Preparedness Notes for Sunday – January 21, 2018

January 21st Eliza Moore, the last surviving individual born into slavery before the Emancipation Proclamation died on this day, in 1948, in Montgomery County, Alabama, at age 105. Since 70 years have now elapsed since her death and 153 years have now elapsed since 1865, JWR perhaps presumptuously hereby declares that it is now fully high time for Americans to Get Over It, and instead focus on current slavery issues, like the uncounted thousands of slaves now being held by Muslims in North Africa. There is no cause for so-called White Guilt in our generation, but we should feel badly about doing little or nothing (both individually and collectively) toward seeing modern slavery abolished once and for all!

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I’m sad to report the unexpected passing of Mara Helland, of Alberton, Montana, at age 50. She was a CPA and tax accountant who formerly advertised on SurvivalBlog. Several of her clients are SurvivalBlog readers. Like any well-prepared individual, she had a transition plan in place, so her clients will be handed off to a trusted accounting firm. May God grant comfort to all the members of her family. She was fine lady who greatly enjoyed the scenic beauty and lifestyle of rural northwestern Montana. She will be greatly missed! – JWR


  1. The whole white privilege thing is now a scam, which is why they screech racist, bring up slavery and jim crow and pull down Confederate monuments.

    I don’t have any privilege as God does not judge on the color of one’s skin, but I do have all the blessings he promised to those who love him and obey his commandments especially those families that do so over generations.

  2. I don’t understand. If she died in 1948 at 105 years of age, that would mean she was born in 1842, 20 years before the emancipation proclamation. I’m I reading this wrong?

  3. I find it a bit odd that the last person to die after being born into slavery was 22 when slavery ended. She was 105 when she died, so every one born into slavery in 1865 died before they made it to around 83 not one made it to 84+ but she made it to 105. Seems odd to me.

    1. Yes, that was my confusion. Except the article said “the last surviving individual born into slavery before the Emancipation Proclamation” which was January 1, 1863 so I guess everyone else born after her only made it to 85 years of age not 83. (if it’s accurate)

  4. Mara was a wonderful friend and trusted councilor. We will miss her. She was always there to give us guidance during our all too often financial changes. Our prayers to God ask that his Peace touch her family. I’m sure we’ll see her again.

  5. I’m looking at this book you linked to Jim/Hugh called “A Crime So Monstrous: Face-to-Face with Modern-Day Slavery Paperback – March 24, 2009” Would you recommend anything newer? Is the topic still germane to be read 9 years later?

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