JWR’s Recommendations of the Week

Here are JWR’s Recommendations of the Week for various media and tools of interest to SurvivalBlog readers. This week the focus is on Darn Tough brand socks.  (See the Gear section.)



The Hebrew-Greek Key Word Study Bible: KJV Edition, Hardbound

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Here is the latest from hard sci-fi novelist Andy Weir (the author of The Martian–which became a quite popular movie): Artemis: A Novel

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The Winter Harvest Handbook: Year Round Vegetable Production Using Deep-Organic Techniques and Unheated Greenhouse


After umpteen recommendations from family and friends, I finally had the chance to see the movie Hacksaw Ridge. The combat scenes are brutally realistic, but the movie has a great message.  I highly recommend it to all adults.  It is not for kids!

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Sophie Scholl: The Finals Days. This is a good dramatization on the capture, interrogation, trial and execution of a White Rose German resistance movement leader. This was produced in German, with passable English subtitles. It is available on DVD, or free streaming to those with Amazon Prime.


Vlogs and Instructional Videos:

Garand Thumb: “Gunfighter” belt setup / First line (2018)

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How to Build an Easy Shooting Bench


Gear (Darn Tough Brand Socks):

About a year ago, our family began switching to Darn Tough brand socks. These are the only brand of socks that I’ve heard of that are guaranteed for life.  If you ever wear them out, they will replace them, free of charge. They are made in Vermont. The variety that we’ve been buying are 69% Merino wool, 27% nylon, and 2% Spandex.  They are quite expensive, but simply the best socks on the market.  We now buy them for all of our family members who have adult-sized feet. (They are too expensive to justify buying them for our kids with feet that are still growing.)

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IDF Israeli Battle Dressings (gunshot wound bandages.) These are still one of the most effective designs on the market.  I recommend keeping at least eight of these in each of your medic bags, and at least two of them in pouches on each set of web gear or body armor. (Along with Celox coagulant powder and a CAT tourniquet.)

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I’ve heard that the U.S. Army Stryker Battalions use these sturdy containers: Seward Trunk Garrison Oversized Footlocker Trunk, Olive Drab Green, 31-inch (SWD5531-31)


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  1. Add to the study Bible, a Strong’s exhaustive concordance. And do a little study of Greek/Hebrew and get a Greek and a Hebrew dictionary, and do some study of the actual root words. It’s so fascinating.

      1. I have no idea on electronic sources. Of course, they are faster and easier, but I can’t seem to keep track of them because I loose computers every few years. My hardback books are still right there on the shelf where I left them.

      2. Check out http://www.biblehub.com

        There a several translations available (e.g. KJV, NIV) plus “Interlinear”. That’s a line in Hebrew for the Old Testement or Greek for the New Testement with the translation in English below. Every word is a link to Strong’s concordance.

        Note that Hebrew reads right to left.

        God bless.

    1. I had the same question.


      “Quikclot originally contained a volcanic mineral known as zeolite, which effectively clotted bleeding wounds but also caused a reaction that burned the patient and, sometimes, the medic. As a result, the main ingredient was replaced with another substance that does not burn when it comes in contact with blood.”


      Too bad, I bought a bunch of Quikclot granules when it first came out and now everybody says to not use it. I paid a lot for it and can’t bring myself to just throw it away.

      “One negative with Quikclot is that it does not absorb into the body and can be difficult to remove from the wound. The material is known to become hard when left in too long and bleeding may restart when removed. This occurs less often if you use the gauze dressing.”

  2. Did a comparison of Darn Tough and Smart wool socks this year. Darn Tough was a good sock with a great guarantee but Smart wool felt a bit better, wicked away a little bit more sweat and kept my feet a little warmer.

  3. Check out the the HEAVY merino wool door buster socks at Bass Pro. $10/pair and a lifetime guarantee. Only catch is they must be returned to store.
    I’ve been wearing them for years, year round.
    Love em!!

  4. I used to be in the outdoor gear industry. Five years ago I was given a free pair of Darn Tough socks by a sales rep. That same pair is still going strong to this day! I have hiked, skied, hunted, and worked in these socks with no issues. Darn Tough is one of those rare brands out there in this turn and burn world we live in that are high quality and live up to their name. As far as I am concerned, they are the best!

  5. Just had my first time ever Christmas gift of Darn Tough socks I don’t know if it was from REI or where, but as someone noted @ six bucks at TJ Maxx I would load up. These are very well made socks, once upon a moon like four years ago the fancy outfit Patagonia sold really thick ski boot type socks at 30 bucks a pair thickest I’ve ever owned — but they stopped making them. Just like their web belts were once thicker grade and better made then they cut back on the fabric. Happy New Year JWR! Oh, btw, I was in a Austin, Texas bookshop and made them aware of your titles. Maybe they’ll order from the liberal island of Austin. They had William R. Forstchen One Year After and his first. They need your books!

  6. Check out Farm to Feet socks All USA sourced and made They wear great and have a great guarantee as well One of the few that got it right from the start Another option for those of you looking for fantastic socks


  7. The link for the Israeli Battle Dressing is for the version of the IBD without the “bar”. The 5th bullet point in the description (which you must click “more” to see) states:
    “Please do not confuse this dressing with the other Famous Israeli Bandages which have the pressure bar. We also sell those our store on other listings.”

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