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  1. RE: “Snowflakes…counseling”
    As a mental health counselor for over 40 yrs (mostly in public schools in the People’s Republic of NYS–but that’s another story), I’d offer 2 suggestions: 1. you’re getting ripped off at that price, and 2. I’ll do it for less and employ KITA Therapy (Kick In The A** Therapy). Appointments at: suckitupbuttercup.com. (<–JK).

  2. America has assimilated cultures from all over the world since its inception, but the new wave stands distinct.
    They aren’t assimilating. Those coming to Ellis Island knew they had to renounce their homes and become Americans. Learn english, no “marque dos por Espanol”. 1/3 of the early 1900s went back. They also had to live among the majority, not create their little zones (the refugee to citizen Sharia no-go zones?).
    Related, there are just too many. The immigration law lets them bring in all their relatives, and them their relatives.
    And instead of contributing to the USA, they get on SSI, Medicaid, Medicare, etc. – the land of opportunity to mooch.

    You may say “not all”, but how about sending just the ones that my observations apply to back. I don’t care to the UK or New Zealand, Estonia, or Somalia, so there is no racism. They aren’t and don’t ever want to be Americans, nor raise their children to be.

  3. Genital mutilation
    I have a solution for you.
    1) It is illegal and we uphold the law.
    2) apply the legal consequences because mutilation bears serious consequences.
    3) in America we accept the law of the land or we immigrate else where.

  4. Hello tz

    Thank you for telling it like it is. Muslims live by Sharia. They want to implement it. They don’t want to assimilate as a people. There are Muslims who integrate well into society. As a people, it is a different story. There are explanations to this. tz, you mentioned the no go zone. I am not surprised.

  5. Divide And conquer. Bring in Muslims who want to impose their law, on the western world and then what? Will American lie down and watch their country become Islamised?
    It is easier to stop a destructive attempt against the country at the very beginning, when Sharia shows her head, instead of waiting for the possibility of internal conflict.

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