Killing the “HAKA”, by The Recovering Feminist

Pushing Too Far

Have you ever wondered why God spared Job’s wife?

Have you nagged?

Ladies, can I ask you a few personal questions? It’s a question about nagging. Have you ever nagged a man so much that you pushed him too far? Basically, have you nagged him to the point where you regretted it? I’m not going to discuss the topic of abusive male aggression here or domestic violence. On the contrary, I’m hinting at the reality of how we, as women, have the innate ability to nag men. We all know how to do it. Some are more gifted than others. Have you wanted something very much and your way of asking (nagging) backfired? You pushed too hard. You were harsh, rude, demanding, and bitter about it. Have you ever done this to a man? If you answered “no”, then I highly suspect you are lying. If you honestly answered “yes”, then you understand what it means to push a man too far. So, if you have done this, did you learn your lesson and realize that you were wrong? Did you stop yourself the next time you were tempted to nag and say to yourself, “I know this way won’t work; I need to approach him instead with respect and love.”?

Fighting Our Weakness

Don’t get me wrong, I still nag my husband. Sometimes I do it like a champ. However, I know that I am wrong for approaching my husband this way, and I know that to approach him with love and respect is the better way. I do need to mention that there are men out there who are legitimately abusive to their wives, and there is no excuse for this. Both men and women are weak in different ways. We have to fight against our weakness and lean into the truth if we are going to find the peace that we seek in our closest relationships and in our own hearts.

Treading Dangerous Ground

The main point of my initial question is to draw attention to the fact that women in our society are treading on dangerous ground. They have for many years now been pushing men, and there will come a time when they push too far. The women in this country who insist on pushing feminist ideals upon men and children will reap what they sow. One way or another, the pushy nagging will come back to bite. The fruits of radical feminism are starting to rot: abortion, divorce, broken families, CPS gone militant, women in combat, and now the “MGTOW” movement. Women are getting what they’ve always wanted. But the question is do they really want what they’ve got? I think that the time is coming when women will realize what they’ve done. There will be some who will humble themselves. But most will swim in their pride and hatred until the end. They will travel their own road of destruction and boast about it along the way. The future of feminism is not promising.


The 6th Sense Gut Check

Have you ever heard of that sense called the “6th sense”? Have you felt the gut check when you just know something is not right? Well, I’ve had that sense about the future of feminism. I’ve been doing my best to warn feminist women that their future is not what they think it will be. The tension that I sense between men and women is growing. I can’t see anything good coming from this growing divide. It has been intensifying these last several years to the point where men are literally “going their own way”. Just look into the “MGTOW” movement for yourself. Women going their own way are wrong, and men going their own way are wrong. What you will find is a clear indicator of where feminism is taking us. The fruits are starting to rot in our own hands.

Compassionate Leaders Warn People of Impending Disaster

As many articles on this blog point out, warning people of what is to come is not only wise but it is the most compassionate thing to do. Concerned leaders who understand justice, morality, and human nature will always warn their people of impending disaster. Those in leadership positions who intentionally choose not to warn those under their watch are cowards.

Peace for Our Souls

Although I am not a skilled writer, I am doing what I can to warn women to back-off! Feminism, particularly radical feminism, is a harmful ideology to men, women, and children. Women who accept feminism must die to the ideology, because to them it is an idol. If they can do that, then they are in a position to die to themselves. It is only in the act of dying to self that we will find the peace that we so desperately seek for our souls.

Killing the “Haka”

New Zealand’s Haka

New Zealand is a beautiful country and home of the “haka”. Not only is it blessed with natural beauty but the culture of New Zealand is fascinating. There is a unique history and tradition that carries on today. For instance, the men of New Zealand continue to perform “haka” war dances. New Zealand’s tourist website describes the haka below:

The haka is a type of ancient Māori war dance traditionally used on the battlefield, as well as when groups came together in peace. Haka are a fierce display of a tribe’s pride, strength and unity. Actions include violent foot-stamping, tongue protrusions and rhythmic body slapping to accompany a loud chant. The words of a haka often poetically describe ancestors and events in the tribe’s history…2

Below are video links to this dance performed by a military unit and at a funeral service:


Rugby players will perform this dance before a match and it is performed by students and military units at funerals and ceremonies. It is a war dance of men and if you have ever seen one you will remember it. The men hold intense physical positions of ferocity, pound their chests and exert their voices with deep loud bellows. The words are heavy and serious. The rhythm is powerful. It is a warning to the enemy that these men are to be feared as strong and faithful warriors. The words speak to a love of home and people; a connection to the old ancestors and ways of living. Yes, the faces that the men make are strange and awkward (mimicking the faces of idols and pagan gods) but the enduring history of the dance is alive and well today.

In America

We do not have such rituals in America. Perhaps the men are too civilized to pound their chest and mourn in public with the war cry of their ancestors. The reason why we lack these traditions most likely is rooted in the fact that our country is relatively young. It could also be that we do not have a joint heritage tied to these types of war dances. However, you will see Ranger Regiment soldiers passionately yell the Ranger Creed for a fallen Ranger or similar rituals and ceremonies in Native American tribes. There are many cultures and groups around the world that continue these types of traditions– the traditions of warrior men.

Are women killing men’s “warrior spirit” in America?

Men are naturally designed for combat. Women are not naturally designed for combat. So, we can also infer that for a woman to fight in combat is not a natural act. If it is natural for men to fight in wars and unnatural for women, why are we rejecting this nature and fighting against it. Are feminist women messing with the “Haka” dance of men? Are they killing the warrior spirit in men? Why are they silencing the women who disagree with them?

What do these feminist women really want?

Trampling Their Protectors

Do these feminist women want men to pacify themselves to the point of death? I hope not. I suspect that what they truly want is power, and they will use the excuse for world peace to get it. They will trample on men and continue to trample on men until they get what they want. They will stomp out the deep yearning of men to aggressively protect women and children. And, in the end, they will regret it. You’ve heard the saying, “Be careful what you ask for”.

Women Capable of Hatred and Vengeance

World peace will not happen at the hands of mankind. And it will certainly not happen under the watch of a feminist leader. If you think women are incapable of atrocities and mass killing, think again. Some of the most hateful and viscous people in our society are women. Women are not immune to hatred and vengeance. They can be just as evil as men. One tangible example we have is the 50 million+ aborted babies in America. Extreme selfishness is at the core of abortion. When will women start to see what they have been doing? When will they wake up?

My Research on Feminism History and Ideology

It’s been a while since writing on the subject of feminism because I’ve been deep in research on the history and current state of feminist ideology in this country. It has come to my attention (through interviewing various authors, scholars, and those in academia) that to understand feminism one must gain an understanding of Socialism, Marxism, Stalinism, and Communism. These are not subjects that I am passionate about, so you can imagine the struggle in working to understand something you are not interested in. However, one cannot separate feminist ideology from its roots, which is mainly Marxism. If you do, you risk missing the point all together. Feminism is directly connected to Marxism. And to understand Marxism, you must understand Leninism, Stalinism, Communism, and of course Socialism.

Revisit History

A Documentary on Stalin: The Soviety Story

So, back to high school level history lessons I went. In my research, I came across an excellent documentary that you may be interested in. Made in 2008, it was written and directed by Edvīns Šnore. The documentary tells the harrowing history surrounding Stalin’s time in power. It is titled The Soviet Story. I recommend you take time to watch it. Snore’s full documentary can be found on several YouTube channels. Warning: Do not watch with children. This is a film that includes some of the most horrific scenes of mass murder. It is not appropriate for children.

Comentaries on the Documentary

Also, there are several good commentaries on the documentary. One is by Professor Yuri Maltsev, Professor of Economics at Carthage College. It is quite informative. I’ve attached links to the film trailer and a couple of presentations by Professor Maltsev:

The Road to Serfdom

In addition, Professor Maltsev recommends Friedrich Hayek’s book, The Road to Serfdom. SurvivalBlog’s audience most likely owns this book and is familiar with Hayek’s work. However, for those who are not familiar with this author and limited on time, the following is a decent three-minute summary:

Do Not Be a Coward

So, I ask you, how are feminist women killing the “Haka” in our men? The easy answer comes down to two words– selfishness and pride. I think radical feminists despise men, hate children, and, worst of all, hate themselves. The tragic final thought here is that radical feminists are too proud to humble themselves and admit what they are doing is wrong.

I don’t want to go down as a coward. In the past ten years I have come to realize that feminist ideologies are harmful. Not only that, they are closely tied to one of the most harmful ideologies ever crafted by man– Marxism. To choose not to warn women of these connections would be irresponsible and wrong.

A Soul-crushing Ideology

Marxism is a soul crushing ideology, and feminism is following closely behind. Feminists have already succeeded in softening the male psyche, infiltrating their man caves, and spreading an extraordinary amount of “white man’s guilt”. Yet, they are seeking more. They want more than a pacified, ambivalent male populace. They want to numb the “Haka” before it has a chance to bloom. “Get them before they turn five” is the socialist strategy, before the child has the opportunity to seek the natural yearnings of his soul. Radical feminists are preparing for the next stage of demoralization. They have killed the “Haka”, and now they are coming for the soul.

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    1. Scott,
      Thank you for your kind response. I am working on linking the problem of our “human condition” with the metaphysics of “identity” and how this is related to feminist and Marxist ideology. I appreciate your encouragement very much!

  1. Good article.. I see so many emasculated men even women with traditional values can’t find them. They’re more than likely married. My little sister just got out of a relationship where he makes awesome money but his mother still does all his finances at 52 years old. He doesn’t even know how much a year he makes. She tried for 5 years but until he cuts the cord I don’t blame her. His mother is the epitome’ of a feminist. Cultural Marxism is killing our society men and women alike. Currency devaluation isn’t helping men can no longer provide for their families. I see a lot of that on social media. It is truly sad.

  2. As a gold star father, she as written one of the best articles​ I have read in a very long time. She hit it on target. The school system tried to to say my son had ADA, but his doctor did not agree. He turned out to be outstanding Young Man , spoke french, and joined the military…and gave his all. They would have turned him into something else.
    We need to let boys be boys and girls learn to be girls….

    1. Schools pushing ADA and similar fads are very common, They tried to force us to put our son on mind numbing drugs and I refused. He went on to graduate from a Federal service academy and be
      a successful adult

    2. Ray u.s. army ret,
      Your kind words are so appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to read and respond.

      “As a gold star father” – this introduction says everything to me. To some of us, the 4th of July means so much more than the cliches of the holiday.

      “The LORD make His face shine on you, And be gracious to you”(Numbers 6:25,NASB).

  3. Interesting and thought provoking article, Ms. The Recovering Feminist.

    I had to look up the meaning of MGTOW. Learned about ‘herbivore men’ along the way. Wow, is that all ever Bizarro World stuff. Along with feminism and other weird stuff going on these days, it truly seems as if much of the world has gone mad.

  4. “I’m not going to discuss the topic of abusive male aggression here or domestic violence.”

    “I do need to mention that there are men out there who are legitimately abusive to their wives, and there is no excuse for this.”

    Since when is abuse “legitimate”?
    And both of these statements lend themselves to the stereotype that men are the abusers, not/never the women. I have known some very abusive women. They were physically, mentally, verbally, and/or emotionally abusive.

    1. @Job,

      ‘Since when is abuse “legitimate”?’

      I think you’re missing the point here. She is not trying to “legitimize” abuse. She is merely stating that she she recognizes that such abuse exists, but that she is not going to address it in this article. The article is not intended to be an all-inclusive piece on abuse.

      1. JohnLeePettimore and others,
        Thank you for making this correction. I appreciate your willingness to clarify what was my original intent (actual – not legitimate).

  5. The outward assault on men, particularly white men, has got to stop. I want to grab these young feminists and shake them. I want to tell them that I always gave my husband a warm greeting as he returned from work to a good supper on the table, a clean well-ordered home, and respect in front of the children. This cost me nothing in terms of my dignity and self-respect.
    In return, I received the love and respect of a good man, two healthy children, and happiness. I also received his protection as he was a “manly” man.
    This IMHO made for a good marriage.

    1. Sadly things have morphed in something very ugly, in some of the millennials. I had a customer who is raising her little boy as a nongender. when she saw the dumbfounded look on my face she explained to me that her little boy was being raised to appreciate girl things and to ignore ” stereotypes” evidently Dressing your little boy like a little girl, giving them dolls to play with,little plastic kitchens and pink scooters are somehow supposed to make little boys want to be girls. But as far as I could tell, His pink scooter was being trashed, the dolls were being played like little army guys in a dirt spot in the garden..The plastic kitchen was totally ignored, not a scratch on it, and Junior was acting like any other 3 or 4 yr old little boy..

      It’s going to be an interesting next 50 yrs. But thank the good lord I wont be around to see it.

  6. If we had all boys and all girls schools, none of this would be happening; hence the push by feminists to destroy any an all male spaces.

    Feminists – and gynocentrists all of forms for that matter – understand that, if they’re to control the narrative, they have to have control of the spaces, conversation and be able to police speech. It’s all so simple, yet so hard for most to understand.

    Bring back all boys/men spaces and feminists, gynocentrists and the state lose all their power. For exactly that reason, it’ll never happen – for quite obvious reasons. The state gives feminists and gynocentrists power and forced wealth transfer from men to women in exchange for women’s votes (Title IX, Affirmative Action, Affirmative Consent, No-Fault Divorce, Anti-Male Courts, Male-Only Draft, etc, etc, etc) – and then sends men off to war to fight and die for the advancement of women and the state. In any other context, this would be war crimes against men – as a gender – but hey – male disposability. No one really cares. It’s just men. So what? A bunch of men died for women & country? That’s what’s expected of men. To die for women and the state.

    Female oppression, and hence feminism is a lie of inconceivable proportions, to wit:

    #1: Everything upon the earth was built by men. There’s not a single, substantial structure on the earth primarily built by women.

    #2: It was men that were trafficked, exploited, used, manipulated, brainwashed and disposed of in all the wars for the advancement of women and the state.

    #3: Men have always been primarily responsible for working the most dirty, most dangerous, most life shortening, most back breaking jobs, for the advancement of women and the state.

    #4: Women demand quotas only in the most prestigious, most powerful, most lucrative positions and didn’t demand their place in employment until after men made work relatively safe, broken nail free and mussed hair proof.

    #5: Men pay the majority of taxes, but the vast majority of spending on healthcare, welfare and education is spent at the state and federal level on women.

    #6: The vast majority of alimony, asset division and child support flows from men to women.

    #7: Trillions in wealth and power have been forcefully transferred, via state power, from men to women and the state through Affirmative Action, Title IX, alimony, asset division and child support (alimony++).

    #8: Affirmative Consent – a feminist creation like no-fault divorce (legislation written by NAWL), seeks to remove men’s rights to presumption of innocence and due process at the behest of a woman scorned, on her word alone.

    #9: Feminists, while standing tall against the idea of men defining femininity, insist on defining and redefining masculinity.

    #10: Feminists claim sole ownership of victimhood and ignore the many benefits patriarchy has bestowed upon women whilst also ignoring the billions of male victims of gynocentrism.

    What do feminists say in response to the above? It’s all the fault of ‘toxic masculinity’. In other words, they ‘victim blame’. “Should I not have worn such masculine clothes? Should I not have displayed my muscles and instead worn a long sleeve shirt to cover them from bulging out so? Should I have raised my voice a few octaves so as not to attract the misandric attention of women and the state, both of whom see men as disposable utilities with which to do their dirty work? It’s all my fault. I shouldn’t have been so brazen as to expose my masculinity or none of it would have ever happened. If only men would behave in a more gentlemanly like manner – women wouldn’t see the opportunity to financially rape men and dispose of men in war for their own perverted self-satisfaction and lust for power over men.”

    Under any other context, the above would be considered war crimes against men. But since it’s only men that get the shaft – they just hand out empty medals and pin them to the body bags or toe tags. Male disposability. It’s all the rage. It’s a massive crime hidden in plain sight.

    But as you said, the Big Lie will rue the day men awaken – and that process is now well underway. “Oh what tangled webs we weave – when we practice to deceive.”

    The danger to Western civilization is no longer the lies of feminism, but men’s gradual awakening to the lies hidden within feminism & gynocentrism and the lies feminists & gynocentrists use to whitewash the lies to cover their other lies.

    MGTOW? That’s just men saying enough is enough. “You can take this job and shove it!” MGTOW is men putting their foot down and refusing to become the lackeys of both traditional gynocentrism and hyper-gynocentrism, the feminist version of gynocentrism. It’s men refusing to become disposable to women and the state. Can you blame them? How, given the aforementioned, could it even be possible to tag them at fault – after women, gynocentrists and the state have so viciously used men like disposable gloves for their own advancement?

    Many millions of men are now doing solely what’s in their own best interests – knowing full well the dangers of giving women & the state any level of financial, legal, emotional, physical, spiritual, psychological or intellectual power over their lives – which is exactly as it should be.

  7. I went through a severe feminist phase that lasted several years. It started when my husband beat me. This beating came after a period of total control and verbal “abuse.” When I divorced him, it continued with death threats and stalking. While I agree with this article’s focus on the women’s side, sometimes women get there in response to abuse.
    On the comment about “legitimate” abuse, I took that (in the article) to mean actual abuse. There are things called abuse that are not actual abuse.

  8. My wife and I have been married for 48 years. Being treated like food that pigs won’t eat by the feminazis of the 60s and 70s angered her deeply, as it did me. She kept her bra on, her mouth shut, and has provided a safe haven for me, our kid, and their kids. Our kids and grandkids never saw the inside of a day care center, leaning to read, write, and treat others with respect before they ever started kindergarten. God defined roles for husband and wives for good reason.

  9. All these “isms” are a mental disorder. At a job I had I was told to go to HR to sign a form. So during a break I went there and told her who I was and why I was there. She had me sign the form and I returned to work. I was then called in to the office and told the HR “lady” said I threatened and intimidated her. I was stunned, all I did was do as I was told, barely spoke to her. All the guys laughed about it, till it then happened to them. We figured out after 4 or 5 of us had been accused that when you went to her office, if you didn’t sit down and kowtow to her, she took it as a threat. Yep, it’s a mental illness.

    1. @ender,

      Not arguing the point, because I agree with the absurdity of it, but I wonder if calling it an “illness” is a disservice. To me, illness implies that you don’t have any control over it. These people can control it. In fact, they use it to manipulate to get what they want.

      1. Hugh,
        It’s impudence.. plain and simple. We have just been groomed to find kinder, gentler words to use so we don’t offend, or simply admit to whatever they accuse men of… But in plain-speak… it’s impudence.every generation and society before us would call it the exact same thing.

  10. Butch is right, our Father defines the rolls that men and woman have in a marriage not the government or society. Wasn’t Gloria Stienem funded by the cia, as a way to double tax families? If the government can get children away from there their families sooner they can be endoctrinated. If we focus on men vs woman instead of the true origin of the problem that is moving away from God’s plan we loose the battle. We need to be strong teachers, in the way that people want what we have. My husband and I had that through worshiping God with examples good and bad to be honest and seeing the contrast. WE are the contrast. Our light needs to shine in this darkness.

  11. What a great article for father’s day! Nothing stronger than a strong man and a strong woman united by common values and vision, using their God-given male and female traits and talents to accomplish great things.

  12. This is a very timely essay. One of the best I have read exposing the sinister deception behind much that is wrong in our society today, feminism. She explains it very well. In my bias, she deserves to win!
    When I separated (ETSed) from the Army in 2012 I went back into academics thinking it would not be so different than it was fifteen years prior. I finally realized I was in new territory when I was rebuked for not using “inclusive language.” Imagine, a combat veteran, coming from a world where words are salty and straight, free and forthright, and can mean the difference between life or death and then enters a place where you are told to choose your words carefully because you might be offending someone.
    I was slowly introduced to phrases like “white guilt,” “inclusive language,” “restorative justice,” “micro aggressions”…the list goes on. It was not straight forward. Rather, it felt much like a slow and soft indoctrination. This was one of our nation’s historically Christian institutions. What I learned is that we now live in a culture that seems to believe that righteousness is in action without the necessity of a heart change. In other words, if we are “kind” to people, we will solve the problems of hatred and hurt so prevalent in the culture. In a biblical worldview, this is sheer crap! Reality is not in words without action; it is in action with words accompanying. Redemption is not from being kind and concessive, but being humbled under the blood of the Savior. Feminists are destroying the nation turning our males into women! They would like to erase gender all together. We need men who are salty, compassionate and godly leaders, not wimps fearing political incorrectness. Unless political correctness is what is biblical, meaning that our culture is the definition of right and wrong, I refuse it. I refuse it. I refuse it!
    It does not take much to realize that our historically Christian institutions have become consumed by the feminist agenda. “Tolerance is not the path to peace, but peace (with God through Christ alone) is the path to political incorrectness.”

  13. I have come to the realization that many women have
    lost their collective minds. Apparently the supposed solidarity with other rude and rough and
    disrespectful women is paramount for them.

    My older son told me he would not get married
    because he fears it would be a nightmare for
    him. Gratefully my younger son is getting married
    in two weeks. I will have a grandchild after

  14. Back and forth with this article…. not bad, just twists….. first thoughts, the wife’s got to see this, till I clicked continue…. all kidding aside. The Haka video’s were phenomenal. Me, all I wanted was some friends to come by, drink some beers and p**s in my grave, only as really good friends could of course. This brings that idea to an end…. I’m gonna write them a song and dance to sing to me…….. and have it video taped for wide dispersement from the proceeds of my life insurance…. again, all kidding aside. That was the war face every marine, every grunt in the army learns. It’s ferocious, and these video’s remind us, NATO, the UN peacekeeping forces, etc…. will have some warriors. Prep some more. Loved the entire article, for so many reasons. I’m related to the “bloomer girl” circa early 1900 or late 1800’s feminist. Great article.

  15. I believe there is way where men can function in their traditional roles, and women can still pursue their happiness. In my case, I raised two wonderful daughters who are quite capable and competitive. They do not see men as a threat to their abilities, but a challenge. Case in point, my oldest played football in high school. She made varsity as the left offensive tackle; not because she was a girl, but because she beat out every other player for that position. She was capable, and earned the position. That was how she was raised. For her homecoming, she was asked out by the star running back, because they were friends, and because every time they ran a sweep off her side, he would pick up 5+ yards. She went on to take regionals in the USA strongman competition, women’s class, and earned a scholarship in track and field.

    Now she is married to a good man. She is not threatened by his success or his masculinity. They are due to have their first child in September. They live Godly lives and have a strong relationship based on their Christian values. While not as active as she was 15 years ago, she still goes out into the Alaskan wilderness to hunt and fish, sometimes on her own, usually with her husband. They have fairly traditional married roles, except that she also has a successful career and sometimes she brings home the moose.

    I think if you remove the politics/government influences out of what is meant to be between men and women, you will find that couples can and generally will be a lot happier. No one ever told my daughter what she was supposed to be. She was encouraged to do all that was within her ability, and find out for herself what her purpose here is. My wife and I provide an example of cooperation and encouragement, where we support each other in every endeavor. We are not perfect. We have been married 28 years and still have conflict, but we work to resolve them since we decided long ago that separating is just not an option. We both concluded that tearing another person down does not build us up in the process. In fact, it most likely brings us down as well. There is no real advantage gained in a lose-lose situation. That, unfortunately, appears to be exactly what we as a nation are doing to each other in the current political/social atmosphere.

    My lesson to my children was this. I am going to do everything I can to be better than everyone else at anything that is important to me. I may not always succeed, but somewhere in the process I will figure out what I can and can’t do, and learn to be happy with that. I didn’t need a college professor to tell me what’s fair and what ain’t. Life is never fair, and was never intended to be. You can’t reduce opportunities just because one person can’t/won’t perform to the same level as another. Reality doesn’t work that way. Attempting to legislate reality is insanity.

    1. I hadn’t heard of this documentary before. it turns out that it’s on Amazon Prime Video for free. It is nearly 2 hours long, but it is time well spent. For those who are also not familiar with it, the documentary is put together by a journalist who calls herself a feminist and is well know for covering feminist issues. But she approaches it in an honest frame of mind and includes many clips from her year-long video blog of her journey. Very powerful, very moving.

  16. MGTOW is the pendulum swinging away from feminism. It is the natural reaction to our current state of insanity, in large part because it requires agreement by Men. Men will continue to Opt Out as they perceive the benefits of tying themselves to women.

  17. Wonderful article! I must admit, though, that I nearly stopped after the first paragraph, where you said “If you answered “no”, then I highly suspect you are lying.” I have never once nagged my husband and have never felt anything even remotely close to the need to nag him. If I need something done, I ask nicely and he does it. What’s there to nag about? We’ve got a wonderful marriage and over the nearly nine years we’ve been blessed to share together, we’ve only ever had a few disagreements and only a couple of those could even be considered “fights”. Having been raised by a single mother and a strong stepmother, he grew up with the view that woman was in charge. In contrast, my parents have been married 38 years and my father is very much master of his castle. I very much believe in traditional marriage and so I’ve spent many years now praying and encouraging my husband to be the head of the household. It is difficult in that our personal and financial situation makes it so that I work full-time and he stays home with the kids, which he decided was best for our family. I keep hoping that the Good Lord will see fit to switch that around one of these days. Still, it’s very hurtful when people assume I must be some sort of feminazi because I work and he stays home, like he must be a big wuss and I must throw things at him. That couldn’t be further from the truth! I’m rambling a bit, but please consider avoiding attacking your reader with accusatory statements like this in the future. There are still a few women in this world who do not browbeat our husbands!

    1. Dear Helmeet,
      I certainly acknowledge your request to “consider avoiding attacking your reader with accusatory statements like this in the future” and appreciate your boldness in making it.

      I appreciate your unique position as well. After working on this topic for many years, the one thing that is persistently clear to me is the vast uniqueness of women. We are all so very different aren’t we? This is why I focus my work on the issue of “identity.”

      If we root our identity in a cause, we lose touch with the metaphysics of “identity” all together. Your comments have helped me to hone a specific part of my writing on the extraordinary beauty and unique differentiation of women and I hope to incorporate that in another article.

      Thank you!

  18. FROM: Imported China Doll!

    In review of history on this website, Recovering Feminists posts her work just after X. Liberal posts. Not sure if they’re working together? However she replied in his post that she doesn’t agree with him, but their writings are for the most part aligned. [Editor’s note: Authors have little to no control over when their articles are posted. The editorial calendar is affected by many things, including when the article is submitted, how long the article is and how much work the editors have to do to the article to make it post ready. To this editor’s knowledge, X-Liberal and Recovering Feminist don’t even know each other.]

    I will draw parallels between the two entries to make a significant and alarming point at the end.

    X Liberal was simply stating that when American Homemakers came out of the home, this happened:

    1. Over $1-trillion dollars sued from workplaces in inequality law suits
    2. Over 58-million babies aborted
    3. Over a 62% divorce rate
    4. 91% of child custody cases are awarded to women in joint or sole custody
    5. Increase in male job firings
    6. Increase in male incarcerations
    7. Increase in rape, and other inherent felonies when men are not married
    8. Sexual intercourse has been put on notice with the marriage bed removed (must be a guy thing)
    9. Patriarch harassment is taught to young feminists in the public schools / universities
    10. Men have less earning potential (where once there was one attorney for a town, now two attorneys when his wife becomes one and taking half his clients – though women are wired to be provided for, her husband has less financial power and both are injured—the Provider and the Providee)
    11. Men are not provided for as a stay-at-home spouse so men must have a W-2 wage- earning job. When women have equality of income to a man and benefits and retirement (she is either provided for by her husband or is single but either way she keeps her money to herself where the man’s income is dispersed)—so why is she neglecting her role as Wife and Mother and in that order?

    Then the rebukes started to illustrate that X. Liberal’s stance on the blessed role by God placed on the Homemaker was the catalyst of giving women NO human rights.

    Then X. Liberal made the excellent point: the belief by American women that earning a W-2 paycheck is a human right and he said it is NOT a human right! It is a human privilege; much like driving a car is not a human right but a human privilege. For American feminists to illustrate that women have no human rights because they are Homemakers and not in a W-2 wage earning configuration is WRONG!

    So Let’s sunder the results if women would immediately reclaim their role as American Homemaker:
    1. $0 sued out of Corporate America for inequality lawsuits
    2. 0 abortions – was illegal when women were Homemakers –pre 1960s
    3. 8% divorce rate as was pre-1960s
    4. Almost no child custody cases as divorce is almost gone from society
    5. Men will go back to work and at the same company for 30+ years. Neighborhoods, churches, school districts, towns, states, and the country will become more stable with the Patriarch not moving around to other neighborhoods to find new jobs and then staying married for life.
    6. Unemployment rate will be 0.0%
    7. Prisons would empty out due to boys having a role model in the home
    8. Young men would be allowed to marry in their early 20s, having a sexual outlet as God has prescribed in His word and for his entire life now that divorce eradicated (must be a man thing- actually it is as our Pastor said that buying a man flowers, spending hours with him talking at a coffee shop, or shopping at a mall with him would render him sneezing, believing his time is wasted, and his money is spent. That Sermon further stated that everything outside of sex is romance for a woman, but romance to your man is just sex. It’s that simple for men, Ladies! In fact Pastor Bill Libals ). Furthermore, I see his point because the new Rape Culture would be abolished and men would now have less police records in finding jobs.
    9. 0 harassment of men at work by changing jobs every few years.
    10. Men would have much more earning potential with a lot less peers in their field of profession (e.g. real estate agents, attorneys, doctors, and other venues of employment) when they provide for women who no longer take clients in their man’s region. The woman his in her domain being provided for and the man is in his domain being the provider.
    11. The prices of tangible and intangible goods would be reduced significantly due to a one income home configuration (think pre-1960s). No longer would women enter a man’s job, earning equality, but have NOT the equal responsibility of providing for an ENTIRE family, which includes a spouse.

    I am Chinese and my husband “imported” me in from China he jokes. He says I am the only “thing” in his home that was made in China (which is not entirely true). I am happy to take the position of American Homemaker and wear that title well. My husband is not the only one who has found a good sound cornerstone for his family progeny. Vladimir Putin illustrated on Russian television when we were there on a Christians Missions trip, “Russian women stop being mail-order brides to the men of the West! We are losing good resources from our country.”

    Many American women are going to be dismayed soon when there are no more husbands or limited husbands who will even approach them for marriage. Why? Read the statistics above. My husband commented that TIM has the greatest reply in this volley and it speaks volumes on what has happened to American society. Let’s face it; China would declare this conduct A Threat To National Security. But women are going to destroy America by destroying the American family in my humble opinion. Strong words—but wake up.

    Some terms were pointed out such as MGTOW, but one term that was overlooked was The P-Privilege. My husband pointed this out! Placing the word that prefixes a cat (feline) is the meaning of the “P.” and now you have why television ads in America from toothpaste, to cable television hookups, to auto insurance only represent the single mom and their daughters. No husbands, no sons, no males! That’s why men are downsized, access turned off at work, barred from the building, police called in on them, and plain old fired when American females are at the end of being the “boss.” Women are not fired (as much for doing the same thing as a man): FACT!

    That could be why X. Liberals replies are not favorable as this author’s are. He doesn’t have the P. Privilege in American society. Let’s face it, men don’t count anymore—they know that and is why there will be an influx of foreign brides who are willing to live the American dream side by side with their American husband all the while sparing with America females intruding into her man’s family affairs with the law, law suits, firings, even facial expressions getting a Starbucks coffee (no Chinese woman would treat men like this). American men want to live with their brides, and children without all the drama and hassle free as they have enough issues with financially providing today. Harassment on the Patriarch—I am fed up with this treatment and it is extremely visible in the public eye each day—ladies you must stop this or you will loose your Blessed American role in life!

    “Blessed are the peacemakers,” Jesus Christ.

    Imported China Doll who’s living the dream as an American Homemaker! Sorry Gloria Steinem, my Godly Man as leader of our family is not a “concentration camp!” I am happy to fulfill a man’s desire to marry a wife to him first and mother to his children second. American men do not want to marry a Tax-attorney or a brain surgeon or CPA or anything else career wise—they just want good sound women to keep human society together and if American women have all these problems neglecting their Homemaker role—maybe a man’s role is not for them. Hope this helps!

    God bless everyone!

    1. Dear Imported China Doll,
      What a unique background you have. I appreciated reading your detailed response and heartfelt position. You’ve got some serious passion!

      To be clear – in no way, shape or form am I working with or have knowledge of “X. Liberal.” I declare complete independence as The Recovering Feminist.

      Your feedback as well as others here encourages me. Thank you!

      I am working on another article that explains more of the intricacies of the history of feminist ideology which I believe is aligned with Marxist ideology.

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