Feminism, The Industrial Revolution and Natural Design: The Way Forward Requires Sacrifice, by The Recovering Feminist

Now is not the time to neglect this topic of feminism. In fact, I sense a growing public awareness that feminism is experiencing an identity crisis. We are witnessing a time when the public is beginning to wake up and question the rational of incoherent narratives and faulty ideologies, like feminism and Marxism. This calls for implementing a somewhat offensive strategy to push forward in truth, gaining the initiative.

For those of you familiar with my previous posts, this one will be a bit different. It begins by laying out our current predicament, highlighting The Industrial Revolution and culture’s fact-value split. The article then explores the topic of sacrifice and the concepts of natural design and identity. I close with a few related resources. As always, your feedback is valuable to me.

Our Current Predicament

Nancy Pearcey, in her award winning book Total Truth, explains the historical reasons behind family disunity and the growing divide between men and women:

The Industrial Revolution caused both men’s and women’s work to contract and become more specialized; the work of both sexes lost range and variety, and became more intensely focused. Men lost their traditional integration into the life of the household and family…They lost the close contact they once enjoyed with their children throughout the day, and as a result experienced a sharp reduction in their function as parent and teacher in the home.

…the contraction of women’s sphere was more onerous because they were confined to the private sphere – which means they suffered from the general devaluation of the private sphere. The home was cut off from the “real” work of society, isolated from intellectual, economic, and political life…[1]

The Seed of Feminism

So, this helps to illuminate the seed of feminism. It is easier to understand why women are so angry and bitter today. This is not to justify their rage; yet, it clarifies the murky waters a bit.

Men Highly Integrated Into Family Life

In light of this historical perspective, how likely is it that men will be “…drawn back into family life…convinced that being a good husband and father is a manly thing to do; that parental duty and sacrifice are masculine virtues; that marital love and fidelity are not female standards imposed upon men externally, but an integral part of the male character–something inherent and original?”[2] What would it take for men to realize and live out this truth? A more challenging question, what would it take for women to encourage men to return to their old ways? I’m not talking about the part-time dad gig, the common attitude that, as long as the family sits down to dinner together, we’re good. I’m alluding to a life that is highly integrated, the norm prior to The Industrial Revolution.

Families Throughout History Had Challenges

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not sugar-coating history. I am fully aware that unique challenges were faced by families in every stage of history, and our time is no different. However, if we are to improve our situation today, we must consider serious lifestyle changes. Many are so overwhelmed that they don’t even know where to start. I propose that men must be the first to return to their traditional role, and then women will need to follow.

Compassion Toward Complex Predicament

Frankly, I am compelled to be more compassionate in my writing against feminism as a result of Pearcey’s work. I am guilty of approaching issues such as divorce and broken families with harshness and a limited perspective. It is more and more apparent to me that our current predicament is a complex one. Therefore, it is a difficult challenge to solve these problems, but take heart; it is not impossible.

You Can Change Course

Even if your life is moving at break-neck speed, you can still change course. If you hunger for genuine, intimate relationships with those you have grown steadily distant from, I encourage you to pick up Pearcey’s book, Total Truth. It will provide you with a foundation of knowledge and a logical mindset to make the necessary life changes that your subconscious is nudging you towards.

Diligent Work and Sacrifice To Build Community and a Place of Wholeness

Those of us who have been working diligently to build close family enterprises and self-sustaining lifestyles recognize the challenge of bucking the status quo to create longevity and legacy in relationships. We are aware that it takes sacrifice to leave high paying jobs and fast-paced convenience to honor and treasure the most important things in life. We understand the beauty of taking broken, fallow land and bringing it back to life. More importantly, we appreciate the value of learning to live in real community with neighbors and friends. The fact is, life is better when lived from a place of wholeness.

Values vs. Facts

There exists an inevitable trend in culture for men and women to separate into a distinct fact/value divide. The divide between facts and values is a conversation that ethicists, philosophers, and theologians have been engaged in for some time. Others are joining in to refute the legitimacy of the argument. Basically, our world has divided the following: the facts from the values; the public life from the private life; the concrete from the abstract; and the subjective from the objective. What does this all mean? It means that those of us who appeal to a higher moral standard (a truth beyond our own subjective preferences) are disallowed from speaking about it in the public sphere. We are shunned, belittled, and accused. Why? The answer lies in the implicit cultural norm of prohibiting the objective and preferring the subjective.

“Don’t Talk” In Absence Of Truth

Remember that old saying, “Don’t talk politics, religion, or money?” Perhaps it was a tactic to keep the peace during extended family gatherings. However, that statement did not presuppose the absence of truth itself. That statement did not begrudge and dismiss the fact that truth (objective truth) actually exists. A lot has changed! For instance, you’ve most likely heard the rebuttal, “That’s true for you but not for me.” In fact, that has me thinking about a great book by Paul Copan with a similar title. Think about the not-so-subtle message in that statement for a moment. It is essentially declaring that there is no truth, that all is subjective. Yet, is that declaration true?

A Growing Divide Between the Sexes

This divide further complicates and most likely prevents the potential for healing between the sexes. For years I have been working to understand the complex history and rational behind feminism, and I find it discouraging that men and women are growing more distant from one another. The Industrial Revolution has had a profound impact on our relationships and the stability of family life in our culture. Before this paradigm shift in history, families lived very different daily lives. It will require true sacrifice to get back to where our hearts desire to be in our relationships.

Consider the Past To Critique the Present

We must consider the past to critique the present. Otherwise, we risk continuing the status quo and losing touch with our ancestors. Most of our ancestors valued objective truth, strived to maintain intimate and genuine relationships, and built small family enterprises, generation after generation.

The Endeavor and Entrepreneurial Spirit We Should Emulate

This is the unique endeavor and entrepreneurial spirit we should emulate. Do you want this? Do you want a life of meaning and value? It is possible to pursue such a life. It is possible to return to the land and focus once again on your loved ones. There is no one perfect formula but a life of connectedness contains a few similar threads. You put your family before your career and you put your health before your paycheck. You put your children before your hobbies. Above all, you seek to renew your mind to accept a position of humility before your Creator.

The Opportunity Is Available To You

Don’t think the opportunity is cut off from you. Don’t think you are in too deep and the system has you in forever-chains. This freedom is right there for you to take it. It won’t be easy. In fact, speaking from experience, it will be painful and discouraging for the first few years. No one will encourage you to take the leap of faith. Most likely, you will be ridiculed and abandoned by those who fail to acknowledge your potential.

Although, once you start making progress, they will want what you have. Then, it will be your turn to show mercy. For some, the transition is easier. For others, it seems impossible, but with small bits of perseverance and determination you can return to the life of your ancestors. Men, you can take your place again as the moral leader of your home. Women, you can be the lifeblood of the home– the nurturer and the rock that loves and produces a brightness to renew your heart and those around you.

Life is extremely short! Live your objective truth now. Don’t let anyone discourage you; you can redeem your situation. It will take commitment, ingenuity, sacrifice, and an attitude of hope.

True Sacrifice

What is true sacrifice? Is genuine sacrifice displayed in a pro-football player who kneels in protest to our National Anthem? I propose that today’s average social justice warrior, radical feminist, and cultural Marxist lack the slightest inclination of what it means to deny self, sacrifice conveniences, and live for a righteous cause. They have no idea how to stop loving “self” and start loving others.

Virtue Signaling

If you haven’t noticed, there is a lot of virtue signaling in our culture today. It is odd, however, that people approach virtue, justice, righteousness, and even morality without referencing an objective standard. How can one person impose his standard of righteousness on another without a respect for the author of righteousness in the first place? The author of righteousness sacrificed something far beyond what we can imagine, and it was all about relationship. This is what the Gospel is all about– a reconciliation, a re-connectedness with our Maker. It had to happen through sacrifice.

A Life of Connectedness

So, to return to a previous point about living a life of connectedness, what does it look like? It requires a tremendous sacrifice, because genuine sacrifice comes with a cost. Some will need to give up their dream job. For others it isn’t about career; it is more about identity. Sacrifice and identity are linked. Relinquishing the idolatry of addiction, rank in position, title, reputation, or material possessions is not easy. For instance, the feminists must die to the idol of equality and instead move to embrace natural design.

Sacrifice: Not A Catchy Social-Justice Term

“Sacrifice” is not a catchy social-justice term. It is not subjective. True sacrifice demands selflessness. True sacrifice essentially requires denial of self. The fruit of these sacrifices is the solution to the fact-value divide. This means, the division will be made whole again by the denial of self. Only then will identity find its true rootedness.

Natural Design & Identity

In academic and intellectual circles the words natural design and objective truth are dirty faux pas. I’m noticing they cause all sorts of triggers. Why are these words so scary? What is so dangerous about a woman’s natural design? A concept that presupposes a designer is a dangerous concept.

Imago Dei

The one idea that gets people most up in arms is that we are created to bear a certain image, the Imago Dei. We possess a natural design from our origin. This design is rooted in an identity of metaphysical reality. Some will continue to root their identity in the den of idols: politics, causes like feminism, personal achievements, or career titles. However, these people are not aware that their spiritual identity transcends the entire gamut of idolatry.

Natural Design

So, what is natural design? It is simply the true design that God has determined we live by. Yet, we have all fallen short of our original design. Therefore, each one of us (some unconsciously) yearns for that redemptive story– a way back to our Creator. Take note, this design is meant for our good. It is not meant to harm us. God is not a malicious designer. He is the finest engineer, the master physicist, and the brilliant architect. Think about that. He knows what He’s doing. His ways are higher.[3] When we follow our natural design and accept our true identity, we are set free. To reject these truths we only hurt ourselves. Worse, we grieve the One who formed us.

Further Resources

To learn more about the division of facts and values, I recommend reading the philosopher Dr. Scott Smith’s book titled In Search of Moral Knowledge: Overcoming the Fact-Value Dichotomy.[1]  For those limited in spare time, the following (albeit dated) video summarizes the issue well, “Thriving in Change The Fact Value Split 3 min 41 sec”:

I also recommend a book titled Faith of the Fatherless by Dr. Paul Vitz.

Regarding feminism, a talented researcher and writer on the topic of women in combat named Jude Eden recently published an informative article titled, “The Results So Far of Social Engineering in the U.S. Military.

For those who have not read my articles, below are links to a couple favorites on SurvivalBlog. I only ask for your mercy and patience as my passion to share objective truth and natural design is somewhat hindered by my amateur writing ability. You can also search the phrase “The Recovering Feminist” for similar articles to the ones referenced here:

My vision is to protect the unborn from abortion, prevent divorce, convince women to embrace their feminine nudge, and encourage peace between men and women. These are lofty aims but certainly worthy of my time, prayer, and effort. That being said, the hatred and vitriol from those who work to discourage and silence me are, in the end, empty and worthless attacks. What the grumpy-pants fail to realize is that I am confidant my support will never fail me. “From where shall my help come? My help comes from the Lord.”[6]

Peace and Mercy and Grace to you All!


[1]Nancy Pearcey, Total Truth (Study Guide Edition): Liberating Christianity from Its Cultural Captivity, Study ed. (Wheaton, IL: Crossway, 2008), 342.

[2]Ibid., 343.

[3]“‘For as the heavens are higher than the earth, So are My ways higher than your ways And My thoughts than your thoughts'” (Isaiah 55:9, NASB).

[4]R Scott Smith, In Search of Moral Knowledge: Overcoming the Fact-Value Dichotomy (Downers Grove, Illinois: IVP Academic, 2014).

[5]“Thriving in Change The Fact Value Split 3 min 41 sec” YouTube video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5KKiUZ6f7I4.

[6]“[ The Lord the Keeper of Israel. ] [ A Song of Ascents. ] I will lift up my eyes to the mountains; From where shall my help come? My help comes from the Lord, Who made heaven and earth. He will not allow your foot to slip; He who keeps you will not slumber. …” (Psalm 121: 1-3, NASB).

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    1. Anonymous,
      I do admire Dr. Peterson. His willingness to stand up to legalized political correctness in Canada is admirable. However, I am not a fan of the psychological or psychiatric method as Dr. Paul Vitz puts it:

      “We can recognize that psychotherapy has a definite but limited usefulness; we can acknowledge that people with addictions and other problems can often benefit from recovery groups. But psychology cannot heal our deepest hurts or answer our strongest yearnings, and it is certainly not a pool in which to gaze perpetually at our own reflection. At its best, psychology is a stepping stone–we should use it to move on.

      If we can understand psychology in this way, then we can finally respond to the truth in the saying: ‘Life is not a problem to be solved, it is a story to be lived.’ And in finding our new story we need look no further than to the greatest story ever told. (Guinness & Seel, 110).”

  1. Wow! What a great article. I wonder how many of us need to be reminded that men as husbands and fathers in the home are IMPORTANT. That Traditional Roles are not those of master and servant, but of helping one another and supporting each other where our strength fills in their weaknesses. That being actively involved and sacrificing our needless wants to invest time in our families.

  2. I was blessed to be raised in a home where my father worked in the front yard; then, in the back yard. He was at home 95% of the time. My mother will testify that her burden was much lighter with this arrangement than in the early years when Dad was gone 11 hours a day.
    You are correct–getting men back on the homestead is a big step in the right direction.

    1. Thank you CF!
      Yes, you were blessed. Most of my research has been aimed at the faultiness of feminist ideology. It was Nancy Pearcey who put the puzzle together for me. Her book “Total Truth” was a game-changer in my research. You are one of the few who understand from a first-person experience. Treasure that!

  3. You clearly have some good training and have studied the impact beyond a few shallow layers. These ideas you mention are topics I find myself thinking about, albeit organized differently. My only ‘potentially’ useful observation that may expand your research is the tribal nature of human connected-ness / identity and the theory that each individual is roughly capable of a maximum of about 350 relationships and about 15 close relationships. I always find that trying to understand the limits of a system allows for proper application of strategy and tactics. TRUTH (It aint what people tell you…for me its the often the uncomfortable “why” of a reaction from the machine…I prefer to drive the machine as much as possible, thank you.) is the overall most important thing I can think of personally. With Truth and Will comes everything else and for me, at least…keeping my awareness there helps alot with the ego. I have in the past studied alot of marketing and semiotics and archetypes and even hypnosis. (me trying the understand the biological/mental system again). What I have found that maybe you can help with, is that humans of all cultures are largely programmed creations…with very little self awareness and extremely limited ability to apply free will. Practically robots. I am trying real hard to break as much of that in me as I can…just on stubborn general principle …probably my programmed response and dislike of control/authority….anyways…it is a terrible feedback loop…which tells me the lizard brain doesnt like that line of questioning one bit. Further observations on your article…Large changes in technology have speed-changed many cultures and identities…i think you have accurately described the cause of the divide…as it is no longer required for ‘survival’ but as many have noticed…’survival’ is pretty messy at its core and humans are supposed to be better…we can at least achieve group identity. Anyways…I just wanted to respect the time you put into your article and offer whatever observations and feedback that might advance your quest. Thank you for looking deeply…it inspires guys like me that sometimes feel like they live in an entirely different world.

    1. Mr C,
      I can’t tell you how much your comment means to me. It is insightful and encouraging. Thank you!

      “…each individual is roughly capable of a maximum of about 350 relationships and about 15 close relationships.” This is a profound point for our time in history.

      Merle Haggard’s song “Natural High” comes to mind when I hear you say things like “I am trying real hard to break as much of that in me as I can… terrible feedback loop.” I yearn for you to find peace in your struggle.

      Merle says he was “drowning in a sea of make-believe” and your very last sentence had me thinking about that song. I miss Merle!

      If you are not grated by country music, please listen to it…it is a very nice song. I think a great performance is the one Merle gave at the FarmAid 85 concert…you can search the title “Merle Haggard – Natural High (Live at Farm Aid 1985)” on YouTube.
      Peace to you Mr C.

        1. Mr. Latimer,
          I assume Merle wrote this about a particular woman. However, when I listen to the words I hear a redemptive message that one could reference in truth or the freedom that is only offered through the smartest man who ever lived. A “natural high” does allow us to “fly.”
          Thank you for allowing me to share my heart through these articles with men and women here. I am so grateful!
          Peace to you!

  4. Regardless of the seed of feminism the modern feminism was hijacked by lesbians a couple of decades ago and is now controlled by communist influences to use it as an anti-American political left wing influence peddling arm. It isn’t about equality or females it is simply a political power organization. This isn’t to say that it does not have many women who don’t think of themselves or the organization in that way. But they are merely useful idiots for the hands behind the curtain pulling the strings.

    1. GoneWithTheWind,
      True dat! All the more reason to be straight-forward with women (and the delusional male-feminists out there) about the harms of feminism.

  5. another factor has to be considered as important or more important. Switching to fake money allowed the devaluation which took away the ability of a single income to support a family. Now women working is no longer a choice but a necessity.

    1. Idahoser,
      You are so right! For some it is an absolute necessity.

      Although, your comment has me thinking about a recent blog post on Suzanne Venker’s website (an ally of mine in this battle against radical feminism). It is titled, “5 Ways to Live Well on One Income.”

      Oh if I could convince the loved ones in my life to step away from the fast life and consider a viable alternative. It is not easy and as you point out the system is encouraging your failure. However, with a little ingenuity and grit…you can do it.

      1. Many working moms transition to working from home, where they can still raise their children. The ideal is agrarian-based, where the farm family is working all day, together. And the extended family, with unmarried siblings and Grandparents was built-in practical education, skills-based and loving babysitters! When I read the Proverbs 31:10-31 I see the portrait of a wife who works primarily inside the home, but not a prisoner there, as she leaves to “consider a field and buys it.” She directs her household in all their duties, keeping herself and her household busy doing enterprises that earn more money, increasing the family’s wealth while taking care of all basic needs. So she really does more than raising the children and home-schooling. She makes things and sells them, and with the money earned, buys a field and plants a vineyard, creating more wealth.

        1. Cat Mingus,
          Well said! The Proverbs 31 woman enriches her family in many ways and as you mentioned in your first few points, she is not alone.

          Proverbs 31 is a wonderful model yet one that is often misunderstood, misinterpreted and therefore misapplied. Unfortunately, I have seen it used by some to shame women who are not living up to their biblical design.

          However, some women have no idea what a biblical design is because they have never been taught how to embrace such a design. Therefore, they end up feeling judged instead of encouraged and harden their hearts.

          I really love how you elegantly weaved together your post and appreciate your feedback!

  6. Interestingly, down here in the deep south, feminism isn’t nearly the issue it is in other parts of the US. It is a very different culture. I wonder if feminism is the result of men turning into jerks. Or maybe the men turned into jerks as the result of feminism. At any rate, in the south, there is the honor culture. Men are taught to be gentlemen by their mamas who have a very strict code of conduct. Those mamas were taught to be ladies by their daddies who had a very strict code of conduct. The family unit is largely still intact down here, and marriages are still fairly traditional in role. Of course, there are many problems, no place is perfect. But gentlemen down here are taught how to treat ladies. You know what makes a lady a lady? Her gentleman. How her gentleman treats her is what makes her a lady. I can’t fathom that a woman who was treated like a princess by a true gentleman would complain about it. My husband told me the other day that in some places, women are filing sexual harassment charges against men who compliment their hair or their dress. He said, “I was taught at a very young age to compliment women. I quickly figured out that they were easier to work with if I did. And it was never to get them in bed. It was to get them to order such and such a part (in a factory) for me.” Only when you destroy that manliness in men can you destroy the family. A strong man isn’t strong to be mean to his wife or children. A man is strong so he can protect them to the death. A truly strong man is strong enough to be gentle with his wife and children. Strength is only strong if it is under control. God was good to me when He gave me my husband. He is truly a good man.

    1. Hello Rose,:]
      You are fortunate to be with a “good man.” I am familiar with the “culture” of the south. As a NW gal I chose to live in the “deep south” for a long period and there are days that I miss it a lot.
      Life tends to be slower and more meaningful. Families are closer. However, feminism knows no geographical boundaries. It is, in a sense, endemic.

      There were times though that I couldn’t tell if people were being real about Jesus or just using a language that they were trained to use for generations.

      You speak truth here:
      “A truly strong man is strong enough to be gentle with his wife and children. Strength is only strong if it is under control.”

  7. To the Recovering Feminist from the Recovering Pharisee, i enjoyed your thoughts and will have to read you article several times to get the most out of it. Based on my initial reading, and because i am getting older and seeing life, real life, as a spiritual existence and not as the world sees it, I have to disagree with the writer Nancy. I now see everything that causes disunity in any God-ordained sphere of life, as lawlessness, or separation from torah, and disobedience to God. For me it has become simple. More later if i can make time.

    1. william smith,
      Please do add more. I would love to hear your thoughts! “Recovering Pharisee” – that sounds like a book title to me.
      Nancy Pearcey is certainly not an idol to me but she does offer a wealth of wisdom that I personally have gained clarity from.
      Peace to you!

  8. I think your core concept is interesting, and one I in general agree with.

    Things would be a lot better if both parents could work from home.

    But accomplishing that is VERY hard to do. Basic economics will prevent most people from doing that. Shoot now days it’s hard enough to get one parent to be home with the kids. Modern society has been structured to require two working adults to get by.

    The mortgage still has to be paid, taxes still have to be paid, utilities and other things that can’t be home steaded.

    Not to mention that if society as a whole tried to do this the modern economy would collapse.

    And while the modern economy has a host of problems, it also has done a lot of good things. Like create this computer I’m using to type to you.

    1. Thank you Mathew!
      So brutally honest you are. This is not a simple problem. Sounds like you are looking at this with reason and balance.

      Another issue I have noticed is that the mere design of are architectural lives does not necessarily allow for this connectedness. For instance, in the country grocery stores are only accessible by car and the small enterprises that used to support an entire community are relegated to one location.

      Whereas, there was a time when neighbors would fulfill a need in a certain square mile radius. For instance, one neighbor would supply eggs, another milk, another bread etc. Unfortunately, this is not physically possible today.

      You are right about technology and I am grateful to interact with you, in real time, thanks to our digital communication. Just know, I would much rather discuss this at our table with you (with a nice peace of peach pie and a cup of coffee). :]

  9. Your exaltation is “selflessness” is strange; we all have a “self”, given by G-d. If I am not “myself”, who will be? Whatever talents and abilities I have were given by G-d and, I believe, were meant to be used. The world would be a smaller place if Jane Austin had spent her life washing diapers, if George Elliot had vacuumed in pearls. And Charlotte Bronte, who left us one of the greatest Victorian novels–she married in her late thirties and one night, as she sat with her husband mending his shirt, suddenly told him, “If I wasn’t married I’d be writing now.” Unfortunately Charlotte became pregnant, suffered devastating morning sickness, and died. Who knows what more she would have written? Who knows what music, writing, and science could have come from all the women who were denied education and forced into a married, child-filled life they really didn’t want? Giving women the freedom to make their own life decision is what feminism is all about.

    1. Thank you Lolita!
      Not all women are destined for motherhood. This is a painful fact for some and a relief for others.

      I do not advocate that anyone(that includes men) be forced into ANY form of indentured servitude. That is not what marriage and motherhood is designed to do either. It can be a beautiful form of freedom for those who view their service in light of the gift that it is. However, I understand some are hurting in their roles as wife or mother and yes, some have paid the ultimate sacrifice to bear children.

      Please don’t deny the gifts that women who are at home with children have given to the world. Their gifts are not completely hindered, useless or meaningless because they are consumed with motherhood. Women have the most amazing capacity to find time to express what their heart’s desire is. It truly amazes me. Frankly, motherhood and marriage has a way of honing the gifts of certain women. The wisdom of these experiences can make their talents that much richer.

      Feminism is not so much rooted in free choice. If you research the Marxist roots of feminism, it is highly oppressive towards those who do not agree. It is accusatory in nature. That is part of the reason why I am writing about it, to clarify the misconceptions.

      You are so right about the creativity and intelligence of women. We are embedded with the most amazing gifts!
      I appreciate your comment!

  10. Mrs. RLB,
    Please forgive me for writing in a tone that would have you think I am making demands via unsolicited advice.

    Over the years I too have learned a great deal from Proverbs 31. I have learned that I fall so very short of that ideal and that it is by grace that I can begin anew every morning.

    I would only ask that if you encounter a women who yearns to heal from the feminist ideology she has adopted, that you express compassion rather than judgment, especially coming from your position of wisdom.
    Peace to you!

  11. Ma’am,

    Excellent article, very timely for my personal situation. I will look at it as a valueable reference. Thanks for writing.

    God Bless,

    Sheepdog and Son

  12. Don’t ever be silenced. You’re always ministering to me when you write.

    Also remember that Feminism is one of the big three Human Rights movements (Black, Gays, and Women) which the LEFT likes to call civil rights. Oddly enough those civil rights just so happens to be their bonafide voting pools. Oddly enough by law they must display their badge of honor in all breakrooms across America that they are an Equal Opportunity Employer to hire their three voting blocks into gainful employment under diversity hiring practices. Oddly enough they purposely left out of the discrimination law that it is unlawful to bar someone employment based on Political Affiliations. Therefore the major companies, Hollywood, nonprofits all come out against Trump due to them having an employee base comprised of their voting pools and that type of hiring is protected by their laws. At the end of the day God doesn’t look at human rights as the LEFT narrates but He doles out human rights to all humans equally wether or not they give God their vote (aligence).

    God bless,
    Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks X Liberal!
      There is a universal nature that transcends genetics. It is rooted in our Imago Dei. Yet, the world fails to see this great equalizer as something objectively real.

      1. Thanks for your comment. Remember X. Liberal is pro woman and will always be as they are Gods creation. However I am not pro Feminism. Which the Left calls Gender Equality. There are over 500 scriptures in Gods word on how men are to be different from women and vise versa. The first scripture regarding the human female, “woman are created to become a man’s Helpmate.” I can go right on down the list but Gender Equality is not on God’s timetable anytime Soon.

        No need to respond but food for thought on your next writing because you are saying the things that need to be said especially to this younger generation of men and women.

    1. Thank you for that link Jefferson Franklin. Whew, that was painful to watch but only because it reveals the sick truth about the feminist ideology. Mark is just one of many who are being threatened with censorship these days.

  13. Fantastic article! I am a 30 year old, recently married male living in the Northern Bay Area of California. I see what you are talking about several times a day. One of the things that angers me the most, is trying to talk about this very subject with the majority of other people. They tend to automatically go on the defense, and when they cannot have an intellectual conversation or back their beliefs, they get offended and start the name calling game.

    Keep these articles coming and God Bless!

    1. Samuel,
      I’m very familiar with the personal attacks you mention. It is a sign of desperation when people resort to “the name calling game.” At a core level it crushes you but I am steadily learning how to follow my husband’s advice “water off a duck’s back.” Your encouragement and kind words help!

  14. Thank you for your article. An excellent book is The Politically Incorrect Guide to Women, Sex And Feminism (The Politically Incorrect Guides)

    “We’ve been duped. We were raised to think we could have it all. In college we were told that men weren’t necessary. Pop culture told us that career—not family—came first. The idea of being a stay-at-home mom was for losers. And yet are we happier than our mothers or grandmothers, who grew up before women were “liberated” by the sexual revolution? For many women, the answer is no. In The Politically Incorrect Guide™ to Women, Sex, and Feminism, Carrie Lukas, a young career woman and new mother, sets the record straight: correcting the lies women have been told and slamming the door on the screaming harpies of NOW, feminist professors, and the rest of the bra-burners who have done so much to wreck women’s lives.”

    “Bet your feminist teacher never told you:

    * Women’s lib has “liberated” men from having to commit, “freed” women from marriage, and often “unshackled” women from having a family. * More than ever, women in their twenties and thirties live alone, are discarded by boyfriends after “living together,” and are watching their biological clocks tick past the point of no return. * Women still prefer men who are breadwinners and can protect them physically.”

    1. Thanks Jefferson Franklin!
      Sounds like an ally. I admire her for speaking up. Pretty sure she is not held in high esteem at either of her almae matres. I would be interested to read her book as I can only assume her research is stock full of verified stats.

      The struggle I have with the trendy anti-feminist books of today is that they fail to delve into the metaphysics of identity. A woman’s understanding of her identity is critical because at the root of feminism is a self-righteous ideology that life has not been fair to you. If you cannot explain why this is a problem from a legitimate, falsifiable standard of objective truth, the book remains on the behavioral self-help shelf.

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