JWR’s Recommendations of the Week:


A well-written book was just recently released aimed at prepping newbies: Self-Sufficient Home, by Nancy Hoffman. (It’s not recommended for advanced preppers, but it’s a great one to hand to your newbie neighbors and friends.)

The Edgemaster’s Handbook: A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing, Using, and Maintaining Fixed-Blade and Folding Knives (I haven’t yet read this book, but it was written by Len McDougall, who authored the highly-rated book The Self-Suffcient Manifesto, so I can safely assume that this new one is well-written.)


London Has Fallen (This movie has a high quotient for “suspension of disbelief”, but it is very entertaining. There are a few brutal sequences, so it is definitely not one for the kids.)

Jason Bourne (Billed as the final installment in the Bourne film series, this latest one answers a few questions and of course delivers the requisite globetrotting, amazing stunts, and car chases.)

Instructional Videos:

10 Steps on How to Build an Adventure Van

Dirty Jobs’ Mike Rowe on the High Cost of College (Full Interview)


North Country Farmer (Scott Terry—He’s back on the air, following a three month hiatus.)

Woodshop 101 #74 : Material Decision


Pure Living for Life

The Homestead Survival


Hornady Lock-n-Load Hot Tub Ultrasonic Gun/Parts Cleaner

For anyone with severe allergies, this is one of the best available: Jet DC-1100VX-CK Dust Collector 1.5HP 1PH 115/230-Volt 2-Micron Canister Kit

Note: Some mail order vendors, like Amazon, offer deep discounts on “open-box” and used sports and camping equipment