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Modern political organizations are run by children. I’m sure of it. The outgoing California Democratic Party Chairman was John Burton. At the CADEM17 Convention, Burton called the deaf interpreters up on stage with him and thanked them. Immediately, Burton flipped his middle finger in the air and yelled “F*** Donald Trump”. What was more disturbing was all the people who readily joined in with him.

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A slow motion Coup D’etat is unfolding in Washington D.C. Since Donald Trump won the election, the bureaucratic system has worked to undermine his validity. This article details some of the mechanisms that have been used and is an interesting read. The left is using “1984” as the concept being pushed, but the interesting thing is that they are really the ones using the techniques that are abhorent. Sent in by reader T.J.

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Snowflakes need their counseling. Reader C.S. sent in this article from CNBC on how Millenials still need therapy because Trump is President. Online counseling start-up Talkspace says that business is booming. For only $32 a week, you can work with mental health professionals over the Internet and you get to pick your own therapist. Or, you could just get a life and deal with it like a grownup.


Reader H.L. sent in this article on 24 lost gardening tips from 100 years ago. From pruning trees to grease banding fruit trees, planting asparagus, and storing potatoes outside, this article has some neat ideas. if you’ve been gardening for a while, you probably know most of the tips, but for those just starting out, this will give you ideas that you can further research.

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If you have a lawn, dandelions are the bane of your existence. Let them get a hold in your grass and you will be fighting them all year long. It almost seems that they can sprout, bloom and seed overnight at times. We no longer fight them on the Latimer homestead like we used to. We just pinch the tops off before they go to seed. Reader DSV sent in this article on 9 wonderful uses for dandelion root. Dandelion tea is actually pretty good. In addition, we like a spring lettuce mix around here and young, tender dandelion leaves fit right in.

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Reader T.J. sent in this link to Growing Banana Plants in the Ozarks. It’s only eight minutes long and is pretty interesting. If you live in a warmish environment, you might be able to do it as well. Apparently the cold hard California Gold banana plant can survive temperatures of 20 degrees fairly well.


This case bears watching, as it has the potential to change current law. The defense in this Detroit genital mutilation case is planning on using religion as the defense. The law has been on the books for 21 years but has never been challenged. Given the current political currents in Detroit, the implications are frightening.

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Wondering why this latino immigration is so troubling? America has assimilated cultures from all over the world since its inception, but the new wave stands distinct. The latinos are rejecting the culture that they are immigrating to and standing separate, creating a fracturing of the core foundations. With the focus of immigration shifting from a largely similar basis (white protestant European) to third world, we are seeing a focus on identity based on race, ethnicity, gender, and multiculturalism. Large sections of the nation now have divided loyalties, dual nationalities, and transnational identities.


A young boy in Vermont has invented a new camouflage for hunting and has launched a KickStarter campaign for it. The suit incorporates safety orange leaves to help breakup the hunters, outline making him harder to see (for the deer). However, the use of the bright orange material makes it possible for humans to clearly see it.


  1. RE: “Snowflakes…counseling”
    As a mental health counselor for over 40 yrs (mostly in public schools in the People’s Republic of NYS–but that’s another story), I’d offer 2 suggestions: 1. you’re getting ripped off at that price, and 2. I’ll do it for less and employ KITA Therapy (Kick In The A** Therapy). Appointments at: (<–JK).

  2. America has assimilated cultures from all over the world since its inception, but the new wave stands distinct.
    They aren’t assimilating. Those coming to Ellis Island knew they had to renounce their homes and become Americans. Learn english, no “marque dos por Espanol”. 1/3 of the early 1900s went back. They also had to live among the majority, not create their little zones (the refugee to citizen Sharia no-go zones?).
    Related, there are just too many. The immigration law lets them bring in all their relatives, and them their relatives.
    And instead of contributing to the USA, they get on SSI, Medicaid, Medicare, etc. – the land of opportunity to mooch.

    You may say “not all”, but how about sending just the ones that my observations apply to back. I don’t care to the UK or New Zealand, Estonia, or Somalia, so there is no racism. They aren’t and don’t ever want to be Americans, nor raise their children to be.

  3. Genital mutilation
    I have a solution for you.
    1) It is illegal and we uphold the law.
    2) apply the legal consequences because mutilation bears serious consequences.
    3) in America we accept the law of the land or we immigrate else where.

  4. Hello tz

    Thank you for telling it like it is. Muslims live by Sharia. They want to implement it. They don’t want to assimilate as a people. There are Muslims who integrate well into society. As a people, it is a different story. There are explanations to this. tz, you mentioned the no go zone. I am not surprised.

  5. Divide And conquer. Bring in Muslims who want to impose their law, on the western world and then what? Will American lie down and watch their country become Islamised?
    It is easier to stop a destructive attempt against the country at the very beginning, when Sharia shows her head, instead of waiting for the possibility of internal conflict.

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