Lessons From the First TEOTWAWKI- Part 3, by Sarah Latimer

The Core Lessons For Survival (continued)

2. Know who you are. Know your identity as a women within God’s framework of His Kingdom, within your family, and within society.

There are many things that can create uncertainty, fear, division, and hate. When these emotions take control, they lead to actions that can spiral the world toward a violent TEOTWAWKI situation. A single bit of news can generate everything from extreme stock market volatility and terrorist attacks. The news may or may not be accurate.

However, if you confidently embrace your role within your family, you will be able to work together in unity. You can confront whatever challenges you face most efficiently and effectively. In the meantime, you will know joy and contentment. Your cooperative work on preparations and projects of all kinds will come together. Life will be rich and fulfilling if you respect one another and look to serve one another. Give rather than fight each other for your share.

There are many examples of couples in the Bible.  The husbands and wives looked out for the well-being of one another. They even submitted and sacrificed for each other. It just works! But you must guard against the deceptions within our culture. These are targeting women’s minds and drawing you away from your husband and your family.

If you are looking for a resource to help you walk through this transition, I strongly recommend Choices by Mary Farrar. Many years ago, I began a study on this book. I walked away because it didn’t match with the things I believed at that time. Now, I look in the mirror and realize how foolish I was to postpone that transition! Please make the choice to make your husband, family, and home your top priority. It is the priority God gave you as a wife.

Feminism’s Role in Progressive Agenda

In the preparedness community, we are seeing a variety of powers at play simultaneous right now. One of those is specific to women. A significant number of North American women are driving the progressive, liberal agenda. In an effort to promote the feminist agenda, progressive women are aligning with other groups who have objectives that are counterproductive with their own. Many of these organizations oppose the well-being and personal rights and liberties of women (and men and children). I’m going to share quite a bit about the dangers of feminism and then I will share some of how this feminism/progressivism is affecting your conservative news outlets, too.

NOW’s Counterproductive Agenda

Just one example of a counterproductive women’s organization is the National Organization of Women (NOW). NOW states their purpose as follows:

“to take action through intersectional grassroots activism to promote feminist ideals, lead societal change, eliminate discrimination, and achieve and protect the equal rights of all women and girls in all aspects of social, political, and economic life.”

In their endeavors they have been significant proponents of abortion, gun control, and  ideologies. These endeavors violate basic rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Their arguments seem to be that women’s definitions of happiness supersede everyone else’s, including even the unborn female’s. I don’t accept this!

In just a cursory review of some of NOW’s activities in their alignment with the United Nations (U.N.) on various human rights issues, I found some documentation on their promotion of gun control. Their skewed premise for promoting gun control is based upon their objective to protect women from violence. I find it ironic that the organization that stands behind the most violent and gruesome treatment of unborn children (abortion) justifies anything with this argument.

The Irony of Using “Infanticide” to Justify Gun Control

Beyond NOW, there are a number of feminist organizations pushing for increased gun control, but NOW’s 2010 report produced for the UN serves as a good example of the hypocrisy of this particular organization’s actions. The report, which was funded and submitted to the U.N. by this extremely pro-choice organization (promoting the mother’s right to commit infanticide of the unborn or newly born), requested tighter gun control in order to reduce “infanticide”. Isn’t that ironic? The wording in the 2010 report said:

“We are asking the U.S. Government to conduct further research into gun violence and to restrict the sale of guns congruent to the Brady Center Policies in order to reduce the number of overall fatalities with specific focus on those resulting in femicide, familicide and infanticide.” I submit that this organization is skewed to not be as concerned with infanticide or familicide as femicide, particularly of those women who share in their feminist viewpoints. They have, however, not been willing to defend my female friends who are “feminine” rather than “feminists”.

Feminist Don’t Treat All Women Equally.

Their organizations have not been willing to defend our rights to freedom of speech but have worked diligently to infringe upon this right and have, at times, been violent towards us. This occurs even though we are the gender they aim to protect and for which they say they seek equality. Apparently, in their eyes, not all women are equal. The feminine and the unborn women don’t get the same protections. Their statement of pursuit for fairness and equality sound good. However, their actions are extremely prejudiced. Yet, that is what they say they are retaliating against. Hmm. Again, I say it is counterproductive. This is merely one example.

This feminist agenda along with the atheists are responsible for propelling the pro-choice legislation and Planned Parenthood funding. Abortion has led to the deaths of multitudes of innocents. The feminist movement has left generations of children without stable home lives. The women believe they can dominate and lead their homes and their men, driving conflict and divorce. It has divided women against men to a much greater degree than ever before, thus dividing the family and teaching girls not to trust men. This, therefore, creates hurdles for the next generation’s relationships.

Angry Women and Husband Abuse

I believe the feminist message of hostility toward men has propelled husband and boyfriend abuse by inciting anger in women and justifying their inclination to dominate. Yes, men are victims of abuse, too! The National Domestic Violence Hotline reported, “In 2013, 13% of documented contacts to the Hotline identified themselves as male victims.” The comments on an article on husband abusemade by men in horrible, even violent, situations are heart breaking. They are just as heart breaking as any story of wife or girlfriend abuse. Any woman who resorts to violence in her anger needs to get some help! Violent reaction to not getting their way is unacceptable human behavior for either man or woman. There is something very wrong that needs healing. If you have this tendency, seek the LORD, talk with your doctor, and get some Godly counseling.

It may be that you are angry because you are failing to achieve what you are inappropriately pursuing. Maybe you need to rest in your womanhood. Stop trying to become what you were never meant to be. Failing to achieve what you are not meant to be is not failure! I will never be a bird. Why should I be angry about not being a bird? Why should women be angry that they are not men– the leaders of our homes? We are beautiful and precious as women, and we have a vital, important role to play as women! Embrace this and become part of a dynamic, constructive, productive family team that respects one another and serves one another in each person’s unique role– husband, wife, and children.

Feminist Movement

When I look at the history of the feminist movement, I recognize that there have been some legitimate problems that it tried to address. In some situations, society has grossly mistreated, abused, or neglected women. Abuse and neglect of women is not prevalent in the United States.

During the war, women had to pick up men’s shifts and do the work to keep our economy and the war effort going. It was wrong to pay them significantly less than those they replaced, especially after they became proficient in their job. Employers are wrong to expect “favors” from female employees in order for them to keep their jobs during The Depression. It should not be happening today either.

A facade of  domination and leadership by women does nothing to resolve the societal mistreatment of women.  I am not saying that women can’t be leaders at all. However, women are designed to be fantastic supporters. They’re idea developers, organizers, multi-taskers, visionaries, peace makers, encouragers, and leaders of women and children in the home. Men are designed to be leaders and primary defenders of the home. They are risk takers, motivators, negotiators, controlled disciplinarians, and more. We need to show respect to one another, and we must not reject our femininity!

Lost Sight of Identity

Woman who do not have a strong identity as a woman are susceptible to the propaganda ideas of feminism. They aren’t grasping their significant purpose as women when they buy into this movement that fixates on men. I used to accept some of the feminist ideology myself. I know its faults and have had to change my thinking to find the beautiful relationships, peace, contentment, and happiness that I now possess. Let me explain what I mean.

Trading God’s Best for Frustration

Too much of the feminist movement is, like Eve, readily willing to give up God’s great plan (family, submissive one to another but with the man holding a greater accountability to God). They trade God’s best for what they see but don’t currently have. They “think” this unobtained object, position, or status will make them gods, fulfilled, satisfied, or whatever, but it fails miserably. It may cost them what they truly hold dear– the love and respect of a good man and  loving family. After pursuing this feminist ideal and finding it neither makes them the goddess they expected nor give them the satisfaction they expected, they are often left with disappointment, confusion, anger, family disintegration, and toxic demonstrations that include violence and hate (or at least mistrust) towards men. I know many angry women, and all of them are feminists.


Many women blame men because men have what feminists seek. It’s the same unhealthy mindset as a poor student who hates the “A” student because they do well. The poor student calls him or her names. They may even try to intimidate the “A” student into giving them answers on homework assignments. Rather than accepting their situation and working to improve themselves within their circumstances, they focus on what the other one has and tries to take it from them or diminish them.

In the feminist movement, there is an underlying fixation with men, just as Eve fixated on the fruit that she knew she should not eat. She wanted it. She determined she knew better than God and would become as God if she only had it. Like Eve, feminists want what they don’t have. The deceiver convinces them to sacrifice their beautiful, powerful, and vital role as woman, wife, mother, and daughter of the King of kings. They trade their precious position as a queen or princess for boystrous voices inside bodies that are topped with short hair cuts and dressed in pant suits or uniforms.


They march and pound fists. They’ll do just about anything to keep from getting pregnant or having to stay at home. They are brainwashed from entertainment that tells them this job is of little value. If they find themselves pregnant, most believe it is not only their right to pursue but the government’s responsibility to provide them with procedures that will end their unborn child’s life. They believe a child will hold them back from attaining their personal goals. This selfish belief is short-sighted! There is no greater joy than to invest in your child and see them grow into a contributing adult and then to have their own children that they raise in God’s values! I will vouch for that, and I’ve achieved many professional awards and recognitions. Nothing compares!

Women Are Ruthless Fighters

Women have become callus and hard fighters. We, as women, are passionate. We don’t hold back. Instead, we give it our all on whatever is our focus. If our selfish pursuits are our focus, then God help whoever is in our way because we may just roll over them. If a woman gets in the habit of acting out physically and doesn’t have self-restraint and submission to God and authority, then those around her are going to get hurt! (Again, read some of the comments, in the article above, made by men who live with women who lash out against them and their children.)

Police tend to disregard it when men say women hit them, even mocking the men for being wimpy. I have known several men who were in this situation and even one where his wife pulled a gun and made threats toward him and their children. When he left the home and called the police, the police laughed and refused to take a report. They mocked him for not taking the loaded gun away from his wife! This is not always the case. More and more, women are being prosecuted for their abuse. Don’t do it!


  1. Thank you for your insightful articles of the last few weeks. Sadly, I am one of the many women who used to believe in the “feminist” movement, wanting equal pay for equal work…disregarding the other devious agendas of the “cause”. Now, as a born-again Christian, I belatedly see the evil of it all. I had no idea how to be a Christian wife or mother and my (now grown) children suffered for it. For the young mothers and wives out there, my prayer is that you will be able to fulfill your roles as God intended.

    1. Farmergranny,
      Thank you for sharing! I’m right there with you, having some regrets for not seeing the harm of feminism earlier. We need to do our best to help younger women see the value of their role as wife and mother, especially before their children grow up and repeat the err of selfish, destructive feminism.

  2. The progressives logic would be laughable if it wasn’t so tragic. By their own logic We need abortions to kill the babies, and Gun control to save the children.

  3. @Mrs RLB, “Is Survival Blog going to come out with weekly articles of how a man is supposed to be a man?”
    You mean like all those articles in the archives about getting off the couch and doing what is necessary to provide for, protect, and cherish the the family? Articles like diversifying your income so that you can survive economic hardships (like layoffs)? Articles on strategy and tactics for the protection of the family? We have far more articles about not being lazy and ideas on how to provide and protect your family than we do anything else on the site.

  4. Mrs. RLB,
    Thank you for your inquiry. To your question about SurvivalBlog’s weekly articles about how a man is supposed to be a man, the answer is “yes”! Most of the articles addressed in the blog relate to how men are to provide and protect their families in crisis situations. Of course, women are to do their part too, but since the inception of this blog it has been clear that men lead in this role. My weekly contribution has been to add a regular feminine voice to what has been predominantly masculine. Roughly 10% of my postings have been related to women’s roles and character issues. Most have been practical “how-to”s.
    I do not follow Phyllis Schafly as my mentor. Jesus and the Bible are my instruction. As Solomon’s mother wrote to Solomon about a good wife, we have an excellent standard provided in Proverbs 31. However, the woman Solomon’s mother described clearly made her husband and home her priority, even though she managed others within her household to work the fields and she made things of value and contributed to those in the community. Many things can be justified as “for” the family. Men choosing to work away from their families weeks on end when they could find jobs close to home will use this same explanation and leave women at home as single parents only to drop in for a day or two every few weeks as a hero with candy or a toy for the children. Sometimes it truly is required, but it should never be our preference. Feminism tells us our individual satisfaction is what we deserve. That’s a lie. We were created for God’s glory and to honor Him, period, not to honor and glorify ourselves. Happiness comes in living God’s way, in relationship, and loving relationships are about putting others above ourselves. We don’t have to be “selfless” but unselfish.
    As far as the Proverbs 31 woman, I do go out into the community and make things that are sold as well as at times manage others, but I don’t have to spend 40 hours a week or even 20 away from my family to do them. I don’t put my children in daycare to do them either. I see so many women use a majority or all of their income to pay for childcare or private schooling for their children and their cost of working– transportation, professional clothing, dry cleaning, and extra cost of conveniences such as eating out/prepared meals when they could be spending time with their families and providing a solid education with personalized training and opportunities for each child instead. No one should know a child like his or her parents.
    Besides supporting Hugh with the blog, I work with him on many endeavors. I have worked outside the home as well.
    Years ago, I was a professional and worked away from the home, leaving two of my oldest children with others after school. The Lord showed me the err of my way. This is one of my greatest regrets! Fortunately, my younger children benefited from more of my attention when I turned my focus toward home. I also know that my marriage is happy and strong because of the sacrifices that both Hugh and I have made to focus on home and unity rather than independence. Not only has our focus to build home-based businesses been helpful for preparedness but for our family and marriage!

    I hope to open the eyes of other women (and families) to the importance of their homes. It is important that we go out into the community to be a reflection of the Light of our Savior. Yet, we must remember to nurture our home– our family’s safe place and a place for growth and strengthening so we can go out into the world and not waver. My hope is that women will reclaim as precious their roles as wife and mother before it is too late to be the Proverbs 31 woman, for she was a wife and a mother.

  5. Dear Sarah,

    I have been reading all your writing contributions here on Survival Blog. You give thoughtful, truthful, Godly wisdom in a world that is sorely lacking in the basic principals of how to be a good woman today.

    Do not be dismayed or think your writing is falling on deaf ears. Women of our generation were trained by professors and “the world” to go out and make money, while letting others raise our children, compete with our husbands in our marriages and forget to build a family on the principals in the bible.

    Yes, I too was one of those women who climbed the corporate ladder and achieved great success. I thought I could do everything a man could do only better. I was so brainwashed!

    I followed God’s instructions on how to be a Godly wife and mother and turned my whole life around. Now my husband is the family leader and I support him, while raising up my children in the word.

    I work from home and encourage other women to start a home based business. I know of no other way women can truly “have it all.” Keep preaching the truth to the world!

    1. Sophie,
      Amen! Thank you so much for your comment! I hope it doesn’t come across as if I am opposed to women contributing to the family income. I am not. I think it is wonderful for women to be contributors to their families in every way possible, including saving and also bringing in income. It just shouldn’t be while neglecting family matters. Working from home part-time or working beside your husband is the best!
      We have been able to not only home school our children but also teach them business skills as they observe and occasionally participate in our family business (outside the blog). They learn from observing and participating with us beyond theoretical “book learning”, and several of our adult children have chosen to remain on the homestead to work with us.
      This team approach applies to family survival skills too. As parents work on the homestead and prepare for SHTF, our children learn skills too.
      Making all of our work something family-focused, whether it is in gardening to feed the family or manufacturing goods or producing services to sell to others, it unites us and prepares us for uncertain times ahead. We know how to work together as a team. If we needed to bug out and unite with the larger group away from our home, we’d go as a family with varying skills, watching each other’s backs.
      I’m so glad you’ve found a way to “have it all” too.
      I’m taking a little break after completing this series, as it is garden season, but I intend to keep on sharing “how to’s” as well as encouraging wives and mothers to live God’s way. It brings lasting happiness to everyone involved and is what will prepare families to endure the coming trials. Without strong God-fearing families, how will our civilization endure?

  6. Sarah,

    Although some women may have taken your writing as negative to working, they were incorrect. Yes working from home and beside your husband is the best. Most women have never done this and it’s too bad. Your marriage can become even closer.

    We too have children working for us and you must have something special to keep them on the homestead!!! It’s great to watch your kids learn skills they can use for overcoming life’s challenges. It is sad that many children today do not get that training.

    To your last point: many things in history have faded away, but God-fearing families will always last. God is the glue that helps us all stay close together as families and not just survive, but thrive.

  7. Mrs. RLB,
    Thank you for making some excellent points! I, too, believe that my daughters needs to be very strong and proficient in many skills, including those that are traditionally male. It isn’t so they can compete with men but that they can contribute to the family when and if necessary, or like in your situation, do it alone if their man is ill or absent. As a child, there was a long period when my father was seriously ill and bed-ridden. My mother and I had to assume all of the responsibilities. I did a lot of the things my father normally did, because I was a “Daddy’s girl” and he had taught me how these things were done.

    It is absolutely NOT my intention to promote the idea that women should be weak just because they are not dominant. There is not just one strong person on a battlefield, though there is one issuing orders. It takes a strong team to survive difficult situations. We, as women, need to be strong and ready for whatever comes, and we need to train up strong children, too.

    I completely agree with your comment about children requiring their father’s involvement also! That’s a very good point.
    Again, thank you for your additional contribution. It is valuable and appreciated.

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