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  1. The switch to 9mm was originally a sop to the NATO Europeans who had adopted our 5.56mm rifle cartridge, our 155mm artillery round, and the 7.62mm machinegun round. We adopted their 9mm handgun round with the Beretta to show it wasn’t all American everyday. I didn’t agree with the change then (1985) and don’t agree with it now. reducing the size and weight of the pistol round was intended to allow better marksmanship for smaller soldiers (euphemism for women). So the ten percent of the Army who couldn’t handle the .45 caused a reduction in effectiveness for all pistol shooters, rather than adopting a 9mm for women. Logistics was the cry, don’t carry two pistol caliber ammunition lines. But we already carried two. As a Company Commander in 1981, my aviators had a .38 SPL with six inch barrel and my Counterintelligence Agents had snub nosed .38 SPL. Plus the normal .45.

  2. Always with the “9mm’ ain’t got the stopping power, etc. Enough already. I ain’t never seen or HEARD of anyone volunteer to be shot by a 9mm, and the loads and logistics have changed, and it’s always been a matter of bullet placement on the target, any caliber. People have taken down deer with .22 LR. I took down VC and NVA in the ‘Nam with a 5.56 mm that everyone, I mean everyone, told me was no good. That last VC I took out with a head shot would agree that it’s shot placement that matters, but he is unavailable for comment. If the womens in the service are reticent about picking up their guns because it has hard recoil, they’ll be less liable to use them. I’m not crazy about female soldiers, but we should at least arm them with something they are quick to use, and the men could arm themselves with something more robust if they want. It ain’t rocket science to arm oneself off the record, even in uniform.

    1. Agree 150,000%. I’m from a different generation, but I sure didn’t see any Taliban in A-Stan volunteering to take a 5.56 to center mass, and I’m willing to wager none of the self-important people on these forums would either. If so, just how willing would they be to take a .22 to the face? Getting shot is getting shot, and no matter which way you cut it, it sucks to be on the wrong end of the 2 way range. So let’s please dispense once and for all with that nonsense.

      1. Remington corrected the malfunctions of the original R51 pistol with a second generation version. There is a good write up and cover photo of the R51 pistol in the October American Rifleman magazine. This pistol is based on a design by an American that John Browning said was the best firearms designer of all time!

  3. I have an R51 pistol that works just fine. Now admittedly it took about 50 or so rounds to get it that way. I also had a Glock 36 in .45ACP that malfunctioned consistently. I got rid of it. Many have said you should not totally trust any semi auto pistol until you run about 200 rounds minimum thru them. That seems to be good advice. Plus practice is good.

  4. I totally disliked the M92, carried one for a long time, saw many issues with it,but I really like the P320/M17 and own the P250 which is a cousin an it is accurate and works every time . With some of the newer rounds the military will be allowed to use I think the 9mm is OK. Beretta should have put this new one up for the testing.

  5. Have any rumors been leaked if Beretta is going to offer an updated full size APX in .9mm (Gen2)? I want to order one but don’t want to get stuck with a Gen 1 if a Gen 2 is on the way. Thanks!

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