZ) where illegal aliens who appeared to be in their late teens were escorted by Health and Human Services chaperons. Judicial Watch has contacted the agency for comment on the incidents, but so far has not received any answers.

Business Surcharge

Budget stricken California can’t afford to keep up their overbearing social programs. Rather than curb spending, they have now proposed a surcharge on businesses to fund the programs. Under the bill, companies making more than $1 million have to turn over half of their tax-cut savings to the state. What do you know, Nancy Pelosi was right – The tax cut is bad for business! Thanks to R.K. for the link.

NVIS and the Inverted L

Reader P.S. found this article on using the inverted “L” antenna for NVIS communications on HF frequencies. It’s a pretty good primer on understanding how this form of short distance communications works and how the antenna performs. For those that are totally unfamiliar with it: When communicating in mountainous terrain (or even with man-made mountains like tall buildings) the standard methods of communication don’t work as the terrain blocks the signal. NVIS bounces the signal straight up (or mostly straight up) and then back to earth to overcome this handicap. The article is a bit technical, but a good start.

Bug-out Video

Reader MCC sent in this Volkswagen Tiguan commercial for fun. The folks at Volkswagen obviously think it’s cute, but it’s a good reminder of how most of your neighbors will “prepare” for a bugout event. He states:

Given the oblivious/sheeple mentality of most, I would not DOUBT, that MANY a person in such circumstance, would be throwing golf clubs, beach ball, and their flat screen in the car, and then drive aimlessly – at top speed – in a random direction.

Review of “Taken”

Reader D.B. pointed us to Breitbart’s review of the NBC’s new series “Taken”. Season one is now available on Netflix and since we liked the original movie so much I thought I’d give it a try. Wow. I sure wish I’d read this review before I wasted my time on it. D.B. comments:

Avoid this like the plague! We tortured ourselves for 4 episodes stifling a barf. It is utter #PCisCancer #FeminismIsCancer #GayMafia poison. Never again going to give CNBC “Constantly Nothing But Communism” a second chance. Almost canceled our Netflix subscription thinking it was one of those new vile “Netflix Originals” they spent $30 billion of debt on. We switched to watching exclusively Korean TV shows. The Korean shows are WAY better acted and more wholesome even when they are about Korea mafia. Try the Korean “My Ghost”

Women’s March

As 1000s of Women’s March protesters gather in cities across America on the one-year anniversary of President Trump’s inauguration, a class taught this spring at Ohio State University will review a parade of reasons why white heterosexual masculinity is allegedly problematic… Reader H.L. comments:

I never felt less than what I am, sometimes a shy child, but I knew what I wanted to do, and when I did, I endeavored to do it! What is wrong with these women, many of whom are middle class and educated? The philosophy in America for decades has turned them into whining wimps that detest men! Oh, they may have husbands, but underneath they feel weak, and perhaps despise men because the All American Male has also been put down by “liberals” for years. Men and women are different – same as all higher functioning animals! They have forgotten how to embrace being women! Being female never stopped me from taking flying lessons and working 3 evenings a week waitressing at a huge restaurant to pay for my flying lessons and then a car to get to my lessons. It never stopped me from going on two long vacations alone in the 1960’s, arranging everything myself – there was no internet then. It never stopped me from progressing in my career, or buying an old house in nowhere West Virginia and writing my own specifications and hiring a contractor. If these women would just realize that they can do what they want and still be femail and stop blaming the other guy. They are lucky they live in the USA and not some Muslim Country where they are considered less than human and genitally mutilated and killed if they even disobey the most horrible rules. They are slaves there, but free here, and yet they march because they have not been taught how to think. Real men want real women who appreciate them being men and vice versa. No wonder some men are not marrying, as they feel put down, even when they are not. My parents were always partners and their love lasted 56 years. They would have died for each other, but both were strong and confident people.

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Please send your news tips to HJL. (Either via e-mail of via our Contact form.) These are often especially relevant, because they come from folks who watch news that is important to them. Due to their diligence and focus, we benefit from fresh “on target” news. We often “get the scoop” on news that is most likely ignored (or reported late) by mainstream American news outlets. Thanks!


  1. I concur w/ HL’s comments, but think the conclusion will be different. For years we’ve heard about the emasculation of men and boys in public school, and we are seeing the fruits of that in todays ‘soyboys’, however I still have hope for the future. I think what we are witnessing is the storm waters building, and one day, the levee will break.
    I know in my community, in my church, masculinity is not criticized. The boys all play sports, often times with girls on their teams! The women’s leagues and girls-teams at school are very competitive. What many are seeing is the division being fomented within our society. There are segments raising their children in this manner (liberal cities), however there are many segments that silently shake their heads and wonder. And I truly believe this silence is beginning to break. You won’t read about it in the news, you won’t hear it in the media, as it doesn’t fit the narrative. However when you talk to your friends and neighbors, you find out they still think like you do. When you read the comments section on media websites (e.g. your local paper), there are plenty of people who feel the same. Wherever American’s are able to communicate freely and openly, you will find that not everyone agree’s with the media’s narrative. Where the media censors and controls thought and opinion (i.e. bookface, twatter), you will feel there is a different demographic… however that is not the true picture, people like you and me are there, we are being censored, controlled, and marginalized. You are being victimized by big-brother’s newspeak thought control. Language is being manipulated, controlled, so that disparate thought cannot even be expressed, exactly as foretold in “1984”. Down the memory hole it goes, erase history, re-write the narrative, as written about by George Orwell. This is what we are experiencing, and it is this we must rally and fight against.

    A big thanks to Survivalblog for allowing the free exchange of information, and a forum for people to express their beliefs, free of government sponsored censorship. Ever notice how it’s only ‘hate speech’ when it clashes with their narrative? BLM can openly call for death to police, but you will feel the wrath if you so much as question islam?

  2. On Review of Taken:
    We canceled our Netflix subscription months ago and haven’t looked back. All those Netflix originals were garbage, their selection of mainstream movies was poor, and there was very little in the way of faith based viewing options. We are now subscribed to Pureflix. It may not have much action or much mainstream stuff, but it is clean enough to be safe viewing for families. It also has plenty of faith based choices.

    1. We still have our Netflix and our Amazon Prime accounts, but we tend to watch all of the movies and shows filtered through Vidangel. That is $8/month that is well spent. You get to select your level of filtering and how it’s filtered. Be aware that some shows on Netflix are basically so bad that when you watch them filtered, you have no idea whats going on.

  3. President Trump tweeted this out about the womans march:

    Beautiful weather all over our great country, a perfect day for all Women to March. Get out there now to celebrate the historic milestones and unprecedented economic success and wealth creation that has taken place over the last 12 months. Lowest female unemployment in 18 years!

    The women of course lost their minds over this top level of trolling.

  4. I’ve been seeing advertisements for this on YouTube:

    ‘Showtime’ – Official Opening Scene | WACO | Paramount Network
    (2018, January 19)
    “Watch the opening scene of the 6-Part TV Event, starring Michael Shannon and Taylor Kitsch. Premiering January 24 on Paramount Network.”
    “WACO: Brand New 6-Part Miniseries | Paramount Network”

    I have to wonder what the Hollywood Media Propagandists are up to this time?

  5. Don’t compare these flightless screeching harpies to Redoubt Women, or at least most of them.

    In a restaurant, there was one of those survival shows, and the woman did a tapout, and the women who were serving got angry at her. After she left, the man built the fire and did well.

    There was a men v.s. women version of Survivor from Denmark. Spoiler: after a few days the women ate the provisions and were starving and had no water. The men had a hut, fire, and food supply. They had to swap 3 men for 3 women. There was something roughly equivalent from Bear Grylls. I think as late as the 1950’s it would have been different.

    A description of the Denmark experiment:
    And Bear Grylls experiment:

    I’d like to see STEMinists v.s. AgGirls though.

    I doubt any of the wives or women who have authored here would have any problems surviving and even thriving. But that’s why I moved here. To avoid the toxic feminity.

  6. There is nothing like a [deer’s] warm steaming gut pile to calm the nerves and put a mad world in perspective and gain clear focus. Those liberal socialists will all fade away shortly after the first sign of real trouble.

        1. Well of course;) But if you believe they are not a threat then they will be in your OODA loop before you can react…All I’m saying is don’t sell anyone short in the threat department…

          1. Lineman :
            Never! And I can promise you if and when it is time for me and mine to head down range they would do well not to sell me and mine short. We take no one short in the threat dept.

  7. I seriously doubt the liberal socialists will fade away. Our circle is preparing prepare to first evade then repel the Golden Horde.

    It will be more than ugly. They are already in training. On just one part of the PNW, police statistics say 12,000 cars were stolen in the past 5 years. When you add in the greater part of the PNW the number is probably close to 100,000 stolen in the past 5 years.

    Now add in burglaries and thefts, shoplifting and stealing packages. That segment of the socialists is already trained and active. You better be ready now and plan for intense activity. Buddy up. Get surplus food to be ready to support whichever allies God will be introducing you to.

    1. Which is why I advocate to build Community’s of Liberty Folks… Problem is getting people to do so while everyone is still comfortable…I wish more Preppers/Survivalist/Patriot’s could wrap their head around that we need each other to survive what’s coming…

      1. I hear you brother. It’s kind of tricky feeling people out without revealing that you yourself are “prepared”. Here in SoCal especially. My inner circle is small but tight. Better than nothing I reckon.

  8. I suppose when we decided as a society to abandon Paul’s teachings in favor of “equality” of the sexes, we started down the path of eroding the natural roles of men and women. We had to create such a synthetic world to accommodate the fantasy, we’re stuck with what we have today. The muslim way ain’t right, but neither is what we’ve done did.

    You wanna see how the conflict will go here when SHTF, take a look at the middle east, and now Europe. They have been/are infected with the sickness and it is out of control. Go back to what worked in this country, but you’ll have to take a step back probably 100 years or more. I am reminded of the opening theme song to “All in the Family”.

  9. Regarding the illegals being transported around the country: Isn’t this just one more way to speed up marshal law? Since these are all young bucks, they will do what they always do and with so many of them all through the country you know they will cause a lot of trouble.
    Next thing you know there will be calls for more “safety”, and the heck with our rights.

  10. Illegals :
    Instead of wasting our money transporting them all around our country and costing us more money by allowing them to help themselves to all the illegaly set up programs to give away even more of our money someone should remove head from sphincter and transport them back across the border were they belong.
    Ooopps…what in the world am I saying no one in D.C. has any common sense, dam, well one can always hope! Lol.
    Well so much for law and order.

    1. So much for law and order indeed.
      How many of these young bucks are MS13 or other gangs? They don’t care about laws. They will do what they always do; rob, rape, and pillage.
      The more of them that come in, the worse it will be.
      As the old saying goes: “Keep your powder dry”.

  11. About ten years ago we had a big wildfire. Whole town was evacuated. When folks got back home, many found that they’ve been looted. Who were the looters? Apparently it was the gardeners and housekeepers. They knew what to take and where to find it. That really drove a wedge in the community. It’s sad but true. Rather than evacuate, a lot of folks take their chances and stick around, patrolling their property like the Roof Koreans during the L.A. riots.

          1. Thanks, I may just take you up on that! I got my heart set on Northern Idaho. Never been, but I can feel it in my bones. I’m originally from Quebec, so winter is no big thing.

  12. BD:
    15 years ago I got the he@& out of kommunist korruptifornia and never looked back and I never felt so good about that decision, absolutely no regrets! Listen to Mr. Lineman and myself, GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN A.S.A.P.! God Bless.

    1. It’s amazing what the air of freedom feels like to breathe doesn’t Brother…One breath of it and you realize you never want to go back to the pollution and you kick yourself for not leaving sooner…

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