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Jobs (or is that Immigration)

Two GOP RINOs are getting ready to introduce legislation to allow the states to legally import 500,000 blue-collar workers and white-collar professionals to replace lost American workers. They blame depressed workers turning to drugs (through Medicaid) but rather than fix the problem, the’ll just import cheap labor and keep doing the same old things. Thanks to M.G. for the link.

Essential Field Gear

Reader H.L. sent in this post over at Activist Post on what they feel are the top 10 critical items you need for survival. If you are down to 10 items, it’s a decent list. A firearm is conspicuously missing though. I’d consider that a necessity in SHTF. You might want to take a look at the SurvivalBlog article “Armed To The Teeth: Essential Survival Contingency” by Michael S for a more comprehensive look at some basics that are missed.

For those of us who use our smartphones extensively, reader DSV sent in this reminder about how these devices now track everywhere you have been. Even if you keep it in Airplane mode, it’s internal GPS still tracks and stores your location. While turning location history on in your phone and apps can be very convenient, it also makes that data available to third parties. This article has some basic instructions for those who want to turn the services off.


Irony or poetic justice? Iraqi news reports that three state militants (ISIS) died when wild boars attacked them in southern Kirkuk. This would be the same group that has regularly executed civilians over the mere accusation of collaboration with security forces or for attempting to flee the province. According to the Daily Wire, local tribesman have urged Baghdad to expedite operations to liberate Kirkuk from ISIS, but the majority of military resources are tied up in Mosul. One wonders if the wild boars are now joining the coalition.

The Threat Journal is announcing that the U.S. government has issued a travel alert for Europe. ISIS is urging the taking of hostages for slaughter. These are multiple alerts issued over multiple days tied to the timing of the French elections. The report urges those who are traveling to visit the local embassy. Find and ask a Marine Guard for a 30 second rundown on the save parts of town. Sent in by Reader D.B.

Rogue States

Reader D.S. sent in this article outlining Trumps strategy of “Strategic Impatience” with North Korea. The media reports that Trump is passive on the situation. However, this article points out some of the actions that have been taken. All Eyes continue to be on North Korea right now. SurvivalBlog would like to remind it’s readers that you often need to pay closer attention. Look at the left hand when the right hand is waving. We haven’t heard from Iran in a while and Syria is quiet at the moment.

Self Reliance Expo

Don’t forget about the Self Reliance Expo at the Irving Convention Center in Irving Texas on May 26-27. You can get tickets and more information at their web site. Of particular interest might be the new “Bleeding Control Class” on May 26th.


  1. If there is a shortage of American workers in certain fields this is pretty predictable. Perhaps we should look at the use of public funding of colleges and student loans and start eliminating funding and limiting loan guarantees for the some what useless degrees. It has been known for years that we need more engineers, doctors and technical degrees etc.
    We should incentivize Colleges for the needed People and de incentivize them for producing so many unnecessary subjects. It is public money being spent and we have the right to say where it goes.

  2. In regards to “Jobs (Or is that immigration)” it was my opinion that this last election was largely about globalism. Specifically, the enormous opposition to Trump by fellow Republicans and even the opposition to Bernie Sanders was largely about TPP and immigration policy such as this. Some very powerful people are heavily motivated to undermine the American worker and any candidate that gets in the way of this will be attacked ruthlessly from all sides IMO.

  3. Re: Jobs…

    Having been an employer for over 30 years, I can say with all honesty there just isn’t a work ethic with Americans anymore.
    I’m out of the rat-race now, but the main reason I got rid of all my employees and now just work by myself is that reason alone. Late for work, Monday morning sickness, goofing off on the job, lying about hours worked…I could go on and on.
    The best employees I have had by far over the years were from Poland, Russia and the UK. I had always favored American hires, but fired most.
    We have perpetuated a system of government dependence in this country that no longer rewards hard work. Indeed, it is far easier to claim disability/welfare/food stamps/heating assistance/unemployment than it should be.

    1. I could add people with no skills and even though a High School or college graduate and woefully unprepared for the work force but asking for North Slope wages who cannot set their I phone down and text constantly.

    2. Ned,
      I agree with you, I also used to employ help, but found I was just a glorified babysitter to them. I also canned all the help and scaled things back to a one man show. It’s much less complicated. My biggest pet peeves?
      Child support dodgers who stuck around just until they were found. then you have the drug users who always have an excuse for a draw against their pay then the smart phone users who cant stop playing on them long enough to get their work done…I could go on, but you get my point.

  4. About the .22 not being necessary for combat. Something to think about. My sister developed RA. She can no longer manage the .38 I bought her for home defense. Even the recoil is to much for her poor hands. But she needed something to protect herself. A 1022 did the trick. She can hold the rifle and shoot it without problems (for now). The 25 round mag holds enough CCI Stingers that any dirtbag would not hang around after being shot 10 or 15 times. She can hit center mass and can fire it rapidly. Its the best she can do. We all get old if lucky. The need might not change, but the solution sometimes must. Just do the best and pray it works. I don’t see much anywhere about the life changes of getting old. I cannot carry a M-1 around, nor run half a block (heart disease). But I have more money than younger folks around me, so I stock up. I am not a fighter anymore. I am the supply depot for younger fighters. I just recognize my strengths and adapt.

  5. You get what you pay for. If companies do not want to pay good wages they will not find good workers! Unless they have hordes of illegal aliens or can import cheap labor. Our politicians have let them do both! That is why the middle class is disappearing !!!

  6. In response to the old man: here is a relatively younger man who understands what you’re saying and appreciates your wisdom, attitude, heart and bravery in generosity, should the day come. I only hope I & my generation could and would do right and well in our understood role to fight.

  7. Companies want the cheap labor because of the bottom line and how good it looks for investors. This will continue as long as we have bought politicians in DC. Both parties do it and really do not care about the people anymore.

  8. Michelle, Be careful with those assumptions!! You know what that does to you and me don’tcha?? Fact is the communist propagandizing of the American public started years ago with the children and continues today to the point that most folks have no work ethic or for that matter any other kind of ethic either. I got raked over yesterday by a neighbor who is a communist because he hates President Trump ?? … and I am thinking ‘OK this is my fault somehow ??’ Upon further reflection I see that his actions support the premise that the liberal individual is suffering from a mental disorder … they fail to follow logical thought to a logical end and see that any of the left-wing/communist isms lead in the end to fascism. It is ‘do and think as I do or else’ Makes me think of the muslim fascist ideology which is very passive and mellow until their numbers grow past the tipping point and then you get a Dearborn Mich. for example where there are basic ‘no-go zones’ for Christian Americans and good luck if you venture forth!!

    Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

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